21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered, Wood & More

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A porch is a great place to spend those long evenings during the summer, which is why so many homes have one. Since you have made it onto this page, it’s probably because you’re interested in building one, and therefore curious to figure out which material to go with.

On this page:

That is exactly the purpose we had with this article – to give you a better understanding of the different porch flooring options, whether you’re building an exterior one, a covered one or a screened porch.

The flooring you choose for this project is extremely important, the same way that it’s important to choose the right porch contractor to actually have it made. These constructions have certain requirements since they’re always facing the harsh outside elements.

However, you won’t just be choosing a material that is durable, you will also need to choose one that in fact complements the house and fits its style, as well as matching the rest of your landscaping and providing you with the functionalities you desire.

porch flooring options

There’s a bunch of different materials to choose from, and as well as talking about those, we’ll also talk about the different things that are important for you to consider when you’re building a porch to make sure you get it all just right. This comprehensive article on the topic should hopefully prepare you for the journey you’re about to embark on.

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Benefits of Building a Porch

There’s a bunch of benefits that you will get from building a porch, as it can add a lot of different functionality for your family to enjoy, by creating an accessible space where you can sit and relax, whether you like reading a book outside or grilling with the family. This is exactly what such a home addition will provide you with.

Besides offering a lot of functional purposes, it can also do a lot when you’re trying to upgrade your home’s curb appeal.

Deck, patios, porches and sunrooms will all share a lot of these benefits. Front porches have traditionally been used as a way to greet people coming to your home, and is a great place to put some outdoor furniture and sit on a nice summer evening. If you have just had a new home constructed, this is only an addition that makes sense if it wasn’t already included in the overall design of the home.

They usually have a roof and railings, but their design will depend on your preferences and could simply have pillars. The main importance is that it fits your style and complements the home. The materials, you can read about later, are very diverse too, and some even use masonry for it.

Given that they have a roof, they’re traditionally also more expensive to have built than a patio or a deck, but it also means that they have different options that those don’t have, including the addition of a ceiling fan which you can turn on when you’re getting too warm, and while it won’t create the same temperature as the inside of your house is, it is still something that makes the space usable for a larger portion of the day when you live in a very warm area.

Other additions that these structures allow includes a swing, which your kids will surely find fun to play with too. Swings can be added to a patio, but since they can’t be attached to the ceiling, would need to be freestanding, and those simply don’t have the same charm to them.

If you live in an area that has a lot of different garden pests, you may want to consider a screened porch instead, which will ensure you don’t simply end up looking like one big mosquito bite by the time you head inside again. Those that are screened-in will also keep the warm temperature for longer in the summer, and you can therefore use it for longer than a traditional one. Without the need to worry about pests, you’re well equipped for those long summer nights.

The porch, unlike a deck, is usually not where you will sit and feed a larger crowd, because they’re typically pretty narrow, but definitely serve a wide range of purposes. If you’re planning on using this space for large gatherings, you might want to  consider going for a more traditional deck instead.

Where a porch is a lot better than an uncovered deck is that you can even sit there when it’s raining, which can be a really calming experience. It’s also a good place to sit and watch the various wildlife on your property, or look at stars at night, and it can add significant value to a home. Being out there can also bring you back to that childhood you always used to spend on a similar space with your loved ones.

Considerations When Building One

Building a porch is a sizable project that takes serious thought to ensure that everything goes well, and there are therefore some natural  considerations that follow. That includes what it looks like to the intended purpose of the space. You’ll want to make sure that it fits your wishes as well as possible.

The first step on the journey is to determine exactly what the purpose of the porch is . Is it a space where you’re planning sitting and reading, then you may want to consider thinking about the outdoor lighting too. The purpose of the porch plays a large role in determining the proper design for it, including how deep it should be. If you intend on placing a table that can seat 4 people, you’ll want to make it deeper than if you’re simply planning on putting up a chair and sitting outside.

