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The sump pump may not be a thing you see every day, but it still provides a very important job in making sure that the structure of your home does not get damaged. That is why it’s so important to contact local sump pump installation contractors near you if you suspect it is currently not doing its job. Without it, your house is at risk of not staying dry, which is crucial in avoiding that the basement and foundation is damaged by flooding.

You won’t up paying too much money to hire these contractors, and it is important in order to keep your house dry, which slows the natural deterioration. Obviously, the bigger the house, the bigger the pump you will need to ensure dryness. However, before you reach out to them, there are certain things you should keep in mind that we will talk about in this article.

Obviously, the pumps need to be installed the right way, and hiring a good sump pump installation company will be able to do that for you. In order to ensure you don’t end up paying too much for the job, we encourage you to use our site to get quotes from competing companies.

Who Installs Sump Pumps?

Plumbers are generally the pros who install sump pumps. As you already know, they’re the ones that deal with issues in your home related to water, and this type of work is no different.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

You have a thing called a sump pit in your basement, which will be installed at the lowest point of your basement, to allow water to be diverted into it. When there’s water surrounding the foundation, it will be channeled in there, where the sump pumps job is then to determine there is water and it will then pump it out and away from your home as it detects water. Rather than pumping continuously, this device will only start pumping once it actually determines there’s water, and that’s how you keep your basement from flooding.

These devices are not too common in older homes, and if you live in an older home you may be interested in getting one retrofitted to avoid flooding.

Types of Sump Pumps

Before you get someone to come out and install a sump pump in your basement, there are certain things that you should know, includes the available types. This ensures that you are making the decision that is right for your home without it costing you too much.

The cost of having a sump pump installed can range from anywhere from $300 to $3,000, and will depend, while somewhere in the middle is more normal. The average is about $1,100, but getting quotes from different pros will ensure that you don’t end up paying too much.

There are two main types of sump pumps for you to choose from.

Submersible Sump Pumps

As is obvious from the name, the submersible sump pump is placed below the water in the sump pit. There are also some advantages to using this type instead of the other one. Some sites recommend using the submersible option for a powerful and reliable pump. The advantage of placing it inside the water is that it becomes very heat-resistant, as the water in the pit helps cool it down during the process in which it is pumping.

With this option, you can also get a sealable lid to put on top of the pump, which helps in avoiding excess moisture escaping into your basement, which could give it a musty smell and give problems with mold. This lid can also help reduce the noise generated by the motor.

You should also choose a motor that is strong enough to handle the job, but without it being excessively strong. If you can choose one that can handle the load you will need, and a little more, you’re ensuring that the motor is not running at full capacity all the time, which would put it under unnecessary stress. Speak to the sump pump installation services to hear their recommendations on how strong a motor you need for your home.

This type also saves space as it is lowered into the pit. If you are in a low-lying area that is prone to getting a lot of water, you will want to get a motor that is sufficiently strong and can pump out the water faster than it tries to get in. For that type of environment the submersible model far exceeds the pedestal.

The issue about this type of system is that the repairs will be more expensive, and it is therefore also important that you choose a quality model with this one.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

As opposed to the submersible type, the pedestal sump pump is not lowered into the sump pit. Instead, it contains two parts, one part hose, which goes into the pit, and the other part being the motor, which stands above the pit. Not all pits have the same size, and for the narrow ones, there simply may not be enough space to use a submersible model, which is where the pedestal is better.

They’re not quite as strong as the submersible type, and if you need a heavy duty sump pump, the submersible option might be a better one for you.

Although it does take up space in the basement, this may be space you were not going to use anyway. On the contrary, it lasts longer from not being in water constantly, and should you need to repair it, that will also be easier since it has easy access.

Size of The Pump

How powerful a motor you will need depends on the different conditions of your home. How big is it, and is it in an area with very wet earth, or are there often big floods that occur that the system needs to be able to deal with? Whether your basement is prone to flooding will depend on the location of your property as well as the type of soil around it. Sump pump installers are the best people to ask to get their recommendation on the size needed.

Type of Floor in The Basement

The type of floor in the basement also either adds or subtracts to the cost of installing the pump. It is generally concrete slabs being used in a basement, although some of them simply have soil or gravel. For ones that simply  have soil or gravel, the pump can more easily be installed, as there is not the same need to break up concrete and create a pit where it is submersed into, either the whole thing or just the hose.

