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+31 Must Know Open House Ideas and Tips

Open House Ideas

For some people, attending Sunday open houses has been their favorite pastime, whether they are planning to buy a home or simply out of curiosity. Basically, it is the time when the seller will open their house so that a lot of potential buyers could swing by and check their property out, without any appointment. Whether you are the seller or the buyer of a property, here’s everything you need to know.

How Do Open Houses Work?

For some home sellers, an open house is an opportunity for them to make a quick sale. Indeed, they are increasing in popularity these days. Although most cities are in recession, house prices are still recovering at a different pace all over the country, and along with this, more and more sellers are also conducting open houses all over the country.

It is the perfect opportunity for sellers to showcase the best aspects of their property, generate buzz in the real estate market, and attract potential buyers. Remember that your guests are the ones you definitely want to impress, in an effort to sell your home – and they can even help you get it done extremely fast! If you are new to open houses, then read on to find out how they work.

  • Advertise the property – the first step is to advertise your property and let people know that you are having one. A lot of people who are looking for potential properties to buy would turn to the World Wide Web in order to look for property listings. Most of the modern web platforms of today will allow interested parties to be able to search for potential properties while also filtering out any undesired property features. Thus, take advantage of the digital platforms in advertising your property and your upcoming open house. Make sure to include plenty of high quality photographs of your property to entice buyers to come.
  • Put up signs – using signs might be an old-fashioned way of advertising in this digital age, however, according to some real estate experts, these strategies still work. Most realtors will make use of an array of signs in drawing in potential buyers, and will include signs of different shapes, colors and sizes. Some realtors will even advertise the perks such as cool giveaways, free coffee, etc.
  • Prepare your property – after the advertising and promotion, make sure that you prepare your property. Think of your home as like a blank canvas. The goal is to remove any reminder that someone else is living in the property and allow buyers to picture themselves as the owners. You can also ask some of your family members to vacate the property at the time of the open house so you can show it to potential buyers. Having people living in the resident could put off some potential buyers.
  • Facilitate easy access to your property – if the potential buyer will have to go through so much trouble in accessing the property, he might decide that it is not worth all the effort. While your property inside and outside can help to come up with an inviting open house, one of the easiest ways to ensure easy access for your visiting guests is to keep your driveway clear. Thus, you must avoid parking your car at the driveway and ask other members as well.
  • During the open house – hiring a realtor to run it is a good idea. But if you choose to organize it yourself, then remember that you will essentially be the face of your home property. The way you interact with your guests and run it can make or break a deal, thus, it is important that you create the best possible experience ever. So how do you go about it? First, meet your guests at the door and politely greet each one of them. Distribute brochures or pamphlets regarding your home as soon as they get in to your door. Include any relevant and specific features that your buyer may want to take note of before the visitors will go off on their own and explore your property.
  • Make contacts during the event – some of the real estate agents will offer to call potential buyers right after in order to follow up their visit, however, some people will have already lost interest at that point. Instead of basing your pitch through follow-up calls, consider making necessary contacts during the event itself. You may swap out contact details, such as their email address and phone number, etc.
  • Be prepared to close a deal – while it is fairly unlikely that a buyer will decide to purchase your house during the event, it is important that you are prepared for it. Some realtors will in fact recommend inviting a loan officer along. This can help any potential buyer to run credit report and find out if they pre-qualify for the loan during the open house.

Real Estate Open House Ideas

sign saying open house

A lot of sellers tend to stress over their open house. As you know, it is a major showcase event in the process of selling a home property and thus, you want for it to kick off with a bang. But this does not mean that you cannot have fun during the event. In fact, this is also a great opportunity to raise money for charity and even build business relationships.

If you wanted your property to really stand out, then getting creativity can certainly go a long way. So here are some ideas that you might want to give a try.

Use The Web To Advertise:

Every open house will need advertising. One of the most effective methods of advertising is to use the internet. Posting your home early, often, and everywhere is going to make it much more successful. Blogs, tweets, all of these are viable channels for letting potential buyers know your home is available.


While it may seem old-fashioned don’t forget the signs.  Promotional signs will attract those impulse type buyers who may just be out driving around and get interested. Professional signs say the home is ready to be looked at.

Be Friendly:

Your open house has to be a friendly and inviting event. Be sure that everyone involved is welcoming and personable. Don’t be annoyed at questions, even the most ridiculous ones. Never let any upset, boredom or exasperation show to your potential buyers.