If made with the intention of comfortably being able to serve as a space for dinner, the space will have to be bigger for that reason too. Make sure to also think about air circulation to ensure you’re not just creating a small, closed-off space where the air quality ends up dropping because of a lack of new air entering. Like all the other spaces in your home, this one also has a specific purpose that it needs to be built for.

The following requirement is more important in some states, and less so in others, and it comes down to the effect the climate has on the intended purpose of the porch, and if you wish to use it all seasons, you will have to make the necessary adjustments, which for example could be the inclusion of a fireplace to keep the space nice and warm in the winter too. Grilling marshmallows is also an activity that can be enjoyed as a consequence! You could even go as far as including insulation into the design if you get very harsh winters.

While it may sound cliche, the design should be user-friendly, and what that includes is also that its layout works with the entrance to the home, as well as access to the furniture you’ll be placing on top of it, and the right choice of doors and windows should nicely complement the space while serving a functional purpose too. Think about the way the layout of the porch will influence the amount of natural light inside your home too.

Cushions and outdoor pillow can be used in combination with other furniture to make a space that really gives your home that homely feel you’ve been striving for, and it can be complemented with a cute little table too.

Proportionality to the overall house is important to keep in mind, as you may otherwise end up going too much overboard and create a project that is way too elaborate, and likely also too expensive. While it’s illegal to steal your neighbor’s furniture, it’s not illegal to gain inspiration from the decorative initiatives that they have included, and you could even consider asking them what couch brand it is they bought to consider getting the same yourself. It’s an easy way to open up conversation with those people that live in neighboring houses, and they’d sure love the compliment too.

While the contractor will work with you to give you ideas and bring those into life, it’s best if you are capable of coming up with ideas first, ideally allowing you to create some sort of drawing of what it actually is that you want. It’ll create a good starting point for conversation. When you’re planning on drawing those, you’ll want to study the layout of the existing obstacles that you will need to take into consideration such as windows. If you have any wishes make sure to bring them up with the contractor.

The more details you’re able to write down, the more easily the contractor will be able to address any possible concerns there may be with your vision, giving them the possibility to come up with an improved design.

Tips for Building a Screened-in Porch

screened porch

Screened-in porches offers a lot of the same benefits of sitting outside as well as the benefits of being inside, hence why they’re so popular. There are a lot of material options to consider, as well as design considerations why we wanted to include this section with different tips too. All these aspects will also affect your choice of flooring material.

These tips should help you through the process of getting the screened-in porch that you have always wanted. The tips aren’t prioritized, and your own prioritizations should be driving your decisions. These are just things that most homeowners would probably want to know before embarking on their project.

