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Porches do not only provide aesthetic appeal but comfort and security as well. These seemingly simple structures offer a place for homeowners to relax outdoors while still having protection from insects, sunlight or rain.

Porches also provide a place for homeowners to entertain guests when indoors would be too hot and outdoor structures such as decks would be too sunny. Different porch types also offer different purposes. Hence, it is important to know more about them so that you can have the right type of porch built into your home. This will enable you to use your porch for different purposes without actually spending more money on building different porches in your property.

Types of Porches to Consider

Listed below are four common types of porches. Read about them so that you can properly choose the porch type that you can benefit from the most. Knowing more about porch types will also enable you to minimize your expenses while maximizing the benefits that you will get from it.

  • Front porch

The most popular type of porch is the traditional one – the front porch. It is a structure built at the frontage of a house, allowing the main entrance to be more welcoming. Front porches often have seats and tables where residents and guests can relax while chatting. It is also an ideal place to take a quick break after an errand and before getting inside the house.

Guests appreciate front porches because they have a place to wait while the homeowner is getting the door. It also allows guests to stay protected from the sun or from the rain while waiting for someone to get the door.

Front porches also add dimension to a rather simple house. A simple entrance will look stunning when even a small porch is built in it. The overall look of a house will dramatically improve especially when the front porch is adorned with chairs, tables and ornamental plants.

  • Back porch

A back porch is another popular porch type that homeowners choose for their home to add additional room where dwellers and guests can relax. This type of porch is often used to connect a room of a house to the outside structures like the garden. Kitchens are often the type of room connected to back porches since it is a nice place to enjoy snacks while taking in the view of the garden at the back.

This porch type is less formal and homeowners can add more features and furniture to a back porch than a front one. This allows residents to do more on the back porch, which involve gardening, cooking and grilling.

  • Screened porch

Screened porches are often used by homeowners who love enjoying the view outdoors but do not want to be bombarded by insects. Fiberglass or aluminum mesh screens are often used in this type of porch to ensure that insects, dusts and other foreign objects will not fly inside the room.

This is ideal for families with smaller kids and babies. Sleeping kids and babies can be put in the screened porch to allow them to enjoy the breeze without getting stung or bitten by insects.

Discuss with custom porch builders near you about the specifications of the screened porch that you want so that you can get the precise design that you want. Custom builders are best in constructing this type of porch since this porch type uses a lot of parts and materials that should be accurately measured and installed to ensure that the parts fit well and prevent insects from getting inside. And since local custom porch builders are highly experienced in dealing with various materials, they can easily manage a screened porch construction without problems.

Since screened porches have a lot of designs, it is advisable to hire custom builders for this project. These professional builders will be more familiar with several types and designs of materials, which enable them to perfectly build and install all components of the porch. Custom builders are also more familiar with different types of materials; hence, they won’t have issues installing these materials without damaging them.

  • Wraparound porch

A wraparound porch is a type of porch that is connected to a room in your house. Like a back porch, it connects an indoor room to the garden. Most of the time, the living room is where a wraparound porch is built. Since porches are often used for guests, the living room is the best are to construct it. Guests can enjoy the view from the garden outside while taking advantage of the functions of a wraparound porch.

One of the main advantages of this porch type is that it makes smaller rooms look and feel bigger. Since the porch is an extension of a room, it acts like a real additional room and make a small room feel bigger without the need for a large-scale home improvement project. Hence, it is also a popular choice for smaller homes with bigger available space for an addition.

One of the few setbacks of this kind of porch is it can make a room appear darker. Since the roof of the porch blocks sunlight, it obstructs the light that should enter the adjacent room. If it is alright with you to use an artificial source of light most of the time to have a bigger room to move around, a wraparound porch would be ideal for you.

Learning about different types of porches will not only allow you to know which options you have. It will also enable you to determine which porch types are best for your needs. Since different types of porches have different purposes, it would be best to know more about them before finalizing your decision.

Do not be focused on building a traditional front porch when you really don’t need it. Explore other options and determine whether the back porch, the wraparound porch or the screened porch is more compatible with your budget, taste and needs.

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