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Be Active:

The best Realtors and homeowners take an active part in the planning and conduct of their open houses. It is not a static event. Knowing the prices of comparable homes in the area lets you answer questions honestly and completely. Knowing the details of your home, from how old the roof is, to when it was painted last allows you to point out the great points of your home.


One of the best ways to determine if your open house is going well, or if the property is set up correctly is to listen to those who visit. Your visitor’s comments will let you know what needs to be addressed. This feedback is something to be put into immediate practice if possible.

Provide Value:

A great way to ensure that people remember you is to provide some sort of value for their visit. A map of the area showing great restaurants or a listing of schools with ratings from the internet can help them remember your open house.

Add a Personal Touch:

The impact of a small gift or baked good can be larger than you think. Have some fresh baked cookies or muffins available to give away to the people who come.

The Seller Shouldn’t Be There:

Often having the person selling the home can intimidate potential buyers. They may not feel free to discuss what they don’t like. The seller should be available to contact in case of a question, but not at the home for the open house.

Put Information Online:

Instead of putting together a bunch of booklets that will likely not be fully utilized make sure the online listing is complete. Have every possible highlight listed on the online profile. Most buyers can access this far more easily in today’s market.

Invite the Neighbors:

While it may be a bit uncomfortable to have your neighbors poking around in your home it can pay off in the end. Neighbors can often be the best salespeople. Your neighbors will often tell their friends and relatives about the home and start an information network without you having to lift a finger.

Keep it Neutral:

Remove anything that may be remotely controversial to any visitor. This may include things such as religious art and even family photos. Take the advice of your local Realtor on this matter as it varies from location to location.

Show the Floors:

Remove area rugs to let potential buyers see the floors. Suspicious buyers may think your area rugs are covering bad patches of flooring.

No Pets:

Pets should never be at your open house. Remove things such as litter boxes and old or worn pet items. Put away water and food bowls. Anything that can’t be removed should be scrupulously clean.

Secure Your Valuables:

No valuables should ever be left out on Open House day. You are letting strangers walk through your home. This includes all medications and personally identifying information.


Unless the house is completely empty always have a chaperone go with prospective buyers. This keeps your house safe from random theft or anything going wrong.


Have as long of an open house as you can. The larger the window you have, the more people can do a walk through of your home. Most open houses run only a couple of hours. Consider running for the whole peak period from 1-5pm.

Clean the Closets:

Nobody wants to open a closet and see one that is a tumbled mess. Leave some clothes in the closet to look lived in, but remove everything else or your closet will seem too small.

Use Social Media:

Social media is a great tool. Make sure your sellers tell friends and relatives about the open house and ask them to put it out to their own friends and relatives.

Use a Drone:

One of the newest ways to grab attention is to hire a company that uses drones to fly your open house banners around and over the home. The novelty often brings in people who would ignore a traditional sign.

Stage the Property:

The money you spend on staging a property can be dollars well spent. Sometimes it is better to empty the home of the seller’s property and hire professionals to stage a home. For more information check out our list of ideas for staging a home.

Highlight the Neighborhood:

Prepare and have a stack of “This is your neighborhood” flyers that detail schools, local attractions, cable coverage, and local restaurants.

Hire Professional Cleaners:

Don’t leave the cleaning to the family. Spend the money to hire professional cleaners to come through the home and make sure every inch is sparkling and ready to shine.

Keep Scents Neutral:

Avoid heavy scents or things such as potpourri and air freshers. You never know what scents will turn a potential buyer off. The only scents should be cleaning products, and those only after the house has been aired out.

Virtual Walkthrough:

Prepare and post a virtual walkthrough on the web. This allows potential buyers to take a view before the event is held. Make sure to give the dates on the link to this walkthrough.

Open the Curtains:

Let as much natural light into each room as possible. This will give a feeling of openness and welcome, of course, if the view is of a brick wall 3 feet away those curtains can remain closed.

Have a Sign in Sheet:

Have all visitors fill our a sign in sheet with name, number, and email. This will give you points of contact for the home, and possibly for future open houses.

Follow Up:

Always follow up in a day or so after. This personal touch can nudge a buyer into putting an offer in on a home.

