2019 Oklahoma Contractor Licenses: Lookup/Search, Roofing, Electrical

Getting a contractor license in the state of Oklahoma (or any state for that matter) requires years of dedication and hard work. The steps to get there, however, are filled to brimming with bureaucratic red tape — and understandably so.

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As such, we’ve decided to make the process a bit easier for you through this comprehensive guide.  This article provides you with all the necessary information that will guide your journey towards becoming a licensed contractor in Oklahoma.

General contractors in Oklahoma are not required to have state licenses to render construction services, although there might be local requirements they need to fulfill. Check the laws of your locality to be on the safe side.

If you’re a non-resident contractor who’s planning to move to the state, bear in mind that you’re required to provide a Notice of Contract (Form BT-175) to the following agencies:

  1. Oklahoma Tax Commission, Taxpayer Assistance Division
  2. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
  3. Oklahoma Department of Labor, Worker Compensation Division
  4. The County Assessor’s Office of the county in which the work is to be done

For contracts exceeding $100,000, non-resident contractors have to provide a “Non-resident Contractor’s Bond” amounting to three times the estimated tax liability incurred under said contract or 10% of the contract’s amount.

To register as a non-resident contractor in Oklahoma, you need to fill out the Oklahoma Business Registration Packet along with your signature.

If you’re a contractor providing specialized construction services such as plumbing, home inspections, building inspections, electrical services, roofing, or mechanical services, you’ll need to obtain your license from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB).

Oklahoma Construction Industries Board

2401 NW 23rd St., Suite 2F

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

(405) 521-6550

(877) 484-4424

Why Homeowners Need To Hire a Contractor With a License

If you’re a homeowner, it’s in your best interests to ensure that your home is in good condition and well-maintained (check out this guide on home maintenance). It’s always nice to have a good handyman (or handywoman) in the house. But when it comes to major construction jobs such as a full-scale bathroom remodel or the installation of roof vents, you’ll have to give up the toolbox and let professionals do all the work.

It might cost you money, but in the end, hiring a licensed contractor will prove to be more cost-efficient and convenient. Here are three major reasons:

  1. A licensed contractor will do the job in a more systematic manner, ensuring that everything has been accounted for.
  2. 100% compliance to city or state ordinances or requirements.
  3. Hiring a licensed contractor gives you insurance (the contractor will take responsibility for any damages that may happen during the home construction or renovation).

Contractor License Lookup and Search in Oklahoma

You can visit the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board’s website to look up contractor licenses in the state of Oklahoma. Once you’re there, go to the Consumers section and click on Are They Licensed? Pick the relevant industry and then enter the information in the required fields.

In such cases where licensing or registration information is temporarily unavailable or potentially inaccurate, you can contact the CIB offices at 405-521-6550. Searching for the contractor’s license is a good security measure to increase the chance that your project goes well.

Building Inspector’s Licenses

The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB) website provides specific steps on how to be a licensed building inspector in the state of Oklahoma. As stated on the website, you have to do any of the following to secure a license.

  • Present proof that you have passed a nationally-recognized exam approved by the Committee for each trade classification. Those who want to get a residential license will have to pass the residential exam. To get an unlimited license, you need to pass both residential and commercial exams.
  • Present a provisional license pending report of passing examination, including certification issued by your political subdivision and the required fees.”

To apply for a license, you need to fill out the Building Inspector License Application form.  After the board has reviewed your application, they will soon contact you to ask further questions. Once approved, you will be given an ‘Eligibility ID’ and instructions on scheduling through the Prometric Testing Center website.

Do you need more information about the Building Inspector exams? Go to the CIB website’s Testing/Exam Information page for relevant links.

The license fee costs $35 whether you qualify for one category or all categories.

You can send the completed application form along with a check or money order covering the license fee to Construction Industries Board offices (refer to the aforementioned address and contact numbers).

