Best, Easy & Cheap Home Interior Decorating Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Our home is important. It is our sanctuary and a place where we can relax and spend precious time with our loved ones. Thus, we should give utmost importance to decorating the interior of our home, and this can even be easy and cheap to do.

Besides, your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve made. This is why you’d want to maximize your investment. In this case, you’d want your home to look its best, and decorating it is a good way to do so.

When it comes to home decorating, it is important that you choose a theme that matches well with your own personality and taste. While some people want their home to appear neat and less cluttered, there are others who want to throw in different colors and other objects into their house in order to make it to stand out. Whatever you would want to incorporate for your home, it should be something nice and comfortable. We’ve made 41 sub-topics to look through, or you can simply read the article in its entirety. The links below are in the order at which they appear in the article, and not alphabetically organized.

Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Fortunately, there are lots of easy home decorating ideas that you can get inspiration from. With these ideas, you do not need to devote a lot of your time. With a bit of texture and color and perhaps, some creativity and imagination, you should be able to make your home look beautiful than ever. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Install new wallpaper in your kitchen, and include the shelving and closets as well. Try adding wallpaper at the back of your cabinet with a faux crocodile or snakeskin. Having new wallpaper might just inspire you to redecorate your kitchen.
  • Hang paintings all over your home. You do not really need to spend a lot on these for you can come up with your own painting. It would be a good idea to choose the painting design that matches with the overall décor of your home. Hanging canvases that are painted with bright latex paint can help to brighten up your dull looking walls.
  • Try hanging decorative plates in funky colors. The unexpected colors of these plates can make for a fresh and cool living room wall arrangement. Vary the colors, sizes and textures to make the wall look even more playful. You can perhaps hang the most dramatic looking plate at the center and make it a focal point of your living room design.

Cheap Ways to Decorate

cheap ways to decorate your home

You do not need to spend lots of money when decorating your home. There are so many cheap ways to decorate your home and here are some of them. In fact, if you’re generally trying to save money we suggest you read this post about saving money.

  • You can make use of a tray as storage for your TV remotes and other small decorative pieces in your living room. You can place the tray right above a coffee table. This idea does not cost a lot and will make your living room look neat, uncluttered and mess-free.
  • Consider hanging your kid’s artwork in your living room walls. You can perhaps display some drawings in a colorful frame or in a plain black or white frame, depending on the color theme of your living room decor.
  • Purchase an inexpensive lampshade and then paint it in a bright color, such as red, or any color that suits well with the overall color of your living room.
  • Display decorative pieces on unusual places, such as above a door. You can also lean some of them against a mirror or hang them in a symmetrical collage, about three inches far from each other.
  • Consider painting your curtain rods, in a color that complements with the color of your curtains. Or better yet, consider contrasting colors. For instance, if your curtain is dark brown, then you can maybe paint your curtain rod yellow or red.

Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas

Coming up with an interior decorating idea may just be easy for some as the idea might just flow in naturally in their mind. But for others who need guidance and inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, here are some interior decorating ideas that you may want to consider for your home.

  • Try decorating your interiors based on a certain theme that will unify the entire look of your home interior, giving it a look that will flow from one area to another. Although the design of the rooms in your house could vary depending on its purpose as well as its location, the theme should still flow through to give the room a sound appeal. Some themes to consider are retro, tropical, gothic, rustic, modern, contemporary, southwest, classic and many more.
  • Aside from the theme, you can decorate your home based on the purpose of the room, or perhaps, a design that defines your own individual taste and personality. For instance, your living room is the place where you spend the most time with family or perhaps to entertain some guests. It is therefore important that you design it in a manner that you can be comfortable when you relax and spend time relaxing and entertaining friends. This should be the same in your kitchen, dining room and other areas in your room. Simply think of each of their purpose and start from there.

A Living Room

decorating a living room

Your living room is an important area in your house. As mentioned above, this is where you spend most of your time relaxing and entertaining friends. It is basically in your living room where you probably have some of the best times of your life. Hence, your living room serves as a focal point of your home and will leave an impression on your visiting guests. Here is a guide to decorating your living room.