Go Extreme:

A new trend is to hold an “Event” rather than a traditional open house. This shows the home in a different light and creates a fun atmosphere. The event can be themed, or just more of a standard dinner party type of arrangement.

Climate Control:

Make sure the home is heated or cooled depending on the season. Maintaining the home at a comfortable temperature goes a long way to making it feel more like a home, and less like an empty shell.

Play Soothing Sounds:

A nice soft classical or jazz background helps put your potential buyers at ease and create an upscale feeling. The volume shouldn’t be set high enough to be distracting.

Use Door Hangers:

Old school tactics like door hangers are still viable options. Placing door hangers on neighbors doors, and through adjacent neighborhoods can bring in some more potential buyers.

Consider it a charity event

Use your open house as an opportunity to promote any local and worthwhile charity that you support. You can then commit to donate a specific amount that can go to your chosen cause. You can include a printed detail of the charity along with information of the property, but do not ever solicit donations from your visitors, which are also potential buyers of your home property. The event should be a fun way to get people into your home and not a way to pressure potential buyers. You can however, ask for email addresses from the attendees so you can then send them an email to inform them of the total amount raised.

Consider hosting a pop-up shop

Shopping while also doing a house shopping sounds like a great idea since it puts any potential buyers into an acquisitive mood, while also allowing you to raise more money to fund your open house. Try to enlist some of your favorite boutiques and shops, such as home decor, clothing, etc. and see if they will also be willing to have a display. Open each and every room in your house and encourage guests to explore the entire surroundings.

Partner up with a local cafe

If you want to establish a local presence, then you can partner up with a local cafe for the event. Some coffee shops will be willing to co-brand with real estate agents for a Sunday open house. The agents will promote them through advertising while they will promote the event through billboards scattered all over town.

Stage a design trend party

The concept is to come up with an educational event where attendees can learn new trends while your place will be shown off to potential buyers at the same time. This could lead to a good turnout since everyone will always wan to learn something new. In general, you can also get the stager to come up with a presentation that will also promote your property.

Stage a furniture sale

you do not really need to go online to sell used furniture and furnishings. Staging a furniture sale can help to attract more people and possibly sell your home property better.

Make it a moving symposium

Potential homebuyers will have plenty of logical things to consider aside from looking for a new space. Thus, offering them information that they can help in their moving journey can help to attract them into your home property. This will simply require you to partner with lawyers, movers, mortgage bankers, furniture stores, as well as storage centers in town.

Safety Tips

real estate agent

Open houses are definitely a great way to advertise your home to potential buyers. However, hosting one will also expose you to so many unfamiliar people for the first time. So here are 10 safety tips when it comes to conducting one.

  1. Do not do it alone, even if you think you can. Make sure to have at least one other person to be working with you.
  2. Check the signal and your mobile phone’s strength before the event. Always have emergency phone numbers programmed in your phone as a speed dial. They will come in handy in case of an emergency.
  3. When you are the one attending the open house, determine the various escape routes of the house you are visiting. If you’re the one hosting it, educate your visitors of the escape route and check all deadbolt locks, making sure they are unlocked in order to facilitate for an escape in the event of an emergency.
  4. Make sure that if your guests need to escape at the back door, they would be able to escape through the backyard. High fences can also be used to surround yards that contain hot tubs and pools.
  5. Ask all visitors to sign up upon arrival. Ask them to include their full name, phone number, address and email address.
  6. When showing your house to potential buyers, always walk behind them. Direct them but do not lead them. For instance, you will simply point them to the kitchen, which is at the left side and then gesture for them to walk ahead of you going there.
  7. If you are the visiting guest, try to avoid going into the basements and attics alone or you might get trapped with no one to help you.
  8. Inform a neighbor that you are having the event and see if he or she can keep an eye of anything that is out of the ordinary or acting strange.
  9. Do not assume that all your visitors have already left afterwards. Check the surroundings, all rooms and even the backyards before you lock the door.
  10. Be prepared to protect and defend yourself, when necessary, although, hopefully, it won’t need to come to that.

Invitation Ideas

When the time comes that you need to sell your house, the best way to get your sale started is to host an open house. This is the time where you will welcome people into your house and see if it is really worth their money. Your invitation should be written in such a way that it will entice people to check out your house, thus, you must also include basic details about the house. Be as creative as you can, but make sure you include all the key points. Here are some tips.