If you have any other questions or concerns about the licensing requirements for Building Inspectors, you can go to the Rules and Laws for Building and Construction Inspector Regulations page on the CIB website.

Home Inspector’s Licenses

A home inspector is a professional who inspects, analyzes, and assesses the structure and components of a home to ensure there aren’t any potential problems.

To get a full scope of a licensed home inspector’s responsibilities, you can refer to The Standard of Practice released by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Home Inspection Training Program

Do you want to become a licensed home inspector in Oklahoma? To get started, you need to take a 90-hour pre-licensing course approved by CIB’s Board of Directors.

After completing 90 hours of home inspection training, you become eligible to take the National Home Inspector Exam. Test appointments are scheduled through the PSI website.

According to state regulations, 31 states, including Oklahoma, require professional contractors to pass the National Home Inspector Exam before qualifying for a home inspection license.

You also have the option to take online training courses to facilitate your training and increase your chances of passing the exam. AHIT’s Online Home Inspector Certification Course is one such course, offering comprehensive training that will arm you with the skills needed to further your career in home inspection. According to AHIT’s official website, 90% of their graduates have passed the exam on the first try.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll be provided with the contact information of the third party test vendor who will then provide you with examination details, including the time, place, and date.

For complete information on home inspection licensing go to the Home Inspection Industry Regulations document found on the CIB website.

Should you join a Home Inspector Association?

While it’s not required, joining a home inspector association can provide you with new opportunities for facilitating your home inspection training, not to mention offer certifications that will enhance your credibility in the industry. This, of course, increases your value as a home inspector, opening more doors for employment and big projects. Real estate agents are also more likely to hire those who have additional certifications issued by a legitimate third party.

Electrician’s Licenses

Electricians are skilled professionals that perform specialized and dangerous work and are thus required to comply with strict licensing requirements before they can legally practice their trade.

To become a licensed electrician in the state of Oklahoma, you have to fulfill the requirements of apprenticeship, earn a Journeyman license, and pass the Master Electrician Exam.

Lookup electrical licenses for contractors in Oklahoma right here.

Becoming an Electrical Apprentice

To be eligible for an apprenticeship, the following requirements must be first met.

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Obtain a high-school diploma
  • Pass an aptitude test
  • Pass a criminal background check and register with the Construction Industries Board.

To apply for an apprenticeship, you need to fill out the Apprentice Application form. (please note that the apprentice card will expire one year after it is issued). The application fee is $25 ( $20 registration fee and $5 application fee).

You also have to request the licensed contractor who’ll be employing you to fill out the required information and sign on the application form.

Before you can begin work as an electrical apprentice, you have to complete an Alarm Endorsement Application form as required by Electrical Industry regulations on alarm endorsements.

Training as an Electrical Apprentice

As an electrical apprentice, you can work full time with a local company and receive a competitive wage. Your job may vary and depend on the scope of work that the employing company is carrying out. You’ll get hands-on training and experience working on-site under the guidance and instruction of a licensed electrical contractor.

To qualify as a licensed Journeyman electrician in Oklahoma, the apprentice must provide documentation of 8,000 hours of work experience in the electrical trade and a minimum of 576 hours of classroom instruction over four years. As is the case with every on-the-job training program, you start by doing basic tasks and are eventually given higher responsibilities as you acquire more knowledge and experience.

Apprentices are allowed to work with no more than two apprentices employed by the same licensed Journeyman or contractor.

Once you’ve completed all the requirements, you can apply for a Journeyman’s license. You will be required to pay a $75 license fee (License $50.00 / Processing $25.00).

Working as a Journeyman Electrician

After passing the test, you become a certified Journeyman Electrician. As a journeyman, you can render services either as an independent electrician or as a contractor’s employee in residential, commercial, industrial and utility settings.

As a Journeyman Electrician, your next step in the career ladder is to acquire a Master Electrician License.  There are work experience requirements you have to meet before you become eligible for the test. That said, Journeyman Electricians are offered more employment opportunities since their scope of work has broadened at this point.

