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If you want to replace your old garage door chain, it would be ideal to consider replacing it with a garage door belt. There are benefits of garage door belts that you might find advantageous on your part.

Garage door belt replacement cost is around $200 to $300 or higher. The cost will change depending on the specifications of your garage door and the belt needed for the lifting motor. You can also expect the price to go up if there are other parts of your garage door that need replacement as well.

Your location will also affect the total cost of the job since some cities and state have higher rates on garage door repair jobs. Regardless, the benefits that you will get from using garage door belts as replacement to chains is worth the cost.

Benefits of Garage Door Belt Replacement

Here are some of the advantages of choosing garage door belts.

  • Noise reduction.

Garage door belts are the quietest type of opener that you will have in your door. Since it is made from steel-reinforced rubber or fiberglass belt, it does not make clanking noises that can get irritating if you get to hear it often. Quieter garage door openers are also preferred especially when these doors are used during the night.

Neighbors will not appreciate noisy garage doors opening and closing in the middle of the night or every early morning so it is best to choose the quietest option available on the market.

  • Faster operation of garage door.

Garage door belts are also faster in lifting doors. Since the belt is not prone to getting tangled and broken, the lifting motor will be able to pull the belt and lift the door speedily. This means that you can get in and out of your garage faster.

There are safety standards that will ensure that the garage door will not exceed 12 inches per second, which will prevent people from getting hit by the garage door while it is opening or closing. You can expect belt-driven garage doors to operate at a 7 to 8 inches per second speed when rolling down and 10 inches per second when rolling up. This is speedier than chain driven garage doors, which often go at around 6 inches to 8 inches but is still quite safe since it does not exceed the 12 inches per second speed.

  • Easier to use.

Garage doors that are belt-driven can be opened and closed using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is convenient since you won’t have to worry about your remote not sending signals quickly into the lifting motor. You can use your garage door even when you are not able to use a regular remote since you can opt for other devices to operate the door.

Since there are options as to how your garage door is going to be operated, you can choose the one that you deem most appropriate for your regular use. It will also help you control the cost of the installation, replacement or repair of your unit since you can select the more affordable ones when you think it is better for your budget.

You can hook up the control of your garage door through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your car, keychain or house controls. You don’t need to solely rely on the garage control to open and close your garage door, which is quite beneficial if you need to use your garage door often and have no time getting in and out of your car to operate the garage.

  • Easier to install and repair.

Belt-driven garage doors are easier to install and repair since the belt is not hard to work on. Professional garage door repair and installation experts will most likely take only a few hours to set it up completely and have it working through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

As long as proper measurements are made, the installation will not be too hard. The mounting bracket and opening brace are the only things that need to be put in place to allow for efficient belt-driven garage door installation.

But even though it is fairly easy to install for professionals, you might want to think twice about installing it on your own. The programming of the remotes, configuration of the speed of the lifting motor and other specifications should be managed by professionals to ensure that your garage door will work flawlessly once it is installed. It will not only make it easier to use but will also ensure that you are safe when using your garage door.

  • Lights for easier parking.

Belt-driven garage doors can provide you with more light to help you drive more carefully and safely in your garage. Since the lifting motor can have lights that are brighter than other options, it will make it easier for you to maneuver your vehicle even if your garage door is not located at a very spacious area.

This will also help you be safer when you are getting in and out of your garage. You will be able to see more in your surroundings, which will help keep you safe from intruders and wild animals at night.

Knowing more about the garage door belt replacement cost and its other benefits is advantageous since you will be able to determine if this is a better option for you. With all the choices that you can have when it comes to garage doors, it is ideal to learn more about them before making your decision. This way, you can choose the best option for you.

Make it a point to select the best installer for your garage door belt and motor so that you can minimize your expenses while maximizing the benefits you will get. Ask for quotations from various well-known installers and compare their offers. Aside from the total price, the details of the job should also be indicated so that you can select the installer that offers the best service at the most reasonable price.

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