Raku Teabowl ‘Fujisan’

made by Hon’ami Koetsu

Anagama wood fired tea bowl w/ tenmoku & natural fly ash glazesFujisan, or ‘Mount Fuji’, by Hon’ami Koetsu (1558-1637), is one of Japan’s most revered Tea bowls. The name derives from the white glaze, which appears to sit on the bowl like snow on Mount Fuji, Japan’s most tallest and respected mountain. It is said that Koetsu softened the contrast between the black and white glazes with ‘Yohen’, the technique of varying the heat intensity and atmosphere of the wood-fired kiln. Many reproductions of this bowl have been attempted over the years, but none are said to have ever matched the beauty and dignity of the original Fujisan.

Koetsu scrollKoetsu came from a family of sword sharpeners, a group belonging to high ranking commoners. He studied under under Raku II (Jokei) and Raku III (Donyu). He was a potter, lacquer artist and calligrapher. His pottery consisted almost entirely of tea bowls made for the tea ceremony. Koetsu is said to have made Fujisan around 1600.

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