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42 Proven Ways On How To Sell Your House Fast

Selling your house is a big decision to make. It requires careful planning to make sure that you will be able to do it as quickly as possible and that it is the right time to do so based on the real estate performance in the industry.

If you have finally decided to sell your house, then you have to make it appear more attractive or appealing to potential home buyers. This may involve going through some minor renovations including repainting or replacing some parts of the house that are already damaged. Having the house cleaned is also important to make sure that it will look new and organized. All these activities will not only let you sell your house fast, but also help increase the value of your property for sure.

Because of the activities mentioned above, which you need to complete before formally listing your house or property for sale, it is critical to be able to sell the house fast. You may be entertaining potential home owners each day and as each day passes by that the house is still not sold, you incur expenses to keep it clean and looking new. This is certainly not good and may decrease the value of your house over time. In fact, studies show that the market value of a house that has not been successfully sold for 3 months or more would get sold at a price 10% to 12% lower than its market value.

Hence, make sure to follow the tips shown below to sell your house as quickly as possible. To access the entire infographic, press the image below, otherwise just continue reading the article.

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The tips beneath will help you on your quest to selling your home extremely fast!

Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal

  • Curb appeal draws them in.

Be sure your home looks appealing as they drive up. This refers to the attractiveness or aesthetic value of your house that is for sale when it is viewed outside or from the street.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. What will be your initial impression if you drive around it for the first time or if you view it while standing outside? Is it attractive enough that you would want to get inside and live there? If you doubt your assessment, ask a relative or a friend to do the activity for you. Ask for their honest opinion afterwards and make sure to take action based on their feedback.

Improving the curb appeal of your house may involve making sure that the landscape and lawn around the house are well-groomed or mowed properly. Make sure that the paint or bricks or whatever treatment the walls surrounding your property are still in good condition. Otherwise, have them repainted or replaced with a new one to make them look good again. This requires inspecting the front door or gate and making sure that they do not need any repair before the viewing activity happens.

Get the First Impression Right

  • The first impression is the only impression that matters. A buyer’s first 60 seconds a buyer is in your home can often make or break the sale.

Selling a house is a major undertaking considering the preparation and planning that a homeowner has to do to get it done properly. There are also other options available to someone who is planning to buy a house. There are brand new properties, condominiums, and equally good pre-owned properties that a buyer could consider apart from your property.

All these are factors that could affect the possibility of your house getting a buyer as soon as you want to. Hence, keep in mind that if a potential buyer gets interested to view your house, make the first impression unforgettable.

Make a potential buyer want to buy your house based on what he or she will see. Make sure that your property is clean, well-maintained, organized, and looking new. The smell of it will can either make or break the deal as well so remove any source of bad odor in the house or within its vicinity. Make sure that the plants and trees around the house are well-groomed to complement or add to the overall aesthetic look of your house.

Price it Right

  • Play the market. Price below comparable homes in your neighborhood and try to price your home 10-15% lower than your appraised value.

As mentioned earlier, there are various options available for someone who is planning to buy a house. Remember that your house is not the only properly for sale. With this in mind, make sure that the selling price of your house is reasonable enough and is not too high if compared to the other properties in the same category. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to find a buyer and you may end up selling your house at a very low rate in the end.

De-cluttering and Using Storage

a look inside a storage room

  • Get rid of the clutter. Put 1/3 of your belongings out of the way in storage.
House Selling Tip: Get rid of the clutter. Put 1/3 of your belongings out of the way in storage. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind that whenever you allow a potential buyer to visit your house or property, your intent is to impress and convince the buyer that your house is a good investment to buy. Seeing clutter around the house or seeing it disorganized will surely turn a potential buyer off.

Aside from obvious reasons that a messy place is not pleasing to the eyes, your potential buyer may have a hard time to figure out how the place will look like if he or she decides to live in your house. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the entire house is cleaned before allowing potential buyers to drop by and view your house.

Remove your furniture, appliances and other personal items if possible. Clean up the storage area as well if you have a lot of things inside. Store them at your relative or friend’s house until your house is sold and you are able to transfer.

