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Garage Ideas that You can Consider for a Better and More Efficient Space

Whether you are designing your garage from scratch or doing a makeover of your existing one, the process will require a lot of serious work. So read on to learn some essential tips and smart ideas when it comes to organizing and designing your garage.

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Small Garage Ideas

While some people are lucky enough to have a spacious garage where they can store all kinds of stuff aside from parking their car, there are others who have to make do of the limited space in their garage. The key to making a small garage fully functional is to de-clutter, organize and remodel. Here are some ideas to consider, or read our extensive article on remodeling your garage.

  • Dispose all the unnecessary – go through each of the items that you have kept in there and decide if they are to be kept or thrown away. There’s a good chance that there are several items lurking in the corner that are not supposed to be there. Dispose the things you no longer need and if possible, transfer some of the items to another location to free up more space.
  • Upgrade your shelving to wall mounted and adjustable designs – upgrading your stationary shelf to the wall mounted and adjustable ones can surely save you so much space. This is especially true if you have an enormous amount of tools that need to be placed in the shelf. You can build the shelf yourself or have a professional to build customized shelving for you.
  • Maximize your ceiling space – if the ceiling has open rafters, use this to your advantage. Simply install several boards across the joists then stack as many items in there. You can also consider hanging storage units at the ceiling where you can keep items you do not use frequently.
  • Attach wheels on your workspace – if you also use your garage as a workspace, then you may want to consider having a mobile work area. Simply attach wheels on your workbenches, tables, tool chests, cabinets, etc. That way, you can simply move them away when you need to park your car, then move them back again when the car is out.


Your garage is no doubt one of the most used areas in your home. Thus, it’s no wonder why the space could get disorganized very easily. If parking your vehicle has become impossible because of the clutter, then it is about time that you look for an effective storage solution to organize stuff and get rid of the clutter. Read on for some tips.

  • Build a shelving system – a fully functional shelving system is a great storage option for all kinds of items that you keep in your garage. Among these are home decors, cleaning supplies, tools, toys, etc. There are shelving systems that you can purchase from a home improvement store. If you want to save money, consider building one yourself.
  • Mount huge items onto the wall – if you store several bulky items, including bicycles in your garage, then you may want to consider mounting them into the wall. This idea will allow you to take advantage of that space in the upper section of your wall. Just make sure that you use durable and high quality hooks to ensure that the bike will not topple over and hit you.
  • Use bins in storing small items – although smaller items will not take up a lot of space in your garage, they can make the space look untidy and disorganized. You can use labeled bins and buckets in keeping all these stuff. You can then arrange the bins neatly in a shelf making sure that their labels are easily visible.
  • Mount PVC pipes into the wall – the best storage solution for brooms, rakes and other cleaning equipment is the use of PVC pipes that are mounted into the wall. Simply secure the pipes in the wall and hang the tools into the hole of the pipe. This idea is also a great way to secure these tools for safety.

Garage Organization

You’re probably one of those people who use their garage too often. Unfortunately, because of the regular use, the space has become so cluttered that finding things can be such a pain. So here are some ideas to help you in organizing your garage.

  • Build wooden loft at the ceiling – the use of ceiling for storage is a smart way to take full advantage of the all the available space in your garage. So build a loft in there where you can hang items that you don’t frequently use, such as seasonal tools, Christmas decors, etc. This is also a great place to store items that you don’t want your kids to get access to.
  • Install cabinets at the corner – one way to make use of the corner space is to install cabinets where you can store garden tools and other items that you need to secure. You can lock the cabinets so kids can’t open them. Save more space by mounting hooks on the cabinet doors where you can hang smaller tools and other items.
  • Use shelves for storing frequently used items – the use of shelving in storing frequently used items in your garage is also a good idea. This allows for easy access while keeping things organized.
  • Mount hooks at the wall – another way to organize things without using so much space is to use hooks in hanging bigger items. If you have bicycles in your garage, install sturdy and large sized hooks into the wall where you can hang the bicycles.
  • Labeled containers and bins – if you have several small items to store, make use of transparent containers and bins. Make sure you label them so it’s easy for you to look for things. Arrange the containers and bins neatly in a shelf or you can keep them inside a cabinet if you don’t want your kids to access them.