  • Take good photos – take photos of your home, but only after you have cleaned and organized each and every corner of the house. Do not include your personal photos and other extra furniture so that the actual structure of your house can be clearly seen. Take a picture of the external areas of your house during the sunny day where the sun is at your back, and do so during summer or spring. A lot of people would prefer to see not only the actual house, but also the kitchen, bathroom and perhaps, some of the bedrooms. When you’re done, transfer the pictures to your computer.
  • Next, list down the details of your house, including things like the age of your structure, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, square footage, acreage of the lot, type of kitchen, type of heating and more. All these must be written in a bulleted list so that guests can read them easily. Perhaps, you can write them in two columns and with a font size that is not less than 11. Typically, you can place the list at the lower third of the page, just below the photos. You should then list your name and phone number at the bottom of the list and the address so people know where to come.
  • Decide a listing price and then include it in larger font somewhere in the invitation where people can easily read. The lower quadrant on the right is where the eyes of the readers will normally ret right after checking out the entire invitation page.
  • Include a title in your invitation by typing the words “Open House”, then type the time and date of the event. These must be written in large font, either on top of the page or at the bottom section. A good idea that will attract more traffic is to serve light refreshments, which you can also mention in a small print just below the title.
  • Print the invitation in a professional printer and use lightly colored or plain white paper that is of good quality. Or better yet, upload it into a memory stick and bring to your local print center to be printed. Some businesses will also offer online uploading and delivery service of invitations.

Sign In Sheet

A sign sheet is where guests will right down their names, address and contact details, which you can use for leads. If you are going to organize an event, you can make use of editable sign-in sheets templates online, which you can download and print for use.

Typically, a sign in sheet will ask for the guest’s complete name, email address, contact number and physical address. Depending on how you want to reach out to your prospects, you might also request for other details. Here are three templates to consider:

  • The Essentials – this sign in sheet is ideal if you simply want to gather just the basic contact information of visiting guests, such as the name, contact number and email address. This is just a simple sign in sheet that you can use if you expect plenty of visitors. The sign in sheet will prevent a crowd from gathering all over your entrance since it does not require a lot of information. It also includes a notice at the bottom that you will be sending them some real estate related information in the future.
  • Physical Address – along with the information gathered on “The Essentials”, this sign in sheet will also ask for the physical home address of the buyer. Realtors who will use direct mail in marketing must also use sign in sheet instead, perhaps in the form for flyers, letters, postcards, calendars, etc.
  • Detailed Questionnaire – along with the information under the “physical address”, this sign in sheet will also include a few multiple-choice questions regarding the visitor’s preferences and situation. Some questions include the buying timeline, if they were pre-approved of a loan, the type of properties they are interested in buying, and how they heard about the event.

Check out these sign in sheets from Easy Agent PRO.

Checklist For Sellers

If you are doing this for the first time, make sure that you do things right. The last thing you want is to spend money and time and have it turn out to be a flop. So here’s a checklist that can serve as your guide in hosting your first ever open house.

  • Advertise to your email list – email marketing has been said to have an incredible ROI. Thus, most realtors would focus their marketing efforts through email. An invitation for your open house can be a great excuse for potential buyers to finally meet you in person. It also comes with the added benefit of showing your marketing skills.
  • Use signs strategically – since you probably don’t have the email address of most of your neighbors, then the best way to let them know that you are having an event is by posting a sign that will draw traffic to your house. You can use various types of signs that are not only attractive, but visible and readable as well, even from a distance.
  • Pay close attention to your home exterior – you should take time to repair any broken or damaged components in your home, especially at the exterior. If possible, get a repainting done. Doing these are much easier than having to explain to your guests that repair and repainting are on your to do lists.
  • Spruce up your front door – doing simple updates on your front door can certainly make a huge difference. Remember, your front door is the first thing that buyers will see, and an inviting door will encourage people to get in. Good first impressions can certainly go a long way and might even result in a sale.
  • Serve complimentary food and drinks – a highly experienced realtor will definitely advise that there is no better way to invite more people into your open house than to serve a free wine and cheese. Make sure you include in your advertising that you are serving complimentary food and drinks.
  • Do not be at the house – most buyers would feel uncomfortable and self-conscious at the thought that the owner is just creeping around them. Some buyers are also known to say some scathing words that you do not want to hear as the owner. But if you do decide to stay, then try to dress nicely. Remember, the way you present yourself is a reflection of your taste and the way you keep your house. Resist the urge to follow potential buyers while they are inspecting your house. No one wants a human shadow. Simply meet and greet them.
  • De-personalize – most professionals would recommend that you remove as many family photos, diplomas, awards, etc. from your home as possible, before hosting the open house. The goal is to make your house feel like it belongs to certain groups of people.
  • Clean and organize closets – it is highly recommended to clean and organize closets before you start with your open house. No matter how hard you will try to prevent buyers, there are those who will insist on opening closets, cabinets, etc. To be sure, keep everything organized, because a cluttered room could affect how buyers perceive your place.
  • Open the shades and curtains – allow the house to get flooded with as much natural light as possible. If your home property is a bit dark inside, try to experiment with varying lighting schemes.
  • Consider hosting a themed event – these days, hosting is all about experience, even if the prospective buyer may not have the chance to spend a lot of time in any given open house. They would like to maximize their Sundays and attend as many events as possible.

