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Stucco is one of the most versatile siding options out there. Since it is installed layer by layer and it is made up of cement mixture, it can be installed on even the most difficult shapes around the house. Because of this, stucco is an ideal option if your house exterior has a lot of odd shapes.

Stucco siding is also ideal if you want your home’s exterior to reinforce your house’s structure. Since concrete is quite durable and can last for decades, it is one of the best options in the market. Even if it is a bit more expensive than other siding options, using stucco is still a great decision.

Tips on Hiring the Best Stucco Installers

To ensure that you get all the benefits of stucco siding, you need to hire a reliable and highly experienced installer. This will guarantee that your stucco siding is installed properly and the best methods are used accurately to maximize the durability, longevity and appeal of stucco.

Below are some guidelines that you can follow to effectively hire stucco contractors near you. Make it a point to use these tips as reference to ensure that you are following an efficient hiring process.

  • Start the hiring process with proper research.

You won’t want to hire professionals without knowing what to expect from them. Knowing a little about the installation process will also allow you to choose the best candidates for the job. Hence, start off with proper research.

You can visit a lot of free websites where information about stucco installation is available. You can also talk to experts to know more about stucco installation and what installers should do before, during and after the installation. You will likely be able to spot what is lacking on the service if you have researched enough on it.

  • Know the ongoing prices for the service.

Knowing the ongoing prices in your area for the service will enable you to hire the best installers for the best prices. Since different states or cities have different average prices for stucco installation, it is ideal that you determine the ongoing price in your area. You won’t be paying too much for a service that should have been a bit cheaper when you know how much you should pay.

If the price is too steep for your state, you need to ask the professional installer why. The same applies when the deal offered to you seemed too good to be true. Compare not only the prices but the corresponding services and products as well. This will allow you to get the best service for the cheapest possible price.

  • Check for BBB rating, license and insurance.

Checking the BBB rating will allow you to determine how good an installer is in providing service to their clients. Since BBB reviews are more reliable than the ratings, you should use this in choosing the professionals that you want to hire.

Of course, you should also check the authenticity and validity of the license of the pros you are going to hire. You should also not forget their insurance. Make sure that the type of insurance that the stucco installers use can cover the entire cost of the claims that you will make when problems occur. Insurance companies often provide a copy of the insurance policy directly to the prospect client of installers to prove the authenticity of the insurance. If you receive a copy from the installers, you may want to confirm the insurance validity to prevent falling victim to a deal that is not protected by insurance.

  • Ask for portfolio from your preferred experts.

Portfolio will show the previous works of the stucco installation experts. Make it a point to ask for a copy so that you can see if the installers really know what they are doing and can provide outstanding results.

You can also check the reviews of verifiable reviewers online so that you can ask the previous clients about their experience. This will allow you to determine which among your candidates are best in providing high quality customer service.

  • Ask about the timeframe of the project.

Stucco takes a while to dry and cure. Because of this, you cannot expect the project to be done in just a day or two. You can expect the project to be fully done in 1-2 months time.

Regardless of how good the local stucco contractors are, the timeframe cannot be hastened since the curing time is just around 2-3 weeks. If you are promised a really fast timeframe, you might want to check other professionals for a more realistic one. This will ensure that your stucco siding is properly cured, which will give it the durability and longevity that stucco siding possesses.

  • Get a copy of the contract prior to signing.

Before you even hire a stucco expert, ask for a copy of their contract. Read it carefully and ask for clauses that you don’t understand. If some things are not explained to you and the installer refrains from elaborating some details on the contract, think about looking for someone else.

You would want to work with someone who will explain everything to you and will make sure that you are satisfied with the service. This will prevent conflicts with the installers in the future. Make sure that you only hire people whom you are comfortable to work with and do not hire someone whom you think is trying to manipulate you into getting services or upgrades that are not necessary.

Stucco siding is one of the most expensive but highly advantageous options in the market today. Because of it benefits, stucco is well worth the price. With its ability to repel most kinds of problems that other siding options have, such as pest infestation and warping, stucco is one of the best options out there. You just need to make sure that the experts handling the installation are knowledgeable and highly experienced. This will guarantee that your stucco won’t have gaps and cracks that will result to problems.

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