South Dakota Contractor Licenses

South Dakota certifies or licenses only asbestos abatement, electrical and plumbing contractors.

Contractor License Lookup in South Dakota

Where do you go when you want to lookup the license of a contractor in South Dakota? To find out if an electrician is licensed, call (605) 773-3573. To find out if a plumber is licensed in South Dakota, call (605) 773-3429. To find out if someone is licensed to do asbestos abatement work in South Dakota, call (605) 773-3153 or click

Asbestos Abatement Certificates

Unless you work only on small scale, short duration projects, you need to be certified to do asbestos work in South Dakota. To get an application, contact:

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Attention: Asbestos Coordinator
Office of Waste Management
523 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3181
(605) 773-3153

The Department issues the following types of certificates:

Inspector Abatement contractor
Management planner Abatement supervisor
Abatement project designer Abatement worker

When you apply for a certificate, you must submit a signed statement that you have read, understood, and will comply with all state and federal rules on asbestos. You also must complete Department-approved training which includes passing a closed-book exam. Here’s information on each type of certificate, the length of the Department-approved training course you need to get the certificate, and the number of multiple choice questions on the exam for the certificate:

Certificate Length of training course Number of questions
Inspector Three days 50
Management planner Three-day inspector training course plus two-day management planner training course 50
Project designer Five days 100
Contractor Five days 100
Supervisor Five days 100
Worker Four days 50

If you can document that you’ve successfully completed an EPA-approved training course in another state, the Department will accept that training.

Asbestos abatement certificate fees: It will cost you $100 to get a certificate and it’s good for one year.

Electrician’s Licenses

To do electrical work in South Dakota, you need a license. To get an application, contact:

South Dakota Electrical Commission
308 South Pierre Street
% 1320 E. Souix
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 773-3573
(800) 233-7765
Fax: (605) 773-6213

The Commission issues electrical contractor, journeyman, and Class B and apprentice licenses. The Class B license is limited to residential and farmstead electrical work. To get a contractor or Class B license, you must have public liability insurance for at least $300,000. You also need to post a $10,000 bond.

You must pass an exam to get any license. To qualify for the journeyman exam you need four years of experience as an apprentice, wiring, installing and repairing electrical apparatus and equipment. To qualify for the contractor exam you need 4,000 hours as a journeyman electrician. At least 2,000 hours of this time must be in commercial/industrial electrical work. To qualify for the Class B license you need two years of experience as a journeyman. The Commission gives all exams. They’re based on the National Electrical Code and last five to six hours.

Electrician’s license fees: It will cost you $40 to take a licensing exam. The contractor’s license costs $100 and the journeyman or Class B license is $40. The apprentice license is $20. All fees are nonrefundable. All licenses are good for two years, expiring on June 30 each even-numbered year.

If you have a valid license in another state, the Commission may grant you a South Dakota license. You must have passed an exam to get your license and you must have work experience basically equal to South Dakota’s. You must have held your license for at least one year. Currently the Commission accepts valid electrician licenses from these states:

Alaska (journeyman only) Nebraska
North Dakota Oregon (journeyman only)
Idaho (journeyman only) Washington (journeyman only)
Utah (journeyman only) Wyoming
Minnesota Colorado (journeyman only)
Oklahoma  (journeyman only) New Hampshire  (journeyman only)
Arkansas  (journeyman only) New Mexico  (journeyman only)
Montana (journeyman only)

You still must pay the application and license fees to get your license.

Plumber’s Licenses

To do plumbing work in South Dakota, you need a license. To get an application, contact:

South Dakota State Plumbing Commission
308 South Pierre Street
%1320 E. Sioux Ave.,
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 773-3429
Fax: (605) 773-5405

The Commission issues contractor and journeyman licenses. To become a plumbing contractor you will need 6 years experience as a plumbing contractor, plumber, or plumber’s apprentice with at least 2 of those years as a plumbing contractor or plumber. To qualify for a journeyman license you will need four years of experience as an apprentice.

You also have to pass an exam for either license. The Commission gives the exam, which is based on the Standard Plumbing Code. The exam has three parts with multiple choice and essay questions and a drawing. It lasts about four hours.

Plumber’s license fees: It will cost you $260 for a contractor license and $130 for a journeyman license. The license fee includes the cost of the exam. All licenses expire on December 31 each year.

Other license and exam fees:

Appliance installation contractor $175
Appliance installation installer $100
Irrigation contractor $170
Irrigation installer $100
Mobile home contractor $175
Mobile home installer $100
Sewer and water contractor $225
Sewer and water installer $100
Temporary permit $50
Water conditioning contractor $175
Water conditioning installer $100

The Commission has reciprocity agreements with Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

To bid on South Dakota Department of Transportation projects over $100,000 you have to be prequalified by the Department. To get an application for prequalification, contact:

South Dakota Department of Transportation
700 East Broadway Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2586
(605) 773-3284
Fax: (605) 773-3921

Some of the details the Department will ask you about are your organization, personnel, financial condition, equipment, and experience. You’ll be asked what type of work you want to be qualified for. Here are the types of work the Department uses:

  • Grading
  • Portland cement concrete paving
  • Asphalt concrete paving
  • Asphalt surface treatment
  • Gravel or crushed rock surfacing and base course
  • Crushing, stockpiling, salvage in-place asphalt surfacing
  • Bridges and bridge rehabilitation
  • Minor structures
  • Lighting and signals
  • Signing, delineation and pavement markings
  • Rest area buildings
  • Bituminous recycling, milling and salvaging
  • Underground utilities
  • Incidental construction
  • Miscellaneous concrete construction

If the contractor provides a Certification of Surety, prequalification expires the following June 30. If the contractor provides an audited financial statement, prequalification expires 18 months from the date of the financial statement.

Out-of-State Corporations

If your company isn’t incorporated under the laws of South Dakota, you have to get a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State to do business in the state. Contact the Secretary of State at:

contact.GIF (447 bytes) Corporations
Office of Secretary of State
500 East Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 773-4845
Fax: (605) 773-4550

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