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Pergolas are a very popular home addition among homeowners and it can truly make your outside stand out. It not only creates a great spot where you can spend time relaxing with your loved ones, it is also a beautiful addition that adds a lot of character to your home.

Local pergola builders near you can help you in making the outside space you have always been dreaming of. They’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing which is why they’re increasingly being added to more and more homes.

There are a lot of different designs pergola contractors will recommend for you. We’ll talk briefly about some of your different options.

Pergola Designs to Consider

Generally speaking, there are five designs that are especially popular. If you haven’t already determined which you desire to go with, you ought to keep reading to learn more about the different options.

  • Open-top pergola

The modern-looking open-top pergola is exactly what the name suggests, one that has only a limited amount of roof above it. It lets in sunlight and a breeze wiile create a cozy place to sit, yet still enclosing and creating a dedicated space for your furniture. Some people even choose to add vines to the structure.

They can also be made with a retractable awning to provide protection against the sun, making them more functional if you live in a place where excessive sun can become prohibitive.

  • Pitched pergola

These are often, but not always, attached to the home so that they provide much of the needed support. They can be made in different designs and shaped depending on your wishes. A lot of people choose to get this installed instead of a porch because it provides a lot of the same desired features, and they generally do not require a permit to have built, although you should talk with pergola installation companies that will be up to date on the local building codes.

Simply fill out the form at the top of the page to get in contact with them.

  • Gabled pergola

With their distinctive roof, they’re both beautiful and easy to recognize. Again, they can be made in a range of different ways but is often also attached to the house for support, although it can be detached too.

They’re also common designs in the forest where they add a convenient, protected place to be.

  • Arched pergola

Rather than having a straight roof, these have an arched one, as implied by the name. The way they bend means they’re often considered slightly more luxurious than other types, and the can be made in very large designs too. While beautiful, the treatment required of the wood also means that they may end up being slightly more expensive.

  • Promenade pergola

These are used to add character to a walkway, and with a commonly open top provide a break in your walkway. The modern options often come built with fiberglass roofs that will be beautiful as well as adding protection.

Depending on the purpose you’re trying to get with it, there are different designs that work better or worse. You can always use the pros to bounce ideas off of. They’ve already installed 100s of these on homes just like yours and they’re bound to have a lot of recommendations you can consider.

Pergola Ideas to Try

Different ideas can add that touch to the pergola that you have been hoping for, and by customizing your pergola you can make something unique that no one else has. Especially when you want something that truly complements your home is it important that you work with pergola installers to achieve this.

Customizations in these designs are highly possible and even encouraged to help make them more to your liking. Thus, it would be ideal to hire local custom pergola companies so that you can have the exact design and style that you want.

  • Using curtains to increase the amount of privacy.

Because of their location in open spaces, privacy is not always something that is a given with pergolas, but there are still options you can use in order to add privacy, which includes the use of curtains. Blinds are another option. Depending on your needs, different materials may be preferred.

Where you are located will also help in determining which materials are better for your needs. Some areas get a lot of rain, moisture or has high salt content in the air, which will mean different materials will be superior. In areas with rougher climates, wood and fabric is generally not recommended because the wear caused by those conditions simply is too much. Wood requires a fair amount of maintenance and more in high moisture areas.

  • Adding a tub or a spa.

If you live in an area that permits such outdoor luxury, a lot of homeowners love the idea of adding an outside tub to the area, as there’s nothing better than enjoying an afternoon or evening with perhaps a bottle of wine in a tub. Some people even add them as a place where you may hang out with friends, and if you have kids, they will definitely love the idea of being able to use a tub outside.

When you do go ahead and add a tub, it’s a good idea to make sure that the rest of the features are able to support the decision since it will play a great role in terms of the amount weight that is added to your deck, if that is where the pergola is installed. As you can imagine, a tub filled with water is not an inconsiderable amount of water, and the foundation that the whole thing is resting on must be built to sustain it.

In such a project, it’s important to work with contractors that have experience in such projects.

  • Using vines in the installation to increase the aesthetic appeal.

When you want nature to really feel integrated in your setup, some homeowners choose to use open-top pergolas or promenade ones together with vines which can create a cozy feel. They not only provide aesthetic appeal but can also help in providing a bit of shade and adds character. While you can of course use this with different styles, the open-top is the most common one to do it with and will create a great transition between your home and nature.

  • Vinyl or fiberglass are becoming increasingly popular because of their different characteristics.

Traditionally, wood has been the type of material that pergolas were made out of, but that is not necessarily as much the case anymore as the world is realizing that other types of materials provide great benefit instead of using wood. Vinyl and fiberglass are two materials that have been emerging in popularity. They are often made to look a lot like real wood, meaning they have the traditional beauty of wood, but they don’t require the same amount of maintenance. They are made from non-biodegrable materials and as a consequence won’t rot or get termite infestations like real wood is susceptible to.

There are certain areas where wood is also even more prone to getting damaged, which includes if they’re close to bodies of water, meaning for example right off of a lake. It could also simply be that you live where more rain or snow falls, and fiberglass is therefore a better option for you. They can be manufactured and turned into the design you wish and you won’t find yourself wasting much material as a consequence.

When you’re installing a pergola at your home, it’s great if you work with the right contractors to make sure that you get as many of your wishes come true as possible because they will be affecting the overall feel and functionality, although by working with a contractor, you’ll also be able to find the solution where your budget and preferences match up.

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