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Best Water Leak Repair Services Near Me: Types of Leaks to Regularly Inspect

Water leaks are not only irritating but they can be damaging as well. Water damage and deterioration is one of the most expensive repairs that you could have in your home. Hence, it is not something that you should take lightly.

It is ideal to know more about water leaks so that you can easily spot them and have these remedied. This will not only get rid of the pesky drips and water stains but will also save your home from dilapidation.

Types of Leaks to Watch Out For

To make it easier for you to spot water leaks and hire local water leak repair services near me as soon as possible, here are some of the types of leaks that you need to be aware of. Knowing about these and the signs that will tell you about their presence will help you cut the problem and prevent your home from being damaged by leaks.

Roof leak is the most common type of water leak. It is most common in old houses and in structures with flat roofs. But even though this is fairly common, not all homeowners are aware of the signs of roof leaks. The location of the leak is also not too easy to locate, making it one of the most damaging types of water leaks.

Roof leak signs include water stains on the ceiling. Of course, since the water will drip on the insulation and ceiling, it will leave a stain. Water stains are visible, though, when the leak has been present for a while. This means that damage might have already been done to your roof, insulation, posts, beams or ceiling before you notice it.

To prevent this from happening, have your roof and ceiling inspected every year. This way, you can detect water leaks before they even cause big problems and pricey repairs.

  • Plumbing leak

Plumbing leaks are not often noticeable especially if the leak is located at a hidden pipe. Hence, it is not often repaired until later on. You will be able to notice this, however, by taking a look at the places where the pipes are running.

Plumbing leaks will leave a water stain on walls and floors. Visible pipes should also be inspected regularly to avoid problems. Your basement is the place to check when you think that your plumbing has a problem and your sinks are not showing signs of trouble.

  • Basement leak

Basement leak can have various sources. Water pipes, sump pump problems and HVAC unit issues can all lead to a pool of water in the basement. Hence, you should check all the possible causes of the leak.

If you cannot figure out where the source is, it is best to hire an inspector to check your basement. This will make things easier for you and will also allow you to hire the right kind of repair services.

  • Water supply leak

Water supply leak will not only cause your water bill to increase but can also make your family and pets ill. If the leak gets in contact with bacteria, your water supply will be contaminated. This can cause poisoning.

But, water supply leak is not easy to detect. You might be surprised to have a bigger water bill than before because of the leak, which might be the only indication that you will notice. Thus, you should check your bill every month and compare it with the previous ones. You might also receive a notification from your provider stating the sudden increase in your consumption, which will indicate that there is a leak. Have your water pipes inspected if this happens and file for a refund. Just make sure that you are hiring a licensed plumber.

  • Faucet and shower leaks

Faucet and shower leaks might not be too annoying but they can increase your water bill. Hence, you should have it repaired by professionals.

Fixing the leaks will also prevent hard water stains, which is often the result of continuous dripping of water into the sink or showerhead. This will also cost a lot to get rid of so make it a point to address the leak before things get worse.

  • Humidifier leaks

Some houses have central humidifier systems. The pipes that deliver the steam from the humidifier unit should be inspected regularly to ensure that it won’t cause leaks.

Of course, the unit itself should also be inspected to make sure that it won’t leak and the basement won’t suffer from water damage. Since humidifiers need to be inspected and cleaned at least once a year, humidifier leaks will not be an issue as long as you follow maintenance tips from professionals.

  • Pool and fountain leaks

Pool and fountain leaks may not seem serious since they are located outdoors. But, this can cause your outdoor features to fail, which will cost you a lot to repair. Pools that have leaks might get contaminated with impurities from the ground at the other side of the pool wall. Hence, you need to inspect it regularly, especially when changing the water.

The water source on fountains should also be repaired when leaking to avoid wasting water. Plumbing repair services can do the repairs so it would be ideal to let them take a look at your fountain as well if you have a water leak in other parts of your home.

Water leak repairs are not really expensive. A typical water leak repair costs around $160 to $450 only for a typical repair job but water damage will cost you anywhere from $300 to $6,000. This includes changing parts of your home like drywall and flooring due to the damage caused by water.

Hence, it would be best to inspect your home for water leaks on a regular basis before signs of water damage appear. This will save you a lot of money and time as well. Just make sure that you are hiring a licensed, certified and insured water leak repair professional to guarantee the quality of repair and customer service you will receive.

Best Water Leak Repair Services Near Me: Types of Leaks to Regularly Inspect

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