Checklist for Buyers


Attending open houses is such an exciting endeavor. However, these have their own rules and you need to be able to follow them in order to make your open house shopping a success. While these can be fun, they will also require a lot of work, so if this is your first time attending one, here’s a checklist to guide you through it.

  • Begin online – almost all purchases will start with an online research and shopping is no different. Online tools like Trulia help homebuyers to look for properties that are open in a certain neighborhood that they might be interested in.
  • Think of every event as a home buying course – use each and every home property you walk in as opportunity to learn not only about the home, but also the neighborhood as well.
  • Look, but avoid touching – even if you end up walking into a house that you think is perfect, you may not need to purchase that property right away. Thus, you must take time to shop around and avoid making offers right on the spot, especially if you are still new at home buyer.
  • Declare independence – if you love the theme of the house and you are planning to go after it, and then inform the listing agent that you are already working with a realtor. Do not hire the agent of the seller to represent you in buying the home. You always should get an unbiased advocate who will be in your best interest to be your right hand in any negotiations.
  • Hold your cars close – do not reveal much about yourself, your plans, situations and most especially your need to buy. It’s also important not to reveal the top price you will be interested in paying. You definitely don’t want these to be used against you in future negotiations.
  • Evaluate the home exterior – as you get into an open house, pay extra attention to the exterior paint as well as the condition of the roof. Check if the paint is still fresh or have already been chipping. Inspect the gutters and find out the conditions of the key items of the home exterior.
  • Walls and windows- find out the condition of the walls. Are you seeing any significant damage on it, or perhaps some dents at the most visible areas of your house? If the visible items are not in good condition, consider this a red flag that the house might have much bigger issues.
  • Take pictures and bring the takeaways – take pictures and jot down notes as you walk all over your house. If you are seeing several homes in just one day, they might start to blend with each other and can get confusing. Gather brochures as well and other print out sheets that you can refer to at a later time.
  • Keep your interest under wraps – even if you believe that this is the perfect house for you, it is important that you maintain a poker face. Get at least a block away and get in touch with your realtor. Never jump up and down on the excitement at the driveway where everyone can see.
  • If the house is not for you, hire the agent instead – if you will pass on the house, your time may not be wasted if you instead hire the real estate agent to help you find the property that you really want. If you find that the realtor is knowledgeable enough, professional, informative and hardworking, then he or she might be the best agent that can find your perfect home.

Food Ideas

waiter carrying food

Although serving a spread may not help you sell your home easily, serving delicious treats can at least help to attract potential buyers and realtors. Potential homebuyers tend to stay longer in a place if they love the food that’s being served. In fact, some of the higher end events will go all out by having a catered spread. A few homemade sweets and appetizers arranged in a beautiful table can also be a welcoming treat. So here are some food ideas to consider.

