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The patio is where you will be enjoying a lot of your summer nights with people that truly mean a lot to you. It can not only improve your home’s value, but truly make it a special place where you can spend some amazing days and nights. A nice patio can be the gathering point for guests, and will be one of the things that a potential buyer is looking for when time comes around to selling the house in the future. If you have a nice yard, it is a thing you cannot be without.

When you have decided to go forward with your plans of installing a patio, we encourage you to read about the advantages of hiring the right concrete patio contractors near you, as well as what the benefits are with going with concrete rather than other options.

Your home can benefit from a patio. This is especially true if you want to improve its curb appeal. Seriously, why would you not want to increase your home’s appeal? It can help you create a good first impression among your guests. It can also help increase your home’s value which can help if you plan on selling it now or in the future. It’s also one of the most efficient investments that you can make for your home. It’s not that major of a renovation but the improvements that it will bring are simply amazing.

Once you’ve decided to have a patio installed, you should take a look at different pros. Yes, concrete is a top choice for patios and for best results, you should hire a local contractor. This article will serve as your guide that can help you all throughout the process of checking out contractors and hiring the best one at an affordable price.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Right Type of Material

There several important things you should keep in mind when you’re having a patio installed, where to put it and what materials to go with that we will quickly walk you through in this overview before we start actually talking about the different materials.

What Function Do You Want it to Serve?

Some people install patios because they want to increase their home value before selling their home, and others do it because they want the functionality that it provides. Whatever your reason for having it installed, it’s important that you keep the intended purpose in mind when selecting the material you go with.

What is Your Budget?

If you have a set budget for the project, it’s also very important that you manage to find the materials that actually fit within that budget. Some materials are more budget-friendly than  others. If you want to not just install a patio, but that the budget also takes into account the furniture that needs to be added on top of it, and perhaps maybe even a pergola, then you should be sure that all your different choices match with your budget.

What is Currently Popular?

In a situation where you’re upgrading your home and doing so with the intention of making it easier to sell, you will want to look at what is popular and how you can get a good return on your investment from the different upgrades you’re having done. Needless to say, the material you choose for your patio should complement the rest of the house also.

Consider the Style and Feel That You Want

All the different upgrades you make to your home reflects who you are and  the kind of atmosphere you want to create around it. When the rest of the house is very contemporary in its style, so should your patio be.

How Big a Patio do You Want?

This goes hand in hand with your budget. If you want a specific type of material that is more expensive but you don’t have the budget to have a patio installed with it, you will need to limit the size you go for. Make sure that you choose a material that complements in its entirety. If you’re getting a big patio installed, you don’t want to choose a material that simply overpowers everything else.

How Much Maintenance Are You Ready to do?

Some types of material will inevitably have more maintenance than others. When you choose wood you know that you will be spending more time maintaining it than you would if you chose a material like concrete.

Durability of the Material

While most materials will last for a very long time, some are still more durable than others and it could be a factor that ends up influencing your decision.

What Kind of Furniture are You Planning on Putting There?

Some furniture will go better with some materials than others, and you should simply make sure that all your different decisions go well together.

What Sort of Climate Do You Live in?

Certain types of climate are also better suited for some materials over others, and that’s worth keeping in mind during this process.

A lot of people choose to either have a roof installed or otherwise an awning which will allow them to use the space even when the sun is really strong. The flooring material should be matching furniture as well as well as the possible roofing material you have been considering.

Do You Want a Material That Stays Relatively Cool Even When Faced With Direct Sunlight?

Some materials will get a lot warmer in the sun than others will and if you plan on walking around barefoot outside, it might be an advantage if you choose a material that won’t just be getting extremely hot.

Why Concrete?

What exactly is concret? Concrete is a mixture of water, cement, and aggregates. Other things may be added in the process, but those are the three general materials added in the process.

When the National Association of Home Builders did a survey among homeowners they found that concrete was the preferred material choice for patios. Out of 9 geographical regions that the study looked at, poured concrete was the preferred choice in 7 of them. Other materials that were asked about in the survey were natural stone and pavers.

The designs that contractors are able to offer using concrete have also gotten more and more sophisticated.

One of the reasons why it is the preferred choice among homeowners is because of the fact that it is very durable. It is usually also used for driveways, and those have to stand the pressure of having cars drive on top of them. Getting it installed by a competent concrete patio contractor installer will ensure that it not only lasts a long time but that it looks awesome too, even if there are severe weather conditions in the area you live in.

Besides sealing it on occasion, it does not need a lot of maintenance.

Why Hire the Best Local Concrete Patio Installer

The fact that you have gotten to this page already means that you understand the importance of hiring the right company. There are many benefits to hiring a local company, including supporting the local community and eco-system. Since a local will also need to travel only a short distance, he’ll be able to offer you a better quote on the job. Should anything go wrong, it is always easier to deal with a local company whos reputation is on the line.

If you can, we encourage you to check out the place that they operate out of.