Earning a Master Electrician’s License

You can become a licensed Master Electrician after working two years as a Journeyman Electrician and passing the Master Electrician Exam. After your application has been given the green light, you will be scheduled for a test appointment through the PSI website.

Due to their expertise and experience, Master Electricians can charge more for their services.

A Master Electrician License also allows you to operate an electrical contracting business and hire other electricians.

Mechanical Contractor’s Licenses

If you’re new to the mechanical industry and want to work as a certified mechanic in Oklahoma in the future, you’ll have to obtain a license from CIB as well. The path towards getting a license is nearly similar to the one taken by licensed electricians. You have to train as an apprentice and then gain experience as a Journeyman before you can take the Mechanical exam.

Training as a Mechanical Apprentice

As an apprentice, you have to do on-the-job training under the guidance and employ of a licensed Mechanical Contractor. Before starting, you need to apply for an Apprentice Registration card by completing the Apprentice Application form. The form has to be signed by the Contractor who’ll be supervising your work hours during your apprenticeship period.

An apprentice mechanic has to complete a minimum of 8,000 on-the-job training hours and 576 hours of class instruction over the course of 4 years. Apprentices are only allowed to work with no more than three apprentices under the employ of one certified Journeyman or contractor.

Most apprentice mechanics are tasked to work in a light vehicle mechanic environment. Even as an apprentice, they need to have a keen eye for detail in order to spot and diagnose equipment irregularities and malfunctions.

After completing all requirements under the apprentice program, you can start applying to become a Journeyman. But first, you need to apply for a license by completing the Mechanical Journeyman License Application form.

Before you can apply for a Journeyman license, you must be at least eighteen years of age and have three years of work experience in the mechanical trade.

After your application is approved, the Board will provide you with the contact information of the testing vendor. The testing vendor will then provide you with the date, time, and location of your examination.

You will obtain a Journeyman License after passing the exam. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Journeyman exam, visit the Testing/Exam Information page on the CIB website to get

Working as a Journeyman Mechanic

To qualify as a master mechanic, a Journeyman must complete at least 4,000 hours of work experience as a Journeyman or equivalent experience as decided by the Board.

The licensing process towards becoming a Master Mechanic consists of many levels, with each one requiring a different exam before the respective license is issued to the applicant.

For complete information on Mechanical Licensing rules set by the Construction Industries, go to the Board’s General Provisions subchapter published on the CIB website.

Becoming a Master Mechanic

Once you’ve earned the required hours of work experience as a Journeyman, you can apply for a  license as a Master Mechanic by completing the Mechanical Contractor License Application form.  For complete testing information, refer to the CIB website. To acquire a contractor license, you must meet the same requirements as those of a Journeyman with an additional one year of experience in the mechanical trade.

Working as a Contractor

After passing the exams, your license remains inactive until you provide CIB with proof of bond and insurance.

Once approved, the board will activate your license. As a licensed contractor, you’ll be able to start and manage your own contracting business. To apply for a business license, you need to complete the Mechanical Contractor License Application form.

Plumber’s Licenses

Plumbing is one of the trickiest parts of home maintenance, and it is for this reason why every homeowner is encouraged to hire licensed plumbers when their drains are clogged or their pipes are busted.

In the state of Oklahoma, homeowners are required to hire a licensed plumber to get the job done. That means employment opportunities for those involved in the trade.

Working in the plumbing trade is rife with employment opportunities. That said, obtaining a Master Plumber license will significantly increase your income.

Minimum Requirements to become a plumber:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must obtain either a high school diploma or GED.
  • You have to pass a basic math test.
  • You have to pass a drug test.
  • You need to be computer literate.
  • You must receive training at either a community college program or a trade school.
  • You must complete an apprenticeship program.