  • Wall color – choose light colors for your wall, such as light blue, yellow and lavender. You can also go for warm colors such as butter yellow accentuated with gold tones to give your living room a warm and relaxing feel.
  • Furniture placement – arrange the furniture in such a way that there will be lots of spaces that will be left for movement of your guests and you. Do not just simply dump your sofa and coffee table around. Arrange them neatly to make the living room look neat and not messy.
  • Create a cozy fireplace – the fireplace can serve as the focal point of your living room and can help to make your living room feel even more relaxing. The design of your fireplace should complement well with the entire look of your living room. You can also decorate flower vases at the fireplace mantel or perhaps hang knickknacks and photo frames on it.
  • Drapes – go for light shades as well as soft fabrics for the drapes and curtains in your living room windows. Another way is to make use of light curtains and drapes that will allow more natural light to come in during daytime.

A Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Most of the ideas for small living rooms are all about tricking the eyes into making the room look more spacious. When you decorate the room, do it in a way that the light and space will be maximized and pay close attention on how you use the weight, scale and color. Here are some of the most effective ways to do it.

  • Decorate with mirrors – placing mirrors strategically on your living room can make it look larger than it really is. Position the mirror right across the window so it reflects the view and will give an illusion of having another window.
  • Draw the attention upward – living rooms that have vertical dimensions will appear bigger. So if you’ve got high ceiling on your living room, make use of the space by decorating it in such a way that the attention will be drawn upward.
  • Use neutral colors – light and neutral colors can help to make the surroundings look bigger. So incorporate light or neutral colors on your living room walls, ceiling, floor, and even the furniture.
  • Choose small-scale furniture – choose furniture that will not overpower the room or something that will dominate the entire space. You can perhaps choose a sofa that has thin arms or those furniture pieces that have light upholstery.

A Large Living Room

How to Decorate a large Living Room

Although a lot of people would wish to have ample space in their living room, but sometimes, a huge living room can actually become a challenge to decorate. With the help of some tips below, making your large living room to feel cozy and warm is definitely possible.

  • Place tall potted plants strategically – if you’ve got really tall ceilings in your living room, then consider placing long potted plant trees on some of the bare corners of the room.
  • Paint two tone colors on the walls – painting two tone dark colors in your walls can help to create a warm and cozy feeling, and helps to trick the eyes by making the ceilings appear lower than they really are.
  • Replace your coffee table with a huge ottoman – choose a huge upholstered ottoman instead of the usual coffee table to close the huge gaps in the space and to add softness into the living room space.
  • Use daybed as divider – in a very large living room, you can come up with various seating areas, if you want. If you want, you can make use of a daybed as a divider while also making a smooth flow in between the two areas.

Decorating A Bedroom

decorating a bedroom

Decorating a bedroom will require using the right colors of fabric and choosing the right furniture and wall color. There are lots of bedroom decorating ideas that you can take inspiration from but it is important that you come up with something that will suit your own personality and taste. Here is a guide to help you through.

  • Comfortable furniture – comfort is important when it comes to decorating your bedroom. So invest on furniture pieces that can help to make your bedroom feel cozy and comfortable. Aside from having a comfortable bed, buy a comfortable chaise lounge chair for your bedroom so you will have something to sit on and relax after a hard day’s work. If you want your cozy bedroom to look bigger than it is, then install French mirror as headboard for the bed. Don’t forget to fill your bed with stacks of soft and fluffy pillows to make your bed appear even more inviting.
  • Infuse nature – you can infuse nature in your bedroom decorating by placing potted plants on a corner of your room. Or better yet, place vases with a bunch of colorful flowers in your bedside tables to add more colors into your bedroom.
  • Cool colors – choose the right color to transform your bedroom into a cozy paradise. Pastel shades, such as dove gray or light ivory, can help to give your bedroom a warm look. You can also have contrasting colors to offset the wall and change the overall looks of your bedroom.

The combination of color that you will choose for your bedroom decor should go well with the interior furniture and highlight your bedroom furniture to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance.

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A Small Bedroom

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

If you are living in an apartment or a condominium unit, then perhaps, one of your dilemmas is how to make your small bedroom appear bigger. As you know, a cramped bedroom can feel a bit claustrophobic. With some strategic styling, you should be able to make your tiny space appear bigger.

  • Choose the right color schemes – use natural, nude or pastel colors, especially in your bedroom walls. Paint your ceiling in a shade that’s similar or lighter than your wall and ensure that the paint colors on your wall should be lighter than the interiors of your room.
  • Choose the right bed – your bed is the most important furniture in your bedroom and serves as the focal point of your bedroom design. Choose the bed that’s low in height. A taller bed will make the distance in between the bed and the ceiling smaller and will also make your room appear smaller.
  • Proper placement of furniture – you do not really need to have a lot of furniture in your room. If you have a limited space, then get rid of some furniture sets. Or if you need to have furniture, you should position them strategically. Avoid placing them in an area that will make your floor space appear even smaller.
  • Choose the right flooring option – wide flooring boards that are made from light wood material can give your room a feeling of an open space and thus, will make it appear bigger.

