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4 Types of Fire Sprinklers to Ask Local Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me About

Fire sprinklers may seem unimportant at first but they are actually quite useful. A fire sprinkler system can save an entire house or building from burning down. This is one of the best prevention measures to have, especially in public establishments. Since fires and smokes are not easily noticed in a big structure, it is best to install a fire sprinkler system on the entirety of the building. This will not only prevent areas of the structure from burning down before firefighters arrive but will also alarm tenants about the situation.

Hence, if you are thinking about adding a safety feature to an establishment, consider hiring local fire sprinkler companies near me.

Types of Fire Sprinklers to Consider

Here are four types of fire sprinklers that you need to be familiar with. Knowing what these four types of fire sprinklers are and what their advantages are will help you choose the best one for your building. It will also allow you to select the one that will best suit your budget, your needs and your preferences.

  • Pre-action fire sprinkler

Pre-action fire sprinklers are systems filled with air and water. This allows the water to flow through the pipes when the alarm goes off. This kind of fire sprinkler system does not get triggered easily and takes two triggers for it to be set off. This is to ensure that the sprinklers will only work if there is actual fire that needs dousing.

The pre-action fire sprinkler is often used in libraries and other types of establishments that contain a lot of materials and equipment that can be damaged by water. Since books, electronics, art pieces and other non-waterproof items can easily be damaged by water, pre-action fire sprinklers are used so that the system will not be set off instantly.

If your building or office has a lot of documents and equipment that can get easily damaged with water, it would be best to choose this type of sprinkler. It will prevent materials and equipment from getting damaged from false alarms, which can happen on public establishments.

  • Dry type fire sprinkler

Dry pipe fire sprinklers are like pre-action sprinklers but the pipes are loaded with pressurized air. After a minute of pressurized air release, the water comes out to put off the fire. The water does not stay on the pipes to prevent it from freezing. This allows the water to be sprinkled easily on the area immediately.

This type of fire sprinkler system does not combine air and water and uses water only when sprinkling for faster action. Warehouses, where a lot of goods can be damaged, are often the areas where this type of fire sprinkle is installed. Since warehouses are bigger, they need faster action systems to ensure that fires are put out before it causes damage.

This is an ideal fire sprinkler system in areas where pipes get frozen a lot. Colder cities will benefit from this type of sprinkler system because the water is not stagnant on the pipes. This prevents frozen pipes, which saves time when water is actually needed.

  • Wet pipe fire sprinkler

A low maintenance fire sprinkler system that is often installed in high-rise buildings is the wet pipe sprinkler system. This type of sprinkler system always has water in the pipes. This allows instant action, which enables the system to douse fires instantly and efficiently.

Since the fire sprinkler pipes always have water in them, air is not needed to be injected. This requires lesser amount of energy to maintain. It also requires fewer machineries to operate and maintain, making it the most popular option.

Since it takes a lot of time for water to reach all the pipes in a building, particularly on higher floors, it is ideal to choose the wet pipe fire sprinkler system for offices and high-rise buildings. This will ensure that the time it will take for the water to reach the sprinklers is minimal. It will prevent fires from getting bigger, which will guarantee the safety of the building and the tenants in it.

  • Deluge fire sprinkler

Deluge fire sprinklers are like pre-action fire sprinklers since they need a smoke or heat detector for them to be activated. The difference is that it has open nozzles that allow people to use it when there is flammable liquid spilled on the floor.

Because of this feature, this type of fire sprinkler is often used in industrial buildings and production areas. This is also recommended for structures where a lot of flammable liquids are stored or used.

Of course, since this type of fire sprinkler has open nozzles, it uses more water than the other fire sprinkler systems mentioned above. Hence, building owners that have this type of system installed also have fire sprinkler installers set up several water tanks. This is to ensure that the water used in the fire sprinklers will not easily run out, especially while it is being used in an emergency.

If you want to have this kind of fire sprinkler system, you need to make sure that there is enough space for the water tanks to be installed. This way, you can use the advantages of deluge fire sprinkler and not run out of water during an emergency.

Knowing more about different types of fire sprinklers will not only allow you to save money and time on the project. It will enable you to have the best defense the establishment needs against fire. Since fires are destructive, you need to ensure that your fire sprinkler system can handle the job.

Consider the size of the structure where the fire sprinkler system will be installed. Make it a point that the budget will be enough to cover the entire building. Since accidents and fires can happen anywhere, do not assume that there will be places where it is unlikely for fires to happen. Protect the entire building and make sure that the entire system is working properly. Have the fire sprinkler system inspected regularly to guarantee that it won’t fail when it is needed.