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Local Basement Floor Repair Companies Near Me: Helping with Basement Floor Problems

Basement floors are important but they are not often noticed. Since they are located in an area that homeowners are not using often, problems might be present but are not detected until major issues arise. Moisture problem and water damage are some of the most common issues that basement floors experience, which should be detected early on to prevent bigger issues and costlier repairs. Because of this, it is important to know when and how to inspect your basement floor.

Doing so will allow you to catch problems early on and have them repaired by local basement floor repair companies near me before things get worse. Knowing the signs of problems and the type of issues that you need to be aware of will help you decide when it is time to hire professional repair teams or do a DIY repair job.

Types of Concrete Cracks

The most common type of basement floor is concrete. Since it is highly durable and does not cost much to install, you will likely find concrete floor on basements. This makes it ideal to list the issues with concrete slab floors below to help make basement floor inspection easier and quicker.

  • Shrinkage cracks

One of the types of cracks that concrete slab floor often have is shrinkage crack. This is caused by the evaporation of water used in mixing concrete, making the slab shrink. This is not often a cause for concern since it does not affect the integrity of the floor. But, it can allow moisture to seep into the concrete and cause problems later on. Hence, it is ideal to fill in the cracks and seal the concrete to prevent moisture damage.

This problem can be solved by overlaying the concrete with a new coating of concrete mixture. This does not only make the flooring more aesthetically appealing but will also help keep moisture from entering the cracks.

Minor repairs such as this will probably cost around $3 to $7 per square foot. Depending on the severity of the problem and the size of the basement floor, you might pay more to have this issue repaired by professional basement floor repair companies near me.

  • Settlement cracks

Settlement cracks are concrete flooring problems that can be caused by multiple factors. Incorrect pouring of the concrete mixture can cause settlement cracks over time. Frost heaves can also cost the concrete slab to crack when the ground freezes and rises, causing the slab to rise upwards and get cracks during the process.

Severe frost heave damages might require a full concrete slab floor replacement. The problem underneath needs to be addressed before a new layer of concrete slab is poured to ensure that the issue won’t happen again.

For bigger settling problems, it may require the slab to be raised to ensure that the foundation of the house will not be affected. This might cost a lot if the foundation of the house is affected.

The average cost for repairing settling concrete slab is around $3,800 for a simple repair. Of course, the cost might get higher if the area is bigger and there are additional improvements on the slab to make it more durable and long-lasting.

  • Hairline cracks

Hairline cracks are not a big problem since they do not cause structural problems to the basement floor. Moisture seeping into the concrete is one of the main reasons why hairline cracks are present.

Covering the cracks with concrete mix will do the trick and will help prevent moisture from seeping into the slab. The cost to fix hairline cracks is often identical to shrinkage crack repair since these are basically the same. Shrinkage cracks can sometimes be bigger and more pronounced than hairline cracks caused by the age of the floor, which is not often noticeable until inspected up close.

  • Deep large cracks

You can opt for epoxy and polyurethane crack injections to help keep bigger cracks from getting worse. This type of filling will also make the concrete slab floor waterproof, which will prevent issues with water damage in the future.

This is also used in basement walling, which makes it an ideal choice if you want to have your entire basement waterproofed. Since you can have your walls injected with the epoxy and polyurethane injection, the project will be easier and cheaper.

It costs about $350 to $450 per crack to have professionals inject the epoxy mixture into large cracks and secure the mixture in place. The cost can get higher depending on the tax laws in your city. Since the average cost indicated is not inclusive of taxes, you might want to check with your chosen basement flooring repair team how much they would charge for this kind of repair service.

Unless the cracks cause hazards, re-installing new concrete flooring on your basement is not necessary. You just need to ensure that the cracks will not affect the integrity of the flooring. If you find that the cracks are too big and are getting bigger and bigger, you might want to hire professionals to inspect the area and do necessary steps to fix the underlying problem before pouring in a new layer of concrete flooring on your basement.

If your basement floor is made from gravel, repairs would not be too hard. You just need to level the layer underneath the gravel and fill the spot with new gravel. This will ensure that the gravel floor will stay intact and will not cause the floor to have depressions in certain areas. Unless there are other issues causing the gravel floor to sink, filling holes should be enough as a remedy.

Dirt floors are also not hard to repair since you only need to ensure that the floor is level and is not submerged in water. Checking if there are burst pipes or if the sump pump is working properly will prevent your dirt basement floor from having problems. Do-it-yourself repairs are often enough for dirt floors since there are no mixtures to apply and no cracks to patch up.

Local Basement Floor Repair Companies Near Me: Helping with Basement Floor Problems

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