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When was the last time you checked the condition of your garage garage door bottom weather seal? That’s right, it may very well be one of those things that you have been neglecting because it simply isn’t a very noticeable home repair, while it can be a very important one. It should be inspected regularly in order to ensure that it is replaced in a timely manner so that it will provide the adequate protection that it was installed there to provide.

Weather, debris and dust will cause damage to the weather seal over time which makes it important to inspect. As you can imagine, the constant bumping against the ground will also lead to deterioration over time. Its most important function is to protect your home against water leaks that can otherwise prove expensive to fix. By providing an additional barrier at the bottom of your garage door, they help in stopping water and wind from entering your home.

By providing a layer of insulation, they also help keep down your energy bill.

By using our website to get quotes for the project, you’re also making sure that you’re not overpaying to have it done and you’ll ensure you save on the garage door bottom weather seal replacement cost.

Signs to Be Aware of

There are some clear signs that it may be time to have the weather seal replaced, and these include if you start seeing signs of rust around the garage door.

You are also having this seal installed in order for it to keep water and wind out so if it isn’t doing that, it’s not doing its job and it’s probably time to replace it. This means if you feel a draft somewhere in your garage, it should be inspected. It may not be caused by the seal but very likely is.

If you suddenly start seeing water inside your garage for no apparent reason, this is very much a reason to get it inspected. If it’s a roof leak that is causing it, this should be fixed, but if it’s because of the weather seal, this needs to be repaired too.

Types of Weather Seals

There are different types of weather seals available on the market, and the different options refer to the different mechanisms whereby it is attached to the garage door. The wrong type of weather seal will like not be able to be connected to your garage door.

The different weather seals pretty much work the same way in that they the material forms a round ball that can be squeezed to provide a snugger protection.


The T-shape weather seal will have is the part that slides into the garage door. It’s called T-shape because that is the way the mechanism looks.


Instead of having little Ts, the two ends of the seal are formed more like little roundish bulbs.


Instead of a T, it’s the shape of a P.

How to Help Keep Your Home Protected

Realizing that your garage door bottom weather seal is no longer providing the adequate protection may not be too easy if you’re not actively looking out for the signs, and simply getting your garage door inspected by a pro ensures it works properly.

  • The pros know about the different options available.

Depending on the type of garage door that you have, one weather seal may be better than another. The size of your garage door also plays a role in choosing the right weather seal and getting it installed.

You may be finding yourself in a situation where the seal that was previously installed is no longer available on the market, or they may in fact not be the best option that is currently available on the market. Ensuring that you get the best option installed is how you keep your home protected.

  • Find out if the contractor you have chosen has the necessary licenses an insurance needed.

Insurance requirements vary by state, and although it may require a license in one state, it’s not necessarily the case in another. We have combined all the different license information you may need, no matter if you’re having a weather seal changed or it’s a big home remodel we’re talking about. Licenses are often required as a way to make sure that the contractor you’re thinking about hiring has the necessary insurance they need, in case something goes wrong.

  • Ask the contractor which garage door bottom weather seal they recommend.

The chosen weather seal will also play a role in the price. While you may simply want to choose the cheapest one, the contractor may have experiences with that that it simply breaks very quickly, which is why they’re recommending you not to use the cheapest option, although you will obviously still want the garage door bottom weather seal replacement cost that is fair.

  • Get a warranty on the installation

A warranty will ensure that they believe in the product that is being installed, and while it may seem like a small thing, it’s better if you don’t need to pay again a year from now simply because the product that was used was of a poor quality.

In order to ensure that you get the garage door weather seal installed at the right cost, the easiest way to go about it is to use our form to get quotes from the 4 most relevant contractors. You simply need to fill out the form, which will take you less than 2 minutes, and the different contractors will then reach out to you to provide you with quotes.

If you notice that one contractor is significantly cheaper than the other ones, ask them why that is, to ensure that they’re in fact providing you a quote for the same thing. If one quote includes the actual cost of the seal as well as the labor, whereas the other one only includes the labor expecting you to go out and get the seal, the latter will naturally be cheaper.

The great thing about using the service on our site is that you will not just get quotes for free, you don’t even have to choose one of the contractors if you do not like the quotes they provide you with.

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