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Aluminum is an advantageous siding material. It does not rust and is not that hard to install. Although it is recommended that only local aluminum siding repair contractors near you install and repair this type of siding material, it is not as hard to install and repair as other options. Hence, it costs less and takes a shorter time to install and repair.

However, before you choose this type of siding material, you need to learn more about aluminum siding first. This will give you a chance to mull over if its advantages outweigh its drawbacks. Since you would want a siding material that you can benefit from and one that you can handle its disadvantages, you should read about aluminum siding before making up your mind and selecting it as your choice of material.

This is especially true when you are not experienced with repairs. Since sidings will need repairs in the future, you would want to know a thing or two about siding problems and repairs before choosing a material. This way, you can choose one that is easy to repair and replace.

Things to Know When Hiring a Siding Repairman

Listed below are some things, both positive and negative, describing aluminum siding repair. This list will help you determine if it is the right choice for you. If you already have an aluminum siding, this short list will guide you regarding aluminum siding repair.

  • Dents and scratches can be remedied.

Dents and scratches are fairly easy to repair. Experts will only have to drill a small hole into the aluminum siding and pull out the dented area. This will make the dent be raised and flattened again, which will restore the original shape of the siding.

Scratches can be smoothened by sanding and repainted with the original color of the siding. These are fairly easy repair methods but they also take skill. Fixing a dent will require skill and experience to avoid the aluminum sections from getting punctured while getting fixed.

The shape of the aluminum siding should also be maintained so it would take skills to master this type of repair. Additionally, repainting a siding section is a bit hard if the existing paint is already faded. You can choose to have the entire house exterior repainted, especially if the repaired area is sizeable and the repaint would be too obvious.

  • Sections with holes need to be patched up or replaced.

Aluminum can be susceptible to holes if it is old and if it is hit with a sharp object. These holes can be patched up to make the repair costs minimal. Aluminum patches glued with silicone to ensure that there will be no leaks and the adhesive is unnoticeable when it dries.

This patchwork will require the top section where the patch will be placed to allow the patch to be attached without being too noticeable. The nailing needs to be removed during the procedure to allow the patch to be adhered to the damaged section and let the top section to cover the patch’s edges.

It is better to call for professional help when your aluminum siding has a hole since water damage and other problems could be present as well. Proper inspection of the siding and the space between the exterior and interior wall should be done to ensure that the house frame is not affected by the elements that can get through the hole.

  • Matching the existing siding color might be impossible.

After aluminum siding repair, the repaired site will be repainted. This is fairly easy to do since you only need to apply paint using a paintbrush or a paint roller. Matching the color of the new paint with the existing one would almost be impossible though. This is especially true if the paint is already old.

Since oxidation happens, the original paint might look lighter or darker from its original tone. Because of this, the newly applied paint will not look the same as the old one. This will be noticeable if the repair site is sizeable. It is better to have the entire siding repainted if you think that the overall look of the siding is not as appealing as before due to the differences in the paint color or shade.

  • Oxidation is also a problem that needs remedy.

Oxidation is the chalking of the aluminum material due to elements. This is unsightly and should be cleaned to help maintain the siding’s integrity. You can call for professional repair services if you want this removed.

It is also better to have your aluminum siding repainted if you see that there are signs of oxidation. This will help preserve the quality of your siding, which will prevent premature deterioration and costly repairs.

  • Aluminum siding can be replaced by sections.

Aluminum siding is installed by sections. This allows for easier installation, repair and replacement. You don’t have to have the entire siding replaced if there are only small sections affected with deterioration, holes and dents.

And since aluminum can be painted, you can have the new sections painted to match the color of the entire siding. But, as stated before, if the repaired spot is too big, you might want the entire siding painted to make the color uniform. Since old paint can fade, it will not look the same as the new paint. Hence, it is better to have the entire exterior painted.

Hiring professional repair services is better than trying to do repairs on your own when it comes to fixing up your aluminum siding. Since aluminum is fairly dangerous to handle as it can easily cut you, it would be best to let knowledgeable and experienced workers handle the work for you.

Getting Free Estimates & Quotes

Since you know more about aluminum siding repair now, you can hire the best contractor for the job. Knowing more about siding repair will allow you to discuss the project with the workers, which will prevent you from agreeing to unnecessary procedures that can balloon the charges.

Simply use the form at the top of this page, and we’ll help you get free estimates & quotes, no matter if it’s an installation or repair job you’re needing to have done.

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