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What is the current state of your basement floor? A lot of people may not even be able to tell, even if the floor was practically falling apart because it isn’t a part of the home that they pay much attention to. That is also why it’s one of the reasons that problems may only be detected when they actually become serious issues.

The issue about basements is that they will often suffer from problems because there is too much moisture or water which causes damage. Yes, water leaks can be truly devastating to your home, and roof vents are installed on your roof in order to make sure there are no moisture problems in the attic and air quality issues in the rest of the home.

If you make it a habit to take a look at your basement floor and consider its state, you’ll also be likely to discover issues faster. The same way you want to do roof inspections, you’ll want to make sure no problem is popping up on the lowest level of your home.

The earlier you call basement floor repair contractors near you about the possible problems you have, the sooner it can be fixed and the problem that is causing it, addressed. If your sump pump needs repair, then that’s another thing that could leave water in the basement.

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Types of Concrete Cracks

Even if concrete is not the only type of floor in that part of the home, it’s still the most normal one, and the one we’ll focus on in this article. It’s a very durable material that will last for a long time, especially if you’re able to discover issues with the concrete slab early on.

There are different types of cracks that may arise as a consequence of different factors that you should be aware of. Cracks in concrete is always a thing that you should stay on top of.

  • Shrinkage cracks

You might not have known this but when the concrete hardens after it’s been installed, it will still contain small amounts of water. When they evaporate, the slabs shrinks and in the process there are cracks that are formed. It’s usually not a major problem before it allows water to seep back in which could potential freeze and expand the crack at some point. Yes, first water evaporation cause the concrete to crack at which point you’ll need to worry about it being able to have water go into the cracks.

The easiest way to deal with the situation is to have concrete basement floor contractors repair the cracks. Having it repaired helps both aesthetically and in making sure the problem doesn’t persist and gets worse. When addressed early on, the repairs won’t be expensive to do.

  • Settlement cracks

This is a more serious problem than shrinkage cracks are because of the reason why these start showing up in the first place. This may be caused by incorrect pouring in the first place, and if the ground is relatively wet and it freezes it will add upwards pressure against the foundation which could cause it to crack, which is why it’s so important that the gutter system keeps the water going away from the house.

If bad pouring combined with severe freezing is the case, it could even cause more substantial damage that could require concrete slab floor replacement, and rather than simply pouring a new layer on top, the issue that is causing it would need to be fixed first.

The cost for repairing problems with the concrete slab are pretty high why it’s so very important that the right construction company is chosen when the home is originally built. The cost of the entire project will necessarily depend on the severity of the issue.

  • Hairline cracks

While they do not cause structural problems, they’re evidence that moisture in a concrete floor can have devastating effects. These hairline cracks aren’t really a problem unless you find them unsightly but it’s still a good idea to get them fixed before they become bigger and deeper.

You want to make sure that the moisture doesn’t just keep having free access to your concrete slab and the solution to dealing with these is basically the same as the repair for shrinkage cracks, although they’re caused by two different things.

  • Deep large cracks

Generally, the bigger and deeper the cracks in the concrete floor, the more serious the issue is and the faster you need to get it fixed. First, you will need to get the cracks fixed, which includes polyurethane injections after the area has been prepped, and you then want to add an epoxy coating on top afterwards, or the cracks will simply keep on growing. By doing this, you’re not just fixing the cracks but also using the epoxy to make sure that they don’t return any time soon.

If cracks start forming in the walls, this is also usually the method that is used to make the wall waterproof again.

The cost of repairing such cracks vary a lot depending on their severity of the cracks, once again showing you the importance of simply getting the problem fixed as early as you are able to.

Installing an entirely new floor is generally not necessary if there aren’t serious reason to do so, but cracks can still not simply be left untreated indefinitely or they’re bound to get worse. Cracks that are getting bigger will need to be inspected by a professional as it will likely be a sign that there’s another problem you will need to deal with.

Some basement floors consist of gravel which are easier to repair. It’s generally just a matter of making sure the underneath layer is leveled correctly and then filling in the hole. This should generally take care of the issue and the gravel is unlikely to be sinking again.

The same is the case with dirt floors, although you will need to make sure there aren’t any moisture problems underneath. It’s always a good idea to check the sump pump to make sure it is getting rid of excess water as well as checking that no pipes have burst.

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