New Mexico Contractor Licenses

Construction contractors must be licensed in New Mexico.

Contractor License Lookup in New Mexico

Where do you go when you want to lookup the license of a contractor in New Mexico? To find out if a contractor is licensed, go to  or call (505) 827-7030 (Santa Fe), (505) 841-8020 (Albequerque) or (505) 524-6320 (Las Cruces).

The state agency that issues licenses is:

Construction Industries Division
State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
725 St. Michael’s Drive
P.O. Box 25101
Santa Fe, NM 87504
(505) 827-7030
Fax: (505) 827-7045

Construction Contractor’s Licenses

If you request an application for a license, the Division will send you a brochure and an information sheet on applying for a contractor’s license. This information gives you the Division licensing procedure and general work experience requirements. There are also some New Mexico residence requirements. Corporations must be qualified to do business in New Mexico or be incorporated in the state. Any out-of-state corporation must have a current New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department tax identification number and, if appropriate, workers’ compensation insurance that’s been validated by the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration.

Exams are given by:

PSI Exams
3210 East Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(800) 733-9267
Fax: (702) 932-2666

You need to go through this material and pick what types of work you want to be licensed in. The trades require two or four years of work experience. Here’s a list of the licenses the Division uses. The trades for which you need four years of experience are marked with an asterisk:

General construction*

  • asphalt, bitumen, concrete construction
  • streets, road, highways, tunnels, parking lots, alleys, seal coat, surfacing
  • striping
  • maintenance, repairs
  • highway signs, guardrails
  • curbs, gutters, culverts

Building construction

  • residential
  • general building*

Building specialty

  • acoustical/insulation, urethane foam
  • awnings, canopies
  • ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo
  • concrete, cement, walkways, driveways
  • demolition
  • door installation
  • drywall
  • earthmoving, excavating, ditching
  • elevators, escalators, conveyers
  • fencing
  • fixtures, cabinets and millwork
  • floor covering, seamless and wood floors, finishing
  • framing
  • glazing, weatherstripping, storm doors, window installation
  • caissons, piers, pile driving
  • masonry
  • ornamental iron, welding
  • painting, decorating
  • remodeling
  • trenching and backhoe owner/operator
  • roofing
  • sandblasting
  • sign construction (nonelectrical)
  • structural steel erection
  • swimming pools (nonmechanical/electrical)
  • vaults, depositories
  • gunite
  • construction and technical specialties
  • plastering, stucco, lathing
  • siding
  • sheet metal
  • concrete coring, drilling, slab sawing

Fixed works*

  • airports
  • bridges
  • canals, reservoirs or irrigation systems
  • drainage or flood control systems
  • recreation areas
  • railroad, tunnel construction
  • tanks, towers
  • transmission lines, tanks, substations
  • utility lines


  • residential wiring
  • electrical distribution systems (including transmission lines)*
  • electrical (including residential wiring and electrical specialties)*

Electrical specialty

  • electrical signs, outline lighting
  • cathodic protection
  • sound, intercommunication, electrical alarm systems
  • electrical traffic control systems
  • microwave communications systems
  • cable tv
  • telephone communication systems
  • telephone interconnect systems


  • plumbing
  • natural gas fitting
  • air conditioning, ventilation
  • heating, cooling, process piping

Mechanical specialty

  • residential plumbing
  • residential natural gas fitting
  • cesspools, septic tanks, sewers
  • appliance installation, service
  • evaporative coolers
  • lawn sprinklers
  • swimming pool piping
  • water conditioners
  • refrigeration
  • boiler installation, repair, service
  • controls (mechanical systems)
  • fire protection sprinkler systems
  • pneumatic tube systems
  • dry chemical fire protection

Journeyman classifications

  • electrical
  • electrical distribution systems, including transmission lines
  • electrical specialties
  • electrical signs, outline lighting
  • cathodic protection
  • sound, intercommunication, electrical alarm systems
  • electric traffic control systems
  • microwave communication systems
  • cable TV
  • telephone communications systems
  • telephone interconnect systems


  • plumber
  • natural gas fitter
  • boiler operator
  • sheet metal
  • pipefitter
  • welder
  • specialty

The business and law exam is is multiple choice format and lasts two hours. Here’s the information:

Subject Number of Questions
Contract management 4
Estimating & bidding 5
Licensing 10
Project management 4
Financial management 4
Risk management 3
Safety 3
Labor laws 6
Tax laws 7
Lien laws 2
Business management 2

You can substitute a Division-approved business and law course for this exam.
The schools below offer approved courses:

Albuquerque Career Institute
111 Wyoming NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123
(800) 247-1300 or (505) 260-0000

Albuquerque TVI
General Contractor Preparation
525 Buena Vista, SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 224-3783

Construction Seminars, Inc.
4411 McLeod NE, Ste. B
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(800) 942-3212 or (505) 242-5200

Workforce Training Center
5600 Eagle Rock Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
(505) 883-3885
(505) 242-5201

The trade exams are also given by PSI Exams. They’re based on surveys of licensed contractors in New Mexico on:

  • accepted industry practices
  • how to read and interpret construction codes, regulations and building codes
  • trade materials, tools, equipment, methods

Check PSI Exam’s website for study manuals and practice exams.

Construction contractor’s exam fees: A trade exam will cost you $68.78 except for the following trades whose exams have multiple parts. Here’s a summary of the trade exams, number of parts in each, and their cost:

Number of Cost of
Trade parts in exam exam
Asphalt, bitumen, concrete construction 5 $317.44
Fixed works 9 $423.25
Residential building 1 $105.81
General building 2 $211.63
Mechanical 4 $211.63
Electrical 3 $211.63

If you are taking a business and law exam in addition to any of the above, add $68.78 to the exam fee.

Construction contractor’s license fees: It will cost you $30 nonrefundable to apply for your initial contractor’s license. The license itself will cost $150 for each trade except for the trades which have multi-part exams. Licenses for these trades are $300 each. Journeyman exams and licenses cost $75. Licenses are good for three years.

New Mexico doesn’t accept any license you have in another state.

Out-of-State Corporations

Out-of-state corporations should register with the New Mexico Secretary of State to do business in the state. Contact them at:

New Mexico Secretary of the State
Corporation Commission
P.O. Drawer 1269
Santa Fe, NM 87504
(505) 827-4504
Fax: (505) 827-4387

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