Garage Door Cable Repair Cost


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A garage door cable is made of single wires that are coiled together to form a strand. The strands are then twisted together to create the cables. The cables are important in the overall garage door structure as they are used to lift the garage door through the tension coming from the springs.

When the cable of your garage door gets damaged, they must be repaired or replaced immediately. This work must be done by a garage door expert. Keep in mind that the cables are under a lot of tension because of the springs, thus are very risky to repair or replace if you do not have the required experience and skills to do it.

A garage door specialist has the experience, skills, and tools necessary to repair or replace a garage door cable safely. To replace a broken garage door cable, the specialist that you hired will either remove the tension coming from the springs or unwind the springs prior to replacing the cable.

How Much will it Cost?

Repairing or replacing a garage door cable will come with a cost. Below is what you should expect to pay for the garage door cable repair cost. Other information and cost details to repair and replace other parts of a garage door are also provided below.

  1. A garage door cable must be replaced as soon as you encounter some signs that it is damaged. As mentioned in the previous section, a cable is an important part of a garage door as it helps lift the door and controls it as it is being lowered.
  2. The garage door cable is not very costly, but removing it and installing a new one will take a few hours to complete. It will require the professional services of a garage door expert. Hiring one will cost between $150 and $200.
  3. On average, repairing or replacing a damaged garage door cable for a residential area will cost around $130 to $180.
  4. Another part of a garage door that you may find malfunctioning after some years are the springs. Getting a new garage door spring will cost you around $50 to $100 per item. Please note that depending on the size, some garage doors need 1 spring, while there could be some doors that require 2 springs. On average, considering the cost of labor and materials, the cost to repair or replace a spring for a garage door will range from $200 to $300. Cost varies depending on the size of the door.
  5. A bent or crooked door track is another problem that may require you to spend some cash for repair. If you unintentionally slammed into the track of your garage door, it can get crooked or bent. You can try to bring it back to its original shape if you have a mallet. You can also ask a professional garage door contractor to fix it for you. Doing the latter will cost you around $125 to $150.
  6. Another problem that you will encounter with a garage door are problems involving the sensors. If your garage door is equipped with a garage door opener, but the door does not open or close when using the opener via the remote control, then it could be a sensor problem. You can also isolate the problem by checking first if the batteries of the opener and the remote control are working fine. If the batteries are not the problem, then check the sensors as they may not be aligned, preventing the garage door and the opener from functioning properly.

Also, remember that the door will not fully close if there is an obstacle underneath the door. It is a safety feature to prevent the door from slamming you, your family member or any object under it.

Getting the services of a garage door expert can help identify the main cause of the problem and fix it properly. Realigning your garage door’s sensors will only require you to pay an expert a service fee amounting to $50 and max of $75.

  1. If you encounter any problems with your garage door, try to troubleshoot first with the help of a local garage door expert (which you hired before to install your garage door). Discuss possible solutions that you can safely perform via DIY method. If you cannot execute it, then understand how much the garage door cable repair cost will be before asking a garage door specialist to come over and fix your garage door problems.

Reasons to Repair or Replace a Garage Door Cable

Garage door cables are generally durable. But just like any other materials, they can also deteriorate and eventually fail to function after several years. When this happens, it is important to act immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse. You either need to perform some repairs via DIY method or get the services of a professional garage door contractor.

The first option is more cost-efficient but it will be risky and physically demanding. You need to have the right skills and experience and the tools to fix the problems yourself. If you do not meet any of the requirements mentioned, then hiring an expert to deal with your garage door problem is the best way to go. This will come with a cost, but it makes sure that your garage door can be inspected fully and the problems will be addressed properly.

Below are some of the common reasons that will require you to have your garage door cable repaired or replaced.

  1. There’s the normal deterioration or wear and tear. No matter what you do or how frequent you clean or keep it maintained, this problem, unfortunately, cannot be prevented. What proper maintenance can do is prolong its quality.
  2. The garage door fully closing despite a barrier underneath it. This will cause the cables to twist or rip off.
  3. If your garage door is not opening and closing properly, then the cables could be malfunctioning.

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