Training as an Apprentice Plumber

As an apprentice plumber, it’s recommended that you work under the employ of a licensed Journeyman or a Master Plumber. You are only allowed to work with no more than three apprentices under one licensed Journeyman or contractor. You have to complete at least 2,000 on-the-job hours under the apprenticeship program and take 246 hours of classroom instruction.

You can complete your apprenticeship either through a plumbing union or a plumbing company.

Once you have completed all the requirements under the apprenticeship program, you can start applying for the Journeyman exam.

To become eligible for the exam, you must be at least eighteen years of age and have completed ANY of the following requirements:

  • Three years of working experience as an apprentice plumber while employed by a licensed plumbing contractor.
  • Three years of experience working as a plumber while serving in the U.S. military.
  • A verifiable out-of-state plumbing license that is current and in good standing

Once the board has approved your application, they will provide you with the contact information of the testing vendor who will then fill you in on your examination schedule.

Working as a Journeyman Plumber

A Journeyman Plumber has to work in the plumbing trade under a licensed plumbing contractor. Now serving a function broader than that of an apprentice, a Journeyman can supervise up to three apprentice plumbers both on small and large projects.

Applicants applying for a contractor license has to meet requirements similar to those of a journeyman plus an additional year of work experience in the plumbing trade.

Earning a Plumber Contractor License

To apply for a plumber contractor license, you must satisfy the same requirements as a journeyman but with an additional year of working experience in the plumbing trade. Once these requirements are met, you need to complete the Application for Plumbing Examination form. After final approval, the board will schedule an examination appointment through PSI.

Roofing Contractor’s Licenses in the State of Oklahoma

Being a roofer is one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. It can also be financially-rewarding if you’re good at the trade, especially if you’re a certified roofing contractor.

Professional roofers are highly in demand, especially during stormy months. Considering the frequency of storms in some major cities in Oklahoma, earning a license as a roofing contractor in the state can open up opportunities for more financially-rewarding projects.

Minimum requirements to become a roofer

Unlike with most specialized jobs, venturing into a roofing career doesn’t have specific education requirements. That said, some basic training in math, blueprint reading, and mechanical drawing can come in handy when doing roofing jobs.

While also not required, it is encouraged that you go through a roofing apprenticeship program.

The Path towards Roofing Licensing

If you’re new to the roofing trade and want to gain more credentials and hands-on experience, the best course of action is to work with a certified roofing contractor.

To become a licensed roofing contractor in Oklahoma, you have to register first with the CIB Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.

To obtain a Roofing Contractor Registration, you must provide CIB with the completed application form, along with proof of compliance with workers’ compensation laws, proof of lawful presence, and the required fees.

Once your registration is approved, you’ll be eligible to take the contractor’s exam.

To pass the examination, it’s in your best interests to do the necessary preparations. There are many resources — both online and offline — that can provide you with the training materials that can increase your chances of passing. For a comprehensive list of such resources, you can refer to CSLB’s study guide.

To get a full list of examination procedures as well as the PSI examination centers in Oklahoma, refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin found on the CIB website.

You’ll be eligible to apply for a roofing contractor license after passing the test, To proceed, submit all required documentation to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. These requirements include proof of identity, work experience, test results, background and credit checks, and a licensing fee. Failure to register could get you fined an amount of $500.

As a certified roofer, you are required to renew your state license and any commercial endorsement annually as required in the state of Oklahoma.

Biggest Cities

In this section, we provide you with contractor licensing information for each of the biggest cities in the state of Oklahoma. While most contractor professions require a license on the state level, there might be regulations specific to your locale that you might be required to meet.

Oklahoma City

Contractors involved in the plumbing, electrical, building, mechanical trades are required to acquire a city license to render their services in Oklahoma City.

Step 1

Obtain a state license from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB).

Step 2

Present the following documents:

Step 3

Bring the required documents to the Development Services Department in Oklahoma City.

