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Best Local Basement Window Replacement Contractors Near Me: Types of Basement Windows

Basement windows and egress windows are required to ensure that the residents in a house are safe during disasters such as fires. Because of this, it is essential to guarantee the quality of basement and egress windows in your home.

Some basement windows are also built using the specifications of egress windows to save money and space. Since egress windows are required to be built on basements for safety, it is ideal to combine the two when upgrading your basement window.

Types of Basement Windows Built to Satisfy Egress Window Code

If you are thinking of replacing a basement window, read the types of windows below. These satisfy the egress window codes, which will help you upgrade your existing basement window into an egress type.

  • Casement

Casement windows are the easiest to install since the mechanism is simple. The window cranks outside or swings open to allow air inside. Since the size of basement egress windows should be big enough to allow a person through, it is used as an emergency escape when there is fire.

You will need to install this window type in an area where it can fully swing open. Of course, the dimension of the window and the space provided for the opening should be considered to ensure that your basement window will open properly.

Several factors will affect the installation price so it would be best to contact professional basement window installers to receive quotes.

  • Horizontal sliding

Horizontal sliding windows require more space to operate. But, these are great for basement windows since they do not require too much space in front of the window. Since the window panels slide horizontally, you only need to have a bigger one in your basement to allow a person to fit in. This is not a problem for most homeowners since a bigger window means more light coming into the basement.

You can expect to pay $2,500 to $4,000 for an egress window installation. But if you are not aiming for an egress window and just want to have a horizontal sliding window on your basement, you can pay around $300 to $1,000 for a simple window.

Window wells are required for egress windows since you need to have space for the people exiting the window. This is also ideal for big windows that allow air and light inside the basement. If you are thinking of installing a basement window that is placed above ground level, you won’t need to have a window well installed prior to the installation of your basement window.

You can ask basement window replacement contractors near me about window well installation so that you can take advantage of its benefits.

Basement Window Materials

Here are some of the common materials that window installers use when building basement windows.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most common window materials that you will find on the market because it is easy to install and maintain. It does not rot like wood and it can be customized based on your requests. The color of vinyl also does not fade since it is already incorporated into the material used in fabricating the window. Hence, you do not need to have it repainted every few years to maintain its appearance.

Vinyl windows, however, are not as sturdy as metal frames. Of course, since vinyl is made from plastic, it cannot sustain damage as much as more durable materials like steel. Nonetheless, if you are not residing in an area where your window will be subjected to damage, you can consider vinyl window to be a good option.

  • Metal

Metal windows are quite popular for their durability. Since basements are under the ground, most homeowners think that everything installed in them should be made from high quality and highly durable materials. Hence, metal is a popular choice for basement windows.

Since it is made from steel, it takes a longer time to produce this type of window. You might need to wait 3-4 weeks for your window to be installed after the final measurements are done. You can expect to pay around $600 or more for a single steel basement window. You should also expect to pay more if the window is made to satisfy egress basement window codes.

  • Wood

Wood is another popular window material used in basements. But since wood can deteriorate, it is not as popular as the other two. Since basements are more prone to moisture and flood water than other parts of the house above ground, window materials that do not suffer from rotting are often used.

Wood windows are still a good choice, though, since wood is a natural insulator. This means that it can help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the basement more efficiently than vinyl or metal windows. This makes it a cost-efficient option in terms of energy use.

Wood windows can also be easily repainted, making them ideal for homeowners who want to change the color of their windows after a while. You won’t have to order another window case just to change the color of window, unlike in vinyl windows that have permanent color and are not paint-friendly.

Simple basement windows cost around $300 to $1,000 per window. These are often smaller versions that are located on the upper parts of the basement and above the ground. Basement windows that are installed onto window wells can cost more since there are more parts that need to be installed into the basement to allow the window to function properly. Egress windows cost more as well since they need to follow strict codes to guarantee the safety of residents.

Hence, before you hire basement window replacement contractors near me, make it a point to consider your budget and the purpose of replacing your window. This will help you save time and money since you won’t have to install a separate egress window in your basement since you are upgrading an existing simple basement window into an emergency exit in one go.

Best Local Basement Window Replacement Contractors Near Me: Types of Basement Windows

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