It’s not easy to keep your garage neat and organized. This space is often filled with so many stuff that when the time comes that you need to use them, finding them can become very frustrating. If you’re faced with this dilemma, consider the use of shelving in storing items. Below are ideas to help you in getting started with the use of shelving.

  • Ceiling mount shelving – from the name itself, this type of shelving is mounted into the ceiling. This idea makes use of the upper areas of the garage, which normally don’t get used too often. Since it’s attached into the ceiling, you may need to use a stepladder to store and access stuff. Thus, this is only ideal for keeping items that you don’t get to use in a regular basis.
  • Wall mount shelving – this design of shelving requires mounting it directly into the wall, as opposed to mounting it into the ceiling. Usually, the shelving is adjustable, which is a great idea as it allows you to accommodate even the bulkiest stuff, and you can even move it depending on what you want to store in it.
  • Overhead shelving – this is a budget friendly and smart way of using shelves in storing items in your garage. This requires mounting shelving boards directly into the ceiling where you can hang items that you don’t frequently use. This is an effective storage solution since most garages usually have high ceilings to accommodate parked vehicles.
  • Garden tools – one of the most common items we can find in a garage are garden tools. Thus, using the shelving that’s designed to specifically accommodate these tools is a good idea. The shelving is adjustable, allowing you to fit as many tools as you can on the shelving space.


Lighting in your garage is absolutely important especially if you also use the space as your work area. As you know, the space usually does not have any windows in it. So to help you decide, here are some great lighting ideas that can work well for your garage.

  • Overhead fluorescent lights – these lights are the best option if you want a very bright illumination in your garage. It’s the perfect lighting if your garage also doubles as your workshop. The lights are well capable of providing the most lights in the area and will also illuminate even the darkest corners.
  • Recessed lighting – instead of installing an overhead fluorescent light in your garage, consider the use of recessed lighting. This lighting option will not only illuminate each and every nook and cranny in the room, but also helps to make the space look even more beautiful.
  • Moveable task lights – another option for those who have a garage that is also used for a workshop area is the use of moveable task lights. These lights are available in different styles, and the drop down and clip design is a great option since it’s very versatile. They are available in different sizes as well, so you get to choose something that matches with your design preferences.
  • Skylights – if you need a daytime lighting option, the skylights would be perfect. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s definitely worth investing for since it gives your space an atmosphere of having plenty of natural lights during the day.


man working in a garage

It’s pretty common for people to use their garage as a workstation where they can tackle a lot of DIY projects. You do not really need to have an ample space to come up with your own workshop area. Here are some DIY workbench ideas to help you create your own workshop bench.

  • Worktable – a worktable is ideal for building small DIY crafts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to come up with this table. You can make use of salvaged wooden materials to build a sturdy table. It does not have to be fancy. What’s important is that the table is of rigid construction so you can be safe while working on it.
  • Workbench – a workbench is ideal not only in your garage but also in the basement. The setup will require the use of a stable surface where you can use for doing repair works or DIY projects. Aside from the work surface, it is also equipped with a built-in pegboard that you can use in storing small things. It also has a recessed shelf, allowing you to store things that you will be frequently using.
  • Tool cabinet workbench – those with smaller spaces in their garage can benefit from the use of a mobile workbench. This workbench also doubles as storage cabinet and has wheels, allowing you to move it from one area to another. Simply build a tool cabinet with a solid top and attach some wheels. You can use the top as your worktable and store your tools inside the cabinet. You may include a magnetic pegboard on the cover to accommodate more tools and save some space.



Whether you are thinking of adding more color and style on your garage floor or you simply want the flooring that is fully functional, there are various flooring options available for you to choose from. Here are some of the different types of finishing options to help you in choosing the flooring that can work best for you.

  • Floor coatings – the coating comprises of two different kinds of products, the epoxy and paint. It might be easy to get confused between the two since they are both applied using brushes and rollers. However, they are actually two different things in terms of performance and the chemicals they are made of.
  • Floor coverings – any type of carpet and other floor coverings should work for your garage floor. However, if you want a flooring surface that could stand up well on the daily traffic, then you should opt for the covering that’s manufactured specifically for this kind of space. There are garage mats that are available in different colors and styles and are made from different materials as well. You can check them out and choose what’s best for you.
  • Floor insulation – this is a great option for those who are thinking of converting their garage into a living space. Insulating the space can help to make the space feel even more comfortable especially if you choose to spend most of your time here during winter. There are different materials you can use in insulating your floor, although the most common is the use of rigid foam along with plywood.