  • You will want to think about your choice of door and where it goes – the type of door you choose will play a huge role in the kind of feeling you’re trying to create, and you should also consider its placement so it creates the best opportunity for using the space the way you want it to. That means how it opens, making sure that there are no obstacles on the way and that it’s convenient and nothing will be blocked or made harder to get around as a consequence.
  • A pro will always be able to give you the best advice – we know that this is basically a repetition of a previously mentioned point, but if you have any questions regarding the feasibility of your ideas, whether it comes to the structural challenge or anything else, they’re the best people to ask.
  • What ceiling do you want – there are different styles when it comes to the ceiling, and that includes includes one inspired by a cathedral style, while a flat one is popular too. The choice of style determines the feel that the space will have. In addition to the style, you should also think about ceiling height too.
  • Are you allowed to make your desired changes given zoning limitations – you may be living in a specific zone that for whatever reason does not allow you to build what it is you wish to build. When you get a contractor with the necessary licenses, this should hopefully be something that he naturally brings to your attention.
  • Your furniture and design of the screened-in porch should go hand in hand – you’ll want to think about both functionality and design when it comes to your choice of furniture, and those decisions should also be playing an important role in designing the porch. It doesn’t work very well if one part is very contemporary if the other part is very traditional in its feel. Your considerations should also include actually buying furniture that will fit in the space that you’re having made. Make sure that you actually have sufficient space for the projects you’re planning on taking on.
  • Should you install a to bring in more light – when you install a roof on a structure, it can very quickly end up becoming very dark if you don’t consider the implications of light on the whole structure, and using more glass will naturally let in more light too, although the consequence is also that more heat is being let in in the process. In the whole process, you’ll also want to consider what roof style to go with.
  • Your screened-in porch can be built by treated wood, cedar, vinyl and many other materials – there are a bunch of different materials to choose from, and the ones previously mentioned are just some of them. As with , you should know that wooden materials will need to be stained or painted on occasion and the right material will depend on your preference.
  • Ensure a coherent look by choosing complimentary materials – it won’t work if you choose different materials that look awful together. As well as having to choose the overall materials, you’re also likely wanting to add , which will help make the space look complete. Those also come available in different finishes, and with different price tags too depending on your choices.
  • Make sure that you know what electrical devices are needed and how they’ll be wired – electrical devices such as a ceiling fan will need electricity, and it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Outlets will need to be installed and an brought in to do the wiring. Make sure that you have enough outlets as you might otherwise be forced to use ugly extension cords. The amount of outlets needed will depend on the different devices you plan on having installed.
  • If you’re not installing a skylight, something else needs to replace it – it’s very easy to end up having something built that is in fact a lot darker than what you had imagined because you forgot to think about the need for light. Solid materials block light and the artificial alternative will usually need to be brought in as a substitute. Should it be light that can be dimmed and do you want it recessed? Those are also natural design considerations to bear in mind.

Now that we’re done talking about some of the practicalities related to the construction, let’s head on to actually talk about what you came here to learn about – the different flooring options.

Outdoor and Covered Porch Flooring Options

The right flooring material can make or break any project, and you’re probably well aware that a bathroom remodel shouldn’t include carpet installation because the mixture of carpets and moisture will inevitably lead to all sorts of disasters. It’s not just a matter of choosing the first and best material available as you should really be putting some thought into it as it will also affect the curb appeal if you’re not screening it in. We would even be willing to make the bet that there are a bunch of the options on this page that you had no clue about, and without proper knowledge, you can’t really make the best decision.

Check out these options

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Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles have a certain reputation to them as being elegant and exotic, which is why they manage to make it into a lot of homes. Hardwood floors are highly regarded and loved by many but they can also be used for your porch ambitions. What a lot of people think can be an even better option than actual hardwood is ceramic tile that looks like wood. The impressive progress when it comes to the production of ceramic floor tile basically means that it can be hard to tell tile from actual wood, and this option gets rid of a lot of the disadvantages of actual wood. If you love the look of wood, but you hate home maintenance, we invite you to keep reading because we just might have the right option for you.

We’ll walk you through some of the advantages of this option in comparison to getting actual wood.


  • These tiles offer great scratch-resistance and protection against daily wear and tear.
  • Stains are unlikely and spills are easy to deal with.
  • You won’t have to worry about thermal shocks.
  • Most of the maintenance simply consists of light mopping. That’s it!
  • You won’t see the materials suddenly start to warp, and they provide great .
  • Frost and heat won’t be issues and won’t as a consequence as can be the  case with wood.
  • Tile is made out of clay and is therefore also a very .
  • Different looking tile doesn’t usually change the price much. You can get mahogany looking tile for basically the same price as other wooden looks.
  • There’s a great selection of looks that you can go with for your porch.


  • Not all tiles can handle frost and you will want to make sure that the one you’re going with can.
  • Tile is also not the cheapest option to go with.
  • Tile can crack when exposed to serious impact, and depending on the type that you have, could cause it to change color as a consequence.

Wooden Planks

Not everyone is simply satisfied with the look of wood – a lot of people want the real thing for their porch, and it is still a good option to go with even if lookalikes are gaining in popularity. Wood creates a rustic look and feel that is unmatched by other materials. Before going ahead and installing this material, you should however consider some of the disadvantages that it also brings along with it. Falling in love with wood is easy until you realize that it requires a certain amount of maintenance.


