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Water leaks should be found quickly and their cause should be fixed so that you can ensure your home does not get damaged. When you discover a leak, it’s important that you contact water leak repair contractors near you. A leak that is not fixed can lead to serious and expensive damage, and you will want to do everything you can to avoid it.

In order to avoid future leaks, you should learn these different causes as well as where a leak is more likely to occur, so you can be on the lookout.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Changing temperatures

Water leaks are commonly causing by the water inside them rapidly expanding, which will be caused by temperature changes. When your pipes expand and contract, there’s a chance that they burst also. In that case, it’s important to get the help of pipe repair services as quickly as possible, as well as shutting off the water in those pipes.

Loose connectors

The appliances that are using the water coming from the pipes may cause motion, which can as a result start shaking the pipes. This motion may, over time, cause loose connections with the pipes, which could mean water starts leaking from the places where the connectors are no longer doing their job, which is why it is especially important to look for puddles of water around appliances, including the washing machine.

Tree roots

You may think that all water leaks begin inside your home, but that is not true. When roots grow they have tremendous power and can easily affect the pipes in the ground. You will want to be aware of sudden puddles of water in your yard. Since the water would be leaking through your yard instead of going to your sink, you could also experience unexplainable sudden loss of water pressure.

Water pressure

Good water pressure is something most of us appreciate when we are taking a shower, however too high a pressure can cause strain on the pipes, which could over time become too much and cause them to burst.

Pipe joints

It is no surprise that you will often find the weakest point, where you try to connect two things. It is no different with pipes. Noisy pipes could be an indication that a leak is about to happen as the joints are being tested at their max capacity.


Corrosion will present a threat over time, and any type of discoloration around the pipes could be a sign that you need a plumber to come out and check on the condition of those pipes.

When you see that your pipes are leaking or you start experiencing puddles of water where you are unable to explain what is causing them, be sure to get a plumber to check them out immediately and find out where the problem is.

Leaving water leaks untreated can cause water damage to your property, and that is some of the most expensive type of repair your house will need, which is why you must take measures to avoid it. Needless to say, if you have a serious leak caused by roots, you could also be wasting a lot of water too, and putting your sump pump to the test.

For you to make sure you know where to look we included a list of some of the most common places you should be looking out for water leaks.

Types of Leaks to Watch Out For

While these are some of the most common places that you will need to look out for leaks, there are still other places too. If you are aware of the signs, you can take better action and more quickly when something does go wrong to minimize the amount of potential damage.

While not caused by bursting pipes, these types of leaks are very common. If your house is older, or has a type of roof that is prone to damage, such as a flat roof, you need to be extra careful. If you suddenly start experiencing water stains on the ceiling this is very likely a sign of a roof leak, since it would mean the water has gone through the attic and worked its way through the materials up there.

These leaks may not be easy to find, but that does not mean they should not be found. Make sure to get a roof inspection as early as possible so you can get the leak found and fixed. If you see stains on the ceiling, it’s an indication that the leak has been there for some time since it will take some time for the water to work its way through the insulation in the attic.

We recommend that you get your roof inspected once a year to prevent this from happening and continuously ensuring the condition of your home. If you do have a small leak, it will at least be discovered very early on limiting the damaging effects of the water, thereby saving you money on repairs.

We previously talked about a lot of the different things that could cause your pipes to start leaking, and if you are not making an active effort to look for leaks, these might go unnoticed for some time before it becomes evident. When they take long to notice, it also means the repairs will be more extensive.

If you see any type of water stain, it’s best you check it out as soon as possible. Where the pipes are visible, you should make it a habit to check them once in a while, and especially after periods with changing temperatures and when it has been freezing.

  • Basement leak

Check the basement for leaks, as this is often where problems will show. There are a lot of major appliances down here and parts of the house that are prone to leaks, including problems with your sump pump or HVAC unit.

It may not be obvious where the leak originates from, so get a plumber to come and find it for you. It not only makes it easier for you, it also ensures that you get the right repairs done and in a timely fashion. If the pro sees that there are other pipes that seem in poor condition, he’ll recommend switching those out too to prevent future leaks.

  • Water supply

The water supply coming in to your house is even more important than the sewer system, since you will likely be drinking this water. If there is contamination due to a pipe that isn’t working, or where roots grew into it, the water may get contaminated, which could lead to you and your loved ones falling sick.

The issue about this type of leak is that it can be incredibly hard to detect. To look out for this, make sure that you’re continuously monitoring your water bill, and significant increases in this bill would be an obvious sign of a major leak. Some suppliers would notify you of such an increase. If that’s the case get your water supply checked as soon as possible to avoid falling sick.

  • Faucet and shower leaks

If your faucet or shower leaks, it will not just lower the water pressure, it will increase your bill. If it comes out of the shower head or sink, you should get it fixed by a plumber, since continuous dripping could lead to hard water stains, which as the name implies will take a lot of effort to remove.

  • Humidifier leaks

If your home has a central humidifier system, be sure to check it out on occasion that there’s nothing wrong with it. You will want the pipes delivering the steam to work the way they’re supposed to. Besides inspecting the pipes, inspection of the humidifier itself is also important. If you aren’t already, familiarize yourself with the best practices when it comes to the maintenance of your unit.

  • Pool and fountain leaks

While pools and fountains may be outdoors, they’re still important things in your home that could lead to major wastage of water. Since the average swimming pool contains 18-20,000 gallons of water, you can imagine how much is wasted trying to fill it, if there’s a major leak.

The cost of fixing a water leak in itself is not expensive, however when it goes untreated for a longer period of time, the damage it causes can cause the repairs to run in the thousands of dollars to fix it. With serious water damage, that includes fixing drywall and floors. Untreated wood floors are especially prone to getting damaged from water.

When you either detect a leak or suspect one, make it your mission to get plumbers to help you as soon as possible. We have made it easy to get quotes for your water leak repairs. All you need to do is go to the top of the page and fill it out with your information, at which point you will be contacted by up to 4 local pros. The service is entirely free for you to use.

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