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Without well-functioning gutters in your home, you put it at risk, including increasing the risk of eroding its foundation. Its intention is to divert water to downspouts into a drainage system that ensures it doesn’t end up eating away at your foundation. They also help in ensuring other aspects of your home don’t get damaged including the insulation, siding and framing.

Gutters should be carefully installed or they risk actually not doing the work that they’re supposed to at which point they actually serve no purpose and the project should be carried out by local gutter installers near you that have a vast amount of experience with the process.

While you may be tempted to try doing this type of work yourself, chances are you won’t be able to do it with the necessary precision.

Types of Gutters

Before you proceed, it’s good to know that there are different types of gutters for you to choose between. You probably didn’t know that gutters used to be made of wood, although you can imagine that since wood doesn’t act very well with water in general, this was less than ideal.

Today’s gutters are made out of different materials including aluminum, copper steel, galvalume, zinc and vinyl.


The great thing about choosing aluminum gutters is that they do not easily corrode, don’t weigh much and are easy for a pro to work with and install. Additionally, they’re very affordable and are available in a range of different colors for you to choose between.


Copper gutters cost more than aluminum ones do while being slightly more durable. If you do not like having to paint the gutters, then these are a better option.

Galvanized steel

The inner part of these consists of steel while they’ve been coated with an outer zinc layer making them stronger. The issue about these is that they in fact rust, and the’re more prone to doing so if you’re not careful in keeping them clean, which will mean standing water becomes an issue. It’s common to pair these with Leaf Guards, also known as gutter covers to limit the need for leaf removal.


The reason why people buy these is for their long lifespan, because they tend to last more than twice the lifespan that aluminum ones do, which they also need to given that they’re a lot more expensive.


Easy to install and a good material for you to consider when you’re very much so on a budget.

As well as coming in different materials, they also come in different styles, which are most commonly referred to as style A through L, with style K being the most common one. The name does not have any association with their shape, however.

Other common types include the fascia gutters, half round gutters and European ones.

How much will it Cost?

The cost of having gutters installed by a professional will usually cost you somewhere between $500 and $1,300 with the average being somewhere in the middle. Your choice of material will largely influence where on the range you will end up finding yourself.

Normal gutter and downspout installation will generally be able to be completed in about 8 hours to have it installed, meaning the local gutter installation contractor can show up at your house first thing in the morning and leave at the end of the day, although bigger or more complicated projects will take longer.

You’re rarely seeing that such installation should take more than three days to complete, and if a contractor says that’s the case, you should consider asking them why that is. 100 feet of gutter installation will cost an estimated $1,000 which includes the downspout, while the cost of material may need to be added to that number.

Steeper roofs will tend to be more costly to install gutters on. If all you’re looking for is to get gutters installed as cheap as you possibly can, homeowners tend to go for vinyl and come in varying qualities also with more premium quality ones being higher quality but also more expensive.

Aluminum ones are more expensive while still being very affordable. Steel ones generally start at roughly 3 times the price of vinyl, but the most expensive ones are 4 times more expensive than vinyl.

Copper starts at roughly 10 times the price of even the cheapest vinyl option, which will be reflected in the price when you’re having it professionally installed.

Gutter Problems You Need to be Looking Out For!

There are certain gutter problems that it’s best if you’re looking out for, which will help keep your home protected. With the help of gutter contractors your home is in good hand.


  1. Clogging – this is quite common when leaves fall into the gutter being unable to leave, thereby acting as a filter. As soon as the leaves start forming the first layer, other debris may also more easily start getting stuck. Clogged gutters are a problem the same way that improperly ones are since they won’t let the water leave. If you have a type of material that can rust, this speeds up the rusting process. If you don’t have someone come and clean the gutters for you, then you need to make sure that it is something you do yourself.
  1. Leaks – leaks will eventually happen if you don’t have seamless gutters, but poor installation is another reason why this may happen. It could also be that a hole has appeared in the gutter, especially if it is a low quality one, and the leak should then be located and patched which can be done using sealant, although like with , the actual leak may be hard to find. Instead of simply waiting for the next time it rains, it’s better to be proactive and figure out if the leak has been fixed or whether there are others that also need addressing. By pouring a bucket of water in the gutters, you’ll soon see if they’re still leaking. Luckily, a trained professional will be able to do this rather effectively.
  2. Bad slope on the different elements – when water hits the roof, gravity forces it down the roof until it gets to the gutter at the bottom of it, after which it leads it to the drain system. As you can imagine, there are different things that can ensure that the process won’t happen as intended, including bad angles or pitches. The water should flow freely down into an unclogged system. If water stands still in the gutter, all you’re basically doing is asking mosquitoes to come into your house.
  1. Insufficient gutter support – it could be that the gutter is no longer hanging or leaning the way it used to, which will indicate that it has shifted for whatever reason. If that’s the case, somewhere along it is likely missing support, which could be a screw that has loosened or maybe it was simply poorly installed to start off with. You don’t want to end up in a situation where the gutter warps or falls down simply because it has loosened. You don’t want to end up getting hit in the head by a falling gutter, although it’s not likely that it will happen as you walk under it, it still is a possibility.

All these issues should be addressed by someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to installing and repairing rain gutters. Cleaning your gutters is an important aspect of home maintenance.

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