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The Best Local Hardscape Contractors Near You Can Make Magic in Your Yard

Are you thinking of building a garden in your yard? If so, then make sure that you also plan for your hardscape. Hardscape is basically the inorganic part of your garden, such as the pergolas and walkways. It is important that you put a strong emphasis on this part of your garden if your goal is to improve the overall look of your home exterior.

Your hardscaping must be planned carefully and it should be something that you can integrate with the plants in your garden. You can perhaps create a flow by combining hardscape features to convert your garden into a beautiful magical place. Just imagine yourself strolling along the rustic cobblestone paths that will lead to a charming pergola or you can simply emerge from your backyard pool just in time to prepare supper at an adjacent patio.

Hardscaping is basically a term that is used to refer to the hard elements and nonliving features of a garden landscape. This usually includes anything from walkways and decks to edging, as well as ornamental features in your yard. It can be formal or informal, but it usually depends on the overall style of your home exterior as well as the surrounding landscapes too.

When it comes to hardscaping, the textural variety will really matter and must be carefully taken into consideration. Using only one material or texture may make the area appear lifeless and dull. On the other hand, using too many textures can also make the entire surroundings appear cluttered and unattractive.

Hardscape Contractors Can Balance your Hardscape Features

The local hardscape contractors near you can help to find the right balance for your hardscaping. It is generally much better to choose no more than two to three textures and hardscape materials. These must be both visually appealing and can complement with the exterior features of your home as well. It should also come with the right colors.

When designing your garden’s hardscape elements, make sure that you also consider the drainage patterns. If planned carefully well, the hardscape gardening features can help to improve the overall appearance of your home exteriors.

Common Hardscape Features

In addition to the decks, patios and driveways, as well as outside structures, there are several different kinds of hardscaping features that you can choose from. Paths and walkways are among the most common elements within any landscape, and these are oftentimes designed using hardscape materials like pavers, bricks, flagstones and woodchips.

Retaining walls that are made of concrete blocks, rocks and other similar items are also among the most common hardscape features. You might also find that hardscaping features like stone or wooden steps, as well as various types of edging materials, are also included in the hardscape design.

Additional Hardscaping Ideas

When choosing the hardscape features for your garden, it is important that you consider its overall purpose aside from the current theme or style of your home. Various areas of the landscape might need various hardscape elements depending on their purpose. For example, play areas could benefit from using the shredded tires, which are soft enough for young kids to play with and are available in bright colors.

Entertainment and dining areas may also require the addition of a patio or deck that is leveled enough to accommodate a table and some chairs. Some other hardscaping features that you can consider are accessories and backdrops. These too are important design elements that you can include in your hardscaping design. For example, a sitting garden can be spruced up with the addition of a comfortable and cozy bench, as well as other comfortable seating.

Water features and other ornamentals can also be included in your hardscape design. The use of backdrops like fences is also a great idea. These can be used to accommodate the climbing plants and to hide some unsightly areas.

Several different types of mulch, like the pebbles and bark, are also considered to be part of the hardscape. Hardscape gardening is not really as difficult as everyone thinks. But if you want everything to complement well with the surroundings, you better leave the task to hardscaping professionals.


Generally, hardscape could mean nonliving outdoor decors that are made out of wood and masonry. However, these days, the definition of hardscape is expanding. The hardscaping elements of your home can also mean tiles, bricks, concrete and cobblestone. You are free to let your imagination go in terms of the materials. You just need to make sure that your choice will harmoniously blend with the overall landscape, as well as the looks of your home exterior.

Simply keep your hardscaping in scale. Do not ever overwhelm a small yard with enormous pieces of statuary or it could look horrible. For instance, make use of soft curves and straight lines and angles, while making sure that their height will vary. Two to three coordinating textures and colors in your hardscape should be more appealing than just a single one. You may also include lots of vegetation on the hardscape to achieve a cooling effect and a natural look as well.


Your goals are actually an integral step in your hardscaping plan. Thus, before you get on with this project, find out for yourself your purpose of having a hardscaping. Perhaps your goal is to keep your lush green grasses protected against the daily wear and tear and to provide easy access to vegetable garden. Attractive footpath that is based on your ideal foot traffic pattern is definitely a good solution. If you want to cut down on watering and lawn maintenance, a patio may just be what you need.

If you have small kids at home, consider a safe play area as well. For those who live on areas with mild climate, where you can stay at your yard for a large part of the year, you can perhaps come up with an outdoor living room as part of your hardscaping plan.


Before you get started with any hardscaping project, make sure that you obtain all the necessary approval. A lot of jobs will need a permit and this includes hardscaping jobs. You might also need to consult with hardscape professionals, an architect or an engineer, for instance, if you want to be able to install a retaining wall or change the grade of your land.

You should plan for an adequate drainage with sizable areas such as pool surrounds and make sure that you will be building a properly prepared base. You need to also consider the patterns of the sun and shade of your property so you can take full advantage of it.

Keeping all of these things in mind, you should now be ready with your hardscaping project. Make sure that you carefully choose the features that you want to include on your project. A decorative path is perhaps the first thing that will come to mind. But you can also use the same material to upgrade your existing driveway especially if it is in an area that is highly visible to visitors. You an also add more beauty to your yard by adding planters filled with flowers, or perhaps, install attractive trellis or a rock garden.