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Everything You Need to Know About Local Stamped Concrete Contractors Near Me

Colored and stamped patio that’s made of concrete is just the perfect decorative flooring for any outdoor setting, offering a comfortable and welcoming entertaining area where you and your loved ones could spend some time relaxing. But aside from the aesthetic benefits, the stamped concrete is also known for its superior durability and excellent weather resistance.

More and more homeowners are now realizing that a stamped concrete patio will be able to give their outdoor space a high-end look of natural stone, but at a very low cost. Contractors usually charge around $15 for every square foot of stamped concrete while the pavers will usually cost around $20 per square foot. Real bluestone or flagstone is at around $30.  In addition, the money you get to save for installing stamped concrete patio can be possibly set aside for some other enhancements for your outdoor space, like a beautiful concrete fire pit or pergola.

The stamped concrete patio provides you with a wide array of options, something that may not be possible with other patio materials. The patio can simply be poured at any shape or size in order to fit in the space. You can also choose from the various stone and brick patterns and there’s also the wood grained texture.

With the use of stains, antiquing agents and powdered pigments, the local stamped concrete contractors near me will be able to color your patio in order to make it look identical with the natural stone and they can also customize the color to complement well with your outdoor landscape and the overall façade of your home.  In some cases, decorative borders can be added on the patio in a contrasting pattern and color in order to make it look even more attractive.

Why Would You Opt for a Stamped Concrete?

If you are not yet convinced that the stamped concrete is worth investing for, then here are more reasons why you should choose the stamped concrete.

  • Beautiful and affordable – work stamped concrete maintains the practicality of concrete and transforms it into a beautiful surface filled with aesthetic appeal. It helps to recreate the natural beauty of a ceramic, stone, rocks, bricks and even wood. But the cost of a stamped concrete is definitely more competitive and the installation time is usually more rapid.
  • It’s a practical choice – the stamped concrete is usually made of a monolithic concrete slab and thus, it is not subject to settling or sinking.  This is the huge difference between a reinforced concrete slab and natural stone or unit pavers, where, all of these are more sensitive when it comes to thermal shocks.

The stamped concrete patio eliminates any issues concerning weeds growing in between individual units and slabs that are created are ideal for roads, walking and cycling paths, pedestrian areas, pavements and even shopping malls and hotels.

  • Solid and resistant – there are cases where the flooring should be able to support each and every heavy load, for instance, access garages and ramps, car parks and others. For as long as you treat the surfaces well and if you use special hardeners before you stamp, the stamped concrete will be able to achieve the desired color you want and it can also double as a normal resistance for wear and tear and abrasions, unlike what the normal concrete does.
  • Easy to maintain – when it comes to maintenance, there is no need to worry about the stamped concrete. The designs and colors will remain unchanged for several years to come and are integral to the concrete slabs.

Moreover, the concrete has added resistance to ultraviolet rays and will not require any specific maintenance. Every day, the floors can simply be swept and washed like you would with other concrete surfaces, which helps to ensure that the original characteristics of the stamped concrete will remain unchanged.

  • Suitable for all climate – the stamped flooring is usually treated with special care by applying protective resin that makes it to become resistant to dust, molds and absorption. Thus, they are guaranteed to be stain-proof.

On areas that have cold climates, the flooring is subject to freezing and thawing cycles or is being exposed regularly to saltwater. It is also possible to put a special sealant on it in order to make the surface saltwater repellant and to make it highly resistant to extreme agents.

  • Quick to install – unlike other typical concrete flooring for outdoor use, the stamped concrete floors are very rapid to install. There is no need to screed them. As soon as the surface is ready, it is possible to cast the concrete.

In addition, there is no need to create any containment edges since the surface will be created in a unique cast in place of the concrete slab. The local stamped concrete contractors can finish the installation within only a day, although this sometimes depends on the season and the size of the area.

For a 200 square meter area, they can get the stamped concrete installed in a matter of four to five days. The area is then ready to be walked on after only a few hours since completion.

How to Hire the Best Stamped Concrete Contractor

Stamped concrete installation is a delicate and complicated process that will require the knowledge and expertise of the experts. Your local stamped concrete installer can apply the design effects on the surface area while the concrete is still wet. This is a tricky part and will entail careful planning, which will also depend on the wind direction. Moreover, the concrete must be strategically poured in so it is easy to stamp it without marring any of the nearby section.

When you hire a contractor, make sure that you choose those that specialize in stamped concrete installation. As mentioned, this process will require the use of some special tools and the staff that will organize the installation has to undergo a special training as well. Before you decide to hire them, you should ask the service provider about what experiences they have when it comes to pouring stamped concrete.

You also need to ask the contractor for contacts of past clients. If possible, ask for the contact number and addresses of their past clients and see if you can drive by to check the work they have done.

It is also important to check the credentials of the company. Most of the state and local trade licenses for this kind of job usually falls under the home improvement and repair categories. You also need to verify the insurance and bonding of the company you intend to hire.

The design ideas for your stamped concrete are endless. Before you hire the contractors, you have to first discuss with them your design inspirations. If possible, show them a picture of the design you are considering and provide them with details regarding the design.

After the installation, you can expect possible maintenance for your stamped concrete. Usually, the concrete could last up to 20 years, and will only require less maintenance as compared to other paving materials. You need to ask the contractors regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the stamped concrete.

Everything You Need to Know About Local Stamped Concrete Contractors Near Me

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