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How Much Should You Pay for Local Tree Cutting and Removal Services Near Me?

The average cost of tree removal services is at $650, although homeowners can choose to spend between $75 and $1,500, depending on the scope of the project.

As you know, trees can help to beautify any yard, and can even improve the aesthetics of the entire neighborhood. However, from time to time and for various reasons, the trees might need to be chopped down. The cost of getting the trees chopped and removed will greatly vary depending on some factors, and this includes the size and the overall condition of the trees.

There is really no quick answer on how much these services should cost. But there are guidelines that you can use in order to get an idea on how much you can expect to pay for the removal of the trees in your property.

Considerations for the Tree Removal Cost

There are several factors that could affect the overall cost of the tree removal services. Among these are the size or height of the tree, diameter, condition, as well as the location.

  • Size or height of the tree – a lot of the local tree cutting and removal services near me will charge a certain amount per foot of the height. In an average, those that are considered small trees are usually 30 feet tall or less. Medium trees are 30 to 60 feet while large trees can stand up to 80 feet. The very tall ones are 80 feet and taller. Most of the tree removal services make use of this size range as their guidelines for charging customers.
  • Condition – the condition of the tree can also affect the overall removal cost. An arborist will usually inspect those trees that are in dangerous condition. These professionals have undergone special training on the health and care of various trees, plants, shrubs, etc. Trees that seem to be leaning dangerously must be inspected carefully before the removal in order to figure out how it must be chopped down. Among the factors that could affect the tree condition are the history, lean, multiple trunks, weak branches, etc.
  • Dead trees – small dead trees are much easier to work on since they are generally brittle and weak, and therefore, they will cut easily enough. Large dead trees are weaker and more brittle than the living counterparts, but their week and brittle condition has made them to become more dangerous to work with. Dying or dead trees that are in an urban environment are also a hazard and if one will fall, the owner could face charges of neglect to the victim.

Some of the tree removal companies will not consider the dead trees different from any living trees when it comes to the tree removal services, regardless of its size. Due to the unpredictability of this factor, it is best to assume that it could cost more than removing living trees.

  • Diameter – the thicker a tree, then the more it will take time to be removed. Tall and relatively thin trees could come down faster unlike the shorter and thicker trees. This will have direct effect on the per hour price that you will pay. If the trunk of the tree needs to be cut to various sections, this can also add more time and can add on the overall cost as well. Understandably, a harder wood, like the oak tree, could make the job to take up much more time.
  • Location – the actual location of the tree can also affect the overall price of the tree removal by 25 to 50 percent. A tree that’s sitting comfortably from any power lines or structures will be much easier to handle than those trees that are just right next to your house and have power lines weaving through its branches.

Various places will require that a certified technician should handle anything that deals with power lines. These experts are being paid more than the other tree cutting professionals.

If the trees are located near structures and other obstructions, then the branches have to be lowered by a rope instead of just cutting loose. In addition, cutting a tree down that is surrounded by various trees that you do not want to be cut can also complicate the job further and this could cost more.

How easily the tree removal companies can get the trees is also another factor that could affect the cost of these services. If the tree is just in your front yard, then access will rarely be an issue. Cutting the higher branches and the crown is often accomplished easily with the help of a bucket and crane. If the trees are just in your backyard, they might need to be sent to someone who can climb the tree. In addition, if they are providing a chipping service, this will cost more if the branches might need to be dragged at any distance from the chopper.

Average Cost of Tree Removal

As stated above, the height of the tree could greatly affect the overall cost of the tree removal services. Other factors that can also affect the price include the species of the tree and whether or not the tree has already fallen or not.

Small Tree Removal Services

The average cost to remove a small tree is at $125 to $450, given that smaller trees are about 30 feet high. Removing the trees is not that difficult but it could cost more if there is a need to transplant the trees.

You will need to decide on which direction you will let it face, whether in the sun or somewhere else. You can also choose to dig holes ahead of time so that the tree cutters will not charge more. You may want to also call your utility company so they can check if there are any plumbing lines and power lines that could obstruct the tree cutting and removal.

 Medium Tree Removal

The average cost to remove a medium tree is at $175 to $900, and this will greatly vary by height and could range anywhere from 30 to 60 feet. You will need to pay more for removing the stump, discarding the debris, such as leaves, branches, etc.

There is also an added cost for the cleanup. When you talk to the professionals, find out whether or not they will charge per tree for every hour since this could vary widely on the overall price that you will be quoted for the services.

Large Tree Removal

The average cost to get a large tree removed is at $400 to as much as $1,000, because the height of the tree can range from 60 to 80 feet and will require more work. You might have so many reasons to remove long and large living trees, like pests or diseases, damages due to storm or that they are somewhere near a power line and plumbing pipes.

It is dangerous to remove large old trees and this is why arborists will have to take care first in the removal of the branches and then cutting them down. You might also be able to cut down on the cost if you help with the removal services, but some of the tree cutting companies may not allow this so you better check with these companies in advance.