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Roof cleaning is one of those things that is very important to have done to your roof which ensures its integrity and helps in increasing its durability too. When it has become dirty, it’s important that you contract with roof cleaning contractors near you to ensure that it is done according to the best practices.

If you don’t do it properly, at best it doesn’t have the intended effects and at worst, you could cause damage, thereby increasing the risk of roof leaks. Some companies may have different methods that they prefer over others, and if you’re getting different recommendations from different companies, it’s a good idea to ask them why they prefer one type over another.

Although you may think that you’d rather do the task yourself, there are good reasons to choose to partner up with roof cleaners for a project like this.

In order to make sure that the project won’t break the bank for you, we recommend that you get quotes from different companies. The easiest way to do that is by using the form at the top of this page.

By reading the remainder of this article, you’ll also be better able to have intelligent conversation about the different options when you are in fact talking with the relevant companies. The 3 most common methods used for roof cleaning are mentioned below. It may open up your mind to different thoughts that you possibly hadn’t made before.


If you are very conscious about the footprint that you leave, this may be the option for you to look into and consider. It helps in preserving the environment, and in addition it’s not a very invasive measure like some of the other alternatives. By using non-bleach and eco-friendly cleaning products, it won’t have the same harmful effects as some of the alternatives. You may not find it ideal in your specific situation, but it’s at least worth considering.


When you’re looking for a very gentle cleaning solution, this is very much an option to consider. You can definitely get the roof clean using this, and it’s great for materials that may require a more gentle approach. When moss, algae and other dirt is an issue, the eco-friendly cleaning solutions are definitely strong contestants in the game.

The other advantage when using this is that you won’t have the same worry that your pets and surrounding plants are harmed by the product either. With the removal of the roots of algae and moss, you’re looking at a product that will keep your roof clean for a long time.

When preservation of your garden and plants is a big concern for you, we recommend that you consider this option. At least, you are able to ask the contractors for quotes using the different products to see how much they differ in price.

The fact that they’re eco-friendly generally refers to the fact that they don’t have a harsh acids, phosphates or heavy metals in them.

  • Cons

When all the positive stuff has been mentioned about this method, it’s also worth noting that it won’t be the cheapest solution you can go with. Bleach-based products will be cheaper, and that will be reflected in the quote that you receive.

No matter what, it never hurts to ask the contractor the price for all options.


The name makes it obvious that this method in turn uses bleach to help get the job done. While it’s not the only ingredient used in the mixture, there are others too, which may include TSP.

  • Pros

As already mentioned, this is the cheaper option of the two methods we have talked about until now, and it’s even being done by DIYers, although we do not recommend that. Bleach is a harsh chemical and improper use may be really quite dangerous as a result also and can cause unintended damage too. If you choose to do so on your own, we can not encourage you enough to exercise caution and follow the recommendations that are specified.

Since bleach is cheaper than eco-friendly solutions, this is a cheaper approach. There are also DIYers who choose to use this method on their own. Of course, extreme caution is needed both to ensure that the solution will not harm the applicator’s health but also to ensure the safety of the roof cleaning contractors when cleaning in high places.

  • Cons

Being a strong chemical, it also has certain effects on plants and animals. Bleach should not be inhaled as it will have devastating effects and if you have children or pets around, you’ll need to use even greater caution when using this method.

It can also cause your roof to age prematurely, thereby meaning you’ll need to replace the roof sooner too. Your roof shingles may not be able to withstand the harsh chemicals used in the process. While they may be able to remove the algae, it is questionable how much they help in ensuring that it doesn’t come back too quickly.

High-Pressure Power Washing

The word itself very much explains the method being used for it, which includes high-pressure water mixed with a cleaning solution. This approach is definitely not right in all situations and can cause a lot of damage when being done improperly. The protective granules on shingles roofs will be damaged by this harsh approach which will cause it to show wear and tear prematurely.

  • Pros

It’s a service that will be offered by some roof cleaning services despite not being the best available option. There are homeowners that swear they want to use this method not knowing the potential damage it can cause.

It will get the stains removed and look cool, but it is not one that we can recommend.

  • Cons

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It can damage your roof’s shingles because of the large amount of power that it uses and increase the risk of creating damages in your roof, thereby causing water leaks that can lead to other expensive to repair projects.

Even if a stain does not look nice to have on your roof, it’s not quite as big of a problem as stains are.

This roof cleaning method can damage the shingles of your roof. Since most power washers are too strong, they can make the roof leak, which is a bigger problem than ugly stains on a roof. Hence, if you think that your roof’s waterproofing capacity will be affected, it is better to choose one of the first two cleaning methods mentioned above.

Even if it leaves the roof looking nice on the surface, you’re not addressing the root systems, meaning it won’t be long before the problem returns again. When that happens you’re back to treating the problem again.

Water pressure that is so strong that you can’t hold your hand under it will undoubtedly also cause damage to your roof as that water pressure will instead be hitting your roofing shingles. While your hand isn’t the roof, it’s still a good way to gauge the pressure of the water.

Algae Stains on Asphalt

Asphalt shingles are some of the most common when it comes to roofing materials, and especially if you’re living on either of the coasts, you’ll find that algae growth is common. If you ever wondered why the area underneath the roof flashing seems to look more clean, it’s because of the coating on zinc and copper which keeps algae away. When it rains, the rain that runs off your roof and into the gutter will keep traces of the coating and stop algae from growing where the water runs.

If you’re getting an asphalt roof installed now, it’s a very good idea that you make sure to get a type that is more algae resistant, which they now produce. These have copper granules in them that basically give the same effect as the water that otherwise runs off the flashing.

When you’re having an asphalt roof cleaned using contractors, make sure that they also install a strip of zinc coated sheet metal or copper next to the top of your roof.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles are truly beautiful but they also need to be cleaned from time to time. A lack of cleaning may cause tiles to loosen and maybe even risk falling off. There are special types of products that are used specifically for this type of tile, which can be used. Although the product is specific to clay tile, it must be rinsed following the cleaning.

Metal Roof

A good roof cleaning will help ensure that the insulation of the home is doing a good job and that the home is operating efficiently. Roofs are not cheap, and metal roofs definitely aren’t. How often you need to clean your roof is dependent on different factors, but it is often a good idea to get a deep cleaning of your metal roof every 4 or so years.

Without good maintenance, your roof will additionally be aging and rusting faster, and since the best cleaning solution depends on the type of metal, you’re best off asking a contractor. By periodically coating your metal roof after having it cleaned, you will make it last longer.

Slate Roof

When you’re cleaning a slate roof, you will need to find out what it is you’re trying to clean. As you can’t walk on slate roofs, it’s really a task that’s better done by pros. It is both time consuming and requires a lot of reapplications of the cleaning solution to get it done.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

If not cleaned, the moss that accumulates on wooden shingles and shakes may cause the roof to leak, and roof cleaning helps in prolonging the life of the roof. Again, zinc or copper strips at the ridge cap of your roof can help in lessening the need for roof cleaning.

When you’re preparing yourself by learning about the different methods being used, you’re also helping protect your home and ensuring that it doesn’t suffer from premature damage.

After all, your roof is what helps protect the integrity of the home and ensures that water and wind stays outside.

Use our website and get quotes from different companies when you need the roof cleaned. It’s free for you to get and there’s no obligation either. What are you waiting for?

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