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4 Types of Pre-made Roof Flashing Offered by Local Roof Flashing Contractors near Me

The roof flashing contractors are professionals whose main job is to install roof flashing for your home. The roof flashing is responsible for directing the flow of water around the openings of the roof. Since the water can easily seep in through your walls, this can deteriorate the building materials and cause structural damage as well.

Furthermore, the water can also lead to moisture and mold problems and it is for this reason why you should consider installing a flashing into your roof.  Whether you are constructing a new house or altering your home, a roof flashing is really necessary.

While there are homeowners who will prefer to install the roof flashing on their own, this is actually not a good idea to consider. Roof flashing installation is not an easy job. There are a lot of tools that you will use which you may not have and if you are lacking these tools, you could end up hurting yourself.

Also, if you are not trained for the job, you might have to cause damage in your roofing and this could mean more costly repairs. But before you go into the details of hiring contractors, it is best to find out a bit just what the roof flashing is and how you can benefit from it.

What is a Roof Flashing?

The roof flashing is that part of your roof that keeps it protected against water leaking and seepage. It is often made out of a galvanized metal, although in some instances, the flashing can also come in the form of aluminum.

According to experts, the galvanized metal and aluminum are considered as the best choices for roof flashing. The aluminum is much easier to install because of how well it can bend.

As a protective layer, the flashing is installed anywhere on the surface of the roof that will require an extra protection. These areas will include anywhere that there are intersections or joints like the edges on the chimneys, skylights, vents, roof valleys as well as soil stacks.

If you are faced with a serious roof leak issue in your home, then you must advise the contractors about this. The contractors will first check these areas on your roofing to see if there are any problems with your existing flashing.

Sometimes, the nails will work loose and the flashing is pulled off from the roof and thus, it needs to be re-attached. If it is in a bad shape, the roof flashing companies might recommend for a complete replacement.

Pre-made Roof Flashing

Much of the roof flashing that you will need is already formed and shaped ahead of time and this will vary according to where and how it is to be installed. Contractors will recommend buying the premade roof flashing for easier installation.

There are various types of pre-made flashing that you can choose from and among them are the following.

  • Step flashing – the step flashing is a flashing that is made to specifically keep the joints between the roof and chimney fully protected as well as other objects like the skylights. The step flashing is often shaped and bent in a way that it fits well to each course of the shingles and then go up the wall of the chimney, making it to appear as a “step up”.
  • Vent pipe flashing – this type of flashing can fit any pipes or flues that stick up your roofing. It is often cylindrical in shape and comes with a large flange off the base where the roof flashing contractors will need to lap it within the shingles as they add the roof.
  • Valley flashing – if you have a valley on your roof, which is where two roof planes will meet, then the valley flashing is to be installed. This flashing has a V or W shape and is attached right above the roofing belt before the roof shingles are added.
  • Drip edge flashing – along the eaves of your roof, the contractors may need to install the drip edge flashing. This type of flashing can help to prevent the water to leak below the finished roof. Such type of flashing can be bought in vinyl and can guide run-off towards the gutters.

Installation of Roof Flashing

The roof flashing companies can install different types of roof flashing, whether it is the flashing for chimneys and vent pipe, valley flashing, drip edges and many more. The manner of installation will mainly depend on the type of flashing that the contractors will install.

For the installation of the chimney flashing, the contractors must lay the base flashing at about four inches past each of the end of the chimney. Then, they will have to notch the flashing so it will bend and as such, it can get through the front and the side of the chimney, including the base. Under the base part of the chimney flashing, the contractors will apply plastic roofing cement and then finish it by attaching it towards the roof with the use of galvanized roofing nails.

The roof flashing contractors may also install a vent pipe. For this flashing to be installed, the upper portion will have to be placed right below the roof shingles while allowing the bottom part that extends below the pipe to lay right above the shingles and to be exposed.

While lifting the shingles on the vent, the upper portion of the vent flashing will then be slid beneath them. Afterwards, the membrane material will have to be cut in order to seal in between the vent flashing and that of the roof and then they will cut an opening for the vent.

A thin bead of silicone will then be applied at the opening of the vent pipe area and then the membrane will be laid in place. Next, the vent flashing will have to be placed right above the membrane. It is important that the metal flashing overlaps with the material instead of the other way around.

If you have valley areas on your roofing, the contractors will install a valley flashing. But before they will apply the valley flashing, they will have to install a waterproof membrane especially if you live in an area that often gets a lot of ice and snow.

The underlayment will then be laid upon and then the valley flashing will be set on top. You have an option to go for the V or W shaped valley flashing and the local roof flashing companies near me can give you the best advice on which of these two will be ideal for your home.

As discussed above, the roof flashing plays an important role in keeping your roof structure protected. As such, it is very important that you choose the best contractors for the installation of the roof flashing.

How to Choose the Best Contractor to Hire

You need to only consider contractors that are licensed and experienced in roof flashing. In addition, you should only consider contractors in your area to make the process cheaper and easier.

You can get in touch with the best local contractors that specialize in roof flashing by using the form on our site. Send the form to get up to 4 of the best quotes from the best roof flashing companies.