420 W Main St., 8th floor

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

(405) 297-2606

Click the respective link below to see the separate licensing procedure for each contractor type

City of Norman

The City of Norman’s official government website states under its Permits & Licenses page that Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing contractors must have an active license with the State of Oklahoma before they work within the city.


For contractor licensing related questions, you can contact City of Norman’s Development Services Division through the following information:

Building Permits and lnspections

201-A W. Gray St. Norman OK 73069

Permits: {405) 366-5339

Automated lnspections:(405) 356-5333

Fax: (405) 366-5445

Website: www.normonok.gov

Broken Arrow

If you have any contractor licensing related questions, you can contact the One Stop Center at (918) 259-2411.

You can also visit their office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Location is at the north end of City Hall, 220 S. First Street Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

For 24/7 online help, you can go to Broken Arrow’s official website under Permits and Licensing.


According to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Lawton, the city will issue a contractor’s certificate to every applicant who can present the following requirements:

If you have any questions related to contractor licensing, you can contact City of Lawton’s License & Permits Division through the following information.


Main Phone Line: (580) 581-3360

Additional Line: (580) 581-3361

Additional Line: (580) 581-3365

Inspection Line: (580) 581-3362


(580) 581-3479

You can pay their offices a visit from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday through the following address:


License & Permits Division

212 SW 9th Street

Lawton, OK73501-3944

United States


No specific information about contractor licenses can be found on the City of Edmond’s official website. If you want to be a licensed contractor in the city, you can contact their offices at 405-348-8830.

You can pay the City of Edmond’s offices through the following address:

24 East 1st St.

Edmond, OK 73034


The City of Moore requires contractors for plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and roofing work to be licensed to render services within the city limits. You can apply for a city license at the Community Development Department.


  • Copy of your state-issued license
  • License fee of $135
  • Copy of liability insurance not less than $500,000 (for roofing contractors)
  • Workman Comp insurance (for roofing contractors)

Midwest City

Both contractors and journeymen are required to obtain a city license to work in Midwest City. Licenses are expected to expire every 30th of June and contractors and journeymen can renew their licenses between June 1 and August 15 every year.

You can submit all required documents to:

City of Midwest City

Attn: Community Development Clerk

100 N. Midwest Blvd.

Midwest City, OK 73110

Email address:  commdev@midwestcityok.org

Please call 739-1210 or 739-1211 if you have any questions.

License Fees

Plumbing Contractor $300.00 $50.00
Plumbing Journeyman $5.00 $5.00
Electrical Contractor $300.00 $100.00
Electrical Journeyman $30.00 $20.00
Mechanical Contractor Limited $150.00 $65.00
Mechanical Journeyman Limited $10.00 $5.00
Mechanical Contractor Unlimited $170.00 $75.00
Mechanical Journeyman Unlimited $10.00 $5.00
Sign Contractor $100.00 $100.00
Paving Contractor $20.00 $20.00
Roofing Contractor $150.00 $75.00
House Moving Contractor $20.00 $20.00


Contractors who want to work within the city limits of Enid are required to acquire a city license from the office of the City Clerk (address: 401 West Owen K. Garriott Road, Enid, OK 73701)


License Fees

Electrical Contractor – $300

Mechanical Contractor – $300

Plumbing Contractor – $300

Roofing Contractor – $10


Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors are required to register for a trade license to work in the City of Stillwater.


You can mail the requirements to the Development Services through the following address:

723 S. Lewis, P.O. Box 1449 Stillwater Oklahoma

You can call their offices at 74076-1449 or email to digitals@stillwater.org

Contractors License Reciprocity

Moving to another state has its attendant challenges, even more so if you need to acquire another license to practice your profession. Thankfully, some states enter into a reciprocity agreement with each other to get rid of the bureaucratic challenges involved. When such an agreement between two states is in place, a licensed contractor from one state will be able to perform his services in the other without having to retake the trade exams.

The state of Oklahoma has reciprocity agreements for Electrical Journeyman with the following states:

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