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Local Bathroom Repair Contractors Near Me Can Repair Your Bathroom on a Budget

A good bathroom can make selling your home property easier. Any real estate agent will surely agree on that. But often, bathroom repairs and renovation do not make it into the to-do list of various homeowners. Remember that if you are planning to sell your home anytime soon or perhaps in the next few years, then you should consider investing in bathroom repairs and renovation.

While totally replacing your existing bathroom into a new one is the best option, this may not work well for those who do not have the cash to pay for a whole new bathroom. If you are on a tight budget, here are ways on how you can renovate or repair old and worn out bathrooms and attract potential homebuyers into your home.

Paint It

Giving your bathroom a fresh new coat of paint can certainly make a huge difference. You can perhaps go for something neutral or something that is complementary to the existing style of your room. Light grey or white color is a perfect choice. And if your vanity is already old and showing signs of usage, you can simply paint it with attractive shades and you will already give it a whole new look. If finances are tight, then keep existing countertops and sink and just simply let a fresh paint job to handle everything.


Remember that old lighting can put a damper on your bathroom. Updating the lighting can be possible even with only a little cash and doing a bit of electrical work. You can then install a decorative mirror attached with two simple sconces or perhaps replace an old and outdated vanity light with a modern one.

There are so many lighting options today that cost less than a hundred dollars and all these can easily add a beautiful touch to your old bathroom. If you are well knowledgeable on electrical DIY projects, then you can perhaps ask another member of your family to assist you in installing modern and energy efficient bathroom lighting.


At the very least, having new grout will be a great starting point to making your old tiles shine. At its best, replacing the tiles with inexpensive subway tiles or anything with neutral choice that is on sale at your local tile store would be a great way to add value into your existing bathroom.

If you have never tried working with tiles in the past, then you better leave this to the professionals. Talk to the local bathroom repair contractors near me about replacing the existing tiles in your bath without having to go beyond your available budget.

Limit Your Tiles

Tiles can get very expensive, most especially if you hire a company to lay the tiles out for you. Thus, in order to save money, consider limiting the amount of tiles and just instead put your focus on high impact areas such as the floors. Alternatively, you can also tile one horizontal strip across the wall and then paint the rest.

If you have your heart set in a certain tile that is expensive, then just use them as accent alongside a much cheaper plain colored tile. Not only will the expensive tiles appear more noticeable, but you also get to save tons of money by using a few tiles.


You can add a creative touch to your bathroom by doing a quick accessory overhaul. You can also coordinate a beautiful and interesting mix of prints with the same color and hue, while adding texture that complement with the overall features of your bathroom. You can perhaps install some pieces of artwork in the walls and then add some plants and candles as well. Consider replacing towel racks if you see that they are already outdated and old.

Mirrors and Linens

Aside from the flooring and the vanity, mirrors and linens can make or break your bathroom. Fresh, clean and fun lines can also add some style and pop of color into a neutral bathroom. Your small bathroom can have an appearance of an added space by installing a full-length mirror or pumping up your style with a cute bathroom vanity mirror, giving your bathroom a whole new life.


You can also install shelving, hang racks and other useful storage. This way, potential homebuyers will be able to visualize an added space in your bathroom. Do not worry about adding an under mount storage on your vanity. Instead, pay close attention into the areas of the bathroom that are cluttered and you can either remove all these or stow them out of your plain sight.

Save on Countertops

Another popular trend to renovating a bathroom is to splurge on beautiful granite countertops. Since the bathroom counters are usually small, investing in granite will be fairly low as compared to what you would have spent for kitchen counters.

One way to save money on this is to only purchase granite slabs that contain some imperfections. The more that the imperfections are visible, then the cheaper that the price will turn out. Remember also that your sink basin will take up so much surface area so if you put those tiles with imperfections where the sink and faucets are located, then these will not be visible.

Updating the Fixtures

Now take a look at the small details in your bathroom and consider updating them. Perhaps you can update light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets and the drawer pulls. All these will require only a small amount of investment. These things might seem insignificant, but upgrading them can certainly make a huge difference in the overall look of your bathroom.

Remember that you do not always need to purchase towel racks at home improvement stores or furniture ships. You can maybe make use of old plumbing for your towel racks and this will give your bathroom that beautiful industrial feel.

Freshen the Caulk and Grout

Another often overlooked, but very important detail is the grout and caulk. If this becomes grimy, they can turn out unsightly. By cleaning the grout and adding straight and clean lines of caulk all over the sink and tub, you will be able to add sparkle into your bath by spending only a few dollars.

You could be surprised at the huge difference this can make in your bathroom. Caulk and grout are both cheap and thus, this is a truly inexpensive way to repair and renovate your bathroom.

Buy Used

Another way to save money on your bathroom fixtures, including showers and toilets, is to purchase the used ones. You can perhaps scour websites like Craigslist and EBay or perhaps visit the nearest secondhand stores that sell home necessities such as mirrors, doors, toilets, tubs and sinks.

Buying used items and repurposing materials are also great for the environment. You can also think of ideas that you can do yourself. For instance, you can turn a charming mason jar into soap dispensers.

So as you can see above, there are so many ways in which you can repair your old and worn out bathroom and give it a new look, even if you are tight on budget. So talk to a bathroom repair specialist now and discuss how they can help you with this project.

Local Bathroom Repair Contractors Near Me Can Repair Your Bathroom on a Budget

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