Choosing the right color for your garage is important. If you do it right, the space can look neat and inviting, which increases the value of your home. There are various choices available when it comes to your garage paint. Here are some ideas to help you in deciding the right color.

  • Choose colors that complement each other – if you are using more than one color, then you better choose the shades that complement each other. Having the right combination of color can make the space to look even more inviting. You can inject personality on the space by painting some of the shelving and cabinetry with bright bold colors while the rest are in neutral shades.
  • Go for lighter color if you want more light – if you wanted more light into the space then you should go for the lighter shades. Another great thing about using the lighter shades is that they exude a feeling of cleanliness. The best choices for neutral shades are beige, tan and grey. They are much easier to clean than white.
  • Make your door stand out – the door of your garage can serve as the focal point of your home. Therefore, make the door stand out by painting it with bright colors. Of course, before you decide on the color, you have to consider your home’s overall facade as well. The color should complement with your home siding, and several other items that are in your front facade.


We tend to overlook the walls of our garage when doing a makeover. But what you probably did not know is that the wall can have a huge impact in the overall ambience of the space. So if you’re thinking of giving your garage a whole new look, here are some of the best ideas to transform your walls.

  • OSB board or plywood – the most durable wall options for garage is the use of OSB board or plywood. These materials are able to handle heavy beating from the tools and equipment that you store in there. Moreover, they are capable of absorbing noise, so even if you are working on extremely noisy equipment inside, the people outside cannot be bothered. Just make sure you apply several coats of paint in these materials, especially since the plywood has the tendency to soak the paint up.
  • Corrugated metal panels – the metal panels are more expensive as compared to other wall options. However, they are worth investing for since they can hold up well to the daily beating in your garage and are also fire retardant. Moreover, their shiny finish can help to brighten up your dark space. It’s easy to install as well. Simply fasten the metal sheets directly into the wall or in the drywall with the use of a furring strip.
  • Pegboard – this material is available in either wood or metal and is definitely a great way to de-clutter your space. You can use the pegboard as your wall or perhaps you can mount it right above an existing drywall using a furring strip. Using pegboards as your wall will also allow you to have enough space to hang or hook different kinds of things.

Man Cave Ideas On a Budget

There are times when you just want to spend most of your time in your garage, away from the hustle bustle of the daily life. In this case, you may want to consider transforming your space into a man cave. You do not really need to spend a lot of money to accomplish this task for there are so many ways on how you can come up with a man cave on a budget. Here are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

  • Fill it with vintage objects – the best thing about using vintage items in decorating and furnishing your man cave is that they are cheap and easy to find. You can buy them for a minimal fee from junkyards, garage sales and flea markets. They can help to give your space lots of character and most of all, they can make your man cave feel homey and cozy that you may not want to get out of there anymore.
  • Cabin grade flooring – if you want to use hardwood floors for your man cave but you can’t afford them, consider the use of cabin grade flooring. The flooring costs a lot less than real hardwood floors. Usually, these materials have a rugged surface and have imperfections in them, which add more character into your space.
  • Use wooden crates and pallets- the best thing about using wooden crates and pallets is that they are often being given out for free. You can drive around and politely ask some companies for their leftover crates and pallets. You can then polish the wood and use them as wall covering or perhaps, as flooring.

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Here are more ideas for furniture.


Another effective storage solution for your garage is the use of cabinets. There are several different types of cabinet that can work well for your garage. What’s important is to choose something that could accommodate all of your stuff. They should not only be highly functional, but economical and attractive as well. Here are some tips to guide you in planning your cabinets.