  • Durability – properly maintained wood can last a long time, and scratches won’t be very noticeable.
  • They can be resanded – wooden planks have the possibility of being resanded if you notice big scratches in it that you simply want gone.
  • Easier to cut than tile – the ease of cutting this material also means that you can customize it more easily. You will still want to have a professional come out to install it, but it just makes it more versatile.
  • It comes in different grades and fits different budgets – depending on the type of wood you’re going for, you could end up paying more than what your budget allows.


  • Improperly maintained wood deteriorates quite rapidly.
  • Wood doesn’t stand up well against moisture so especially harsh environments could require you to have to more often.
  • Bigger planks will be faster to install, meaning smaller ones will be more expensive.
  • You might want to save yourself the trouble of staining the wood and rather have a pro come and do it for you.

Concrete Pavers

concrete pavers

Concrete is another important type of construction material that has also made its way to the construction of porches. They’re available in a lot of different design options including the possibility to get different colors, shapes and textures. They naturally also come in different sizes. If you have something specific in mind, there are companies ready to prepare your custom concrete pavers for you too.

Their production process gives them a range of advantages including their versatility and price tag. Other types of pavers such as those made from natural stone are significantly more expensive. Read on to get a more thorough understanding of all their benefits. They’re so durable that they’re even being used for driveways too, which naturally requires being able to handle repeated exposure to heavy objects such as cars.

In between them, sand is used as grout to fill out the joints and to ensure stability, so that the pavers aren’t simply moving around. Concrete pavers also have certain pros and cons that we’ll be walking you through.


  • The cost – since they’re so cheap, they definitely have an appeal to some homeowners because of that simple reason. Often compared to brick because of their look, the concrete version is even a more affordable option.
  • The wide variety of options opens up possibilities – we mentioned how you can get them in a range of different designs and shapes, and this plays a huge role in the possibility of you designing the final porch just the way you want it. They can be laid in different ways, and you can make a barbecue pit from them too that will be a hit among your friends.
  • Ease of cutting – their cutting helps make this an option that is easy to install.
  • Durability and strength – concrete is obviously a durable material and that doesn’t change just because they’re turned into pavers.
  • Rustic feel – while the look that they provide may not be for everyone, it surely can be made to look attractive when they’re laid consistently with proper spacing.


  • The color will change over time because of the exposure to different elements
  • Erosion – while they’re durable, they’re not invisible and wear will start showing over time too in the shape of erosion.
  • Sealing – like with wood, it’s best when the pavers are sealed to provide additional protection for them and to extend their life.

Natural Stone

Do you want a more high-end look and feel to your porch, then it could be the case that you should be considering natural stone in the process. As with wood, they come available in different types providing the elegance and class that comes along with them. The color variations among the different stones can also help avoid too uniform a look. When that’s been said, natural stone is not perfect and does have issues that need to be addressed before you wonder off to buy a big shipment of it.


  • This flooring material is loved for its beauty and the ambiance that it creates and a lot of different furniture and styles can be used to match with it. It’s arguably also an eco-friendly choice since its production doesn’t involve a bunch of nasty chemicals being mixed together.
  • The durability and sturdiness are important features loved by many.
  • Slip-resistance – if you have a tendency to fall when there seems to be nothing to fall over, you’ll love this option because it’s not slipper even when wet, and that is unlike a lot of other options including wood and ceramics. When small kids are present in the household, you may want to consider an option that won’t just be a slip-magnet. Unfortunately, if they do fall on this surface, it’ll be rather painful.


  • The cost – yes, this is definitely not a type of material that is within everyone’s budget, and if you want it, you’ll have to pay what it will cost you.
  • It can chip or scratch and be difficult to replace once it does – although being a durable material that’s a definite possibility you’ll have to be aware of.