Consider the Lighting

  • Keep the home well lit. Don’t have any dark corners.

Aside from cleaning the house, organizing it and making sure that it is clutter-free, it is also important to make sure that the entire house is well lit. Before the actual visit of a potential buyer, test all the lights, both the switch and bulb, to make sure that they are all working perfectly. This activity should be done a few days after the actual visit so you will have enough time to have the bulbs replaced or have any electrical issues repaired if there is any need to do so.

A well-lit house will not only allow a potential buyer to clearly see all the areas or sections of the house, it could also bring a relaxing and positive vibe. Dark areas can turn a potential buyer as it may look creepy, old, and undesirable.

Be Sure to Ask Questions

  • Your Realtor is a trained professional that is able to help you navigate the markets. Make sure to bring up any questions you have so they can ensure you get the best service possible.

When selling your house, it is recommended to work with licensed or certified real estate agents. They know the business and can surely give you tips that can help make the selling process easier, faster and more fulfilling. Their contacts and access to the world of real estate will surely be beneficial to you so make sure to get their services once you have decided to sell your property.

Hide the Fact that you Have Pets

woman sitting with her cat

  • Pets are often a problem for a home. Buyers shouldn’t know you have a pet.

Having a pet in your house can work to your advantage if the potential buyer you are dealing with is a pet lover or also has pets. But in general, it is going to prevent you from closing a deal or finding a buyer quickly. Pets are normally the cause of problems in every house. They scratch the walls or floors and other parts of the house. They can also damage the flooring when they pee at areas they are not supposed to. This is a major problem for houses with wood flooring as it can cause the wood to deteriorate easily.

Their fur could also get trapped in holes, corners, in the air-conditioning units, and the likes. In short, pets would cause a seller do more and spend more on cleaning and making sure that the house is ready for selling. In terms of cleanliness or hygiene around the house, pets can also turn a potential buyer off especially if they are not known to be fond of pets.

To be safe, it is recommended to remove your pets from the house as soon as you have decided to sell your property. If you have a new house already or if you will be living with a relative or friend, then it is highly recommended to bring the pets with you at the new place so they are not in the house or property you are selling during client visits. Make sure to clean the backyard or where your pets frequently stay so any trace of their smell is removed completely.

Reconsider Big Makeovers

  • Keep the makeovers minimal and don’t renovate whole rooms just before selling.

While it is recommended to renovate your house, or make sure that it does not look old, do not overdo it as it may not work to your advantage. Keep the renovations subtle and make them look natural as much as possible. Overdoing it may make a potential buyer doubtful to buy your house as it may appear like you have tried to cover the “issues” that they may potentially encounter in the house.

As much as possible, keep everything in its original state so the buyer can see and appreciate more the structural strength or quality of the house. Do not try to mask areas that need repair or replacement. Instead, make sure that they are actually fixed to make sure that your house is a good investment to buy.

Keep in mind that potential buyers would really spend time to inspect the house and they would know if you just tried to conceal defects through major makeovers in the house. Be honest and fair so you will feel satisfied in case you get to sell your house to a prospective buyer.

De-personalize Your Home

  • Take out all of the personalized touches that you love and buyers may not.

As soon as you have decided to sell your house, make sure to remove any personalized items in the house in preparation for any client visit that you will have afterwards. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to empty the house before letting a potential buyer view your house. This includes removing personalized items in the house such as family photos, college diplomas, medals, work certificates or recognition, your favorite window curtains, and the likes.

While these items make your house feel like “home” for you, they will not help in selling your house to prospective buyers as they will have a hard time imagining themselves or their families in your house. When you let a buyer enter your house and view it, what you want them to have is a feeling of connection to your house so you can easily convince them to buy your house. That connection will certainly be not there if your personal things are still visible all around the house. Help them build that connection by having empty walls, plain window view, clear rooms, and the likes.

Focus on the Kitchen


  • The kitchen is your selling point. Make sure it sells your home.

Many homeowners consider the kitchen as the major part of the house. This goes without saying that the look or condition of your kitchen can either make or break the deal. Hence, before formally announcing that your house is for sale, inspect your kitchen and make sure that it will help you sell your house quickly.

