Garage Ideas that You can Consider for a Better and More Efficient Space

When you’re wanting to either remodel a garage or build one from scratch, there are certain things that you should look into. This includes when you’re working on turning a garage into a room.

There’s a lot of work required no matter what but hopefully this article on the topic should help you get started so that you can make better decisions too.

3d animation of a garage

Small Garage Ideas

You may have a big garage but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone and some people just have less space to work with. When you have a small garage and you’re not building an addition to it, it’s about making best use of the space that you have available, and that includes de-cluttering and better organizing the space.

  • Get rid of things you don’t need – throw away things that you don’t need or arrange a to sell them instead. You might have accumulated things over the years that you don’t have a need for anymore and they’re currently just taking up space in your garage.
  • Rent additional storage – if you have too much stuff even after getting rid of a large part of it, you may want to rent additional storage. Just make sure that it doesn’t just become another excuse for having things accumulate there.
  • Get better shelving – get wall-mounted shelving instead to make sure you get things off the ground and that you need to put active effort into organizing it. Tools can also be hung on the wall instead, which may also make them more accessible and easier to find when you need them.
  • Make better use of your ceiling space too – open rafters in the ceiling is a great opportunity to do things with them. You can have boards placed across the and put things up there that you doTn’t commonly use.
  • Consider adding wheels to things – most commonly you can do it to your workplace if you don’t have a big need for it to be stationary. It will make it less stable, but it will make it more mobile which can be an advantage too. You can also do it to and other things too.


The garage often serves as the place where all your things end up getting stored, and if you don’t think about it, it’s possible for the space to end up getting rather messy as a consequence. You might want to use the space for parking or you might want to do something else with it. No matter what, it’s a good idea to take some time to make sure you have adequate ways of storing things to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Besides putting shelves on the wall, there are certain other things that you want to do too. A lot of the things you have currently lying on your floor can be hung instead, which includes bicycles, sports equipment and more. Especially big and bulky items can favorably be hung instead and clear up some space. Using good hooks that are solidly mounted is key in making sure that things don’t come tumbling down.

It’s also a good idea to sort things into different bins according to the category they belong the best into. It’s especially effective with small objects that are otherwise easy to lose if you don’t have a good storage system for them.

An easy way to get storage for things such as brooms, rakes or other things is simply to install PVC pipes on the walls and hanging the things from them. It can also help in terms of making them more secure so you don’t have them casually lying around.

Garage Organization

If you generally use your garage a lot but it isn’t very organized, you will find yourself likely spending a lot of time simply finding all the different things that you need to use, and this will mean you can’t work as efficiently as you’d like to. Regular use without a strategy for de-cluttering can have catastrophic consequences to the tidiness of the place.

We’ve already suggested that you use containers, but give these containers easy to read labels so that you can more easily find what it is you’re looking for and make sure the bins and containers are transparent to make it even easier. Everything should be arranged neatly and you should be consistent in making sure they go back in the containers when you’re done using them. The things that should not be accessed by kids can be stored in bins that are out of reach and have locks on them.

If you’re very handy, you can build a wooden loft where things can be stored away, or you can make use of carpenters to help you have it done. That way you can make better use of the fact that you have a high ceiling and that it really isn’t being used for anything despite the fact that you always seem to be having problems finding out how to get all your things to fit comfortably in the garage. Things that you don’t use too frequently can conveniently be stored away in a place that is slightly out of reach, yet accessible with a ladder when need be. It’s also great for things that shouldn’t be accessed by your kids.

Cabinets are great additions to a garage if you feel like being a little bit more ambitious than simply using containers. They’re great for garden tools and you can also easily make them lockable to ensure they can’t be accessed by little curious hands that shouldn’t gain access to the sometimes dangerous tools that they may hold.

Shelving is also a very easy-to-install solution for those items that are used frequently and shouldn’t be put away in locked boxes or other places.

Some thing may be better suited to be put up on hooks on the wall instead, which includes bigger things with good handles. Shovels and other things are good to put on hooks and get off the ground, if that’s where they’re currently lying.


There is different kinds of shelving that you could consider. We’ll briefly walk you through what your different options are. Although the shelving might be slightly different in the way that it is mounted, its objective is still the same in that it needs to help keep organization possible in your garage.

Ceiling mount shelving is, as the name implies, mounted to the ceiling and can be installed high up. While some people may use a loft, shelving is easier to install on the ceiling. If it’s high up, it’s obviously better for things that you don’t use too commonly.

Wall mount shelving can be installed at a more accessible height than is maybe the case with the previously mentioned option. The design options are many but may work with those slightly more frequently used things.


The same way that outdoor lighting is important to ensure the safety of your outdoor spaces, so is good lighting inside your garage. It will make the space more inviting and since there are usually only a limited amount of windows if any, artificial lighting is often required to compensate. Your lighting options are however many for your garage and we’ll walk you through some of them here.

