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The whole point of siding is to protect your home against the elements, but while that is the case, most homeowners would also prefer it if the material they choose accurately reflect their personality and help make their homes truly stand out. Vinyl siding and fiber cement siding may have become popular materials because their need for maintenance is limited, but they also do not offer the same impressiveness offered by wood siding.

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When you want your home to turn heads and really add curb appeal, wood is the material people go to. However, it’s important to know that even all wooden materials are not made the same. Some are significantly better than others, the best being Maibec siding, which have long been known for the incredible cedar siding that they produce.

Cedar siding is the most popular wooden material that homeowners put on the outside of their homes to protect them, and with that in mind, Maibec is your best choice to go with. They’ve been leaders for a long time when it comes to consistently producing quality material. This article will walk you through different aspects you should be familiar with regarding the whole process, and we’ll go more into detail about the Maibec siding installation cost too.

Our whole goal is to help make you feel like you’re making the right decision, and when you’re ready for it, we would love to help connect you with the most relevant siding contractors in your area that can provide you with quotes on your project, which is all free for you too.

Benefits of Cedar Siding and Maibec

There are a lot of reasons why cedar is the preferred wooden siding material for a lot of homeowners. It is in fact so popular that it is even the material that a lot of manufactured materials are made to resemble, although nothing beats actual wood when you want to leave an impression. That is also the reason why Maibec uses cedar for its products.

  • The strength of the material – despite being considered a softwood, the material is still very strong and durable. The Janka scale, which measures the hardness of wood has given cedar a score of 900, whereas a comparable type of siding such as Douglas Fir only has a score of 660.
  • Good resistance against the elements – the higher the Janka score, the better the material’s ability to withstand elements such as rain, wind and ice.
  • Good hail-protection – fiber cement and vinyl will easily dent or crack when exposed to large hail, whereas cedar is likely to be unaffected by it. Do you live in an area that commonly gets hail?
  • Cedar is a green option – it’s a fast-growing type of wood, able to withstand the elements and it doesn’t contain the same amount of added chemicals that engineered wood, fiber cement or vinyl will. These are also all things that will increase the VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. is another type of siding that also requires adhesive to stick together, unlike cedar.
  • People choose it for its looks – although taste is a personal thing, our opinion is that Maibec siding looks nothing short of stunning.
  • Different styles available – Maibec has a range of available style that you can choose between. We’ll briefly walk you through some of those in a later section.
  • Ability to customize it to look the way you want it to – Maibec has great opportunities for having different stain or paint added to it, making it a very versatile material.
  • Available in different textures – you can either get the material looking more or less smooth.
  • Less of the traditional challenges commonly associated with wood – pine and fir will require more maintenance and have a higher probability of swelling than cedar.
  • Get a durable, beautiful material – people choose Maibec because it brings unbeatable visual appeal when maintained according to the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • Better insulator than vinyl – wood in general is a better insulator than vinyl, and it also brings all the benefits.
  • A timeless appeal – cedar will not go out of fashion and that also means you will be increasing the value of your home by installing it.

Why You Need to Choose Maibec for Your Cedar Choices

There are different reasons why you should choose to go with Maibec product over one of their competitors. First of all, it’s a company that has been around since 1970, so you’re installing the product of a company that has been around for a long time and know what they’re doing. Construction contractors love working with their products because of its reliability.

Their goal is to make sure that you get your dream home, and their products help you do just that. In addition, they have recently launched a line of engineered wood siding, which helps them make use of the waste generated from milling their traditional cedar planks.

Maibec also offers a look into the FSC traceability chain, which you can use to see that the wood was sourced in a responsible manner, which is important in the search for sustainable construction practices.

Their more than 40 years in business means you are getting product from a company that knows what they’re doing.

Colors Offered By Maibec on Shingles and Bevel Boards

Maibec comes available with factory finishes that offer superior durability when compared to getting a house painter to do it when they have been installed. Their shingles and other siding products come in a range of different colors ensuring there’s an option that works for your project.

As they say themselves, there’s virtually an infinite universe of different colors that you can choose from. They offer both solid painted siding as well as stained siding, that brings out the rich texture of the material. You can even provide them with your custom wishes and they will make sure you get the desired color.