Usually, kitchens would look old and unappealing because of chipped tiles or damaged cabinets around the area. It is recommended to have those repaired or replaced as appropriate.

Make sure as well that the plumbing and drain pipes in your kitchen are working fine. A clogged sink can cause a bad smell to originate from the kitchen and this can surely displease prospective buyers during their visit. Make sure that the faucet is also in good condition and that no water is leaking from any of its parts.

The kitchen is also a place where cockroaches normally multiply. Make sure to hire a professional pest control agent to remove any traces of cockroaches in the kitchen and the entire house. Their traces may be in the cabinet, drawers, and the likes. Clean those areas as well properly to also remove their smell.

Put Real Effort into Staging


  • Staging your home can sell it faster than most other things you try.

Staging your house for selling is the process of making it more marketable. This involves a series of activities to make sure that your house is ready to compete on the real estate market and get a potential buyer as quickly as possible.

It starts in making sure that the house is clean and does not smell especially the kitchen and the bathrooms. Make sure to remove any clutter as well and that every room in the house will look appealing to potential buyers.

Open up the areas and remove your personal things to give a prospective buyer the opportunity to clearly imagine himself or his family in the house. Consider to change the color of the house or the rooms and make it more neutral if its color is your personal choice.

Improve the curb appeal of your house to create a great impression the first time. This can make a lot of difference so make sure to invest a lot on this area.

As you try to do all of these things, consider also working with a certified real estate agent who can help you in properly staging your house. House staging requires some experience so it is better to get the services of an experienced real estate agent to get better results. This will cost you more, but this will benefit you in the end as it will help you get potential buyers at a short time.

Being Flexible

  • Be flexible and allow your buyers the chance to see your home when it is convenient for them.

As they say, beggars cannot be choosers. If you want to find a buyer for your house quickly, make sure to work based on the schedule or conditions of your prospective buyers. Make yourself available and be able to meet potential clients at a schedule that is convenient for them, not yours.

Setting a fixed schedule or a specific day or time as to when your house can be viewed will not work. This will turn prospective clients off and will certainly leave you looking for a buyer longer than what you expected.

However, this recommendation may be easier said than done. Being available all the time may be difficult especially for professionals or those who need to work to earn for a living. This can be addressed by getting the services of a professional real estate agent, who can represent you or assist clients when you are not available.

This is a good strategy as it will not only address your availability issue, but will also help you market your house better. An experienced real estate agent has the skills and exposure to convince a prospective client buy a property more effectively. They can also give you tips to sell your house more effectively, take your house listing photos, and the likes.

Listing Your Home

  • List your home everywhere you can think of, from Facebook to Craigslist.

If you want to sell your house fast, make sure that it is advertised widely. Publish it in all platforms if possible including your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posting on Craigslist is also a good strategy given the network or market it will give you.

But as you do this, keep in mind that posting on these sites require some good listing photos, otherwise your advertisement and all your efforts will go to waste. Having good listing photos is essential as they are going to help a lot in terms of attracting potential buyers to consider and view your house. That is the first step and it should be your goal – to convince a prospective buyer to go out of his or her way to view your house.

Because of this importance, it is highly recommended by many homeowners and experts to work with certified real estate agents as they are known to take good listing photos, or at least they know the right person to hire for the job. Having been in the real estate business for many years, they would know what angle or areas to take to attract more home buyers. Do not attempt to take photos on your own using your mobile phone if you do not have photography skills as you may end up ruining the value of your house and end up looking for a buyer longer than what you expected.

Get Good Photos Taken

camera taking photos

  • Take high quality photos for your ads to ensure buyers can see what you see, but avoid photos of problem spots that the buyer may not like.

In relation to the item above, be very careful in taking and choosing photos that you will use in your listing advertisements. Keep in mind that the said photos will be the first images a prospective buyer will see and from those photos, he or she can already make a decision whether to consider buying and view it or just totally dump it. Your advertising photos should be able to highlight the beauty and value of your property. Problem spots or areas in the house should be avoided as you do not want a prospective client to turn down your house without even seeing it in person.

