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Cost of Hiring Local Sod Installation Companies Near Me

Sod is actually a real grass that can be bought in rolls and have the looks of a pre-grown grass. You can choose to install the sod yourself, but there are certainly lots of advantages that come with hiring local sod installers. These are professionals equipped with special equipment to lay the sod more efficiently and minimize the look of seams.

Based on more than 4,000 homeowners, it has been shown that the average cost of getting a sod installed is at $1,756, and this already includes the cost of labor and materials. This could also vary depending on the area you live in and on the quality of the sod that you purchased. In a 2,000 square foot yard, the average cost of installing a sod is:

  • Economy grade – $1,800.00
  • Mid-grade – $2,950.00
  • High grade – $4,000.00

It is worth noting that the cost above assumes a fairly flat, rectangular yard that already includes the cost of labor, sod, equipment and materials. There are several other factors that could affect this figure.

Area to Cover

The biggest single factor in the overall cost of installing the sod is the overall size of the area that needs to be covered. Basically, the bigger the square footage, then the more sod will be needed and thus, the more labor will be required in installing it.

Most of the local sod installation companies near me will usually charge per square foot. If your yard has an irregular shape, then the installer must take measurement of the area before they can give you a quotation.

Small hills, curves and other terrain features could also affect the entire measurement of the area. The installer could charge more for installing sods if there will be a limited access on the backyard. Limited access could mean the following:

  • Less than 7-inch wide passage from the front to back.
  • How far back the backyard will be set, which is usually a problem on big houses.
  • How easy it is to get into the backyard. Things like long driveways and stairways must be taken into consideration.

Lay of the Land

If your house is in a steep slope and if there are lots of trees and rocks around, then this could affect the cost as well. Moreover, if the soil is highly compacted and must be tilled before the sod is installed, then there might be some additional costs to pay for the installation. This is the reason why the installers will normally conduct a site inspection before they can quote you for the job.

Steep Slopes

Steep slopes will require varying techniques when it comes to prepping and laying the sod. A lot of the gas powered equipment usually rely on gravity when it comes to feeding fuel in the system and if the equipment happens to be at an odd angle, the fuel might not be able to get into the system. This means that the task has to be done by hand and will take quite a bit longer. In addition, the sod rolls will be staked in place just to prevent it from slipping.

Landscaping Obstacles

The roots of trees are considered the bane of rototillers.  The roots can run towards the surface where the rototiller can cut them. This could kill young trees. Large trees can have roots so thick that the rototiller may not be able to cut into them.

Large, decorative rocks are also among the obstacles that a tiller could face. These need to be moved, and if possible, the ground all over them should be tilled by hand if the sod must go right up into them. However, if you have a rocky soil with lots of smaller problematic rocks just below the upper layer, these can hamper the sod installer’s ability to smoothen the ground in order to receive the sod.

Price of Sod

Sod is usually being sold per square foot and is usually sold in rolls. But all sod is not really created equal. You will need to pay more for every square foot in order to get a sod of much higher quality.

For sod bought from a home improvement store, the average cost will usually depend on its grade. The grade is basically the overall strength and health of the root system. Sods that are of lower grade could take a little extra care on the part of the homeowner, and it might be more prone to common diseases than the higher-grade sods.

Species of Grass

The price of sod installation will also depend on the species. There are basically four common species of grasses used for sod and these are the Bermuda, Zoysia, Fescue and St. Augustine. The cost of each variety will normally depend on the area where you live. The species that you would prefer to have may not be too common on the area you live and this will therefore cost more if transportation is limited.

  • Bermuda – the Bermuda grass originates from the Mideast region. Some people will look at it as a weed and others considered it as a lawn. Whether it is lawn or weed depends on whether you want this kind of grass growing or not.

This species of grass is fast growing and is very invasive. The root system is usually about six feet deep and thus, it will be very hard to get rid off if you ever change your mind. However, this deep root system has made it to be drought tolerant.

  • Zoysia – the Zoysia is a native grass species form the Far East. It works truly well on places that have the same climates as Japan and the Philippines. This species of grass is slow growing and therefore, you will not have to mow it as often as possible. However, this could also mean that it will be slow in bouncing back from getting damaged.
  • Fescue – this is considered to be the most popular of all grass species. This has about 500 subspecies and the most famous of these all is the Kentucky 31, a grass species that has helped to recover the land that was devastated by the Dust Bowl.

Fescue can be found all over the world. Although the shorter varieties are not able to handle heavy foot traffic so well, the taller varieties can and they could still stay green all year round, for as long as they are maintained well. Fescue is known for being low maintenance and its clippings can be left to stay on the grass as they serve as nutrients.

  • St. Augustine – this species of grass is salt and drought tolerant and can handle heat quite so well. It is a fast-growing grass that will require frequent mowing. However, it can also suffer if it is cut very low.

It cannot handle foot traffic so well. It can grow best on warm and coastal areas and can handle shaded areas as well, but it will not work well on areas where temperatures can go below 20-degree Fahrenheit. This features a rich and green color, which makes it so popular despite of its various shortcomings.

It is possible to purchase your own sod and hire the sod installation companies to install it. However, this could affect the guarantees that the installer might offer, so you better think of this before you decide to make a purchase.

Cost of Hiring Local Sod Installation Companies Near Me

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