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Garage Door Frame Repair Cost

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5 Things that Affect Garage Door Frame Repair Cost

Garage door frames are not often included in the things that require repairs. Since garage doors and garage door frames are durable and long-lasting, homeowners often do not need to have these inspected and repaired. But when these do get busted, they need to be repaired immediately. This is to prevent intruders from getting into your garage.

This is particularly important if your garage is connected to your home. Since intruders can get inside your house through a broken or faulty garage door and frame, it is highly important to have these fixed.

Things that Affect Repair Costs

The garage door frame repair cost might affect your decision in calling in professionals to have your garage door frame checked and repaired immediately. Since garage doors are large, you might think that it will cost a fortune to have it repaired. That is not the case and most of the time; repairs are not really that expensive.

Listed below are some of the factors that affect the garage door frame repair cost. Read and remember them when you are in need of a door garage repair expert so that you can easily decide which service to hire and how much you should allot for the repair costs.

  • Size of garage door frame.

Of course, the bigger the door and door frame are, the higher the repair costs. This is especially true if the damaged area that needs repair is big.

Materials that will be used to correct the problem will be bigger or more, which means that you will have to pay for more products. The labor cost will also affect the overall cost of the repair since the bigger the damaged area is, the longer it will take to repair it. More people might also be needed for the repair or replacement of parts of your garage door frame, which will cost more in terms of labor.

Depending on the materials used in building your garage door and garage door frame, the overall repair cost will be higher. Wood doors are beautiful and cost more to repair, especially the panels. It typically costs about $195 to $215 per panel to repair a wood garage door. The same goes for the frames. Of course, that price may change depending on the actual condition of the frame and the size of the affected area.

Steel garage doors cost around $135 to $155 per panel to repair while aluminum ones cost about $175 to $200 to repair.

Remember that the prices indicated above are per panel and labor costs might differ. Hence, you should expect to pay more, especially if your garage door frame is really broken and other parts of the door or the walls are affected.

  • Location and time of project.

The cost of materials and labor will change depending on where you live. There are states or cities where labor charges are not as high as others. Hence, you should consider your location before calling in professional garage door frame repair services.

The same also goes for the parts that need to be replaced. If the product that you need is not sold locally, you have to pay for delivery fees and additional charges for the products to be delivered to your location. This is often handled by the repair team, but of course, you have to pay for the fees incurred in transporting the product.

  • Size of damage and condition of door and frame.

The size of repair needed to be done is one of the main factors that will affect the repair costs of your garage door and garage door frame. Of course, the bigger the damage is, the higher the repair costs.

The surrounding area also needs to be inspected to determine if the walls, floor and ceiling are affected. If the problem with the frame is caused by an accident or natural disaster, the surrounding areas should be inspected to ensure that these parts are also repaired along with the frame and door.

Other repair contractors might need to be called to help with the project if the damage is too big and the surrounding areas are affected. Damages caused by earthquake or a vehicle hitting the garage need expert help from construction professionals to ensure that the integrity of the garage is preserved.

  • Other specifications and improvement.

If you decide to have upgrades in your garage door and garage door frame, the repair cost will also be upgraded. This is especially true if additional work needs to be done on the garage.

If you decide to change the material of the garage door frame, you need to consider the replacement material since some are more expensive than others. The way these frames are installed should also be considered since it will affect the overall cost of the project.

You might want to choose a cheaper replacement than the original products that are already installed in your garage door. If this is the case, make sure that you are choosing products that will go well with the entire garage door system. This will prevent you from having the need to replace other parts of your garage door, which will eventually make you spend more than you intended.

Knowing more about the cost of garage door frame repair will allow you to save money for the project even when you don’t have to have yours repaired now. Since repairs can get costly, it is ideal to have some money saved up for future repairs. This will ensure that your garage door and garage door frame are always secured, which will guarantee your safety.

Convenience is also one of the main advantages of early door frame repair. Since you won’t have to manually open the garage due to problems on the frame, you will be more comfortable in using your garage. Worrying about the problem worsening or extending to other areas of the garage is also lessened when you are prepared for such problems and have a budget for sudden repair.