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Carpet Repair Cost

How Expensive is the Carpet Repair Cost?

No matter how careful we are, there are really instances that our beautiful carpets at home could get damaged in some way. Even if you do not have any pets and small kids who love to play around the floor, your carpets could still develop some wear and tear as time goes by. But don’t worry, for you actually don’t need to replace your entire carpet when it gets damaged, since there are companies that provide repair services for carpets. And just in case you’re wondering how expensive the carpet repair cost is, then read this article now.

Carpet Repair Cost

Small Stains or Spots

Among the most common reasons why a homeowner would need the carpet repaired is because of some small stains or spots. This could be due to burns, liquids, etc. In general, the carpet repair company will charge a minimum of $100 for the repair of stubborn stains. So if the stained area is bigger, then expect to pay more for the carpet repair cost.

Carpet Patches

If the carpets have visible holes, the best option to this is to patch the carpet. Others would try to do this on their own but patching a carpet would require some special skills and tools so it is always a good idea to let a professional do it. For this kind of repair, the average cost of a small patch is somewhere between $178 up to $250, depending on the type of carpet to be used.

Repairing the Carpet Seams

One of the most common repair services for carpets is repairing the seams. This is more common on rugs, where even a single thread could give your rug or carpet an unsightly appearance. The average carpet repair cost for re-seaming carpets and rugs is between $175 up to $250. This applies for up to two feet of the carpet edge.

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Now that you have an idea on how expensive the repair cost of the damaged carpet is, you should be able to decide whether it is better to get new carpets installed or if repairing the damage is more practical. Whether you need repairs or installation services, we can help you get free quotes from contractors in your area.

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