Make sure to work with professional photographers or real estate agents as they have the capability to capture the best qualities that your house has to offer. This will make you incur additional costs, but you will realize that they will be worth it in the long run as your house will surely get the advantage it needs on the real estate listing. This will result in your house getting noticed more and eventually getting it sold faster than what you expected.

Know the Neighborhood

  • Sell the whole neighborhood and not just your home. Highlight nearby points of interest.
Home Selling Tips: Sell the whole neighborhood and not just your home. Highlight nearby points… Click To Tweet

To sell your house fast, it is important to have good marketing strategies in place. Apart from advertising or selling the house itself, a good marketing plan may include highlighting your neighborhood or places that may appeal to most home buyers. Is your house within a subdivision that has several amenities such as a basketball court, swimming pool, day care center, chapel, and the likes? Is it near a market or restaurants? Is your house in an area where there are a number of schools nearby? Is public transportation easily accessible in the area? If yes, then those are great factors to point out.

It is very critical to make sure that prospective buyers are aware of them so you can capitalize on the benefits those places can bring. Those are big considerations and will surely give you an advantage so make sure they are highlighted in your house advertisements. In advertising your house, you will be allowed to provide a description in 250 words. Put as many details as you want to give a prospective home buyer the idea of what he or she will get if he or she decides to buy your property.

Be Accommodating to Non-Locals

person doing a video walkthrough

  • Offer video tour walkthroughs of your home for buyersoutside of your local areas.

In relation to having a good marketing plan, make sure that the market you will be able to reach is wider than the rest. You can do this by having a video tour of your house, which can be used by prospective home buyers that cannot view your house in person. This will specifically cater to buyers who are out of the country or those who are extremely busy and cannot squeeze in a visit to your house into their schedule.

Having this option will allow you to connect to more prospective home buyers and eventually get a buyer faster. Similar to taking good listing photos, make sure that the video tour of the house is done by a professional. Proper lighting in the video is needed to highlight the beauty of your property. Poor video quality can be linked to the quality of property you have. Do not take the risk by wanting to spend less and taking the video yourself using your camera. You may only lose clients and this will take the selling process longer.

Using Youtube

  • Use YouTube to sell your home fast by putting a video walkthrough up.

In relation to the item above, the video tour of your house can be uploaded to YouTube so it can reach a wider audience. YouTube is very popular so posting a video tour of your house there will surely give you some prospective buyers in no time.

But as mentioned earlier, make sure that the video is of high quality to prevent turning off prospective buyers. A video can be very powerful. If it is poorly done, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to attract potential buyers. On the other hand, if your video is made of high quality, you can trigger the interest of potential home buyers out there and may encourage them to see your house in person. This is a good opportunity so at this point, make sure that what the client has seen on the video will be the same in person. Make sure that the house is 100% ready for viewing before accepting client visits.

Get inspiration for the walkthrough with this video.

Get a Home Inspection

  • Getting a home inspection before you offer the home can ease buyer’s worries. Have your house inspected by a professional so you and your prospective home buyers are 100% certain that the entire house is in great condition.

This inspection normally goes on record so this is something that you can use to attract more potential home buyers. This will also give you confidence that you are selling something that is structurally safe, thus not making you liable for any structural defects that may occur after the house has been sold. This will also give you the opportunity to get damaged areas repaired properly before posting it as for sale publicly.

Knowing everything that needs to be repaired, replaced, or renovated before selling your house will allow you to take action and make sure that your house is 100% marketable. This will result in getting a potential buyer and getting your house sold faster.

Consider Which Things to Repair

House Selling Tip: Repair everything on the home inspection list before listing the house for… Click To Tweet

As mentioned, it is highly recommended to have your house inspected by a professional. A certified inspector has the experience and skills to make sure that your house is properly inspected to locate damages or areas that need to be repaired, replaced, or renovated. They also have the right tools to get the inspection done more effectively and quickly.

After this inspection, expect the professional inspector you hired to give you the result of the inspection or their recommendation. It normally includes a list of items that need to be addressed. Make sure to have them repaired, replaced, and renovated according to the recommendation of your professional inspector.