  • Italian lemonade – there is nothing more inviting during summer than a promise of an ice-cold lemonade. So greet guests with some glasses of lemonade and place a sparkling version of the drink right at the door to attract upcoming guests. You can also provide paper cups in order to discourage guests from abandoning their half consumed glasses.
  • Toffee brownies – even if you are busy cleaning your closets and arranging flowers before, you still should have time to create easy brownies recipe. You can dress up your box by sandwiching chocolate almond bars at the middle of a batter. Cut the brownies to bite sized shapes so that guests can try just a bit without really making a huge commitment. Of course, do not forget the napkins.
  • Maple pepper pecans – guests who do not want to grab a plate could still indulge on a few of the maple pepper pecans. The maple syrup adds a crowd-pleasing sweetness to this treat while the cayenne pepper gives the pecans a distinct kick. You can arrange the pecans in a beautiful serving dish. They are already pretty enough to be served as a centerpiece during the event.
  • Chocolate chip cookies – it is not surprising that the chocolate cookies are truly a favorite. Only a few people can resist the fresh cookie, while the intoxicating scent of chocolate helps to bring back beautiful childhood memories. In order to make your cookies to stand out, mix up a batch of homemade cookie recipes instead of the store bought versions. You can bake the cookies right before you will go out of the door in order to leave a maximum scent infusion in the place. You just make sure to set the timer because the smell of charred cookies will not make homebuyers to be into the buying mood.
  • Antipasto sausage skewers – these are handheld snacks that seem like antipasto but in a stick. Marinated red peppers, artichokes, sausages and basil leaves can help to make this bite sized snack a favorite during your open house. Make sure to place a bowl beside a serving tray where homebuyers will be able to toss their used skewers.
  • Citrus hot chocolate – hot chocolate is a great way to warm up your guests during a winter event. Swap out powered mix for a more comforting version that you can also infuse with lemon and orange peel. You may also want to add liquor in the mix for some of your guests who prefer alcohol on their drinks.
  • Ham and cheese finger sandwiches – a much better version than the cold cut tray, the bite-sized finger sandwiches can be topped with prosciutto, apples and Gouda cheese. These tiny sandwiches are great for snacking and they will lend your open house a distinctive feel. Make sure you also provide plates in order to prevent crumbs going into your carpet.

Gift Ideas


Although gifts and treats will not sell your home property on their own, but offering gifts and souvenirs can help to leave a good impression to your visiting guests. These gifts might even remind them of your home, and might consider calling back for a second visit. Who knows, these gifts might even land you a deal. So here are some ideas to consider.

  • Real estate magazines – instead of disposing your old real estate magazines, consider giving them away instead. You do not really need to distribute the magazines to each and every visiting guest. Simply place them on one corner and put a note for them to pick one and take home. You may also attach or insert a flyer, brochure or a calling card on the magazines so they will be reminded of you and your property when they flip the pages out.
  • Tickets to a local attraction – in order to encourage more people to come, consider organizing a raffle draw with exciting prizes such as tickets to some of the local attractions. You can perhaps give a couple tickets away as grand prizes and have some minor prizes as well. Make sure you include in your advertising and promotional items that you’re having a raffle draw during your event.
  • Spa gift certificates – another great prize for your raffle is a spa gift certificate or perhaps a gift certificate from a local coffee shop or restaurant. You can even talk to the shop and restaurant owners and see if they can sponsor by giving out some gift certificates. In return, you will include them in your advertising pamphlets, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Balloons and small toys – your open house will look fun and inviting if you decorate plenty of balloons on the outside. You can then give some of the balloons for guests who have kids and you can perhaps include small toys as well.
  • Personalized key chains, mugs and magnets – if you have the funds, consider having some personalized stuff as giveaways. You can perhaps have a dozen or two of mugs, magnets or key chains with your name printed or some other details about your house. These can make for a great reminder and will surely be appreciated by potential homebuyers.

Flyer Ideas

The best way to let the public know about your upcoming open house is by sending out flyers. The flyer will not only serve as an invite, but also as an advertisement of your home property. Therefore, you need to make sure that you create a flyer that is enticing and will leave a good impression to potential homebuyers. Here are some tips.

  • Give a preview of the property – when creating flyers, you can include a preview of your home property, but avoid dishing out all of the details. There are two important things to consider when it comes to creating your flyer. First, do not list down the price. Second, show only the best features and leave the rest. By withholding some details, people will end up wanting more and thus, they will be enticed to attend.
  • Keep everything simple – do not bog down the people with so many details. Make use of bullet points to highlight the best assets of your property and leave the rest to their imagination. This approach will leave buyers water for more, which is a great way to encourage them to attend.
  • Write attractive titles – titles are often the first thing that people see when viewing your flyers. Therefore, it should be attractive enough to entice them to read the rest that’s written in it. You may also include in your title that you are hosting raffle draws in your open house to grab their attention.
  • Include attractive photos – most people are visual. Which means that the only way to get their attention is to include lots of photos. Therefore, don’t forget to include high quality images in your flyer and make sure to include photos that will highlight the property’s best assets.