When you have the budget, natural stone is a great option to consider that includes sandstone, travertine, slate, limestone and granite, and you can even go further and look into each individual type of stone to find its properties, advantages and disadvantages.

IPE Flooring


IPE flooring, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is a wooden option to consider that will definitely feel exclusive.

The IPE flooring has become increasingly popular for porch flooring in the last few years. In fact, it’s been said that the United States has suffered from a shortage of this flooring material in the recent years. And while the demand for this material has been high, the slow down in the remodeling and building all over the country has also decreased the cost of what the lumber suppliers will pay for the IPE, just as the availability of the material has also lessened. If you are considering this flooring for your porch, here are the pros and cons that you need to know.


  • Durability – when you’re looking for a type of wood with durability that can’t be beat, then look in the direction of IPE flooring. It’s so dense that it provides great resistance against insect damage that other types of wood would usually otherwise suffer from, such as .
  • Great fire-resistance and mildew-resistance. Despite being a type of wood, it still provides great fire-resistance due to its density.
  • No uncomfortable feeling to walk on on a warm summer day – materials that store a lot of heat from the sun can quickly become impossible to walk on unless you’re wearing shoes. That’s not a problem with IPE.


  • The cost – this is definitely not the cheapest material to go with.
  • It’s high density causes it to be such a hard surface that it could be unpleasant to continuously stand on it.
  • Sealing needs to be done to avoid it losing its color and turning gray.
  • The density makes it harder to work with than other wooden materials.

Artificial Grass

artificial grass

Artificial grass may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re talking about outdoor porch flooring options, but it can be a good one, and they’ve definitely managed to make it work in the picture above. We’ll walk you through the different pros and cons you can be expecting with it.


  • The lack of maintenance – whereas will require watering and fertilizer in order to grow, grass that doesn’t grow, won’t. If you’re not a person that has a huge interest in keeping , then you’ll probably appreciate the level of maintenance needed for artificial grass.
  • The durability of the material
  • it doesn’t fade in color even if exposed to the sun and  water that may fall upon it, and the installation is easy for a contractor to do.


  • Artificial grass will initially cost more to have installed than the real thing.
  • Artificial things are not usually what has the most positive impact on the value of your home.
  • Walking on it can be hard as the temperatures rise as the grass gets hot to walk on and can become rather uncomfortable as a consequence.


Let’s start out by briefly talking about the term flagstone, which covers flat stones for a variety of construction purposes including porches and roofing, although those are definitely not the only purposes it is used for. It’s usually made out of sandstone. It’s used additionally used for walkways and paths in the home too.


  • The variety in which it is available in is big and can accommodate to your wishes. It is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and thickness.
  • It’s beautiful
  • All your other natural colors will be complemented with the installation of this type of stone.


  • Not everyone appreciates the natural variation in thickness of flagstone and the possible unevenness it may cause in the material.
  • Cutting it is not easy and needs to ensure the character and richness isn’t lost as a consequence.
  • This is definitely not a simple DIY installation and should be done by a pro or you may find yourself breaking material and not doing a very good job either. The worst case scenario is that improper installation could in fact create dangerous scenarios.


While not being the most commonly used material for porches, it definitely is a possibility that has reasons to have it installed. When you have a lot of kids running around, this could be for you since it provides great slip-resistance and can look reasonably attractive too. Needless to say, check out the pros and cons before making the choice that rubber is the way to go.


  • Ease of maintenance –  spills are wiped off, and dirt is easily removed too making it a great choice when easy maintenance is required. It also fares well when it comes to both heat and moisture.
  • Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic – you probably already heard that isn’t the right way to go if you suffer from allergies because it doesn’t do anything good to the air quality. Rubber, on the other hand, helps avoid the accumulation of germs because of its anti-microbial features.
  • and can be – this material has the advantage that it can be recycled over and over, making it a very eco-friendly option to go with, although you should make sure to check which adhesives are being used for its installation.
  • Good insulation – rubber insulates well, so when that is important in your screened-in porch, you can consider it.
  • You won’t have to worry about difficult repairs.