When you buy the pump, you should make sure it has warranty so that if anything happens with it, that the installers will come back and fix it without any additional cost to you.

As you can see, there are different factors that play a role when it comes to choosing the right installer for your sump pump, as well as choosing the model you wish to go with. Since you don’t want your basement to get flooded or get a musty smell in there, it’s important that you speak with the contractor and make an educated decision.

There Are Also Times When You May Need to Have the Sump Pump Repaired

If you believe that your sump pump is not at 100%, you have to get in touch with sump pump repair contractors. You have to do so immediately. If you delay and your home ends up getting flooded, the higher amount needed to get it fixed will be the least of your problems.

In addition, an inefficient sump pump will use energy inefficiently. This will lead to high energy bills.

Watch Out for These Signs

If you see these signs, it’s time to contact sump pump repair companies:

  • It doesn’t stop running.

It should only run when necessary. If it rains a lot, then it makes sense for it to run continuously. Your experience should tell you if it’s running when it shouldn’t be running. But generally speaking if it’s running and there’s no water present, then there’s something wrong.

There’s a good chance that there’s an issue with the triggering device. It could also be a case of a water leak that leads to water in the pit. The water leak should be solved.

  • The pump is not running.

This one’s pretty obvious. If it’s not running at all, then there’s something wrong. You had the sump pump installed so it will remove water when necessary and when it’s not doing that, then your basement could get flooded.

It’s very easy to check. It runs when it rains, right? If it doesn’t, then you need to get in touch with a repairman to find out what the reason is.

However, it could also be a case of your gutter system doing an amazing job of diverting water away from your home’s foundation. This is why no water is reaching the sump pump. That’s good news.

It’s important that you check, though. You can do so with the help of a contractor or you can do so yourself. Just add water to the pit and that should lift the floating device so that the pump will be triggered. If the pump still doesn’t run, then get in touch with a sump pump repair company immediately before the next rain comes and floods your basement.

  • You can see rust.

The sump pump has been treated to resist rust since it’s constantly exposed to water. This is why there could be a problem if you see rust. Rust happens when its outside surface has been exposed to air and the humidity hastens the process. If you see rust, it’s time to give the repair company a call as it will only get worse if it doesn’t get addressed and its performance will therefore deteriorate also.

  • There is vibration and lots of strange noises.

It goes without saying that it should be vibrating when it’s operating. Experience will tell you if the vibrating is excessive. It could mean that some internal and integral parts are not working efficiently and are struggling to keep up with the whole operation. In this case, it’s a must that a trained repairman takes a look at it.

The same thing applies with noises. If you’re suddenly hearing noises that you haven’t heard before, then give the repairman a call.

Make sure that you include checking the sump pump’s normal vibration and noise levels when doing routine maintenance of the house. This should help you determine if something is out of place.

  • If you don’t know who installed the pump.

Were you the one who had the sump pump installed? If yes, did you make sure that it was installed by a trained specialist?

What if you just bought the home and you really don’t know who installed it? What if you forgot who did the installation so you can’t be sure if it was installed by a professional? In these cases, you may want to get in touch with sump pump repair plumbing contractors so they can check and make sure that everything is in place.

  • It’s more than 7 years old.

It’s one of those things that you don’t really get to check often. It works a lot and sooner or later, it would require repair. If it’s been in use for more than 7 years, it wouldn’t hurt to get in touch with a repair company so proper maintenance can be done. Repair can be done if necessary after the inspection.

A sump pump deals with a lot of stress. It does a strenuous job and sooner or later, it will fail. It can get overwhelmed especially if yours is a low quality one. There’s also the issue of clogging. These can all lead to problems that will require repair.

Get in Touch with an Installation or Repair Company!

When you notice these signs or you simply want peace of mind, you should get in touch with sump pump repair companies. You can tell them what sign or signs you’ve been noticing and they should be able to provide you with a quote on how much it will take to solve the problem.

The easiest way to go about that process is by simply filling out the form we have on our site and you will work with and receive quotes from up to 4 competing contractors. That way you’ll be able to get quotes the easy way and even save money on your repair project, making sure that you’re keeping your home dry when there’s either a water leak or a lot of rain water coming your way.

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