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8 Pergola Designs and Style Ideas to Discuss with Custom Local Pergola Companies Near Me

Pergolas are a great addition to any home. Aside from providing a place to relax, these structures also add beauty and character to a property. Hence, if you are thinking of making your garden more functional and aesthetically appealing, you might want to consider building a pergola to your garden.

Pergola Designs to Consider

There are basically five types of pergola designs. Learn more about them so that it will be easier for you to choose one for your project.

  • Open-top pergola

One of the most common types of pergola built in gardens is the open-top one. It provides a place for the outdoor furniture without enclosing the structure to allow for sunlight and breeze. The top part of the tent is often adorned with vines to add appeal and also to provide additional protection against the sun during midday.

  • Pitched pergola

Pitched pergolas are attached to a support in your home. It forms a single slope and is a great replacement for a porch as it does not require a permit to construct. You can have an appealing place to relax outdoors without actually having a full-blown construction in your property.

  • Gabled pergola

Gabled pergolas are quite distinctive as their roof’s triangular shape makes them easy to recognize. This type of pergola is also attached to the house and is a great place to sit down while watching the garden.

  • Arched pergola

Arched pergola is as the name implies. It is luxurious in design due to the shape of the arch and is often used in large projects. This type of tent, though, can still be used in smaller projects and will provide interest to any house that it beautifies.

  • Promenade pergola

A promenade pergola is often used in walkways. The top is usually open but some are built with modern-style fiberglass roof. This adds protection while still providing aesthetic appeal to the entire structure.

Different designs provide different purposes. Hence, depending on your goals, you need to consider the best type of pergola for you. You can also talk with pergola installation professionals and ask for advice which types would best suit your budget, needs and taste.

Pergola Ideas to Try

Customizations in these designs are highly possible and even encouraged to help make them more to your liking. Thus, it would be ideal to hire local custom pergola companies near me so that you can have the exact design and style that you want.

  • Adding privacy with curtains.

Pergolas are often open spaces but it does not mean that you cannot add something to provide you with privacy when you want it. You can discuss installing curtains and blinds to your pergola with your installer so that they can choose the best material for your needs.

Depending on the climate in your area, you might need different materials since some areas are quite wet most of the time and wooden blinds and fabric curtains are not recommended, though, they can also be used.

  • Installation of tub or spa for added comfort.

It might seem odd to add something as big as a spa or bathtub in a pergola but it is not entirely extraordinary. A lot of homeowners are choosing to add spas to their pergolas to allow them to relax outdoors. These are also used as a place to hand out with close friends and relatives.

Just ensure that such an addition is well planned for to avoid problems with the overall design and structure of your tent. This can make the project bigger and more expansive. Hence, plan for it properly and learn about the pros and cons before proceeding. Though, you will likely find positive reviews about this kind of customization since it offers a lot of benefits.

  • Letting vines add shade and aesthetic appeal to a wooden pergola.

Promenade and open-top pergolas are the perfect types of tents that you can choose if you want to incorporate nature into your design. Climbing plants are often added to pergolas to add protection against the sun and also to provide aesthetic appeal. This adds character and allows the pergola to blend with nature. Since tents are often built in gardens, it would be ideal to incorporate elements of nature into the overall design.

Of course, these two tent designs are not the only ones you can use. Other pergola types can also be used. Just make sure that the roofing materials can accommodate vines and won’t deteriorate due to the plants.

  • Using vinyl or fiberglass instead of traditional wood for longevity.

Pergolas are often built using wood. But, since this is an outdoor structure, it can suffer from premature corrosion. Hence, vinyl or fiberglass options are offered these days. These resemble the look of real wood, which make them ideal for just about any design. But, since they are made from non-biodegradable materials, they won’t suffer from rotting and infestation.

This is a good option for pergolas placed near bodies of water or ones that are installed in relatively wet areas. If you are residing in an area where it rains or snows a lot, this is a better option for you. These are also easier to customize since the parts can be molded into the desired shape and size upon manufacturing. Hence, there is virtually no product wastage when this type of pergola is installed.

Choosing the right type of pergola greatly affects how it will perform in the long run. Since elements will affect the look and performance of your pergola, it is worth considering them. Discuss them with your family and with the professionals that will be building the structure for you so that you can decide early on. Ordering changes on the project will not only cost you more but it will also take longer to finish. Hence, before letting anyone start on the project, make sure that the customizations that you want are already laid in the plan and are discussed by the parties involved in the project.