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Is It Worth It To Hire Local Shower Tile Repair Contractors Near Me?

When it is time to replace or re-grout your shower tiles, one of the things that concern homeowners is the cost. But is it really worth paying for a contractor to get the tiles fixed for you? Read on to find out.

Remember that a broken tile in your shower will allow for moisture to seep within the surface of your bathroom and this can cause damage on the area. It is therefore important that you fix any broken tile in your bath, although experts have said that repairing damaged tiles will require more than just yanking out the damaged tile to be replaced with a new one.

Floor and Wall Tile Repair

According to local shower tile repair contractors near me, repairing or replacing a single tile that has chipped or cracked is like performing a surgery. The contractors must first dig out the grout that is around the broken tiles and then pry them up without causing damages on the nearby tiles. After which, the backer beneath the tiles will then be repaired including any of the waterproof membrane. This must be done right before re-grouting and before a new tile is installed.

Looking for a matching tile is the key to the successful repair or replacement of damaged shower tiles. If you do not have any spare tiles, then you might find it difficult to look for a match that has the same, color, size, thickness and design most especially if you have the older varieties of shower tiles that may have already been discontinued.

Sometimes, what the tile repair contractors will do is to remove a certain portion of the wall or flooring and then make use of a different type of tile as accent. However, this problem can be entirely avoided if you set aside some extra tiles during the initial installation of the shower tiles.

Possible Challenges with Tile Re-grouting

A matching grout can also pose problems for your shower tile repair since the colors could fade and the mixtures available at your local hardware store might be off. Experts suggested that you avoid using the term “match” when looking for a tile replacement since this is misleading. Even if you will find a tile sample that is almost similar to the tile that you need, the actual tile might actually be slightly different.

However, some of the tile contractors can also choose to color seal the grout and stain the repaired tile in order to match. These experts can always color seal the entire flooring or wall, in such a way that the grout will match if ever there are lots of tile replacement that will be required.

Cost to Replace and Re-grout the Tile

Just like with any type of home repair, the cost will greatly vary depending on the type of shower tile, the size of the bathroom as well as the type of waterproof membrane used, including other factors.

A lot of the tile repair companies will charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials for a minimum cost per job. You might end up paying anywhere between $150 and $500 per day, with $150 being the minimum. Of course, any material needed will also be charged to you.

Most tile repair professionals will charge an hourly rate of $50 so if the job can take up to 6 hours to be completed, then you can pay $300 plus the cost of materials. Usually, the average cost to replace a single shower tile is $150. So if the job requires repairing and replacing more than one tile, then be prepared to pay up to $500.

If you want the entire shower room to be re-grouted, you can therefore expect to pay more. Some contractors report an average cost of $400 in re-grouting an entire area of ceramic shower tile.

Shower Tile Repair or Replacement

When your shower tile is damaged, one of the things that you may need to ask yourself is whether you should get it replaced or repairing it will be enough.
A simple shower tile repair might not be the right choice. As you know, broken tiles look untidy and the damage below it is probably worse. According to experts, what you actually see on top of your damaged tiles is just ten percent of the overall damage.

Surface issues will indicate improper tile installation. The seeping water may have most likely damaged the framing and the subfloor and the water could be feeding the mold, which explains the mold infestations. This is usually the case with busted shower floor and wall tiles. Thus, you may need to require for the installer to replace the entire area of the shower.

Determining the overall extent of the problem could prove to be impossible right before it cuts in, which makes some of the tile contractors wary of these types of jobs. Some of these repair contractors will not offer warranty on their tiles although others will. A full replacement might be the right choice, even if it means that only a single tile is damaged in your shower.

It is always a good idea to hire tile professionals who are knowledgeable in tile repair and installation, especially those who have been certified by tile organizations. Some of the shower tile experts will also advise you if the problem in your shower will require more than just a patch. Or better yet, will make sure to do it right at the first time.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Tile Repair Companies

Your busy schedule may not leave you with enough time to do some household chores such as repairing damaged shower tiles. Moreover, you probably hate the idea of having to scrub your knees to the floor while repairing or re-grouting the tiles.

Hiring professionals to get your damaged tiles repaired or replaced is definitely a good idea. It is unfortunate that a lot of people will only realize the importance of hiring professionals after they have tried to get their hands and knees dirty only to end up with unsightly results.

Assuming that you can still find a similar tile with the ones that need to be replaced in your shower or bathroom, you may have to purchase an entire box because local hardware stores will not be willing to sell you with only one or two pieces of tiles. But if you hire the tile repair contractors, they may have some leftover tiles similar to yours that they can use for the replacement. As such, you sure can save money if you leave the job to the professionals.

Another good reason why you should let the professionals to install the replacement tiles is because you will need to use adhesives to get those tiles attached. It will be difficult to make use of the same quantity required in order to install new tiles at the same level as that of the old and damaged ones. This is when the professionals can benefit you.  They sure have leftover grout that they can use just for those specific tiles that need to be replaced.

As you can see, hiring professionals will not only save you time, but they also help you to save money in the repair or replacement of your shower tiles.