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Dealing with commercial HVAC systems is not quite as easy as residential ones, which is why you will need to find commercial HVAC contractors near you when that is what you wish to have installed. Commercial purposes obviously require units with a lot more capacity than do your residential home, and to be sure that the local building codes are adhered to, you will want to find the right company to help you with your needs.

You might think that residential HVAC installers can get the job done for you, however it’s best to not go down the route of using a company that has previously only done residential solutions. You may be wishing to save some money, but you’re talking about a pro that has different expertise and will be better at finding out the right needs for your installation.

Some states also have different license requirements when it comes to commercial applications versus residential ones.

Why Hire Commercial HVAC Installers

Besides the things listed above, there are more reasons why you should only be considering commercial HVAC installers, and not residential ones for your project.

  • The amount of different components that go into commercial systems is higher than is the case for residential ones, especially when it comes to the requirements for the exhaust.

Residential systems don’t have the same components as do commercial ones, stemming from the fact that residential units will usually just let out the exhaust through a window or crawl space. However, the commercial ones are required to be built according to the needs of the units, and it’s generally not just as simple as letting out the air through a window because of the amount of cooling they provide. The different components going into the unit will depend on its size and cooling capacity.

The different needs of the unit will also need to be taken into account when the exhaust system is installed. How many hours per day will this be cooling and how much? Will it only be turned on during normal office hours or will it run round the clock?

The requirements for the unit need to match with the different components, and all the different functions of the unit need to accommodate to the fact that there’ll be significantly more heating and cooling going on with these. You also need significantly more powerful roof vents that can handle the required capacities, and that includes being able to process and correctly address the different byproducts that they will be producing.

  • The installation methods differ.

While the heating and cooling capacities are importance, so are the additions of booster components, basically meaning that the residential and commercial installations will be different. All the different components should necessarily be installed properly to ensure good functioning of the overall unit.

No matter if you’re remodeling or repairing a commercial HVAC unit, you want to make sure that you get the right contractor for the job. Proper installation keeps accidents from happening that could otherwise become a fire hazard.

  • Commercial HVAC units produce a good amount of condensation that will needed its own .

You can probably imagine that condensation in a commercial unit is quite considerable, and that it therefore needs the right amount of drainage to ensure issues do not arise as a consequence. With residential models this is not nearly as big of an issue as it is with commercial ones. You don’t want this stuff to buildup inside your unit, nor do you want it to start leaking from it.

Make it a point to ask commercial HVAC companies about the drainage needs with the unit you’re having set up. The contractor needs to seem knowledgeable and willing to discuss these elements since it’s not simply heating and cooling that matters with a unit of this size.

  • They’re harder to install because of their size.

You can imagine that these units are more complex to install simply because of their size, and that means that bigger equipment and more people are needed in the process to ensure that everything is done right and nothing is broken in the process.

The same way you want an actual electrician to work on your electrical system, rather than a handyman who also has experience in dealing with some parts of the electrical system, you simply want the people best suited to handle your different needs.

The same is the case when you’re looking for commercial hvac repair companies. Not only do they need to be installed properly, they’ll also need to be serviced properly. Getting the right contractors ensures there’s no hassle during any parts of the project.

  • HVAC systems are more complex.

The installation is more difficult and so is the maintenance, and to keep your system from malfunctioning maintenance will also need to be your top priority to ensure that it provides a climate that lives up to the regulations concerning indoor climates in commercial buildings. With good maintenance, you’ll also end up saving money on repairs, and it’ll keep the system running more efficiently too, which is an advantage since these systems otherwise consume very large amounts of electricity.

While residential HVAC installers are skilled people too, their expertise lies in dealing with residential projects and the maintenance that they need, and going with the right contractor for installation and repair will save you thousands of dollars over the course of the unit’s lifespan. Taking shortcuts does not pay off with a part of your building that plays such an important role.

What you end up paying for the unit requires that the contractor knows what it is he is working on, the capacity of the unit and how much it will take to install. There are many different models for you to choose between and it’s always a good idea to listen to the suggestions of the pros to find out how you’ll best meet the heating and cooling needs. Since it’s a relatively expensive project, we also think it makes sense for you to take the time to ensure you hire the right person.

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