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How the Local Floor Leveling Contractors Near Me Can Help You

If you have been living with an irregular and uneven concrete floor, then it is time that you call the floor leveling experts. As a matter of fact, if you are planning to install new flooring on top of a slab, then you should not. In order to achieve a smooth and leveled surface, getting a professional to apply a leveling compound on the floor may just be the solution.

There is no arguing that concrete is considered to be one of the most durable and longest lasting building materials. Thus, on areas where moisture could easily accumulate, such as in the basement and the laundry room, it is not uncommon for some depressions to develop. This is applicable to all kinds of concrete floor even the concrete floors have been poured by an expert concrete contractor.

Repairing Problems on your Concrete Floors

There are various reasons on why these dips should be repaired early on and on a regular basis. First of all, this can help to prevent surface imperfections from getting a much deeper structural problem. Moreover, if you are planning to install flooring on top of a slab, the concrete must first be leveled if it is going to function as a subfloor.

Since leveling the floor is common for homeowners, a lot of companies have developed several products that are designed to make the process as smooth as possible, although hiring the local floor leveling contractors near me is still highly recommended.

If you are dealing with a concrete floor-leveling job, you should begin by looking for a professional concrete leveler. There are also self-leveling compounds that you can use, but as you know, there are risks involved with DIY projects such as this.

You can spread the compound across the uneven surface while filling in low spots as you go along and then creating a new, leveled and smooth surface. As soon as the compound starts to sets, the product will begin to cure at a remarkable speed and strength.

In fact, given the ideal conditions, you can walk upon the flooring immediately, or perhaps, install a new floor over. Your freshly flat concrete surface should begin to set within only a matter of a few hours. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, the concrete leveler compound can help to simplify what could be an otherwise tricky and highly demanding job, which makes it an easy project to those who prefer to do things themselves.


Instead of jumping right into the concrete leveling process, you should begin by assessing the overall condition of your concrete floors. Remember that your goal is to determine not only the overall scope of the project, but also how much of the compound you will need. The most important question is whether you want to install flooring on top of a slab and if so, then what type of carpeting you want. You can opt for the click and lock vinyl planks, carpeting, as well as engineered wood flooring as they tend to be forgiving when it comes to the minor variations on subfloor grade.

In order to be successful with the installation of tile flooring, the slab must be more or less leveled perfectly. The difference between the highest and the lowest points on the floor must not be more than a quarter of an inch. Thus, if you plan to leave the concrete fully exposed or if you have opted for the more forgiving flooring, the best solution would be to address only the specific problem areas with the use of a patching compound.

Meanwhile, if you wanted to prepare the slabs in order to make way for flooring materials that will require a uniformly leveled base, then make sure that you equip yourself with enough concrete leveling compound, capable of covering the entire square footage. At half of an inch thick, a concrete leveling compound that is about 50 pounds should be enough to sufficiently cover up to 15 square feet area of flooring surface. For an application that is quarter of an inch thick, similar size of bag should be enough to cover in between 24 and 30 square feet of flooring.

Prep Work

After taking everything out, including the baseboard moldings, you must clean the concrete surface well. When doing so, remove all dirt and loose debris, including flaking paint, chipped concrete and peeling adhesive. You should pay close attention to stains that are a result of oil and grease spills since the residue of these stains could compromise the bond in between the existing concrete and the leveling layer that’s added.

To achieve the best results, you must lightly shot blast the surface in order to facilitate proper adhesion. Afterwards, the locations of any control joints in the slab should be pinned. After which, right after the leveling layer is applied, the control joints are re-cut in order to protect the concrete from shrinking and cracking and to avoid temperature changes.

Next, with the use of a piece of chalk, put a mark on those obvious uneven areas in the surface. Follow this up with the carpenter’s level and work section by section. Let the tool to reveal any of the low points that you might miss.

You should be on the lookout for dips and mounds when doing so. After all, the process of leveling a slab with an especially pronounced mound can force you to make use of an excessive amount of leveling compound.

For this reason, you should consider using a concrete grinder to grind the most extreme ridges down. Just like with the shot blasting equipment, the concrete grinder can be rented at your local home center.

Primer Application

Right after you have planned your approach and after prepping the surface up, you can move on to the next step which is to coat the concrete with the concrete leveling compound. The priming agent performs a very important function and this is the sealing of the surface with an existing concrete while also preventing water loss, such that neither the bubbles nor pinholes will end up jeopardizing the leveling compound. The primer can also help to enhance the adhesion capabilities of the concrete leveling compound, which helps it to be able to grip and hold into the existing concrete well.

If you have plans to get new flooring over your now leveled surface, you can do this in a remarkably short order. For hard surface flooring materials, like tiles, you can start with the installation in only a matter of 4 to 6 hours. When it comes to carpeting as well as other moisture sensitive and more resilient flooring materials, consider waiting for at least 16 hours right before you start working.

On the other hand, you can finish the floor off with the use of other concrete re-surfacing products that provide for a more beautiful concrete flooring surface that can last for several years. Although there are lots of products that can help you with leveling your concrete flooring, it is still a good idea to hire the experts, which can save you more time and prevent hassles as well.

How the Local Floor Leveling Contractors Near Me Can Help You

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