While allowing natural light rather than artificial one to help you achieve what it is you want to achieve, skylights are a great option. Since they’re using actual natural light to help you, they require for there to actual light outside. People also often use these if they’re remodeling their bathroom but they fit well in the garage too.

Overhead fluorescent lights are some of the most popular artificial light sources. When you need a lot of light, people often choose these and many people like them for the properties they add to the workshop.

Recessed lighting is a slightly more advanced option that will also help you get all the lighting you need, but it will also look better in the garage than simple fluorescent lights would.

If you don’t want to have something permanent installed, moveable task lights is also an option, and you won’t even need to have an electrician come out and help you with the project. The great thing about this is that you can easily replace them if you eventually find out that another option is more appropriate for your needs.


man working in a garage

You might the handy type of person who seems to get everything done in the garage, and for that you obviously need the right workbench. If you don’t already have the right solution for your garage, we have some ideas that we would love to suggest to you that you can get inspiration from to help power up your DIY ambitions.

If you’re on a budget, a simple worktable is a great option that you won’t need to spend too much money on either and can be ideal for your DIY projects. You can even get salvaged or recycled wooden materials and build your own. You can build it or buy it as fancy as you want, you just need to make sure it’s sufficiently sturdy to provide the stability and support that you need for your projects.

A workbench is also an option that can have storage options.

If you’re in a situation that you need to work with a smaller garage, you may want to consider a tool cabinet workbench. It’s a bit different as it also works as a storage cabinet with wheels that can allow you to move it when you need to do that. It also helps greatly in decreasing your need for other types of storage.



There are different flooring options available for a garage floor, depending on whether you want to remodel your garage and rip out the existing flooring or simply want to spruce it up slightly. Different finishing options is the easiest way to add some protection without having to spend a ton of money on the project.

Adding garage floor coating is a cheap type of protection that can either be done with paint or epoxy. Paint and epoxy have different attributes, and if you’re choosing to have the floor painted, it’s a good idea that you make sure it’s with a type of paint that works well with floors.

An easier option is to add floor coverings instead, and that can be done with the use of either carpets or other types of covering. Carpets aren’t known for being able to handle harsh wear and tear, so you will need to figure out if this is really the right option for you. Garage floor mats such as these may be a better option than actual carpets. They come available in different styles and colors that you can choose from. The important thing is that you match your needs with the right type of material.

If you’re thinking about converting the garage into living space instead, floor insulation may be an option you should look into. When you want to make it nicer to walk on, insulation can help in making it feel warmer. This type of work is commonly done by insulation contractors so that it’s done correctly.


Painting your home is always a great way to give it some new life and that includes the garage too. It can even help increase the value of your home. There are different choices available for either your walls or floor but there are some things you should consider to help ensure coherence.

Choose options that complement each other, and it’s especially important to think about once you start having a space where more different colors are competing for the attention. The right combination will help provide a natural continuous feeling to the space and let it be more inviting. It doesn’t need to be an incredibly extensive project. Something as simple as painting the cabinetry can add new life to the space.

If you think the space currently feels small and uninviting, consider something a bit lighter to the eye. Lighter color combinations can help do a lot to an otherwise seemingly dark and gloomy space. Some of the colors people choose to go with include grey or beige, while staying away from white given that it is not as easy to clean, which can be a concern in a space where you’re working on messy projects a lot of the time.

When you want to create a focal point, you can consider simply painting the door in a color that will make it stand out. It should naturally be done so that it doesn’t just look weird with the rest of the facade of the house and its curb appeal. It should look good together with the homes’ siding and roofing that are otherwise big surface areas.


when trying to transform the space depending on the functionality that you’re trying to achieve, the walls are important aspects of this whole transformation, and they also change the ambiance of the space.

When you want something that helps in absorbing noise, you can look towards OSB board or plywood. There are more advanced options you can consider too when noise insulation is a concern of yours.

Want to brighten up the space? Corrugated metal panels is an option that can be considered when this is one of the main things you wish to achieve. They can simply be attached to your existing drywall too.

Pegboards come available in different materials such as wood or metal and are great solutions for de-cluttering also. They’re a great alternative to traditional shelving hooks and can work great when you think your storage needs will be changing over time.

Man Cave Ideas On a Budget

A lot of people choose to repurpose a garage and rather turn it into a man cave, but even if you’re on a budget, there are a lot of different options that you can consider to help make it a space where you can come to relax in your time off.  First of all, you will obviously need to make sure it’s not cluttered.

You can start filling it with cool vintage objects, and if you start looking around strategically, you’ll be able to find vintage things cheaply. Junkyard, garage sales and Craigslist are great places to start looking. Add character to the space using these objects and make it a cool place that you want to show off to others.

If you want to install flooring, preferably some looking like hardwood but without the traditional cost of it, you can choose cabin grade flooring instead. The cost for this option is usually due to imperfections, although it still often works perfectly in a man cave setting.

Using wooden crates and pallets is a way to keep the rustic look and they can often be found for free or at very little cost. With a bit of work, they can have a range of functions in your man cave such as being a TV stand, for instance.

