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Hire the Local Sunroom Addition Contractors Near Me To Get a Sunroom Installed for your Home

A sunroom will allow air and sunlight into your home without the need to sacrifice the comfort of having a great indoor living. However, adding a sunroom to your home does not necessarily need to be a major construction project. You can in fact make use of those unused nooks and small spaces in your home in order to come up with this beautiful and relaxing space.

Sunroom Additions

You must first decide how you want to use your sunroom. For instance, if your goal is to extend your kitchen or living room in order to accommodate more guests, you will need a different construction requirement, than what you will need if you need a hot tub to be installed or if you need a plant solarium to be constructed.

It is absolutely important that you decide these matters ahead of time since the construction requirement will greatly vary, depending on the nature of the project.


It is important that you orient your sunroom in a way that the main windows will be facing south. The solar south might have a different track as compared to the compass south. Thus, observe how the sun is moving across your house and use it as the basis of your sunroom location.

After your have decided on the best location for your sunroom, then you can start with working on your plan. But before you decide to do the project yourself, you might want to consider hiring the professionals instead. The local sunroom addition contractors near me are experts in this field and if you leave the job to them, you can be rest assured that the project will be a success with less effort on your part.

Sunroom Walls and Roof

A typical sunroom usually comes with walls and roof made of glass, but there are certain circumstances that should dictate your preferences of a sunroom.

If the sunroom is going to be installed in an area that has a major exposure to sunlight, you may need to consider partial overhead glass for the walls or perhaps you make the walls to be made of glass entirely. On the other hand, if you live in a snowy country and that your sunroom will be located right below a sloped roof, then you may want to consider getting a partial overhead glass walls or roof.

If the sunroom will be an extension of your house, you may want to use standard roofing materials such as wood shingles, tiles, asphalt and corrugated steel roofing.

Skylights in your Sunroom

Skylights are also a popular option since they bring in more light into a room. And if you have plans to house a bathtub or plants into your sunroom, then consider enclosing the entire space with glass. This might be an expensive route and that most hardware stores will not carry the tampered double pane glass that you will need. But you can check out specialty stores when it comes to this, as they might be able to help you out.

Knee Walls

If you wanted your sunroom to look more like an actual room, then consider adding a knee wall. This is basically just a short wall that is about knee height, which can be used for the lower part of your external wall. You may also need to consider running electrical lines to the knee wall, something that you cannot possibly do with glass.


Operable windows on your sunroom will be another inexpensive way to get your sunroom ventilated. If the room will become very hot, you can simply run an exhaust fan in it in order to cool things down.

The shade screens that you can install outside of your sunroom can be bought from hardware stores near you. This can be placed right above the sunroom addition so it filters the sunlight before it will reach the glass.

As the amount of glass that will be used in the sunroom increases, the energy efficiency of your house can also decrease. This is because glass doors and windows are not really the best materials for insulating. There has been a great deal of effort that was placed in the recent years in order to improve the efficiency of glazing.

Most of the windows today are either insulated or dual-glazed. There is a wide variety of high performance glazes in the market now. The Low-e glazing is among the most common of all. It makes use of a very thin metallic coating or film in between the two glass panes, capable of rejecting some energy wavelengths and minimizes heat transfer within the glass and minimizes the fading of carpets and furniture as well, which is a result of ultraviolet rays.

When ultraviolet fading becomes a real problem, for example, during sunny climates, gray tinted or solar bronze glasses can be used in order to reject any unwanted heat and UV rays. The glass materials can be bought with a polymer coating, which could repel dirt and thereby minimizing the need to regularly wash windows.

A glass that is filled with Argon gas is also much more efficient. There are new super windows that make use of two low E-coatings and films in order to achieve an incredibly high insulation value. In general, the more energy efficient the glazing will turn out, the more expensive it will become.


Sliding doors that come with only one fixed panel as well as another that glides on top and at the bottom tracks are great options for the entryway of sunrooms. These doors can help to seal the weather out while allowing plenty of light to get in.


A lot of experts would recommend installing ceiling fans or vents and even both in their sunrooms. These accessories help to efficiently draw more heat in the house, especially since the area can get fairly hot. The exhaust fan can be used to flow the heat out, which helps to make your sunroom area to be more comfortable to stay in.

Depending on the amount of roof and walls that is made of glass, mounting ceiling lights on your sunroom might also be a good option. Remember as well to include electrical outlets and switches for all of your lighting needs.

It is not really a bad time to include a couple of extra outlets and switches just in case you decide to modify the overall functionality of your sunroom, perhaps converting it to an office with a working computer and a telephone in the future. Or maybe you want to convert it to a gym complete with a treadmill and other fitness equipment.

Leave it to the Pros

Although there are lots of homeowners who would rather build the sunroom on their own, since they are fond of DIY projects, but building a sunroom is not really as easy as it sounds. Thus, it is always a good idea to leave the tasks to the pros.

These professionals know exactly how a sunroom is built and will do so in accordance to your tastes and preferences. You might pay more for hiring them, but you can be fully assured that the result is exactly what you expect for your sunroom to be.

Hire the Local Sunroom Addition Contractors Near Me To Get a Sunroom Installed for your Home

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