  • Think of your needs and requirements – it’s important that you have a clear idea on the kind of cabinet that you want to build. Consider your design requirements and most especially the size. You need to think of how big the tools that you need to store in them and how many of these you need to store. If you are not going to store bulky items in your cabinet, then a smaller one should do.
  • Consider the measurements – if you are planning to mount your cabinet into a wall or ceiling, then taking accurate measurements before you begin the construction is very important. First of all, come up with a rough drawing of the cabinet that you plan to build. A cabinet with a box structure is the simplest design, which you can then fill with as many shelves as you need. When you make the drawing, identify the exact measurements on each side and make sure that you follow these measurements when building your cabinet.
  • Think of the materials to use – wood is the most common type of material used for building cabinets. You can also make cabinets out of metal sheets and other materials. If you go for wood, choose a sturdy material that can hold up to the daily use of the cabinet. If you go for plywood planks, consider its thickness. It would help if you know ahead of time how much of the materials you will need to buy before you visit the store.
  • Use the right tools – it’s easy to build DIY cabinets. But in order to ensure that you do it the right way, you need to have the right tools as well. So before you start working on your DIY cabinet, you should prepare your hacksaws, hammer, nails, fasteners, etc. Make sure that they are within your reach in order to save time. If you do not have the necessary tools, you might as well purchase a new cabinet and mount it yourself.

Or simply get the help from professional cabinet companies instead.

Home Gym

You can transform your unused garage to about anything. A lot of people would in fact convert theirs into a fully functional gym. That way, they will no longer need to drive all the way to the gym for their daily workout routine. If you are thinking of doing the same thing for your garage, here are some ideas to consider.

  • Purchase your equipment ahead of time – you need to first decide on the workout equipment that you want your gym to have and then start buying them. If you already know the type of equipment that you want for your gym, it will be much easier to make a plan. Buying earlier also allows you to have ample time to wait for the equipment to arrive.
  • Get the space ready – you will have two options when transforming your garage to a gym. First, you can allocate a small space for the gym and then use the rest for storing stuff and parking vehicles, and second, you can dedicate the entire space for your gym. Regardless of the option you will go for, the first step is to de-clutter the space by organizing and storing stuff.
  • Add insulation – remember that you are going to use your gym all year round, so you should get it insulated for the winter. Aside from insulating the wall, you also need to insulate the flooring. You can also utilize the overhead space to store some other stuff, which also helps to increase the headroom.
  • Use the flooring space efficiently – if you have a limited space in your garage, then you should make use of each and every inch of the space efficiently. It should be planned in such a way that the space will be able to accommodate all of your exercise equipment and still feel homey. However, avoid crowding the space. There should still be enough space for the easy cleaning of your gym.
  • Apply coating to the floor – the concrete floor of your garage is not ideal for your gym. Therefore, consider applying high quality coating on the floor in order to immediately transform the space into a professional gym. Choose the type of coating that could withstand heavy foot traffic and something that is chemical resistant as well.

Bike Storage

Bicycles are among the most common items that people would often keep in their garage. But because they are bulky, they can be a huge challenge to keep in your garage. The good news is that there are various ways on how you can store the bike without using a lot of space, and here are some ideas to consider.

  • Overhead storage – there are several overhead bike storage systems that you can purchase at various home improvement stores. You can go for the track system that hangs your bike overhead, in an upside down position. It is very versatile and can work with just about any size and model of bike and you can even hang multiple bikes in it. If you need to hang BMX bikes and mountain bikes, then this would be a good option.
  • Floor to ceiling – if you want for your bicycle to be easily accessible on the wall, then you can make use of a floor to ceiling bike rack. With this option, you will not have to climb overhead just to get the bike. Unfortunately, this could take up a bit of space in your garage so this is only applicable for the temporary storage of your bike.
  • Wall mount system – if you want a least expensive means of storing your bike, then consider the wall mount system. You will now find several different types of wall mount systems available to buy. There’s the hook that can be mounted directly into the wall and there are also those that swivels from left to right, allowing you to store several bikes.
  • Wall system – you can have your garage wall customized in such a way that it will be able to accommodate hanging bikes. There are basically two different types of wall system for hanging bikes. One is horizontal, which allows you to hang the bike through its frame, and another is vertical, which makes use of the back or front rim in hanging the bike.

