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The siding on your home serves a very important purpose in protecting it against the elements but the big question is – how much is the cost of Menards siding installation cost? You obviously want it to be done correctly and by a good siding contractor who provides a warranty for the installation so that it will last for a long time.

There are a lot of different siding materials for you to choose from and the different options will not only affect the aesthetics but also the amount of maintenance that is required with the different options, and Menards definitely has a great range of siding materials that you can choose from that will fit great with any home, ensuring that it is protecting you against outside elements like rain, wind and snow.

Menards has been around for a long time with more than 300 locations across the US. It’s based in Wisconsin and it’s known for their commitment to high quality products at fair prices, meaning that it’s an option you won’t go wrong with.

When you want to find the more accurate price for installing it, all you need to do is simply fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll match you with the most relevant contractors in your area that will reach out to you and provide you with competing quotes, thereby giving you the most desirable Menards siding installation price.

Wide Range of Materials at Menards

There are a lot of different siding materials offered by Menards that include wood siding and log siding. The wood has been made to be be lightweight making it easier to install without the need to ensure the foundation is sufficiently strong to support it, which might be needed with some of the heavier options.

Log siding is another option that is very popular on cabins because of its rustic feel, and the logs even come made in different materials, wood being one.

If you want the wooden look without the maintenance that comes with it, engineered wood is a popular option, which saves you time and money on maintenance. Maintenance which is needed in order to prevent early deterioration of the material.

Menards offer a wide range of siding material. Their traditional wood siding is lightweight and is therefore easy to shape and cut. The log siding is also another attractive option, giving your home or cabin that beautiful rustic appeal.  The engineered wood siding also gives your home that beautiful traditional look of wood without having to spend a lot on the maintenance cost.

Fiber cement siding is also popular for a lot of different reasons. It’s made out of wood pulp, fly ash, water and Portland cement and s highly durable with good weather-resistance allowing it to protect your home for many years to come. It’s easy for an installer to install and can be made to look like a lot of different materials without the negative consequences that come from using those particular materials, which is what draws a lot of homeowners to choosing this for their home. It not only comes looking like a lot of different materials but can also have a lot of different colors.

When it comes to highly attractive materials that can last a long time, Menards is not at a shortage of those, and there’s something for anyone, no matter what preferences you may have.

Steel is another material that they carry, which is sure to last for a very long time and provide a unique appeal to your home. Although a great material, it’s also a more expensive option than some of the others. It doesn’t buckle or warp the same way that wood or vinyl may. Aluminum siding is another option that they have.

Stone veneer is a great alternative to either stone or masonry and can help give your home a very distinctive look. Outside trim can help in making your material even more noticeable and unique. Since it’ll be installed outside, it’s important that the material is more durable than the options that are installed inside the house. The same way that trim installed in the bathroom will have certain requirements to be able to withstand the high moisture levels, so does outside trim.

Investing in siding is a major investment the same way it is if you have a roof installed, and one where you will need to consider your different preferences. Outside moisture, rain and wind are just some of the elements that it will help insulate against, which will help against anything from deterioration of your insulation to your home’s foundation.

How Much Will the Installation Cost?

You now know a little bit about the many types of material offered at Menards, but you now need to actually have it installed. The easiest way to get the installation price is with the use of the form at the top of the page. The cost of installation will largely depend on the type of material that is chosen and how difficult it is to install. If it’s an extremely heavy material the foundation and framing of the house may need to be reinforced which would also increase the cost.

  • – bonded layers of PVC is what vinyl constitutes of and out of it comes the planks that you know. Menards has a great selection with more than 100 different options available for you to choose from. The cheapest option comes in around $3.49 for a piece measuring 7.14 square feet, meaning that the material cost can go as low as $50 per 100 square feet, while this does not include the installation of the material.

To have it installed, you’re generally looking at $3 to $8 per square foot. It’s a material that’s both lightweight and easy to handle, meaning it’s also one of the cheapest options to have a siding contractor install. It does come in premium options too where the cost will naturally increase a consequence.

It’s a good idea to make sure that it stays energy-efficient by properly insulating it, thereby lowering your energy bill. You can both get it as insulated vinyl siding or not. If you don’t get the insulated option, the insulation will then need to be added. Besides lowering your energy bill, getting the the insulated option will also help with making it more sound absorbent and impact resistant.

  • Wood – this has more character than vinyl but also costs considerably more. You can currently get Roseburg DuraTemp siding for $34.99 per panel, which covers 32 square foot, giving means it costs $109 per 100 square feet. Pine plywood can be bought for as low as $100 per 100 square feet at Menards, which obviously doesn’t include the installation.
  • Engineered wood – being made from a mixture of saw dust, wood flakes and a bonding material, it provides the look of wood without the negative things that it includes. It is easier to maintain and still a very strong option you can consider. The price per square foot varies significantly where you can get LP SmartSide for $7.99 for 6.66 square foot, which comes out to $119 per 100 square feet, or another type that comes out to $96 per 100 square feet for the material.

These costs obviously don’t include the installation cost, and to get the most accurate costs when it comes to that, you will need to use our form to get quotes from different contractors.

Buying Guide

You have been introduced to the fact that there are a lot of different options you can choose from, and choosing the right one depends largely on your personal preferences. You should familiarize yourself with the different options that you’re considering.

When you are on a tight budget, vinyl is the option that a lot of homeowners end up choosing simply because it provides a lot of the benefits but with limited disadvantages and is good in terms of withstanding weathering and fading. Being insect-resistant, you won’t need to worry about termite infestations in the siding.

People that desire the more rustic look can either choose something like engineered wood, wood or engineered stone.

Stone and brick are types that are significantly more high end with higher price tags as a consequence too, although they can stand the test of time and are built to last. Engineered stone can create a facade that’s unmatched by other materials and if you have the budget, there’s something you will love.

Menards is a great place to find the siding material for your home, and in order to make sure that you get it installed at the price tag that you desire, you should get installation quotes from different contractors

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In order to get quotes for the installation the easy way, all you need to do is head to the top of this page and fill it out with the information for your specific project, and we’ll help match you with the most relevant contractors that can then reach out to you for more information before providing you with quotes for the project, although they may not necessarily be directly connected to Menards, they can still install their products.

They cannot just help you get quotes but also find the right material that would work great with your needs.

Simply go to the top of the page and fill out the form which will take no more than 2 minutes and is free. There’s no obligation for you and you can just turn down the contractors’ free estimates or quotes if you do not wish to move forward with any of them. What are you waiting for?

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