  • Dull finish – the look that rubber has is not one that is appreciated by all homeowners.
  • Grease could leave stains – rubber floors are relatively easy to clean, but grease is not a thing that it fares well with, and they are likely to leave stains as a consequence.
  • Odor – it can have a funny smell to it, and while it will become less over time is enough to turn away some homeowners.

Ceramic Tile

While wooden tiles are in fact ceramic tiles, ceramic does not need to exclusively look like wood, and the finishing possibilities with printing and glazing means it’s a material loved by many. Besides being a possibility for porches, it is widely loved for bathrooms and kitchens too where it serves the purpose of everything from wall tile to backsplash.


  • Water-resistance – while unglazed ceramic tile is prone to getting stained from spills, glazed one (which is what is traditionally used) has had a liquid layer of glass added on top of it, the glazing, and this helps in keeping it resistant to most things that would otherwise leave stains. Humidity is another thing that is not a concern when it’s been glazed.
  • Durable – ceramic tile can crack, at which point the tile will need to be replaced, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still considered an extremely durable option to go with and can easily last decades. When a tile cracks, it’s best to have spare ones readily available, but a tile installer will have an easy time replacing individual tiles should they need to be replaced for whatever reason.
  • Maintenance – all you have to usually do is mop it, however it’s a bit more complicated if you’re dealing with unglazed tile.
  • There are more possible choices than you can imagine – the process of making ceramic tile has come a long way, and you’re now no longer limited to things such as Terracotta, which is a popular material for . The options are so many.


  • Hard flooring surface – standing on top of the material for a very long time can be rather tough because of how hard it is.
  • Cold – while this material may be great for your radiant flooring project, it doesn’t retain the heat well, which easily means that it becomes very cold to walk on top if the sun hasn’t been around for some time. While you likely won’t be walking barefoot on the porch during the winter, it’s simply important to know what to expect.
  • Installing – don’t plan on looking up a video on Youtube expecting that you’ll be an expert when it comes to tile installation. It’s a complicated process with dense and heavy material, and you likely won’t even have the tools to actually cut it. We can only recommend that you reach out to a professional when you want to have this installed because of its complexity.


Slate, a metamorphic rock, has become what it is today over the course of years and years, and is a beautiful choice when it comes to porches with its uniqueness and functionality. This is a type of stone material that you will definitely want to maintain so as to make sure that you don’t lose the immense value of the investment that you’re putting into the house by having this installed, because without due maintenance, it will get ruined.


  • Durability – when you’re looking for stone options that can withstand most impact, scratches and cracks, slate is definitely a possible solution to look out for slate is indeed among the most durable and strongest of all natural stone flooring options. Although that may all sound great, what sounds less great is that sealing will need to be done to keep it from being vulnerable to stains.
  • Style – being a natural stone that has been thousands of years in the making, it’s incredibly beautiful and each stone will have natural variations in its colors as a consequence. The options when it comes to colors is great, and we’re sure there’s something for you.  you will find plenty of color options for your slate flooring. This is also enhanced by the fact that the features found from these materials are natural so they occur in unique ways in each individual piece of slate flooring.
  • Value – while you will look at your bank account once you’ve had this type of floor installed and wondered where all your money went, you can be happy about the fact that it wasn’t all in vain. Luckily you’ll recoup a good portion of your money through the increase in your property’s value when you .