Tool Storage

tools storage

It’s important that you organize the tools in your garage properly. Aside from making your garage look neat, having your tools properly organized will make it easier for you to find things. The best way to organize your tools is to start by looking for appropriate storage solutions for them. So here are some of the best garage tool storage ideas to consider.

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  • Plastic jug – you don’t need to purchase storage containers to organize your tools. You can simply make use of empty milk jugs for storage. Uniformity is important when using recycled jugs for storage. Use only those jugs that have the same size and color. Label the jug outside so you will know which tools are being kept inside each of the jug.
  • Tissue tube – if you find those wires and cables annoying, make use of a tissue tube to keep them. After you have fully consumed your toilet paper, remove the tube that’s made of cardboard and use it to store your cables and wires. Place the tubes in your garage shelf and make sure that you arrange them neatly.
  • PVC pipes – if you need a place to store those garden tools that have long handles, consider the use of PVC pipes. Simply mount these pipes into the wall and fasten the rakes, brooms, shovels, and several other long handled gardening tools.
  • Overhead ceiling bins -the best way to store tools that you don’t use frequently is to keep them in a bin that you can hang in the ceiling. Simply hang some rails into your ceiling then attach the overhead plastic bins.


garage ceiling

It’s important that you know the type of garage ceiling that can work best for you. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to this and one of these is the location. For instance, if you’re from the East, then you should go for something more durable due to the frequent weather changes. To give you an idea, here are the different types of garage ceiling.

  • Drywall – this is among the easiest and the most readily available ceiling materials. It consists of a plaster that’s layered into a board to make it look like a real wall. It’s highly durable and is often used in various construction projects. Moreover, the drywall is easy to work with and does not come with a hefty price tag. You can choose to paint it for a more customized look.
  • Soundproofing – if you are converting the garage for a living room or bedroom, you may need to soundproof the ceiling. There are various soundproofing materials that you can purchase from home improvement stores in rolls. They have adhesives at the back, which allows for an easy application.
  • Gypsum – this material is made out of sedentary rocks and is often installed above the frame of the ceiling. The gypsum boards are often smaller than the drywall and are cheaper as well. Unfortunately, this material may not be suitable for rooms that are exposed to lots of moisture since it could get water damaged.
  • Styrofoam tiles – another inexpensive option for the ceiling is the use of Styrofoam tiles. The tiles are easy to install and can be bought in large squares. They can simply be inserted to the ceiling frame that is already in place.


If you are thinking of transforming your garage into a bar, then it is important that you design it well. Aside from the aesthetic value, you should also consider its functionality. The bar must also go well with the overall design of your home and it should cater to your needs too. To help you in designing your bar, here are some ideas.

  • Rustic design – if your home interiors are rustic inspired, this should be the same for your garage bar. For this design, use rough wooden materials as the primary materials for the bar counter, stools, tables, etc. Perhaps, you can have the logs as the base of the counter and then cover it with warped boards. It’s also a good idea to choose the wood that has light colors in order for the imperfections and grains to be more visible.
  • Modern bar – as mentioned, it’s important that your bar should match with the overall design of your home. So for those with modern designed homes, their bar should also have a modern feel. You will find several design inspirations for modern bars, and usually, they are made from steel, glass and other shiny materials. Aside from having a glossy finish, the bar can also have glass shelving to store wine glasses in. Using glass bricks can also help to give it a more modern look.
  • Choose the right lighting fixtures – regardless of the design that you will go for, it’s important that you choose the right lighting for your bar. In fact, by merely installing lights, you will be able to transform the overall look of your garage bar. Choose the lighting fixtures well and make sure you install them strategically. You can perhaps place a light that’s facing upward, behind the bar, or below the rim.


Ventilation is very important. In fact, it has become one of the most growing concerns among homeowners these days. If you will not ventilate the space, you could be facing real danger. Your vehicle that’s parked there could release toxic fumes and if you will not ventilate the space, the fumes could get trapped into the walls and will lead to potential health hazards. So if your garage is not yet ventilated, refer below for some tips.

