How to find out if a contractor is licensed and insured?

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How do I find out if my contractor is licensed and insured? The different states will have different requirements for contractors and tradesmen, but if they require a license for the specific kind of work, they will keep a list of all license holders at either state, municipality or city-level.

Since the different states have such different license requirements, it’s impossible to accurately generalize, although there are some trends that are seen across most states. For example, plumbers and electricians are often licensed at state-level, while a lot of other trades are regulated and licensed at city-level.

If a trade is licensed at state-level in your state, you can often go online and check a contractors’ license. In other instances you will need to call the city’s building department and ask them, or find the full list of contractors that they may have posted on their website.

Use the navigation bar to the right to find the state that you live in and see the licensing information regarding the type of contractor you’re trying to work with. We have combined all the different licensing information you will need as well as contact information to contractor boards in the different states, whom you can contact for additional information.

As soon as you start talking about projects worth more than a couple hundred dollars, most states start requiring that these contractors have licenses, insurance and show bond ability for situations where things go wrong between the pro and the homeowner.

Work done by a contractor will occasionally not live up to the expectations you have, and when that’s the case, your best chance is to reach out to the licensing board and asking what the normal procedure is in a situation like that.

When you contract with licensed contractors and something does not go according to plan, you are in a much stronger situation, especially since you could end up being held liable for worker accidents on sight for unlicensed contractors. If you start working with an unlicensed tradesman, and you’re pretty much on your own when something goes wrong.

A contractor should be proud to show you their license, workers’ compensation and insurance policies to ensure that you, as a homeowner feel safe contracting with them. Get a certificate of insurance from the insurance company showing that they have the insurance they claim to have, and that the policies are still active to this day. You can generally get such certificates without having to pay for them, and it will let you sleep more comfortably at night knowing all the work being done in your home is being done as per the required professional standards.

To continue your home improvement journey, read about the specific licensing requirements in your state or save money on your project by getting quotes from up to four contractors by going here.