A Bathroom

decorating a bathroom

The bathroom tends to be one of the most neglected areas in your home and is often a bit more difficult to decorate. But remember that your bathroom is also an important part of your home and is one of those rooms that we use every single day. Therefore, we should also take time to decorate or remodel your bathroom and make it appear appealing. Here are some ways to decorate your bathroom.

  • Choose the right color schemes when painting your bathroom. White is a classic color and can work well if you’ve got limited space in your bathroom. You can also have more than one shade, such as a combination of white and red, white and blue, or white and another darker shade of color.
  • Think of the lighting. The bathroom lighting can help to liven up your bathroom space. If you prefer more natural light to get in, then add an extra window. You can also add skylights and other light fixtures to improve the overall lighting.
  • Add the basics. When you’re done with the paint and the lights, don’t forget to add the basics, such as the tub, sink, toilet and countertop. You can have white colored tubs if your bathroom is small, but if you have a larger bathroom, then you can go for dark colored tubs.

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A Studio Apartment

Decorating a Studio Apartment

One of the most important aspects of decorating your studio apartment would be to make it more comfortable. Each time you decorate your apartment, make sure to choose the style and the utilities well. Here are some of the design ideas when decorating your studio apartment.

  • Entrance – consider placing a mirror on any of the side at the adjacent walls at your main door. Place a hat stand or a coat stand right next to the mirror so your guests will have a place where they can leave their hats or coats when they come for a visit.
  • Seating area – the seating area is an important part of your studio apartment. Since you have a limited space, avoid buying bulky furniture and go for the small but highly functional furniture pieces instead. A good idea is a two-seater couch or some other furniture that’s made of lighter material so you will not have a hard time in rearranging them.
  • Kitchen and dining room – since you’re probably the only one who will live in your studio apartment, then it does not make sense to have a big kitchen. You can have a small fridge and a few cabinets. You can have the dining area be placed right beside the kitchen so you can make full use of your small space.
  • Sleeping platform – to save more space for your sleeping area, you can create a platform where you can sleep on. You can also consider dividing a seating area into two and attaching a ladder so you can climb on the upper half to sleep on. The lower area can be used for studying or seating.

Dining Rooms

Decorating Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are among the most important areas of your home as this is where you spend some quality time with your friends and family while eating a delicious meal. Having a well decorated and clean dining room can help to lift the mood of the dining room and make your dining even more pleasurable.  Here are some ideas to help you with your dining room.

  • Paint your walls – you can add interest to your dining room walls with some striped paint. You can make use of some leftover paint to convert your dull looking dining room to a bold and beautiful one.
  • Upgrade your lighting – you can modernize your dining room by installing industrial style lights. You can balance the streamlined look by combining your lighting with natural furnishings, such as wicker chairs and distressed wooden tables.
  • Add slipcovers on the chairs – if you’re tired of the usual look of your dining chairs, the best thing that you can do is to change its slipcovers. For a more sophisticated look, you can have slipcovers that have your monogram.
  • Make your ceiling look stunning – consider adding architectural details on the ceiling of your dining room. You can perhaps paint a unique design or any artwork of your choice. The key is to come up with something that will make the ceiling to stand out.
  • Invest on lighting – you can install eye-catching chandeliers to make your dining room to stand out. There is also lots of modern design lighting that you can buy and install at your dining room to give it a glamorous look.

Decorating a Sunroom

Decorating a Sunroom

One of the best places in your house to spend some time relaxing is in your sunroom. This room gives you a chance to enjoy your beautiful outdoors while sipping a warm cup of coffee. Therefore, you should make some efforts to decorate your sunroom in the same way that you would in some other areas in your house. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Stick to light colors – whether you’re painting the walls or window frames, stick to the lighter shades of colors, such as white and off-white, as these colors give off a calming effect and will make your stay in your sunroom even more pleasing.
  • Use vertical blinds – installing vertical blinds in your sunroom is definitely a good idea. You can also go for bamboo roll up blinds, but make sure that it matches well with the rest of the furnishings in the room.
  • Add some plants – having plants in your sunroom is a convenient and simple way to decorate. The plants can help to keep the area to stay cool and create a welcoming atmosphere. You can hang the plants at the corners of the room or line them at the top of the glass covering.