Maibec has created four different color palettes to choose from, besides their ability to customize the color to your wishes. Those palettes include Terra, Balsamia, Provincia and Nautilia. Provincia features whites, creams and yellows, perfect for a bright countryside home comprised of 21 colors. Terra features reds, ochre and brown colors in 22 different  shades. Balsamia is a palette of rich blues and greens, almost making you feel as if you’re standing in the middle of the forest and breathing in its fresh air using 22 different shades of color. Nautilia focuses on those colors that simply make you want to go to the ocean such as grey, whites and soft blues with its 21 color variations.

They can all be mixed and matched according to your different choices when it comes to accent colors and trim to ensure continuity un your choices.

Besides offering truly stunning siding materials, they also offer molding to go with it in corresponding colors.

The trim they produce is meant to create a smooth installation of your siding in those places that traditionally cause challenges such as the window, door, crown and more.

Working with a good siding contractor is what will help you ensure that your problem turns out a success and that you get all your wishes fulfilled, and we’re here and ready to help connect you with them.

Maibec Cedar Shingles Cost

Maibec cedar shingles come in a lot of different styles and cuts, as well as two different grades – Bar Harbor and Nantucket. Nantucket is more smooth, whereas Bar Harbor provides a more rustic feel.

The cedar shingles come available in 9 different patterns with the cost of the more advanced patterns being higher. The different patterns available are diagonal, arrow, hexagonal, diamond, cove, octagonal, rounded, fish scale and square. The square cedar shingles will have the lowest price tag attached to them because they’re by far the simplest.

Styles and Textures

The versatility is truly what sets Maibec apart from the competitors, and while it has often been used for cottages, their siding can do so much more than just that. With more than 80 colors, we’re sure that you will be able to find an option that works for you. Besides offering a range of different colors, their material also comes in a range of different styles and textures depending on the type of siding you want. While bevel lap siding may be the most traditional one, they also offer channel gap and shingles.

The lap siding is their most common one and is available in the widths that you need. The tongue and groove system that they cut their planks with makes it easy for a skilled siding professional to install durable protection on your home with the interlocking mechanisms that keep everything in place. The advantage of this system is that you can effectively hide fasteners and create a cleaner look.

Maibec also offer boards intended for board and batten installation, which is a vertical rather than horizontal style where wider boards are installed with a tiny gap between them, and a more narrow board is nailed to hide the gap. The end result is one of a rustic barn.

If you want white cedar shingles, Maibec is also the brand to look for since they’re being hailed as the largest North American manufacturer, again offering lots of different options depending on how smooth or rustic you want it to look. It has also become increasingly popular to mix and match different styles to make sure it’s interesting to look at. Colors and styles can be mixed and matched if that is what you want.

They additionally offer two different texture finishes, with the smoother one being more suited a more contemporary look, while the textured finish shows off the visible wood grain, producing a more traditional feel.

How Much Will It Cost to Install Maibec Siding?

The easiest way to tell how much it will cost you to install Maibec siding is by getting quotes from competing contractors, which simply requires that you fill out the form at the top of the page to receive quotes from competing contractors.

How Much Will It Cost to Install Maibec Siding? It’s a difficult question to answer without taking a look at the different factors that go into the final calculation. Some of these factors include:

  • Your geographical location – some parts of the country simply have higher labor costs and since it’s a time consuming project to install siding, the cost will reflect it.
  • The complexity of the installation you choose – the more complex the style you choose for your project, the higher the labor cost. Lap siding is the simplest installation, while getting shingles installed is more difficult, and therefore more costly too.
  • The size of the project – when you’re installing siding on a bigger home it requires both more material and time to install it.
  • The boards or shingles you choose – while Maibec offers a lot of different cuts when it comes to either lap siding or shingles, the simpler the design, the lower the cost per square foot too.
  • Some styles have more natural overlap than others – when you’re choosing a siding style where the shingles have a lot of overlap, it effectively means you will need to get more square feet of material too, which adds to the cost.
  • Does old siding need to be removed before you can get started – siding removal may be needed for your project, although you could possibly be able to install on top of your old siding to keep the cost down.

Maibec Siding Cost Per Square Foot

You can generally expect to pay $6 to $12 per square foot to have Maibec siding installed, although as you already read, there are a lot of different factors that will affect those numbers. A 1,500 square foot home will therefore generally pay between $9,000 and $18,000 to have this material installed and look beautiful.

Saving By Getting Free Estimates

The costs indicated are mere estimates. To get the lowest Maibec siding cost, that includes installation and material, you need to get in touch with the local siding installers, which is easily done at the top of this page. Just fill out the form and we’ll connect you with the most relevant contractors in your area to help you get free estimates & quotes specific to your project.

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