The said activities should be done prior to listing your house for sale. This will make sure that your house is ready for viewing and will appeal to potential buyers. Letting them view your house before addressing the issues will only turn them off. That is certainly a big no as you need to win as many clients as possible.

Address Issues at the House

handyman making small repairs

  • Ensure that the condition of your house or property is your selling point.

This can help you compete against foreclosures and short sales. When you have decided to sell your home, bear in mind that you will be competing with several sellers including big real estate companies. Some of options that may be available to buyers are houses that have been foreclosed by banks due to the failure of the initial buyer to pay its amortization fee. These preowned or foreclosed houses may be sold at a very low selling price.

You certainly cannot compete head-on against these offers as you would not want to sell your house in such a way that you will be at the losing end. Hence, to have the competitive advantage and still be able to sell your house at a good rate, make sure to use the condition or value of your house as its selling point. And to do this, you have to guarantee that your house has been properly inspected by a certified inspector and that their recommendations are addressed before your house is listed as for sale.

Repaint the house if needed, change the sink, replace the door, and many others. These are some of the things you need to perform to ensure that your house is in great selling condition before posting it for sale.

Staging the Outside

  • Stage the outside spaces, including your shed and garage. This makes a big difference in the appeal of your home.

As mentioned earlier, house staging it important to guarantee its marketability. But apart from improving the appearance of your house inside, it is equally important to enhance the outside look as it will be the first view that a potential home buyer will see. That first impression can either attract clients or push them away. Keep in mind that what potential buyers will see first would be the external part of the house. Make sure that seeing the exterior of the house will make a prospective home buyer want to go inside and view your house further. This will give your house more chances of being noticed and bought faster.

Listen to Your Agent

family to talking to real estate agent

  • You are not smarter than your agent, listen to their advice.

While it is your house or property that is being sold, keep in mind that the moment you decide to sell it, you have to listen to people who know better than you. These are the real estate agents or market experts that will be able to give you valuable inputs on how you can sell your house fast.

Get the services of a certified real estate agent and follow their recommendations fully. They know what they are talking about so go with what they are telling you to do. If there are things that you do not understand or agree with, make sure to discuss it with them carefully to remove your doubts.

Do Your Own Promoting

  • Even though your Realtor is listing your home in multiple places, never forget you can do some footwork yourself and help them out by actively promoting your own home.

Although it is recommended to work with real estate agents, leaving the work in their hands 100% is not a good strategy to make. Keep in mind that there is a big market out there to penetrate. It will help a lot if you can still do the legwork and promote your property yourself. You can do this face to face by telling people you interact with on a daily basis such as your officemates, friends, and relatives that your house is for sale.

You can also make use of your social media sites to raise awareness that you have a property that is for sale. Advertising on other online advertisement sites and newspapers is also an option if you have some funds to pay for them. All these efforts from your end plus the professional assistance that you will get from a real estate agent will surely lead to your house getting sold as quickly as possible.

Covering Closing Costs

  • Sweeten the deal by covering closing costs if it is allowed.

Normally, when a home buyer decides to purchase a house, he or she will be required to pay between 2% and 5% of the total house selling price. This is considered as the closing fee. You can make the deal more appealing by offering to pay a portion of the closing fee as applicable.

Make sure to work with a certified real estate agent to ensure that this is allowed based on the transaction that you want to execute. There could be some laws or policies around this so make sure to get some professional advice. Do not just do it without consulting an expert as you end up paying some penalty fees or your sale getting void.

Including a Warranty

warranty illustration

  • Buy a warranty and include it in the offer.

Aside from the items above, another way to give a more appealing offer to prospective home buyers is to offer a warranty for the house. You can get a house warranty before selling your house so you can already include it in the offer. Other properties may not have this offer so it is going to help you for sure. It will certainly give you and your property an advantage, thus will certainly increase your market.

Offer a Quick Close

  • Be prepared for, and offer, a quick close.

