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5 Reasons to Hire Local Commercial HVAC Contractors near Me

Commercial HVAC systems are different from residential ones. Since commercial buildings are usually larger and are used by a lot of people, the HVAC units used in these establishments are bigger and take a different approach to install. Hence, you need to hire local commercial HVAC contractors near me to ensure that the HVAC system installed in your business place is suitable for the needs of your company.

Even if you think that residential HVAC installers can substitute for commercial ones, it is not ideal. Trying to save money by hiring a residential contractor will not be possible since commercial installers use different equipment and installation methods.

Why Hire Commercial HVAC Installers Near Me

To learn why commercial HVAC installers are needed for installing HVAC units on commercial establishments, read the list below.

  • Commercial HVAC systems will require additional components for heat exhaust.

Residential HVAC systems do not need additional components for heat exhaust since the heat is often just released into an open window or a crawl space. But with commercial ones, the heat exhaust needs to be built specifically for the needs of the unit. The components added will depend on how much the HVAC unit is used on a regular basis.

Since units that are used all the time will heat up more than those that are used only during office hours, the heat exhaust system will be better and more efficient. Hence, installers need to ensure that the exhaust can accommodate the heat.

This also applies on ventilation. Commercial HVAC units need to have access to good ventilation in order to supply the right amount of cool or hot air indoors. An efficient ventilation will also help get rid of byproducts created by the processes of HVAC units, which is important in keeping the air indoors safe.

  • Industrial-grade HVAC units might require cooling or heating boosters.

The size of the HVAC unit is not often important since components are added to boost the cooling or heating capabilities of the system. Because of this, the installation method used in commercial units is different from the residential ones. This requires installers specializing in commercial units to do the installation to guarantee that additional booster components are installed properly.

It is always better to hire the appropriate type of service provider for your HVAC needs, particularly for commercial models. This will avoid issues with the boosters, which will prevent fires and accidents.

Condensation will build up in HVAC units and cause issues if not properly drained. And since commercial units produce more condensation than residential models, special drainage systems need to be built while the HVAC unit is being installed. This will guarantee that even from the first use, the unit will not cause problems regarding condensation buildup and leaking.

Make it a point to look for commercial HVAC system installers who are quite familiar with drainage setup. Aside from the unit itself, additional elements such as drainage and ventilation should be their priority to ensure that the unit will perform well for the years to come.

  • HVAC units require more manpower, equipment and skills to install.

Of course, since HVAC systems go around buildings, they need more people to install them. Larger equipments are also used in installing these units to guarantee that they will be put in their proper places without causing damage to the units.

This is something that residential HVAC unit installers lack. Since they are equipped and trained to handle smaller residential projects, they would not have the necessary tools for commercial units. This is one of the main reasons why you need to hire commercial installers instead of trying to save money by employing residential workers on a commercial-grade project.

The skills of commercial HVAC contractors near me are also different from those who are used in handling smaller projects in residential areas. Since commercial HVAC systems are harder to install and take more components, more skills are needed. Hence, you need to hire commercial unit installers that specialize in large-scale projects. This will guarantee that your HVAC units are properly installed and serviced without hassle.

  • HVAC systems are more complex to install and maintain.

Installation is not the only thing that you need to think about when working on commercial HVAC systems. Maintenance should also be prioritized since it will allow the unit to run smoothly for many years without needing major repairs. Proper maintenance will also ensure that the power consumption of the units is minimal which is important in a business.

Since commercial HVAC units are more complex, they need skillful workers to handle the servicing of these systems. Hence, do not try to employ residential HVAC repairmen when your commercial unit is having a problem. It does not discount the ability of the residential HVAC installer but just ensure that proper maintenance methods and supplies are used. You will thank yourself when you find out that you have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars on repairs because you have chosen the right team for the job and you did not try to take a shortcut and employ whoever you think will save you money.

Commercial HVAC unit installation costs around $6,000 to $17,000. It clearly costs a lot but the price, of course, depends on a lot of factors. From the unit brand that you choose to the manner of installation and the additional components you need, everything will determine the actual cost of the project. Nonetheless, this type of project is highly expensive. Hence, you need to ensure that you are hiring the right type of contractor for the job.

Whether you need a commercial installer to replace some parts of your HVAC unit or you need a team who will do a full installation of an HVAC system, the price of the service will change. Hence, hire the suitable company so that you can be sure that you are paying the right price for the service that you deserve.