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Decorating a Bookshelf

Decorating a Bookshelf

If you think your bookshelf is looking dull and boring, then it’s abut time that you spruce it up. The good news is that there are lots of ways on how you can update the existing look of your bookshelf without spending a lot. First, you can add mirrors at the back of your built-in shelving in order to give the wall some depth.

Another great way to give life to your bookshelf is to install some artwork on it. You can make your bookshelf look cozy and fun if you hang a huge colorful artwork right in the middle.

One way to spruce up the look of your bookshelf is to add more color to it. Consider repainting it with a bright shade of color, such as red, blue and pink. You can focus in only one color or you can do a combination of sorts. When repainting your shelf, consider adding some pattern to it. You can go for vertical or horizontal stripes, or perhaps, the herringbone pattern.

How to Decorate a Kitchen

how to decorate a kitchen

Decorating and remodeling a kitchen does not necessarily mean that you need to have a lot of money. All it takes is to choose the right decorative items and place them in the most strategic places. Here are some ways on how you can decorate your kitchen.

  • If you’ve got a kitchen cabinet that has become old and worn out, simply mix some paint such as brown, yellow and gray and use it to paint the cabinets inside out. This can help to give new life to the cabinets and make it look like brand new again.
  • If you think that there’s not enough light in your kitchen, then buy some intricate lamp designs that you can hang in the ceiling. If you are in a budget, there are affordable rice paper lamps that you can hang in the ceiling to help illuminate your kitchen area.
  • Add more green to your kitchen by placing some potted houseplants around. You can perhaps have one at the kitchen counter, at one of the kitchen corners or a bonsai plant near the windowsill.

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Above Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

If there is some gap in between your ceiling and your kitchen cabinets, then you probably have been looking for ways on how you can tackle this often forgotten spot. Here are some ways on how to decorate this spot and make your cabinet to look even better.

  • Lay silver and ceramics – instead of displaying your silver and ceramics in a cabinet, consider placing them right above your cabinet. This is a really smart trick when it comes to making use of the deep overhead space in your above cabinet.
  • Paint wisely – when it comes to repainting your kitchen, the key is to choose colors that pop against the color of the cabinetry, backsplash and ceiling to achieve a maximum impact.
  • Hang curtains -ideally, those spaces right above your kitchen windows and cabinets will look out into a gorgeous scenery that’s full of lights. But if you don’t have the best views, then you might be better off hanging some curtains in that space above your kitchen cabinets.

A Small Bathroom

Decorating a Small Bathroom

Not everyone is lucky enough to have ample spaces in their bathroom. If you’re one of those who unfortunately have a tiny space in your bath, don’t despair. There are absolutely some ways on how you can effectively decorate your bathroom and here are some ways.

  • Pay close attention to your choice of color – go for soft colors such as pale yellow, steel gray, peach, powder blue and lavender. Avoid using dark or bold colors as they could make the bathroom appear smaller. You can use them as accent colors instead.
  • Opt for big mirrors – mounting a huge mirror right in front of your bathroom sink can give an illusion of an ample space. In fact, mirrors have the tendency to double up the actual size of any space. You may also try placing light fixtures near your mirrors in order to bring in more light into your bathroom, making it appear even bigger.
  • Get rid of the unnecessary fixtures –remove all of the things that are just taking up a huge space in your bathroom. Focus on just the important accessories such as a vanity, toilet and countertop sink that has a compact pedestal.

A Powder Room

decorating a powder room

Your powder room is one of those rooms in your house that you do not use more often. Thus, when it comes to decorating your powder room, you should put more focus on the elaborate fittings and fixtures in order to add a touch of elegance into the room. Here are some decorating ideas that can surely help you.

  • Walls – painting bold colors on the walls of your powder room can help to brighten it up and give it an element of surprise. You can choose a color that’s according to your own personal taste or the kind of ambiance that you would want to achieve in your powder room.
  • Floor – the color of your floors must match with the color of the walls. For instance, if you’ve got blue walls, then you can perhaps go for orange tile flooring.
  • Base cabinet – a wooden base cabinet having a vessel sink at the countertop would be a great choice and is ideal if you want a modern theme for your powder room.
  • Mirror – choose a mirror that complements well with the overall theme of your powder room and helps to create a dramatic effect.

Fireplace Mantel

decorating a fireplace mantel

When it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, you should think of two important things and these are the proportion and the balance. You can also try out several different arrangements and decide which of them would look best before you do anything that’s permanent, such as hanging mirrors or pictures. Here are some of the décor arrangements that you can give a try.