  • Open your door – opening your garage door regularly is the cheapest and the easiest way to ensure that the space is well ventilated. During summer, this option may be a good idea. However, in winter, it’s not possible to leave the door open.
  • Exhaust hose – it could get uncomfortable to stay in your garage during the winter. You may also need to wear gloves when handling tools, which makes it even more difficult to do certain tasks. A space heater can help to keep the space comfortable and warm. However, make sure that you get the car exhaust outside in order to prevent the accumulation of toxic fumes. For this, you can run a hose exhaust to lead the fumes out of the room.
  • Mounted box fan – for those who are not keen on using exhaust hose, it’s important that you keep the air flowing inside the space in order to flush all of the exhaust gases out. A box fan can be mounted into the wall directly. Make sure that you frame the fan and install lightweight door outside so you can keep it closed when not in use. There should also be a small window at the opposite side, which you can open in order to allow for the proper circulation of air. You may need a much bigger heater in order to deal with heat loss that will result from the air circulation.


It’s unfortunate to know that a lot of homeowners tend to overlook their garage when decorating. But remember that the overall curb appeal of your home is based generally on how the entire house looks and not just on some parts of it. Therefore, when it comes to home decorating, you should also treat your garage in the same way that you would with the other areas in your house. Here are some ideas to hopefully inspire you into decorating your garage.

  • Mix and match materials – you should not only limit yourself to one material alone when decorating your garage. You can include several different materials, from wood, metal, concrete etc. But of course, you must blend the design with the overall theme of your house. For instance, modern homes often feature lots of horizontal detailing and geometric lines, which you can also follow when decorating your garage.
  • Think of the exterior details – do not be too overwhelmed in decorating the interiors of your garage. You have to also consider the exterior details. You can achieve visual interest by decorating planted flowers, shrubbery, decorative stones and other types of landscaping on the outdoors.
  • Lighting aspects – the lighting can make or break the overall look of your garage. Therefore, you should choose your lighting well. You can perhaps install sconces at the door. These lights will not only illuminate the driveway, but the entire surrounding areas as well.

Floor Covering

The flooring of your garage is often exposed to vehicular traffic, chemical exposure and extreme temperature. Thus, it’s important that you choose a floor covering that could stand up well to all of these. It should also be easy to clean and can make the entire space look even more appealing. So here are some ideas to consider.

  • Concrete sealer – the cheapest option is to use a clear concrete sealer. It’s also easy to apply. It is effective at protecting your flooring against mild chemicals, road salts, oil and water. Unfortunately, the sealer may not be able to hide all blemishes in the floor so before application, make sure that the surface is free from cracks, stains and other forms of blemishes.
  • Concrete stain – this is also a type of sealer, but it has pigments. Once it dries up, the existing concrete surface will show through. Just like the concrete sealer, the concrete stain will look best if your existing flooring is in pretty good shape. The stain could penetrate well within the concrete and minor scratches, cracks and chips can be concealed.
  • Epoxy paint – one of the most popular covering for garage floor is the epoxy paint. This is because it’s capable of resisting oil, chemicals and gasoline. You will also find it in different shades and the manner of application is easy. It can also be cleaned easily using water and soap.

Garage Addition

If you are planning for a garage addition, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration. First, you need to think of the size of the area, accessibility, location and the overall architectural structure of your house. Before you proceed with the addition, here are some important tips to remember.

  • Decide whether you want it attached or freestanding – an attached garage is cheaper and more convenient than the freestanding design. Aside from saving you some footsteps, the space can also double as a home extension, which gives you more space to move around. The freestanding design also comes with its own advantages, especially if you will install a breezeway connector to keep it protected against the weather. So weigh the pros and cons between the two and decide which design will work best for you.
  • Consider the size requirements – the size will mainly depend on how you will use the space. If you’re going to park your vehicles in there, then consider the size of the vehicles. If you want more space for storage, then you need to consider that as well.
  • Access and flow of traffic – if you’re building a garage, then understandably, you will also need a driveway. This is an important consideration before you start with the construction. Driveways that are suitable for single cars are about ten feet in width. If you have more vehicles, then you will also need a bigger space for your driveway.


technician working on hvac

If you use your garage for your workshop, then you need to keep it cool so you will be comfortable when working there. There are so many reasons why it gets hot. Aside from the weather, the location is also another factor. But of course, changing its location is not a practical solution. Read on to find out some of the best ways to keep the space cool.