Before deciding to sell your house and making it public, make sure that everything is good to go. Make sure that you have all the documents required to carry out the sale such as the license of the house, its warranty if available, home inspection record, contract to sell, and many others.

After posting your house as for sale, everything can happen very quickly after it. You do not want to lose a client just because you are missing some documents, do you? Make a list of all the documents that you will need including the activities to carry out so you can prepare and complete them in advance and make sure that you do not miss out on anything. This will show how organized you are as a seller. A prospective buyer would not want to deal or transact with someone who is disorganized. Here, it is important that the first impression you create, as a seller, is given priority.


beautiful landscape

  • Landscape your home to ensure it looks inviting on all sides.

The aesthetic value of your house will be very critical in selling your house fast. Keep in mind that before getting into the details or going through the negotiations with you, what a potential home buyer will see and consider is the appearance of your house both inside and outside.

To get some advantage, make sure that your house and every part of it is appealing. A good landscape can help improve the overall aesthetic value of your house especially from the outside.

If your budget will permit, hire the services of a professional landscape artist or gardener to improve the appearance of your house from the outside. This will not only make your property look good, but it may allow you to increase the selling price of your house a little.

Don’t Be Desperate

  • Don’t seem desperate to sell the house.
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While it is understandable that you may be too excited or eager to sell your house, make sure to not look desperate in the eyes of a prospective home buyer. If you become too pushy, it may be taken out of context and may be seen as you are just trying to get rid of your property due to some problems.

You may turn off a client if this is going to be your behavior. Take it lightly and focus on the selling points you have identified initially. If a buyer is serious about getting a good house, he or she will see the value of your property in the end without you trying too much. Just make sure that your house is in great condition, clean, has all the papers it needs, etc.

Ask  Friends

friends sitting together

  • Ask friends and family for honest opinion of the property, and address anything they bring up.

Making your house look good or appealing to prospective home buyers may need you to get the opinion of other people around you. Do not rely on your assessment alone. To get a more accurate valuation of your house, ask someone else to do it for you. You can ask your relatives, friends, or a real estate agent to view your property and get their feedback afterwards.

Work on the observations they will give before publishing your house as for sale. Make sure to get as many opinions as you can so you can come up with a more accurate assessment of your house and renovate it accordingly.

Clean, clean, clean

  • Ensure that your house is in its cleanest state. A clean property will certainly appeal to any home buyer.

Make sure that the entire area is properly cleaned including the walls, roof, ceiling, flooring, fixtures, window glasses and frames, and the likes. You have to make sure that every corner of the house is clean before allowing prospective buyers to view your property. Ask a friend or a relative to visit your house and let them comment on its cleanliness.

Be sure to clean the backyard as well, patio, and all the areas of the house. If you have a swimming pool, that area should be cleaned and inspected for any damaged tiles. If you have a garden, make sure that dried leaves and bushes are removed before allowing potential buyers to drop by and see your property.

Smell Your House as You Go Through it

  • In making sure that the entire house is clean, it is imperative to also make sure that each area or room in the house smells inviting.

A foul odor coming from your pet, cigarette smoke, clogged sink, and the likes can certainly affect the marketability of your house. If there is any foul odor, you or the professional inspector you hired should be able to locate its source and address it. Normally, a foul odor would come from a clogged sink or improper garbage disposal within your neighborhood. Get this fixed to remove the stinky smell in your house before letting potential house buyers to drop by.

Encourage Competing Offers

two hands competing

  • If your house is in great condition and quality, buyers will flock for sure. This is the type of competition that you need.

A good selling price will play a big part here as well. In case this happens, that your house is able to attract buyers, take advantage of the opportunity by encouraging prospective buyers to compete among themselves to win your deal. In this situation, you will be able to get a good deal and sell your house to the most deserving client.

Look at Things Objectively

  • Do not let emotions affect your decisions. It is not impossible for emotions to get in the way the moment a homeowner decides to sell his or her house.

This is not only about the owner selling a property he or she may have loved for years, but emotions in dealing with clients. Some of them may have their own stories to share as to why they are looking for a new house. Be sure to set your emotions aside and look at the offers you are receiving objectively. This way, you will be able to sell your house at the rate that you want and to a worthy home buyer.