  • Symmetrical decor – a lot of people would follow symmetry when it comes to decorating fireplace mantels where there is a main decorative piece at the center while similar other items can go on either side.
  • Asymmetrical decor – for this design, the items on both sides of the center part of the mantle can be different, but still maintains some similarity in terms of visual proportion.
  • Radial arrangements – huge fireplace mantels could benefit from this and the key is to place one decorative piece in the middle and several other smaller pieces should form a circle right around it.

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A Large Wall

decorating a large wall

An empty large wall can make your home look dull and boring. Decorating the wall can be a bit of a challenge as it can be a bit hard to look for inspiration when it comes to decorating this area in your house. If you feel like looking at an empty space in your personality while staring at your huge blank wall, then here are some home decorating tips that can guide you through decorating your wall.

  • Install some shelves – aside from being a great way to decorate a large empty wall, the shelves can also provide lots of space for decorative pieces like photographs, lamps, books, etc.
  • Wall stickers – one of the most practical ways to decorate a large empty wall is to make use of stickers. The stickers are easy to work with so you’ll not need to spend a lot of time in putting them into the wall.
  • Mirrors – hanging large mirrors will not only make your empty wall to stand out, but will also help to make your space look even bigger and brighter.

A Foyer or Entryway

Decorating A Foyer or Entryway

Your foyer or entry way is the first thing that your guests will see as soon as they step inside your home. It is therefore imperative that you decorate it the right way. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your foyer.

  • Wall color – it is a good idea to paint your foyer walls with a color that’s different from that of your living room. Warm and neutral colors can also help to give your foyer an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Place some furniture – yes, you can also place some furniture pieces on your foyer, but you need to choose the right kind of furniture. If you’ve got a small foyer, then go for long and narrow furniture. If you’ve got a larger foyer, then you can perhaps have a round pedestal table or an antique chair.
  • Create a wall art – coming up with a wall art display can help to make your foyer look warm and inviting. However, you must make sure to choose eye-catching wall art display to make an impression to your visiting guests.

Around a TV

decorating around a tv

Having a TV is great, however, it may not be the most pleasing thing to have. So in order to make that area near your TV set look a bit more appealing, here are some ways on how you can decorate that area around your TV.

  • Paint it in black – painting that wall behind your TV set is a great idea. This can work well especially if you’ve got a black TV since it allows for the TV to blend with the wall and not draw the attention away from the other pieces in your living room.
  • Install wall mounted shelves – grouping some shelves on the sides of your TV will not only make that area in your living room to stand out, but can also help to make everything in your living room look organized and cluttered.
  • Install wallpaper – installing a dark colored wallpaper behind your TV set can make a statement in your living room.

A Lampshade

decorating a lamp shade

If you are tired with your old and ordinary looking lampshade, then consider giving it a face lift. You can perhaps come up with your own custom lampshade with the use of your favorite fabric.

Another creative idea is to make use of a fabric dye in order to add color to your basic looking lampshade. If you don’t know how to dye a fabric, you can refer online for some tips.

The easiest way to give your lampshade a makeover is with the use of a spray paint. You can make use of a painter’s tape in marking off some geometric patterns on your shade to make it look even more artistic.

Using Pillows

decorating with pillows

One way to get creative with your home decorating is to revamp your home with the use of some pillows. Pillow decorating can make for an interesting and fun project since it allows you to get creative. The best way to start is to think of a theme for your pillow decorating that will also complement with the setting of your furniture and matches well with your home’s interior. For instance, if you want a modern design theme for your interior, then dark colored pillows would work well.

There are lots of printed pillow covers that have vibrant shades and are a great way to give color to your home interiors. You will also find lots of uniquely shaped pillows that can make for a great decorative piece in your living room sofa.

A Patio

decorating a patio

When it comes to designing your patio, the style and shape is of utmost importance. If you want, consider drawing a sketch of how your patio will look like and you can design it accordingly.

The shape of your patio must conform well to your surroundings. Avoid a square shaped patio since it looks a bit dull and boring. If you’ve got small space, then a circular patio would look best. The shape of your patio does not necessarily have to be confined in a certain geometric shape since you can experiment with other shapes as well.

The style of your patio must also complement with the overall structure and style of your house. There are different varieties of bricks and stones that come in different colors, which you can use as the flooring of your patio. If you’ve got a traditional looking house, having wicker furniture on your patio is a good idea.

