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Stamped concrete offers a lot of decorative characteristics you as a homeowner might be interested in. It can be used for a range of different things, providing a welcoming atmosphere. With it you can create the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family, or simply a nice space where you can go to relax. It’s not just aesthetic, it is also a more durable option than other materials you may choose to go with, providing great weather resistance.

Homeowners across the country are realizing that with local stamped concrete contractors near you, they’re able to build a lot of beautiful things around the house. You can get a high-end look without having to pay the high price that other materials provide. The cost of the work will depend on the different details you want done, but it’s still available at a very competitive price.

You get a lot of different options that you won’t be getting if you instead choose a different material for your patio. With it comes a material that can be poured to work with the space you have available and you can choose the different patterns making the concrete resemble brick or other materials. With the money saved from using this material, you could possibly look into hiring a carpenter to create you a beautiful pergola.

Different stains, pigments and antiquing agents all help in providing the different patterns and colors you want to best match your home. You can create the exact style you want that truly complements your home.

Besides being called stamped concrete, it also goes under the names of imprinted concrete and textured. It’s commonly made in such a way that it looks like either wood, brick, tile, flagstone and slate. While popular for patios, it’s also very popular for both driveways and decks.

As well as being easier to maintain than wood or other materials that it tries to look like, the price tag is often lower and with less maintenance. A wooden patio will need staining every couple of years to ensure that it keeps its beautiful looks.

Ideally, in order to increase your home’s value by as much as possible, you will want to blend it well with all the other options of your home, and the possibilities when it comes to what can be pressed into the concrete are many.

When it comes time to get started on your stamped concrete project, we encourage you to use the form at the top of the page which makes it easy for you to get quotes from competing decorative concrete contractors.

Other Benefits of Stamped Concrete

We’ve already presented a lot of reasons why stamped concrete is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, but there are in fact more reasons too.

  • Design options and its price tag – we’ve already mentioned the many aesthetic options you have with this material as it can mimic other materials very successfully even if it can often be significantly cheaper, especially if you consider the lifetime of the material.
  • Practical aspects – not only is it an affordable option you can go with, because of the way it is installed, it is not prone to sinking or settling if installed properly, which may be a problem with certain other materials.

If you want an option that is good when it comes to avoiding weeds, that is also the case here, and this is just one more reason why it is so popular in different settings like hotels, shopping malls and more.

  • Solid and resistant – its durability and solid surface makes it great for purposes that need to be able to withstand heavy loads, and the stamped concrete is great even in those cases, meaning it can be used for driveways and , among other things. Different products may be used in order to obtain the appearance you truly desire.
  • How quickly it is installed – some materials take longer to install than others, but stamped concrete is relatively fast to install, which is also one of the reasons it is so affordable.

If you simply need to have a small installation done, these can take as little as a day, although larger areas, will take slightly longer. An area of 2,000 square feet will usually take a small team of local stamped concrete patio contractors around 4 days or so, and it takes no more than a few hours before you may start using it, although you will want to follow the recommendations provided to you.

  • Easy to maintain – the maintenance part is truly why a lot of people want to use it. With barely any maintenance you can get a place in your backyard that you’ll be enjoying without having the need to spend your Sunday afternoons dealing with excessive amounts of maintenance.

They’re great since they’re built to have resistance against ultraviolet light that otherwise cause other materials to fade in color, and everything you will need to do is simply to wash and sweep it on occasion when dirt makes it to the floor, thereby keeping its original glory.

  • Weather resistant – the installation of the material will include the addition of protective coatings and products that makes it able to withstand different things such as mold and dust better, and they also help in making the surface less likely to stain if something is spilled on it.

Depending on local climates, you may choose to have coatings added that keeps the damaging effects of large amounts of salt in the air limited and you will need to consult with your contractor to hear their recommendations on the topic as well what they think is the best option given where you live.

Hiring the Right Company for Your Project

Doing the installation of stamped concrete is not a project that homeowners should try themselves as it’s not just difficult, but can cause problems if done incorrectly. With their help, the right designs and patterns can be made, although it must be done so at the right time, when the concrete hasn’t had time to dry yet. As we already mentioned, the material dries relatively quickly in a matter of hours and this process therefore needs to be done correctly and timed well to ensure no problems happen. In addition, you need to also take the wind direction and its strength into consideration since these factors change the pace that it dries with.

When hiring for the project, you will want to make sure you choose someone that has extensive knowledge and experience with the specific type of project you’re hoping to have done. It should always be a contractor who is willing to answer any and all questions you may have and that can provide different references that you can check out also. The best option is even if you’re able to go and see the projects that they made and see the quality of their work.

The better you are able to explain what it you want done, the easier it will also be to work with the contractor on the project. Is it a commercial project, or a seamless one, one that mimics stone or wood, or is it used for your pool deck, driveway or patio? These are all important considerations you will need to make. Don’t worry, you can always ask the contractor for recommendations.

There are so many options for you to go with.

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