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Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are one of the things that help sell a home when that time comes around, and if you ask real estate agents they will definitely say the same thing too. When something isn’t working in your bathroom, it’s however important that you get bathroom repair contractors near you to help you get it fixed as soon as possible, which will help ensure that you don’t end up with an expensive problem.

If not addressed in time, a greater need for a serious bathroom remodel may arise, and you want to address issues before they become costly to address. Continuous maintenance is one of the easiest way to make sure you keep your housing costs under control.

Is your house in the need of bathroom repairs? Use the form at the top of this page to easily get quotes for your project.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are a lot of things that you can do as well as some things that you absolutely need to do. If there is a water leak, it’s imperative that you get the help of plumbers as soon as possible to make sure that it gets fixed.

Here is a list of the common repairs that will need to happen.

Paint It

Just like it is case with the rest of your home, getting house painters to freshen up the look with a new layer of paint can make a huge difference. Depending on if you’re feeling bold or not, there are different colors for you to choose. A safer bet when you’re wanting to sell the place is to go with an option that is a little bit more neutral. No matter what, it should at least still be something that complements the overall look of the house.

When you see yourself staying in the home for a longer period of time, you can more easily justify a more bold approach and then simply have it repainted once you’re selling the house at some point. For the more neutral options, white and light grey are popular choices.

The vanity is another thing that can be freshened up with a new coat of paint too. The color scheme that you choose for the space should naturally match both the sink, countertop and other parts of the bathroom. New paint is a cheap way you can make things look a lot newer.

Should You Install Tile?

If you are not looking to spend a ton of money, tile is not the right solution to go all on board with because it’s really quite expensive. Tile installation requires that you both buy the material and get a skilled contractor to lay it for you. Being on a budget and doing bathroom repairs may simply not allow that. You can still install it on the floors if you really wish to do so, but keeping it limited helps you save.

You may have found a type of tile that you’ve simply fallen in love with and that you don’t want to let go off, and then splurging is fine on some select things but by using them accent with cheaper tile since their uniqueness will still make them stand out. By doing creative things in order to limit the amount of tile, you can save a lot of money, and it could also be done by simply installing a horizontal strip across the space using the tile that you’ve fallen in love with.

While it may not make sense to either replace existing tile or install new one, you can at least make sure that the grout you have will be, since that is a thing that will start showing signs of aging after years.

No matter what your verdict is when it comes to tile, it’s always the best idea to leave this task to professionals as it’s a material that is not easy to work with, and if done incorrectly, will be expensive to rectify also.

When you talk to the bathroom repair companies, be sure to mention what your budget is so they can work with you on the best solutions to accommodate as many of your wishes as possible.

Bathroom Accessories That You Need to Consider

There are a lot of bathroom accessories that all combined will have a great impact on the overall feel of the bathroom, and it might just be time for you to do a quick overhaul of these when you’re having the bathroom repair contractor come and look at all the other things too.

These include everything from towel bars to towel rings to robe hooks to paper holds and shelves. By having the contractor replace some of these, if they no longer fit the atmosphere you’re trying to create, you can buy new ones and have them installed. We’re sure they will make a massive difference for you.

It could also be that you choose to install some art. The accessories also play a large role in your bathroom.

Mirrors and Linens

The mirror might be the focal point in your bathroom if that’s a thing that you decided to splurge on, or if not it could become the focal point. Installing a new one is a great way to change the feel of the space and it might even be needed if the previous one broke for some reason.

Getting new linen is another great way that goes along with updating the look of the space. It can be a fresh breath of air in an otherwise neutral bathroom and a funky touch that gives it a little bit more character.

Repairing and Adding Storage

You know the importance of a lot of storage in the space, and that means you may want to add additional shelving, or fix broken cabinets to make sure that the hinges are working better.

Adding more shelving is a thing that a contractor will easily be able to do which may help lessen the current frustrations you have with the limited amount of space there, or it can simply be done with something as easy to use as hang racks.

If you find yourself always having clutter in your bathroom, it’s better that you instead take this opportunity to find the solution, which can be more storage. When selling your home, a new homeowner will also be scrutinizing your home and looking to see if it has an adequate amount of storage.

Thinking About the Lighting and Clever Ways to Bring More in

Bringing in more light will make your bathroom seem more appealing, and while not the cheapest option, you can always consider having a skylight installed there. However, you can also simply give some serious consideration to the existing light sources and if done correctly, does not need to break the bank for you. If you start needing to do electrical work, that is generally when it starts becoming more expensive to get done.

The feeling of more light can be introduced if you add more mirrors to the space that will help in reflecting light.

Lighting options do not need to be expensive to install and can add a beautiful touch to the space, and if you haven’t already changed the light bulbs to LED ones, you could also be finding energy savings from doing so.

Countertops in the Bathroom

Beautiful countertops in the bathroom can make a great impression, and it’s becoming popular that it is one of the places where homeowners choose to splurge. The ones in the bathroom are naturally quite a bit smaller than the ones in the kitchen, and will therefore also cost less in material to actually have installed, while still getting a lot of attention.

Even if you want granite or an expensive type of countertop, there are ways that this can be done where you can get it without paying too much. Look for granite slabs with imperfections. The seller will need to give you a discount to get rid of that piece and if it only has imperfections that you are willing to live with, you can get an impressive piece of granite very cheap.

You can also be sure to choose a piece that has imperfections only where the sink and faucet will be going since a hole will need to be cut there anyway.

Considering an Update of the Fixtures

Drawer handles, sink faucets and towel racks are all things that are relatively minor to fix and if they’re not working, you at least owe it to yourself to have them repaired so they won’t be bothering you anymore. Although they might just seem like small insignificant things, fixing them will make sure you’re not getting annoyed every time you’re using them.

Buying Used to Save Some Money

While you may go out and buy these things new from various places, you can also simply buy them used, which could save you money. A lot of the different material for a shower installation can be bought used, and if you don’t know the right place to do it, you can ask your contractor if they do.

Using a bathroom repair contractor doesn’t need to be a major investment and a small amount of money can make an impactful change.

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