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9 Things to Know About Framing Before You Hire Local Construction Framing Companies Near Me

Construction framing is the foundation of any structure. Whether it is a house or a commercial building, construction framing is quite important as this is the main support of the structure. Hence, it is only necessary that you learn about it when you need to hire local construction framing companies near me.

Knowing more about construction framing will allow you to choose the best builders for the job. Since you can ask the right questions and you know what the ideal answers should be, you can select the companies that you know you should hire.

Things to Learn About Construction Framing

To be more familiar with construction framing, read the list below. These are some of the things that knowledgeable construction framing builders should know to be able to construct sturdy and long-lasting frames.

  • The sheathing should not be installed in a single span.

Sheathing is installed before the framing is built to save on time and energy. When the sheathing is already installed prior to the construction of the framing, scaffolding is not needed. Hence, these are often attached to the posts before the latter is installed.

Make it a point to check if the sheathing is attached to multiple posts. It should cover at least 2 to 3 spans to ensure that it has enough support and will not bend and warp.

  • Glulam beams should be installed right side up.

Glulam beams, or glue-laminated beams, are often used in construction framing since they are great for long span projects. They can support a lot of weight, and if installed properly, they can make a framing really stable.

Ask builders if they are aware of the way glulam beams should be installed. It should be installed on the right side to ensure that it will not suffer from bending and compression. There are indicators where the top side should be so you can easily see if the workers are installing the glulam beams properly, which will allow you to determine the knowledge and experience of the employees in using framing products.

  • Panels should be provided with room to shrink and expand.

Panels will shrink or expand depending on the weather. Proper space should be provided between panels to ensure that there is enough room for them to expand and shrink to avoid creaking sounds. This will also ensure that the panels will not have too much friction, which can cause problems later on.

Ask about the recommended space between panels to determine if the builder knows their craft. The ideal answer is 1/8 inch space.

  • Joists should be spaced correctly.

Joists that are spaced inconsistently will cause the sheathing and even the entire structure to have problems once the house or building is built. Since the weight of the structure is not balanced properly between the joists, some parts of the structure will be weak. This is a great problem that will cost a lot to repair.

Ask your builder about the joist spacing they follow. Depending on the size of the structure and the purpose of the building, the joist spaces should be appropriate. Floor joists are recommended to be at least 16 inches apart but 24-inch spaces are also used, depending on the structure.

  • Fasteners should be of proper size and installed in proper locations.

Using proper fastener sizes will have a great impact on the entire structure. Using too small or too big fasteners will weaken the joints. The location of the fasteners should also be correct to ensure that the right places are supported.

Ask about them to your builder and see if they can properly explain why fastener size and location affect the strength of the structure. A knowledgeable builder will be able to explain everything to you.

  • Cuts and holes should be accurately measured to maintain the materials’ strength.

Cuts and holes will affect the strength of the beams and panels. Hence, unnecessary holes should be avoided. Joints should also be minimized.

Take a look at the portfolio of the company you want to hire and see if the beams and panels are not too disturbed.

  • Proper measures should be followed to prevent moisture buildup on the frame.

Moisture buildup is one of the main problems of wood framing. Hence, you need to ensure that the installers you would hire are familiar with proper measures to prevent this.

Ask them about their methods on how to keep moisture out and how to prevent premature deterioration of the materials used in the framing.

  • Flooring should be properly and consistently glued to the framing.

Take a look at the previous projects of the builder you want to hire. The floors should be consistently glued and have no creaking sounds.

If you can visit the building or house of their previous clients, it would be ideal. This way, you can see for yourself whether their flooring projects are successful or creaking sounds and warping of the flooring materials are present.

  • Load path continuity should be seriously considered.

Load path continuity will ensure that the weight of the structure is properly balanced and the load from multiple directions will not affect the integrity of the structure. Strong winds and earthquakes are often the causes of the framing to suffer damages since the force comes from different directions and not just from the weight of the structure and the furniture inside it.

Make it a point to ask if the joists, beams and panels that will be installed in the framing are properly placed to guarantee load path continuity. If the contractor doesn’t know about this, you might want to look for someone else who really knows what they are doing.

Hiring framing experts is crucial as this will determine the strength of the structure. This will also determine how long the structure will last and how well it can withstand calamities.  Hence, before you choose a company for this project, make it a point that you are hiring a knowledgeable, highly experienced and well-established builder. This will ensure that your investment in your project will be worth it.

9 Things to Know About Framing Before You Hire Local Construction Framing Companies Near Me

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