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Shoot Real Estate Photos Like a Pro with these Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips
If you want the best results, you have to hire a professional real estate photographer to take pictures of your home. This is very helpful if you’re in the process of selling your home. You’d want professionally-taken photos because it will show in the results.

Potential home buyers will see your pictures and get attracted to them. This will lead to them checking out your home. With the help of these pictures, you’ll have a lot of potential buyers ready to put in an offer.

On the other hand, a listing with no or bad pictures won’t get a second look from potential buyers. Needless to say, you won’t be able to sell your home if people won’t check out your listing.

What if You Don’t have the Budget for a Real Estate Photographer?

While most homeowners recognize the importance of hiring a pro, you can’t really do anything about it if you don’t have the budget for it. However, you’ll be happy to know that by following some real estate photography tips, you can take pictures like a pro.

Here are some tips that you can follow to take professional-looking photos:

Have the right equipment for the job.

This is not the time for your smartphone’s camera; no matter how awesome it is at taking pictures. You need a DSLR camera. In addition, you need the following tools and equipment:

    • Wide angle camera lens

This can help you take pictures with depth and details. Capturing these is very important when taking pictures of rooms inside homes. You wouldn’t want a room to look cramped, which will happen even if it’s not really cramped if you’re not going to use a wide angle camera lens.

    • Flash

We’re not talking about the pop-up flash of your DSLR because that’s not enough. You need a separate flash. Better yet, have several of them when you’re going to take pictures.

A single portable flash will be enough for smaller rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. But for bigger rooms like your living room, you need more than one.

TIP: You should also take advantage of natural light whenever you can. They’re the best form of lighting and can actually attract more buyers since they prefer homes that get a lot of natural light. Just make sure that the natural and artificial lights complement each other.

    • Light stands

You need these stands if you’re going to use more than one flash. Using these stands, you can place the flash strategically to ensure the best lighting results.

    • Tripod

Photos taken with a handheld camera often look blurry. This is because of the camera shake syndrome. You can avoid this by using a tripod. Complement this with a remote shutter release for best results.

Prepare the rooms for the shoot.

Models prepare themselves if they have a shoot. In the same manner, you should also prepare the rooms of your home for the shoot.

Basically, you’re going to stage the rooms. Here are the most important things that you need to do:

    • Remove personal effects.

They’re not going to help you in any way. In fact, they will lead to unprofessional pictures. They’re also not going to help you sell your home since buyers want to visualize living in the property that they’re considering. It’s kind of hard to do that if your personal effects are in the pictures.

    • Clean up.

This is self-explanatory. Clean up the mess.

    • Add props.

Props can provide that extra oomph to the pictures. You can use artwork, carpets, area rugs, and the likes. These props can also add effects to an otherwise boring room.

    • Let everyone in your family know about the shoot.

They shouldn’t be in the way. The last thing that you’d want is to have family members or their shadows in the pictures.

  • Focus on the room’s main selling points.

Do you feel as if your bedroom has a nice wall? Make sure to include that in the picture. Does your living room have this corner that can be converted into a reading corner? Stage that corner and turn it into a reading corner.

Align the picture.

Professionals will never take misaligned pictures. They’ll make sure that everything is vertically and horizontally aligned.

Shoot from around your belly area.

Professional real estate photographers will tell you that this is the perfect level when taking real estate pictures. It can be a little bit higher or lower depending on what you want focused, though.

Add life to the rooms.

No one’s going to look at pictures of boring rooms. You can easily add life to any room by adding color. You can add artwork. You can also literally add life by adding plants. Placing them against the wall is a good way to spruce up said wall, making an immediate impact on how that room looks.

A colorful bouquet of flowers can also help since they will literally add colors.

Take more than one shot of every room.

What you thought was the perfect shot may not be the best possible shot. This is why you have to take several shots of every room so you can compare later on. Take shots from different viewpoints and compositions.

With this in mind, prepare to spend several hours for the shoot. Consider this when you’re planning the shoot.

Don’t be afraid to edit

There’s no shame in editing pictures. In fact, it’s expected of professional real estate photographers to edit their pictures. You can use preset edits for quick editing. If you have the time to learn, there are advanced editing techniques that you can also take advantage of.

Choose the Best Photos

You don’t have to upload all of the shots. You just have to upload the shots needed to highlight the best features of your home. Compare the photos that you’ve taken with the help of your real estate agent so you can showcase the best one.