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Waterproofing your home is extremely important and should be done by professional local waterproofing companies near you to ensure that the problem gets fixed. A roof leak or other source of water leak can have devastating effects on your home and can lead to the need for very expensive repairs.

No matter if your house was just built or it is an old home, protecting it against water damage is something you will actively want to do. Water leaks can cause some of the same problems as the ones that may arise if you don’t have roof vents providing sufficient amounts of ventilation.

Checking for water leaks is something you should do on a regular basis, and you may be surprised to find out that roof leaks could cause the insulation to work less effectively since it would make it wet. This in turn will increase your electricity bill.

When you believe any part of your home may be leaking, you should use the form at the top of this page in order to get quotes from local waterproofing services the easy way.

Where Will You Likely Need to Waterproof?

When you think about the places where water leaks are more common, what immediately comes to mind? You might have immediately thought of the roof since it’s the thing we have been talking the most about up until now. However, there are a lot of different places where that may be necessary to waterproof. The list below is where the leaks will most commonly happen.

  • Flat roofs

Flat roofs, as you can imagine, may end up with water leaking through, especially if puddles of water start accumulating, and you’ll also want a good gutter system to make sure that the water is properly lead away from the house so that it doesn’t cause problems with the foundation either. Roof inspections are one of those things that are good to have done once a year or so in order to make sure that leaks are either prevented or at least discovered very early on to prevent any damage from happening.

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms have certain challenges that need to be addressed and the potential for water leaks is rather significant. If you do find one, a plumber must be contacted as soon as possible to rectify the situation. Pipes can burst which could have devastating effects on the integrity of the space.

A kitchen is also a place that commonly needs waterproofing with all the plumbing and pipes that run there. Even if you just installed the sink, it’s great to start periodically checking around it in order to make sure that no water is going where it isn’t supposed to.

  • Balconies

Even if you didn’t think about it, balconies actually require waterproofing too to ensure its integrity and safety. A balcony is one thing you don’t want to have deteriorate, and making sure it isn’t negatively affected by moisture is important.

  • Walls and siding

The same way you have a roof installed, the walls and siding also provide protection for your home, and it’s therefore important to make sure they’re waterproof too. If water splashes or there’s a lot of moisture in the given room, walls should generally be treated to better be able to withstand all the moisture and water that they might get in contact with. Kitchen and bathrooms are especially places where you need to be looking out to make sure that there’s nothing causing water leaks.

  • Swimming pools

Your swimming pools contains a lot of water and it’s very important that this does not leak into the earth or you might end up with issues with the foundation too, as well as increasing your water bill. By ensuring that the pool is waterproof, you are also making sure there’s no contamination. You might be surprised to find out that water leaks in the swimming pool aren’t too uncommon. The root system of big trees can be extremely powerful and end up creating a hole in the pool.

  • Water tanks

Depending on the type of material your water tank is made from, it is not uncommon to have it additionally waterproofed for extra protection.

As you can see, it’s not just the roof that might end up leaking, there are in fact a lot of other areas too, and the best way for you to prevent water damage is to stay on top of those specific places that are likely to develop leaks. Different types of leaks may also require different types of repairs. If a pipe has burst, it will likely need to be replaced as a repair might only be able to keep the leak away for so long.

Waterproofing Methods and Materials a Contractor is Likely to Use

Below are some different methods being used by plumbers and other professionals to deal with water leaks.

  • Bituminous Coating

This is made from sheets of asphalt and can be used to waterproof pipes where replacement is not convenient and is a cheap solution to use. The asphalt and adhesive mixture are mixed together to get this product that is properly applied by the pros.

Even if you wan to do the project yourself, incorrect application won’t properly address the issue, so it’s recommended that it’s done by a pro.

  • Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

This isn’t cheap to use the same way that bituminous coating is but it is used because of its bigger flexibility when compared to other options. Other types of waterproofing may be weakened by sunlight, which won’t the same way be the case with a polyurethane liquid membrane.

When you have a flat roof that not only gets a lot of sunlight but also the challenge in keeping water out because of its placement, this is often the option you would turn to. It withstands harsh weather conditions very well, and with its sensitivity to moisture, it is generally recommended to be applied by a pro. If it isn’t applied to a dry surface, it won’t have the same effect and the dry surface is needed to keep it from peeling.

Peeling would mean that a new layer would need to be applied.

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

This is applied using either a roller, spray or trowel and is, as the name implies, a liquid solution that is applied. When it dries it becomes a rubbery coat providing waterproof features and the fact that it doesn’t require an extremely dry surface for it to be applied, makes it a more versatile material.

  • Bituminous Membrane

Different types of polymers can be added to this mixture which in turn will change its capabilities, durability and application. It’s also called asphalt coating and it is commonly used for concrete foundations. It will be weakened by direct sunlight and is therefore not applied in settings where that is the case.

By hiring a pro for the job you ensure that the work is done properly and that the desired purpose will be achieved.

By choosing a good contractor who chooses the right material for the purpose guarantees that the leak is stopped and that you won’t find yourself with expensive to repair water damages in the future. Correct application is needed to maximize its efficacy and save you money.

Even if you think that you are paying more for the job than you were hoping you would, the important thing is to think about the savings it will provide you with from fixing the problem. It’s an important part of protecting your home.

Getting Quotes From Contractors

When that’s been said, the fix does not need to cost more than needed. This article has hopefully given you a better understanding of the areas of your home that are especially prone to needing waterproofing.

In order to make sure you get it done at the right cost also, what you can do is fill out the form at the top of this page with the information and it will be sent out to the 4 most relevant contractors in your area that can then send you competing quotes for the project. Before sending you the quotes, they’ll likely reach out to you to fully understand the extent of the issue.

By getting quotes from competing contractors, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the project fixed by pros but still at the right cost. It takes just 2 minutes to request quotes, there’s no obligation to sign with any of the contractors and it’s free for you. What are you waiting for?

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