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While the average cost of getting a tree removed stands at about $600, there are a lot of different factors that play into it that you should know about. If your tree is a very small one without deep roots, you will likely pay a lot less for it. If it’s a big, advanced tree, you’ll be paying on the higher end of the scale. No matter what, there is no reason for you not to get quotes from competing, local tree cutting and removal services near you.

Trees play a huge role in creating the landscape that you wish to have, and they’ll play a large role on the neighborhood as a whole, but if there is a reason why the tree needs to be cut down, it’s best to get it down, to ensure that it doesn’t potentially fall over if there’s a major storm, which could lead to a big leak in the roof. If you knowingly have a large dead tree standing on your property, it could also get difficult getting the insurance company to cover the cost of the damage.

The size and the overall condition of the tree are two big factors that will determine how much you will end up paying. If it’s a straight forward job, it’ll be less expensive, but if it’s a more difficult one, it will be more. For example, if the tree has a lot of branches that overhang a house, the pro will need to deal with those before taking down the whole tree.

There are different guidelines you can use in order to get a better understanding of what the  service should cost, but the best way to find out what it’ll cost is to use our free service to get quotes from different tree removal companies by using the form on our website.

Considerations for the Tree Removal Cost

How much you end up paying to have it done will depend on different factors. We will briefly walk you through the different things you must be aware of.

Size or height of the tree

The size or height of the tree is the factor that determines the vast majority of the cost, as a taller tree will have more work that needs to be done. When you speak with a contractor, trees that are less than 30 feet tall are generally considered small trees, while medium ones are up to twice the height of small ones. The ones that are considered very large will be more than 80 feet tall. Don’t be surprised to hear if the contractor starts talking about this.

You can probably imagine the devastating effect it would have if a very large tree was to fall on your house. While houses are pretty sturdy and protect us from the elements, they were not made with the intention that trees should fall on them.

If you have a very large tree that needs to be removed, it will not only be very tall and needs to be cut down, it also has an extensive system of roots that should be addressed. You  can also imagine that a tree that size needs to be cut down in pieces. You can’t simply cut it at the bottom and let it fall since most people will not have an unobstructed property where a 80 foot thing can fall on without causing damage to something. Because of it, you can only cut down so much at one time that it doesn’t fall down and cause damage.


The pro who is cutting down the tree will examine it to determine its condition, a leading factor in the price it’ll cost. For example, if the tree is leaning dangerously, or if the job is made harder or more dangerous because it is standing on a hill that doesn’t make it easy to cut down. If it is a big tree in the middle of a lot of houses, which will take a long time, just because there’s very little room to operate in, this can also get expensive as it will take a lot longer and more safety measures need to be taken to have it done safely. A proper inspection must be done previously if there is anything that suggests it could be a difficult job to do.

If the tree, or type of tree, has a history of problems, or it has more than one trunk or difficult branches, these are some of the things the pro will be looking for.

Dead trees

If you are simply dealing with a small tree, it is not necessarily an issue if the tree is dead or alive. When it dies, it becomes less strong, which also means that it is actually easier to cut through. The problem arises when it’s a big dead tree you are talking about.

Since those get weaker too, their weakness may cause issues in cutting it down because it becomes more dangerous to do. If you experience that a dead tree does damage to the neighbor’s property you will be liable for the cost of the damage. If you notice a dying or dead tree on your property, and especially if it is at risk of causing damage to surrounding properties, you should have it taken down at the earliest convenience. Most urban houses are so closely spaced, that a tree that falls in the wrong direction can cause some major damage.


We already mentioned that location matters. If it’s on a hill or next to a house, or a bunch of power lines, this job suddenly becomes a lot harder to handle. You can probably determine yourself if it is located in a space that will make it difficult to deal with or not.


Not only does it matter how tall the tree is but also how thick it is. It takes longer to cut through a thick tree and will make the job harder too. You could experience that a thick but shorter tree may cost more to have taken down than one that is taller but easier to deal with. The type of tree will also determine how dense it is and therefore how long it will take to cut through. If you have an oak tree, this will take longer than other types, and therefore cost more. A thicker tree may also need to be cut into more individual pieces, which will all take time to do.

How you will be able to saw off the branches depends on the surrounding obstructions. While you would possibly just suggest that cutting them down, that may not actually be possible. If it isn’t, you will need to use a rope to lower then, although simply cutting them off would be a lot easier. This could also be necessary if you have surrounding trees that you want to make sure not to damage.

Whether the company will be using a crane or climbing depends on how easy it is to get access to the tree. The ones that are in your front yard are going to be more easy to get to, and those where a crane cannot go will probably require someone to climb.

Average Cost of Tree Removal

Small Tree Removal Services

When you’re talking about a small tree, you could pay somewhere between $100 and $500 to have it removed, given that it follows the standards already established. Remember that these numbers are only suggestions, and there could be specific conditions that change it in your case.

Before you have the tree taken down, you need to call your utility company and get an understanding of the plumbing and power lines surrounding your property that the contractor will need to be aware of, to avoid potential damages.’

 Medium Tree Removal

A larger tree is more expensive, and will often cost between $150 and $1,000. As you can see, the range is bigger, but this is due to the fact that more and more conditions may make the job harder and harder the taller it is. There will be more stump, leaves, branches and more, and when the tree has been taken down, it will still need to be transported away and gotten rid of.

Ask the pro if the cleanup is included in their quote. Take the time to better understand the different parts of the quote and make sure you don’t sign something you don’t understand. So don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Large Tree Removal

For large and very large trees, it is not common to pay less than $350. A tree that is more than 60 feet tall will simply require a lot of work to have taken down, and if they need to bring in a big crane to help, you are also paying for that.

Other factors that might make you want to take down such a tree, even if it still seems to be alive is if you determine it poses some sort of risk, or it has pests or a disease. Every situation will require an individual assessment to determine what the best way to move forward is. A tree with lots of big branches, where you are not simply able to cut them and let them fall, will take a long time to take down.

If you use our form to get free, no-obligation quotes from contractors, you will not only know how much each company will charge, you will also get their professional opinion on the situation.

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