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Garage Floor Coatings and the Need To Hire Garage Floor Coating Companies Near Me

Garage floor coatings help to enhance the overall appearance of your garage floor while also keeping it protected against daily wear and tear. Coating the garage floor can also help to make cleaning your garage door so much easier.

The coatings can be installed professionally although there are others who will try to put the coatings in an effort to save some money. But if you are like most people who do not have the time to dedicate sprucing up their garage, then you better consider hiring local garage floor coating companies near me.

Just like with any home improvement project, it is a good idea to start with mapping out your plans ahead of time to ensure that the job is done right. If you choose to do it yourself, then pay close attention to all the warnings and reminders listed on the coating to ensure your safety and the people around you.

Importance of Garage Floor Coating

Most of the garage floors are simply made of poured concrete slabs, and this is usually a more cost effective option for garage floors. The problem with garage floors made of plain concrete is that it can accumulate dirt and stains so easily and eventually cracks could develop on the flooring. This can make your garage look messy and this could affect the value of your home property. This can also make entering into your garage a drag, and is definitely very inconvenient.

You can actually improve the look and feel of your garage if you will hire garage floor coating contractors. They can help to come up with a smooth and inviting garage surface that can provide better traction for all your vehicles.

Options for Garage Floor Coating

The most standard option for your garage floor coating is the epoxy coating. However, the possible permutations with the epoxy coating are limitless. All these will begin with a primer that helps to seal the concrete and establish a better base coat.

Next is the body coat and this tint comes in a wide array of colors, making your garage floor to look really pleasing. You can choose to seal the body coat as-is if you want a plain tinted garage floor or you can make use of epoxy color chip in order to give it color.

A garage floor coating with this method can result to tiny flecks being distributed within the flooring, which adds more color and texture. Due to the wide array of paint chips and tints available, you will have several hundreds of possible color combinations, depending on how you want your garage flooring to look like.

Another option for garage floor coating is the metallic epoxy. This is ideal for those who wanted a more modern effect for their garage floors. From the name itself, the body coat on this option has that metallic effect that is usually treated with solvent right after it is applied in order to come up with small craters and dips that are sealed later with a topcoat. The result will be a garage floor that is well textured and dynamic looking, yet it is very smooth to touch.

All options mentioned above are highly recommended and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including snow, salt and mud. It can also withstand high traffic, which is typical in a garage.

The coatings can be cleaned up well easily and all it takes is to mop the floor coatings and all the messes can be removed. They are also very easy to sweep out, which removes dirt, dust and debris that have accumulated on the floor. What’s even great is that the material can resist stains and cracks and will stay looking very polished and cleaned even for the many years to come for as long as you maintain and cleaned them regularly.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

As mentioned, all the garage floor coating options mentioned above are recommended. However, the most sought after floor coating option for your garage is the epoxy coating. The best thing about epoxy coating is that it looks really nice and can surely improve the overall look of your garage.

The thick and hardened application that you will get from the epoxy will result in a coating that is more durable, and is very resilient to chipping, impacts, chemicals, surface abrasions and stains. With epoxy coating, there is no longer a need to panic in case you drop something heavy on the floor.

The thicker coating of the epoxy also works well at covering any minor imperfections like spider cracks and other flaws in the concrete floor. Since epoxy is considered a topical sealer, it is also considered anti-dusting. Most of the dusts that have accumulated in your garage are usually due to the powder that the cement floor can shed. Normal traffic in a bare concrete can also kick up on the dusty powder, which has a tendency of accumulating on your parked vehicles

As a type of topical coating, the epoxy garage floor coating is also known to be moisture-resistant. This is ideal for those who live in areas with snowy climates. This helps to make cleaning the icy brines so easy as well as removing the road salts that have accumulated on the floor during winter. All it takes is mild soap and water and the flooring will be kept cleaned.

Hire the Best Contractors

Garage floor coating contractors are capable of installing any type of garage floor coatings. They can handle the job well so if you are not comfortable with doing the job on your own, then you better leave it to them.

You must plan on getting at least three bids from different contractors and if possible, request for samples of their previous jobs so you will know what to expect from them. This is also a great way to gauge whether they fit the job or not.

Before they start applying the garage floor coating, you should discuss the guarantees and warranties, if there is any, and find out what happens if the flooring must be replaced or repaired due to some faults in the installation or workmanship.

The garage floor coating supplies can be bought from any home improvement stores. Body coats, base coats, as well as sealants can also be bought from the store. The application tools and respirators that you need to wear when working with the epoxy are also available. It is important that the garage floor is cleared and cleaned before the coating is applied. It is important however that the coating is applied and directed and you must take time to allow the coats to dry up so that the end result will be smooth and even.

It is also important that you hire the contractor that specializes in the type of coating that you want. For instance, if you prefer the epoxy coating, then they should have wide experience in the installation of garage floor epoxy coating. View their portfolio or pictures of the previous work they completed so you will know what the results of their work are and if they can get the job done to the best of your satisfaction.

Garage Floor Coatings and the Need To Hire Garage Floor Coating Companies Near Me

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