How to Throw a Large Pot 

Images by Edouard Bastarache, text by Steven Goldate


The clay has been wedged. Patting the clay into a round form, ready for centering.


The clay on the wheel, ready for centering.
Centering the clay. Bringing the clay roughly into the initial shape.


Making the initial depression in the clay.
Starting to form the wall. Pulling out the wall.


Grips for forming the wall.  


Bringing up the wall.
Bringing up and thinning out the wall using left and right hands.  


Continuing to raise and thin out the wall. Giving shape to the form.


Forming the belly.
Forming the neck. ‘Collaring’, i.e. squeezing the neck to bring it in.


Smoothing out the neck after collaring.
Collaring the neck further. Consolidating the neck.


Cutting off an uneven rim.
Removing the cut off rim with a swift flick, while the wheel is turning.


Refiing the neck.


Smoothing the rim with a piece of wet plastic.
Finishing the lower curve (note how the left hand is steadying the right hand). Contemplating the finished piece. Whew, not bad!

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