  • The cost – this material is by no means cheap, and you’ve probably already understood that, and especially if you’re looking at the higher-end versions of it which you’ll have the advantage of for decades when maintained well. For people on a budget, this is surely not the first solution to look into.
  • The need for grout – so the stone itself is extremely durable, but what is in between the stones, is not, the grout. Grout is also porous and will need to be sealed to offer better protection, and it also deteriorates over time.
  • Maintenance – the stone has tiny pores, and that makes it susceptible to stains. In order to avoid it staining the first time you drop something on it, the surface will need to be sealed, and you can probably expect to have to reseal it once a year to keep this protection.

covered porch

Best Flooring Materials For A Screened Porch

With its screen, the screened in porch has more flooring options since it won’t be experiencing the same level of exposure to the elements, and while moisture is still a concern, the concern is less, which is why we have included a couple of the flooring options that would generally not be recommended because they’re otherwise too vulnerable.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

A screened-in porch has the luxury that carpet installation is a possibility, so if you really want to step outside feeling the soft underfoot feeling that carpet would be providing you, there you have it. While it’s a popular option in the bedroom, you can now bring its noise-absorbing properties to the porch too. You ought to at least consider the humidity levels in there to see what it’s like, and perhaps take active measures to reduce the moisture content such as installing roof vents.

Do know that you should be a bit more careful choosing the right type of carpet for this purpose, as you should find one that has been marked as being able to withstand the harsher outside environments too. When they’ve been marked as such, they’ll better be able to withstand the sun’s damaging rays also, and have greater moisture-resistance too.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove is a method that is also commonly used for wood siding, and this is a great thing for screened-in porches since not a lot of moisture is bound to get stuck in between the very thin lines that will be dividing the different materials.



Travertine is an absolutely stunning type of limestome, well equipped with the properties for a screened-in porch, although it is very vulnerable to acid and is why we chose to include it in this section. It looks incredibly stylish, and will be sure to make the space look beautiful like nothing you have seen before. It does, however, need maintenance.

Additional Wood Porch Flooring Options

wooden porch

Wood is still one of the preferred flooring materials for a porch despite their inherent need for maintenance when exposed to the elements. While this list isn’t exhaustive, these are just soome of the wooden porch flooring options for you to take a closer look at.

  • Cypress –are you looking for a type of wood that is relatively light in its color, then cypress just might be your thing. Despite being a little bit lighter, it definitely has all the character that it needs, and more.
  • Tigerwood – this is a type of wood that has a rather dramatic, yet beautiful look to it. Once you see it, you will never forget what it looks likethis wood flooring material is known for its daring and exotic look, not to mention excellent durability. It’s a combination of orange and red with beautiful stripes like a tiger, whereby it got its name from. Any place that gets tigerwood installed is sure to look unique.
  • Mahogany – the name in itself has a lot of power to it given the reputation that it has, and while being used for furniture and other things by the hand of a delicate carpenter, it can also be used for your porch.his wood material is often sought for its charming looks and elegant feel.
  • Cedar – this is a type of material that is being used for a range of different purposes in construction, not just in North America but across the entire globe for its many admirable traits. Because of it, it is also used for porches. this wood material is a popular choice of wood for construction not only in North America but all over the world as well.
  • Redwood – brown and red hues is what you will get with this type of wooden material, and it’s sure not to let you down with it’s attractiveness. Besides that, it’s also very dense, contributing to the fact that it makes a great porch flooring option.
  • the redwood flooring features a beautiful luster with rich brown hue and red shades, perfectly defined by its straight and wavy grain. Because of its hardness and density, the Redwood floor is an ideal choice for porch flooring.

Porch, deck, what’s the difference? Why do we need to look at a porch different from a deck? Aren’t they the same thing, just on different parts of the house? Surprisingly for those who aren’t really into architecture there is a difference. There is a difference between a porch and a deck. These differences really come down to the intended purposes of each. Where a deck is intended for recreation and multiple uses a porch is usually how you enter a home.

A porch is attached to the front of your house, is usually covered, and provides an area for people to enter your home. Where a deck is made for enjoyment, a porch is made for utility. This gives a porch a different focus from a deck, so it requires different construction to reflect this focus.Your porch may contain a chair or two for relaxation but not enough room for entertaining usually. Your pick from the available porch flooring options should reflect this design consideration.

Now that you know both the best options for exterior porch flooring as well as screened ones, we hope you’re ready to embark on the adventure of getting that beautiful structure in front of your which you’ve been wanting.

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