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Tri or Four Level Home Remodel

Tri or Four Level Home Remodel

As with any other type of home remodeling project, you will want to make sure it’s done right, and that is where this article can hopefully help you and give you some inspiration for things that you might want to consider doing. Back when you bought your home, the charm of the tri level home might have been what convinced you to buy one, and if that’s so, you’re not alone, although you may no longer find that it quite has the appeal that you were previously drawn to which could mean it might be about time for you to consider remodeling it.

Giving it a new feel does not need to be overly difficult, though. Split level homes can be revived and turned relevant again.

When  You’re Planning a Remodeling Project – Is it in Fact a Tri Level?

The tri-level is not the only split-level there is, and the possibilities could be a little different if you simply have a two-story split-level as opposed to a tri-level.

What are the different characteristics of a tri-level home? Here are some of them.

  • The garage is inevitably on the lower level, assuming the house doesn’t have an underground basement, and it’s also quite common for a living room to be located there.
  • The entrance to the home will be in the and there are at times a ramp leading up to the entrance.
  • Bedrooms are commonly on the top level along with at least one bathroom, while it can be more than just one.

When you remodel this type of home, you will obviously need to take into consideration the layout and the obstacles that this presents because it does have some disadvantages relative to other types of homes. It does also have benefits, though, which includes great privacy on the upper floors, since no one will simply be able to look in through the windows. While you can, you may not even have to install a fence to achieve the desired amount of privacy either, which is another option available to homeowners.

When you’re remodeling this type of home, it’s just a matter of best working with what you have available to you and get the best out of it.

There are However Disadvantages

It’s a type of house that has the disadvantage that it is no longer as popular as it used to be, peaking in the 60s and 70s, it’s no longer a type of home built by construction companies around the country. While they may be able to offer building them, they’re not very common, meaning that the type of homes that are on the market currently may also be in a shape that requires them to need some remodeling to be brought into this century in terms of access to the amenities demanded by current homeowners.

Depending on where you live in the country, there might be a lot of new home construction going up, and if that is the case, you might be forced to invest significant amounts of money into this project should you wish to get it to a state where homeowners will want to consider buying it, if you are in a position of wanting to sell eventually.

It also has another disadvantage given the current trends with its small entryway. They don’t commonly make them like that anymore and the current ones are generally preferred to be large and inviting, a feature that will be hard to replicate there. This type of home may not lack space, but it could be hard to change structural parts of it that you may be wishing to change.

Some of the places where a lot of space is often sought out is in the front entry, in the closets, and the tri-level home does have disadvantages trying to compete in those areas.

There are some things you can do to address some of these issues and while all of them might not be ideal, they can still somewhat make the house better accommodate to the changes in preferences that homeowners have been experiencing.

  • Make a home addition that extends your front entry and landing. By having a bigger front entry, it’s easier to welcome guests and family arriving at your home, and you can work with the contractor to best figure out which changes need to be made to have this become a reality.
  • You will need to learn how to use storage space more efficiently, as it may be hard to add a lot more.
  • An open floor plan will give the impression that the space is bigger and will be more along the lines of current popular trends. This means that if you’re for example remodeling the kitchen, you’ll leave it open instead of adding a lot of walls, thereby joining the dining space as well as the living room space for a more seamless transition.
  • By limiting the amount of walls in the kitchen, there will be more space for setting up storage, including kitchen cabinets.

The open floor plan is also a great initiative when you’re looking to entertain guests as it will make it easier to be in the kitchen but still entertain those in the living room. Real estate agents will also encourage you to go with more open home floor plans.

You can also have a center island installed in the kitchen which is a great space that both your family as well as guests can gather around and it’s a very efficient way to make better use of the space, where you can both cook, eat and entertain around. It’s an extremely functional addition to any home.

You may not be wanting to do a completely open floor plan, and that’s alright also, but you might still want to look for something where entry points are wider than simple doors, which will still let you open up the space more when you desire, and close it off when that is what you want to do.

Improving Curb Appeal

Some homeowners do not find that this type of home has a lot of curb appeal, and that could be something that you choose to want to address. The variant that includes side-split is especially one of the types that homeowners do not find very appealing anymore. To make it less noticeable, you might be able to do work with the siding.

Luckily the tri-level isn’t as horrible when it comes to curb appeal as the side-split is. Some of the things that homeowners do in order to improve their curb appeal includes installing larger windows. This has the advantage of making the space seem bigger and adding more light also.

If you want to add charm and personality to your home, a lot of homes are also having cedar siding installed by professional siding contractors, which helps in making the otherwise unappealing facade more appealing.

You would also be surprised as to how much you’re able to change the appearance of the home simply by having house painters come by and give it a new layer of paint. If you haven’t had it painted for a long time, the signs of wear might be starting to show and giving it a new coat of paint is a way you can greatly improve its look.

A lot of people also think that they necessarily need to do big remodeling initiatives to the actual house itself, while landscaping and hardscaping are obvious initiatives that will change the way the space feels.

Getting the Most Out of The Budget You Have

While you may want to fully redo the tri-level home, you may not currently have the budget for it and one things you can do is to talk with the contractors and work with them on the things that they believe are achievable and leave out the things that aren’t, given your budget. They also have a lot of experience with different types of homes and will be able to give you better advice specifically regarding a home like your and its limitations.