Garage Door Keypad Installation Cost


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Having a door opener makes the process of opening and closing a garage door more convenient. The opener will allow the homeowner to operate it using a remote control. This means that a homeowner does not have to get off the car just to open or close the door. This will not only make the activity more comfortable for the homeowner, but it gives added safety since the homeowner does not have to get out the car anymore. This is beneficial especially if you go home very late especially on a regular basis.

Most garage door openers come with a remote control. However, there are a few of them which do not. What they have is a keypad or a button remote. A keypad or button remote works by pushing a button that will then open or close the garage door.

A keypad type of remote must have a passcode before it can open or close the garage door. This is a safety feature to prevent a passerby or a stranger from entering your garage.

How Much will Installation and Related Services Cost?

Below are the garage door keypad installation cost and other cost details that you need to know as far as the professional services for your garage door, opener, remote control, and keypad are concerned.

  1. The cost of a door opener keypad or a button remote can range from $30 to $60. This device does not need a lot of effort to install along with the garage door opener. It will, however, need professional services for installation, , or replacement. This is the recommendation because of the wiring connections that need to be made to ensure that the garage door, opener, and keypad will function properly.
  2. In relation to the item above, the cost to hire a professional must be taken into consideration when planning for your keypad installation services. Hiring an expert to provide professional services for your garage door, opener, and keypad will cost around $70 to $80. This is costlier than doing the work DIY method, but it will bring a lot of benefits because of the experience and skills that an expert has.
  3. The cost to have a regular garage door installed is between $200 and $430. The cost varies depending on the scope of work and its difficulty. A professional fee or the cost to pay a contractor is expected to go up as an activity becomes more difficult.
  4. Doing the work yourself is an option if you have the skills, tools, and experience to perform this professional service involving the garage door, its opener, and the keypad. Although this approach will give you some savings, you should carefully assess whether the work is something you can perform smoothly and safely.

Keep in mind that performing the work without the required skills and experience may just mess the work up and result in more costs. If this happens, performing the work DIY will turn out to be a wrong decision in the end.

  1. On average, a homeowner can spend about $320 for the installation of his or her garage door including its accessories such as an opener and keypad.
  2. A regular remote control for a garage door opener will cost around $30 to $40. There are various types of garage door opener and each type comes with varying features. This causes the remote control to have varying cost as well.

Garage Door Keypad Installation

Using a keypad opener for your garage door is a good option if your door opener does not come with a remote control. Just like the garage door opener and remote control, a keypad also makes operating the garage door a lot easier.

As mentioned earlier, it needs to have a passcode for security purposes. The code will prevent unauthorized access to your garage door. The challenging part in using a keypad for a garage door opener is finding a compatible match. There are universal keypads in the market, but not all of them will function with all types of door openers out there.

The specifications must be properly reviewed to ensure that the keypad that you will install and the garage door opener that you have will match and work fine together. You must find the right brand and model of keypad that will work with your garage door opener.

When you have found the right keypad for your garage door opener, below are the ways to install them to get things going.

  1. Make sure that the keypad has batteries to make it functional. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to properly put the batteries in it. The next step is to program the opener and the keypad to make them fully functional.
  2. Once the opener and keypad have been properly programmed, encode a 4 to 6-digit passcode to it depending on the type of keypad that you have. The manufacturer’s manual should include a detailed description on how this passcode feature works. Do not forget to perform this step as it is important for your safety.
  3. After entering the passcode, it is time to check if the garage door will open or close by using the keypad. After entering the passcode on the keypad, the garage door should open as expected. If it does not respond accordingly, then check the program again and ensure that you have done it correctly. The opener and keypad may not be properly configured preventing the garage door from opening or closing.
  4. Make sure that the keypad is installed or placed on a strategic area. Normally, they should be placed within 5 feet so you can conveniently reach for it and enter the passcode as needed.

Things Needed in Garage Door Keypad Installation

Below are some of the tools or items that you need to install a keypad for your garage door.

  1. Garage door opener
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Batteries for the keypad
  5. Manufacturer’s manual

If you do not have these tools and/or the skills needed, just pay for the garage door keypad installation cost.




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