Marketing Your Open House

people looking at a computer

You know it is a success if you have plenty of foot traffic into your door during the event. Advertising really helps a lot and there are various places in which you can advertise, but it is important that you know the best approach when it comes to this. Here are some tips.

  • Get local partners – networking with some local business owners is one of the best ways to support local business. It will also give you a marketing boost. So check with some business owners in your area and see if they can help out in the marketing and promotion of your open house. And in exchange, you can also help them in advertising their businesses.
  • Magnify your mailing – sending out house postcards is another great way to advertise. Unfortunately, the cards often get tossed in the trash and may not be a good idea. You can perhaps send a 5 by 7 invitation card and come up with a photo collage of your house and include a formal invitation on one side. Creating these cards cards might be more expensive than postcards, but they are definitely more effective.
  • Send out emails – in this day and age, sending emails is still the best form of advertising. When people receives an email, they will either read or delete, which means that they should take an actionable step, unlike when you send out physical invites. Make sure you make your email attractive. You can perhaps highlight your giveaways and the foods and drinks you plan to serve.
  • Get help from curious neighbors – curiosity can actually help the realtor to generate more leads. Neighbors, who are curious about the value of the property, even if they are not thinking of buying, can help out in spreading the news of your open house. If the house next door goes on sale, it is common for neighbors to pick up flyers to find out more about the property and will not hesitate spreading the news to their friends, colleagues, etc. Thus, make sure you start distributing flyers to your neighbors as early as possible.
  • Network with realtors – you can perhaps talk to a group of realtors that can help out. Start by getting to know the local agents in your area. These agents will normally share information to other agents, and thus, they can help to spread the word about the open house that you plan to host.
  • Check out offices – check out the small businesses and offices near your listing. Create flyers for the upcoming event and drop them off at the offices. To draw more attention, attach coupons and discount cards to local businesses.
  • Be creative with social media – you can post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but be creative to encourage more guests. Just make sure you will not end up violating the terms of use or your post might be removed.
  • Giveaways and gifts – there’s no question that people love receiving free giveaways and other free stuff. So consider giving out gifts, souvenir items and other giveaways and make sure you include this in your advertisement. This will for sure encourage more traffic into your doorstep at the time of the event.

Remember that your goal is to attract as many buyers as possible. This may not always be that easy to do, even if we are already in the Internet age. So be as creative as you can and do not hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to marketing to potential homebuyers.

Following Up Afterwards

sticky note saying follow up

After the event is over, the next best step is to follow-up with guests. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of converting guests to actual clients.

  • Thank you email – send everyone who attended a thank you email. But do not include any sales talk on this thank you email. Just keep it short and meaningful.
  • Personal phone call – a phone call is an important tool when it comes to following up with guests. If you need to leave a message, then make it short and friendly and offer to be of service.
  • Follow-up a week after – you can perhaps make a follow-up a week after the open house. Try calling those you were not able to reach and let them know that you were just thinking about them and see if they have been checking out other properties or if they need more information about your property. Be very happy to help them out in any way, even if they ask you questions not relating to the property you are selling.
  • Send a follow-up email – you can also send follow-up emails if you are unable to reach them over the phone. You can perhaps begin by saying “I forgot to tell you….” and then highlight something interesting about your property.
  • Add to drip campaign – drip campaign is basically a communication strategy that will send pre-written messages, also known as drips, to your potential customers, after a period of tie. These campaigns are time savers and will help realtors for the follow-ups. Just make your drip simple, short but interesting.

Planning for the event can be an overwhelming task. It seems like every detail matters and could be the difference between getting the best price for your home and selling at a loss. These ideas, tips, and tricks will help you get the most out of your open house. Planning it is one of the tasks your realtor will do for you during the process of selling your home.

Open houses are a debatable endeavor. Some Realtors swear by them, and others say that in the new digital age they don’t have as much effectiveness. We won’t resolve this debate for you, and you should talk to your Realtor about your own wishes for the event. Forcing a Realtor to do an open house they feel is useless leads to annoyance on both sides. Make sure you and your Realtor share the same desire to hold one, as some of them might want to avoid one for safety reasons.