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How Much Will It Cost to Hire the Local Handicap Accessibility Remodelers Near Me?

If you are thinking of renovating your house so as to accommodate a loved one with disability, then you should know that there are many considerations that come with this. For starters, you need to think of the limitations that your loved one’s specific disability has in them. Are they having a hard time going up and down the stairs? Do they need to use a wheelchair to be able to move freely around? By knowing the answers to these questions, you will be able to come up with a proper layout when it comes to planning a renovation, making your home to be more accommodating to your loved ones with disability.

Unfortunately, making your home to be disabled-friendly will usually require a lot of remodeling and repair job. As you can see, the overall cost of the renovation project could add up fast and this will turn out to be very expensive in the end. Still, it is helpful for homeowners who are considering disability renovations to be aware of the various types of renovation as well as the average cost of such a project. This article should help homeowners to better plan for handicap accessibility renovations.

Common Types and Costs of Disability Remodeling

One of the most common work required if you have a disability remodeling done for your home is the installation of ramps all throughout the house. The ramps can be installed instead of the stairs and it is important that they are installed in both the outdoor and indoor areas in order to make it easier for those who need to use wheelchair to be able to move around. Even those who have difficulty in using the stairs can take advantage from using the ramps, as needed.

Aside from the installation of wheelchair ramp, those who wanted to keep the stairs in their home can perhaps opt for a chairlift system. This is basically a mechanical device capable of safely carrying the wheelchair bound person from the bottom going to the top of the stairs. This system is ideal for those with small spaces in their home or those who have cramped spacesframp, where installing a ramp may not be possible.

In addition, retrofitting bathtubs and showers to make them easier to use by a disabled person is also another option needed for a disability home remodeling project. This will involve installing handrails in and around the tubs or showers, aside from replacing the traditional bathtubs with a walk-in shower for easy access.

For those that have disabilities, which keep them confined in a wheelchair, it is usually necessary to ensure that there will be plenty of spaces for them to get around inside the house. For this to be possible the walls might need to be knocked down and the rooms have to be expanded so that it is easy for individuals with disabilities to maneuver around.

Depending on the type of renovation that you want for your home, the cost of hiring local handicap accessibility remodelers near me will greatly vary. In an average, homeowners can spend between $4,000 and $5,000. Of course, the cost per region will vary as well and the overall cost might also be influenced by the amount of renovation that needs to be done for your home. In any case, requesting for quotes from different contractors that offer remodeling services is a great way to obtain the best price on handicap accessibility home remodeling.

Remodeling your home to make it more accessible to any disabled member of your family is a great way for you to continue living in the home you have loved for years, instead of having to move into another home in order to accommodate a disabled family member. While the renovation work does come with a price, a lot would agree that it is definitely more than worth it. Furthermore, there are so many remodeling companies out there who will be willing to work with homeowners under a payment plan as well as other types of financial assistance in order for the remodeling project to be done.

Remodeling a Handicapped Bathroom

When it comes to handicap accessibility remodeling, it is the bathroom that often requires so much work. Making your bathroom to be accessible for family members who have disability can certainly help to improve their quality of life and make their healing faster.

Bathrooms usually have specific challenges for those who need to use walkers and wheelchairs, or those who have issues with mobility. Solving these problems by doing a handicap accessibility remodeling can help to make your bathroom to become user-friendly for everyone, not only for your disabled family members, but also the seniors and the kids as well.

  • Entry and turning radius – if the bathroom needs to be modified to accommodate people using walkers and wheelchair, then it may be necessary for the doorway of the bathroom to be huge enough so that the person can enter comfortably. Typically, this could mean expanding the doorway to as much as 36 inches in width in order to accommodate a turn from the hallway going to the bathroom.

In addition, once the person is already inside the bathroom sitting, the person may need to use the walker or wheelchair, which will need enough space to be able to move around completely. The turning radius should have about 60 inches of clear space within the middle of the bathroom space.

  • Sink and faucet accessibility – the sink and faucet accessibility could mean different things. In a bathroom that is used by someone with a wheelchair, the sink must be open underneath, such that the user can wheel straight up into it.

For someone who uses a walker, the bathroom sink might need to be higher than the usual. This way, the user will be able to stand straight against it without the need to bend or slump down. The faucet in a handicap accessible bathroom should also come with a lever handle that can be possibly turned around without having to grasp or touch the faucet.

  • Toilet accessibility – total heights of toilet will vary from a standard 15-inch from the floor to the seat rim, into a more accessible 17 to 19 inches, from the bottom to the seat rim. In order to meet with the handicap accessibility codes, the toilet should have a minimum height of 17 inches. If the person who will be using the bathroom will need to use a wheelchair or that he or she is someone with limited mobility, then grab bars should installed on both sides of the toilet.
  • Tub and shower – an easy accessible tub or shower should come with several components. First, the tubs should be fitted with a vacuum-sealed door. The door is opened wide in order to allow for the user to get in and out and the door will be automatically sealed shut with less effort. The showers can be roll-in and should have no curb that could be a hindrance to the wheelchair user.

There are indeed lots of things involved in a handicap accessibility-remodeling project. By hiring the right remodeling company for the job, making your home to become disable-friendly should be easy.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire the Local Handicap Accessibility Remodelers Near Me?

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