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The smoke detectors are commonly not the features of a home that ends up getting the most amount of attention although it is crucial to make sure that it works appropriately. The same is unfortunately often the case for fire sprinklers.

If you in fact don’t have a sufficient amount installed at current times, you should make sure to call smoke detector installation companies near you as soon as possible. It is very unfortunate that this little device is so important yet receives so little attention, since a well-functioning one will help save lives. The name itself explains what it does – detects smoke which can be because of a fire.

NFPA has estimated that roughly 2 out of 3 deaths in US households caused by fire are the result of smoke alarms where batteries are either not working or there are none, or an entire lack of smoke alarms in the home. You don’t want to end up part of those statistics.

There are different types of smoke alarms and detectors that you should know about.

You will want to place them in the places where they are the most likely to actually be able to detect smoke which includes on each of the different levels of the home and in each sleeping area. Because smoke goes upwards, the best place to put these devices is as high up as possible – on the ceiling. They also shouldn’t be placed right up against a wall and make sure no draft keeps potential smoke a way from the.

As with anything else, the people that best know how to install these are the smoke detector service companies. Not only will they know how to best install it in your home, they also know which type is likely the best option there, because there are different ones you can consider.

Types of Fire Alarms

The general shape of any sort of smoke detector is shaped like a thick plastic disk, although they come in different shapes depending on the specific model yore getting.

Ionization Smoke Alarm

A small current between two electrodes is caused by a little bit of radioactive material going through an ionization chamber. If smoke ends up entering the device, it disturbs the current which causes the alarm to go off. Fires that evolve very quickly will be the easiest for this device to detect.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

A small light source is used in this system and any smoke entering will disrupt the light source and the sensor will sense it, thereby activating the alarm. Slow smoldering fires is the ones that this system works best with.


There are also systems that use both of the techniques in order to detect smoke since the first mentioned one is best at detecting aggressive fires, while the photoelectric one more easily detects the more calm ones. It’s generally recommended that you have a combination to make sure that the system to detect fires is as good as possible.

Those are the three smoke detection systems, although the 4th fire alarm system is the heat detector.

Heat Detector

These are the types that have been around for the longest time, and for it to be activated the temperature must either reach a predetermined setting or cause a relatively quick increase in temperature.

Smoke detectors will go off more often on accident, although they will be able to detect a fire more rapidly, and they’re also the more effective option to go with.

There are different reasons to use heat detectors including if it’s a small room where the risk of fire is relatively high. There may also be other conditions that make it more optimal to go with.

For people that are hearing impaired, alarms using strobe lights will be able to show that a fire or smoke has been detected.

The Law Requires Their Installation

They need to be installed where they are most likely to actually have the desired outcome, and that means they’ll need to be installed according to the state laws required for your area, which includes the placement and number of devices needed. These requirements are generally determined by the National Fire Prevention Association and some states will have slightly different variations in their requirements.

At the very least, it’s required that they’re installed on each level of your home or commercial structure.

If you’re building new home construction, there are generally stricter rules than those that apply to older buildings. That also includes fire sprinklers, where they’re required to be installed in newly built residential homes in some states, including California. It also means that they must now include battery backup to ensure proper functioning even if there’s a power outage and stairways, garages and hallways could also be required to have them installed there.

If you get the units that are wired together, they are able to talk together, which means the detection of smoke in one room could cause other alarms to go off too. Although you are likely to notice an activated alarm if it uses sound, the ones using strobe lights are especially good to have connected to ensure everyone manages to get outside safely. Closed doors should not be the reason why anyone in the home doesn’t manage to make it outside.

Ask your local smoke detector installation contractors if the system they are going to install includes units that are wired together or not.

The Current Number of Smoke Detectors is Inadequate

Unfortunately most homes currently do not have the necessary smoke alarms to allow early detection of fires, meaning 90% of homes don’t live up to the requirements by simply having one alarm. Additionally, about 30% of the alarms that are currently installed are malfunctioning for one reason or another, which leaves them entirely useless.

A lack of batteries or ones that no longer work are the two most likely reasons why your current alarm didn’t go off when it should have. Although the alarms generally tend to warn homeowners when the batteries are running low, a lot of the systems end up getting removed because they bother the homeowners instead of actually getting fixed.

It should be part of your standard home maintenance checklist to ensure that they’re working. It’s better to check them one too many times than too few. This includes checking the alarms that are connected to your electrical system as they may have stopped working without you realizing. Batteries should generally be changes no less than two times per year, although newer systems are often also ensured by being connected with wires.

Ensure that Proper Fire Safety Measures are Taken

There are different fire hazards for you to be aware of in your home, and these include both fireplaces and space heaters. Make sure to watch out for space heaters and follow the manufacturers recommendations on replacing them, which generally means they shouldn’t be used for more than 10 years before being replaced.

If You’re Installing Now, Don’t Save on Your System

There are other things in your house where you may want to save some money, like you may look for slightly cheaper materials if you’re remodeling your home in order to save, however the one and only thing that matters with  smoke detectors is that they’re successful in alarming the residents of fires when there is one.

We highly encourage you to do a couple of things, that hopefully should come as no surprise to you after having read this article. One thing is to get a combination of smoke detectors that are wired together and have them installed as per the requirements of the local regulations and recommendations of the smoke alarm installation companies. Additionally, make sure that they’re inspected according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, and go for options that are hardwired with backup batteries.

This simply helps in ensuring that they won’t be malfunctioning by running out of battery.

Using hardwired ones may be a bit more expensive, but they drastically improve your chances when there’s a fire – remember two out of three deaths happen due to malfunctioning or missing detectors.

Models With a Backup Battery

A lot of smoke detectors are still run using batteries, and although it does have its limitations and you’re running the risk of them malfunctioning, that is still the current situation. They’re made so that they will start making loud noises with regular intervals when the batteries need to be changed, however something could still happen which would mean that might not happen.

Changing the batteries is how you’ll ensure to keep them running. There are ones that are made with lithium batteries with more capacity, meaning they’re able to function for up to 10 years, although the manufacturer’s recommendations are always the ones you will need to go by.

When you have any concerns or questions regarding the installation of the smoke detector, which can be anything from their repair, installation or service, you can always ask the relevant contractors. Some states even have specific licenses applying to contractors that are dealing with devices that would directly be affected by fire.

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