Staging Your Home

  • If you do not plan to hire a professional to perform “home staging” for you, then sell your property while you and your family are still staying in it so it will not look abandoned.

Staging a house is a strategy used when a house or property is listed as for sale. It is done by ensuring that an empty house will still look appealing to prospective home buyers. If you cannot pay for a professional stager, then it is recommended to sell your house while you have your things inside it so it will not look totally empty. Just remove any clutter, clean the entire place, and make sure that everything is organized.

Avoid Deadlines

deadline illustration

  • Avoid giving timelines as to when you need your house sold. This can turn potential buyers off.

A major turn off for every buyer is if they are being rushed or given a deadline. While you may be very eager to sell your house fast, you have to keep in mind that, unfortunately, you are no longer in control. You will have to be available for them based on their most convenient schedule, not yours.

If they need time to think and assess whether they want to buy your property or not, then give them that time they need. Do not rush them or give them a deadline to get back to you as you will absolutely turn them off. Keep in mind that there are other options out there so do it nicely and professionally.

Think About the Best Time to Sell

  • Timing is everything especially in the world of real estate. Selling it at the wrong time will put your house inactive and unsold for many months.

Summer is said to be the best season in real estate. This is where most families go out and explore the outdoors due to a nice weather. Students are also on break and this is a good time for families to view properties with all the members of their family.

Avoid Certain Words

  • According to real estate experts, using the word unique to describe your house when you advertise it publicly will give you only 30% to 50% sales probability.

Avoid using it to increase your chances of selling your house faster. Work with a professional real estate agent to get some tips on this area. Sell the value of your house by highlighting additional deals that come with it such as a warranty, a complete home inspection record, and many others.

Write an Extensive Ad Description


  • Your ad should include the qualities and advantages of buying your house compared to other properties out there.

In relation to the previous items mentioned above, a good house listing advertisement can include more or less 250 words. This is enough to highlight the qualities of your house and define it in such a way that it will appeal more to several prospective house buyers.

As recommended earlier, highlight additional selling points such as places that can appeal to most homeowners such as a church, market, school, and restaurants nearby. Highlight other amenities of the house as well.

Be Prepared to Lower the Price

  • After listing your house as for sale, be prepared to change or lower your selling price especially if you are unable to get a buyer after a few months.

Setting a deadline as to when you are willing to decrease the selling price of your house is recommended by most homeowners and real estate experts. This should be clear in your mind so you do not stubbornly or desperately do this in the middle of the process or when you are left with no other choice but to do so.

Paint Your Home

woman painting a home

  • One of the ways to renovate a house in a more affordable way is to have it repainted.

Repainting is a practical option many homeowners decide or have decided to take to help them give their house a fresher look and revive its aesthetic value. This is a good way to provide a different feeling to an old establishment. Be sure to use neutral colors, not your personal preference, as it may not appeal to the prospective buyers of your house. Do not overdo it as well to prevent the buyer from thinking that you are trying to mask the imperfections or defects of the house.

Clean Your House

  • As mentioned earlier, it is important that your house is completely cleaned before deciding to list it as for sale.

This activity should include making sure that your carpet is vacuumed properly if your house has one. Know that carpets are normally the source of bad odor in a house and dirt normally accumulates on its surface. If it stinks, check first if cleaning it can remove the smell. If not, then it is recommended to throw it away before letting a client drop by to see your house. This will ensure that a prospective buyer will not get turned off because of a dirty or stinky carpet you have.

Expect Negotiations

two people negotiating

  • When selling a property, negotiations can happen a lot between the seller and prospective buyers.

While you may want to sell your house quickly and at the best possible rate, you have to remember that a buyer would also want to buy your property at the rate that will best suit his budget. Because of this, expect negotiations to happen along the way.

When this happens, be flexible and be willing to discuss several terms and considerations with your prospective buyers. This will help you get a buyer faster and close the deal within the timeframe that you have set. If you will not negotiate, then clients will walk away and look for other options that can meet their budget or requirements. Read our tips on negotiating when you’re selling your home.