Hire a Legitimate and Competent Contractor

You will want to hire a legitimate contractor who is not afraid to show that he has license and insurance in order. Make sure that the license you’re presented with includes the type of work that you are trying to have him do. In this instance it means that the license includes concrete work. Ensuring that they’re insured, licensed and bonded will mean that you do not get in trouble if there is an accident, and you’ll be protected.

If you experience hard-selling solicitors, or even contractors coming to your door trying to sell you home improvement, it’s best to steer clear as they may be gone quicker than they appeared. It’s important that you make a decision on the basis of you feeling confident about the decision, rather than feeling coerced. Check out the previous jobs they have done.

By finding companies that have done jobs similar to the one you need, you’l be able to ensure they’re the right ones for the job, and that they have the needed skills and experience in installing, repairing and replacing concrete patios.

Do they seem like they have high quality equipment as well as a structured approach to the job, then they’re the ones you will want to hire.

How much does a Concrete Patio Cost?

The cost to install the concrete patio will depend on a lot of different factors, and at the end of the day the cost is what the contractors quote you.

For an average 120 square feet of space and basic grade concrete, you can expect it to cost in this neighborhood to have the patio installed:

  • Materials will be in the $150-200 range, which could very well include delivery, and enough extra material for potential repairs in the future.
  • Labor will cost you between $300 and $450 on average, and it’s important to get quotes from different contractors.

It’s also a good idea to know beforehand how much it will cost. This way, you can protect yourself from enterprising contractors who prey on homeowners who have no clue how much concrete patios are. Fortunately, it’s very affordable. Here are some estimates for 120 square feet of space and for a basic grade concrete patio:

  • For the concrete materials, you can expect to pay anywhere from $170 to $190. This typically includes delivery. There should also be enough extra materials for repairs in the future.
  • You also need to pay for the labor. Again, you can keep the cost low by considering contractors. They’ll typically charge you anywhere from $320 to $440. This is where you’ll get to save money when compared to other materials. Concrete patios are easier to install than natural stone or brick so even top contractors don’t charge much for installation.
  • Various supplies and materials needed for the installation of the patio that helps with the reinforcement and isolation will amount to approximately $25.
  • Equipment rental will be between $50 and $115.

That should give you a better understanding of how much it will end up costing you, although there are a lot of factors that come into play.

The cost will also depend on how intricate the design should be. The price goes up with a more complex design that takes longer to make. Decorative techniques as well as colors add to the overall price, but will also make your patio stand out.

Going with a concrete patio is a very affordable option, yet one that can add a lot to the appeal of your home.

The above numbers are just estimates, and we encourage you to use our service to get actual quotes from contractors. You should take the necessary time to talk to the different contractors and get a feel for what it would be like to work with the given person.

Alternative Materials to Consider

Brick and Pavers ($8-$16): Brick and stone make an attractive and upscale looking patio. There are a lot of different patterns bricks and pavers can be placed in. This wide variety means you can have a style unique to your patio. Bricks and pavers hold up well to the elements and are a durable option that should last for years. One of the added benefits is that if a brick or paver does need to be replaced it is a simple one for one swap, and doesn’t require the entire floor to be replaced.

Natural Stone ($10-$30): Using natural stone can give your patio both a long lasting and natural look. Natural stone gives your patio a timeless look. You have to be careful to select the best stone for your location. Softer stones will wear much faster in cold climates and chip and crack due to freezing. Stone can range from slate, to travertine tiles, to flagstone.

Tile: Tile is normally put above a subfloor, either decking or concrete are acceptable options. The option of tile includes ceramic, porcelain, even natural stone. When properly applied most tile options can last for years with little maintenance. The best of patio flooring options are those that last, and tile can last for a very long time.

Wood ($15-$30): Wooden patio options range from the standard decking style to more inventive options. The standard decking option can be one of the best returns on your investment in patio flooring. There’s a variety of different decking options to choose from. Beyond the normal deck there is the option of using wooden tile, end cuts, and crosscut circular tiles. Wooden tiles are often visually more appealing and are easier to put into your space than having to build an entire deck. Wooden tiles, crosscut tiles, anything just set into the dirt will begin to rot unless sealed. These will need to be replaced as they degrade, though.

Rubber/PVC Deck Tiles ($4-$10): Rubber and PVC Deck tile systems are an easy and attractive system for many home owners. One of the best benefits is that these deck tiles lock together quickly and easily. Deck tiles can be found in a lot of different styles. These tiles can hold up well to the weather, but they can discolor over time. Also they tend to give off a cheap feel and look that many people avoid.

Get Quotes from Different Companies

You’ve now been armed with a lot of information and you are ready to get quotes from screened contractors, which you can get by simply going to the top of this page and filling out the form. Make sure that you ask for quotes before committing to one.

Have the contractor itemize the quote for you to make it easy for you to see what the money is spent on. Using our service to get up to 4 quotes will also mean they’re competitive.

Using our service, up to 4 contractors will receive the request you send through our site, with the understanding that several of them are competing for your attention. They’ll come up with the best quote that they can come up with and they’ll send the quote to you. Once you’ve received the quotes from the local concrete patio installers, make sure to contact the companies in case you have questions.

This is a free service so it’s a must that you try it out to get the best deal from concrete or cement patio construction companies.

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