Here are more ideas for furniture.


We talked about how you could use cabinets strategically for your storage needs in the garage but if you’re just having new ones installed, there are certain things that you should consider in the process. You will clearly need for them to be able to hold the things that you want them to. This means functionality is important, but if you’re on a budget, you should also take steps to make sure your cost doesn’t spiral out of control.

  • What will they be used for – their intended purpose is the most important aspect you need to consider when having them installed. What kind of tools do you need to store in them and how big are they? Bulkier tools will require bulkier cabinets too.
  • Take precise measurements – accurate measurements of the space where you intend on having them installed is the easiest way to ensure that you don’t accidentally end up with ones that are way too small, or worse, too big for the space. If you’re building them yourself, start out with a rough drawing.
  • Find the right materials for the purpose – while they’re commonly made of wood, there are also other options that you can consider, like metal ones.

Home Gym

Some people also choose to turn the garage into a gym instead. If you have enough space in your garage for the purpose and you have the budget to also buy the needed things that need to go in, having a home gym literally in your garage could help you get back in shape. If you’re anything like me, having easy access to the gym will also help actually make sure that you end up going.

  • Find the right equipment – to succeed with your project of moving your workout station into your home, you will need to know which type of equipment you’re actually looking to have installed. You can start out by checking out that will help ensure you have enough space in the garage to get a functional gym set up. Gym equipment will often take time before it gets delivered and planning accordingly is a good idea. You should also map out where you plan on putting it to make sure there’s enough space for everything you wish to achieve.
  • How much space will you allocate to the project – if you’re only allocating part of your garage to the project, you need to figure out if it’s enough for the machines you wish to install. If you plan on using the whole space, you need to figure out what you plan on doing with all the other things you currently have lying around there.
  • Consider the need for additional insulation – while the outside temperature may make the garage good for working out in currently, you may need additional insulation to ensure that it’ll also be the case when it gets either warmer or cooler.
  • Protect the flooring – gym mats are commonly added to garages when they’re turned into a gym. If not, you might very likely end up damaging the floor which would call for expensive repairs.

Bike Storage

The garage is often the place where bikes end up getting stored, but there are several ways to do so depending on the amount of space you have, how frequently you use the bike and other factors. If you use it commonly, you will naturally want to have it stored in a manner that makes it easy to access it. When you have less space available, that’s when it calls for more creative ways to do things.

  • Storing the bike on the wall – there are different options you can go with to hang the bike on the wall, and you can even create your own system rather cheaply. Just check out the system below. Generally, you will either hang the bike vertically or horizontally and your decision to go with one option over another is likely to be affected by the amount of bikes you’re hoping to hang.

  • When you want an overhead solution, something like is a great option. Again, different systems are available but these will help get the bike pretty much out of sight and make better use of your ceiling space too.
  • Floor to ceiling bike stands are popular due to their low price tag and simplicity and they can often hold 2 bikes, one above another.

Tool Storage

tools storage

Organizing the tools in your garage in a convenient way will help ensure taht they’re easier to find when need be. If your tools were arranged the same way as the tools above, wouldn’t you also be better at getting around to doing those projects that you’ve been putting off for too long?  There are a lot of different options for how you can store them, including with the use of either plastic jugs, tissue tubes, on PVC pipes or in different containers.

You can also see the image above to get inspiration.


garage ceiling

When you’re making a house addition in the form of a garage, you need to consider the ceiling of the garage too given that it might be a space where you decide to install shelving from at a later stage. There are 4 different things often used for garage ceilings.

  • Styrofoam – when you want something that looks a little bit more special than just a smooth surface, a lot of homeowners choose styrofoam. They’re inexpensive and easy to install and even if you already have a ceiling installed, these can just be installed on top.
  • Gypsum – they’re made from sedentary rocks and are cheaper than drywall. If you live in an area with a lot of moisture, these may not be what you want to install in your garage.
  • Soundproofing – this is great if you have loud tools or you plan on using it for a bedroom, and a lot of the soundproofing options can just be installed right on top of your existing ceiling.
  • – made of layered plaster, it’s highly durable and used throughout the entire house. It’s also rather cheap and its ability to be painted means it’s very versatile.


Ventilation is a very important part of a home because it helps in dealing with excess moisture and heat. Roof vents are installed for this very purpose but good ventilation is also crucial in the garage to ensure that mold doesn’t start growing in the space. The ventilation options for the garage include the following:

  • Opening the door – when you open the door, you’re naturally letting out excess moisture buildup from the garage. The issue is this obviously can’t be done the whole time. You can’t just leave the door open as it also provides protection against burglary among other things. It’s also not a good option during the winter where you want to keep the space heated.
  • A mounted box fan – using a mounted box fan with outside air access can also help in providing the necessary ventilation that your space needs.

There are lots of different things you can do in a garage depending on the purpose you want it to serve, and we hope that this article has at least given you some ideas as to what your options are.

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