  • Keep it air conditioned – one of the most effective cooling solutions is to install an air conditioning system. A window mounted air conditioning system can help to keep the temperature down for smaller spaces. For bigger spaces, air conditioners that have enough BTU are ideal. It’s important to note however that you may need to install an outside venting access if you will choose this kind of unit.
  • Insulate the ceiling, walls and door – one of the reasons why your garage gets hot easily is because it lacks proper insulation. Adding insulation to the ceiling, wall and door can help to minimize the transfer of heat from the outdoors going to your interiors.
  • Choose lighter colors for the doors and exteriors – the best way to prevent heat from getting into your home is to paint the exteriors with lighter colors. This includes, the door, exterior walls and the roofing as well. With light colors, your garage will be able to conduct less heat coming from the sun.

Shoe Storage

shoe storage

It’s common for people to use their garage as a place to keep their shoes. This is where we would normally pass through when getting inside the house, and thus, this is also where we would take off our shoes. Just like with the rest of the items that are kept in this place, it’s important that you also organize your shoes. Here are some smart storage ideas to consider.

  • Use PVC pipe – if you want an inexpensive solution to storing your shoes, consider the use of PVC pipes. Simply cut the pipes and arrange neatly. Then store each pair of shoes inside the PVC holes. Unfortunately, you cannot store your pair of boots inside. Thus, you may need to store your boots in some other place.
  • Wire shelving – if you want to be able to clearly see your shoes, consider using a wire shelving for your shoe storage. The shelving is easy to install and can be possibly adjusted to accommodate your heels, boots and all kinds of shoes.
  • Lockers to keep the shoes secure – if you want that your footwear will be secured and not exposed, you may need to store them inside a locker. Using lockers for shoe storage can also help to make the place look neat and organized.

Window Covering

The use of window treatments in your garage has two purposes – one, it helps to keep the place protected against the heat of the sun and two, it prevents intruders from taking a peek. Whatever your reasons are, here are some of the most recommended ideas when it comes to the window covering of your garage.

  • Binds and shades – both vinyl and metal blinds can make for an attractive covering in your garage windows. They prevent debris and dusts from getting inside and provide protection against the harsh sunlight. If you prefer to install shades than blinds, then choose those that are made from durable materials.
  • Window films – opaque or reflective film can also make for a great window covering. They are easy to clean and are available in different designs and styles. You can go for the adhesive film if you want a more permanent window covering solution. Otherwise, you can choose static cling films, which you can simply remove at a later time.
  • Interior shutters – the shutters are able to withstand the daily beating of the garage and will help to protect the glass panes of your window from getting hit by sports equipment and heavy-duty tools. Shutters that are made from vinyl are highly recommended. Wooden shutters are also great, but they are a bit more expensive.
  • Recycled shower curtains – if you use your garage as a workshop, then there is a good chance that paint and chemicals could splatter all over the place. In this case, it might be more practical to use recycled shower curtains as window coverings.

Floor Paint

Because of the heavy demands placed on garage floors, it’s important that you choose the floor paint correctly. It should be something that is not prone to fading and that it should also help to jazz up the entire look of the space. If you are planning to paint the flooring of your garage, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Choose the paint well – there are two basic types of paint that you can use. One is epoxy and the other is latex acrylic. Epoxy paint is highly preferred since it is more durable, while latex paint is recommended for a cheaper and short-term solution. If you want something that could provide better bond into the flooring, then go for the epoxy paint.
  • Check for moisture – before you begin painting, it is best to carefully check the floor and look for any moisture issues. If the floor slab has been placed without any vapor barrier, then there is a good chance that the pressure on water vapor will lift the coatings off. So before you begin, carefully inspect your floor.
  • Know the weather forecast in your area – it’s important that the air temperature in your place is at 60 degrees before you start painting. Your slab should be at a minimum of 50 degrees. It will be almost impossible for the paint to set if you will do this during winter when the weather is cold.
  • Test the floor for any existing sealer – it’s also a good idea to first check if there is any existing sealer applied on the floor. To do this, simply drip water into the flooring slab. If the water will bead up, then that means an existing sealer has been applied. This could interfere with your paint so you might as well remove the existing sealer first before you start painting.