A China Cabinet

decorating a china cabinet

Your china cabinet is not only a place to store your most prized china. If you make use of some unique decorating ideas, your china cabinet can serve as a focal point in your overall dining room design, giving it a one of a kind look.

Try to aim for balance when it comes to displaying various items in your china cabinet. You can opt for asymmetrical or symmetrical design. As much as possible, keep everything light and avoid overcrowding it with so many things. Ensure that your china display will also go well with the overall theme of your dining room, or in any room where the china cabinet is located.

A Hallway

decorating a hallway

Your hallway is an important part of your house. If you decorate it the right way, then it can give a long and lasting impression to your guests. Consider painting the walls in your hallway in light and neutral colors of white and beige so it will appear spacious and dispel darkness as well.

If you wanted to come up with something unique, then you can also have wainscoting. A simpler alternative is to make use of wallpaper in decorating. If you’ve got a rail, then go for plain wallpaper above while the area beneath it is in embossed or patterned design.

Using Lights

decorating with light

Whether you are installing light bulbs or simply taking advantage of some of the reflective surfaces in your house, it is important that you do it the right way.

Window treatments will have a huge impact in filtering light in your home, for as long as you use the proper drapery liner. If you’re on a tight budget, consider adding a thermal liner into readymade drapery panels that have adhesive bonding tape. When it comes to the use of lampshade, remember that the material and coloring will have a huge impact in the lighting that it gives off. If you want to brightly illuminate the room, it is best to go for lampshades that have plain white or light and airy fabric.

A Small Room

decorating a small room

When it comes to decorating a small home, the first thing that you should do is to think of the basics. If you’ve got dark colored walls, it would be best to repaint your wall with light pastel shades. Dark colors will just make your room to appear even smaller. Consider hanging sheer drapes and curtains and steer away from velvet and heavy brocade. Avoid hanging a lot of knickknacks and other artifacts since these are a bit distracting and will make your room look cluttered.

Hanging a large mirror on the wall coupled with a monochromatic color theme can make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Strategically place decorative pieces and other accessories such as paintings, artwork and lampshades in order to make the room look spacious.

A Coffee Table

Decorating a Coffee Table

Your coffee tables can be decorated beautifully and can even make for a beautiful focal point in your living room. To start with, consider running a runner right along the length of the table. This can work well if you’ve got a rectangular shaped table. Decorate some tea light holders at the top and light them in the evening. If you are into potpourri, then place them in a nice bowl and decorate above your table.

Consider placing a tray at the coffee table and then place a flower vase above it. Don’t forget to replace the fresh flowers in a regular basis. If you are into books, you can also consider placing some of your favorite books at the table and this can make for an interesting conversation starter with your visiting guests.

Sofa Table

decorating a sofa table

When it comes to decorating your sofa table, you must consider its size, shape, as well as the manner it is being used. If you were using the table for various purposes, then it would be better to only have a few things on the table. If the table is very low, you can decorate it with taller elements, while a table with rectangular height can go well with smaller elements.

If you’ve got a sofa table with glass top and with a lower shelf, make use of a tray in decorating and place some colorful pebbles on it. Another way is to use a table cover that’s made of silk and then you can place some tea light holders above it. You can also decorate your table with your miniature collections such as small figurines, pots, souvenir items, etc.

A Desk

decorating a desk

There are lots of ways in which you can decorate your desk. The key is to make it look organized, neat and free from all sorts of clutter. Instead of using the usual photo frames, consider hanging a wire for your photos instead. This is not only creative, but will not also take up lots of space in your desk.  Another great idea is to decorate small potted plants on your desk, such as bonsai and cactuses. Using fun magnets and colorful pushpins as reminders is also one way to add color in your dull and boring desk.

An Open Floor Plan

Decorating An Open Floor Plan

If you’ve got an open floor plan in your home, then consider using large carpets to anchor your living room space. Placing sofa in between your living and dining room area is also a great idea. To make your dining table look grand, consider hanging a chandelier. Finish the look by using colorful patterned dining chairs.

A Guest Room

decorating a guest room

Decorating your guest room will require using comfortable furniture and incorporating pleasant colors, complete with soothing fabrics and elegant accessories. Minimalist and stylish furniture will require the need for cleanliness and tidiness. Even a simple idea could help to change the overall look of your guest’s room completely.

The colors, lighting, windows, furniture and fixtures must enhance the overall look of the room and will give it a cozy and welcoming feel. Consider adding extra facilities such as stacks of books where your guests can spend some time reading and perhaps a cabinet where you can store a pair of slippers and extra clothing for your guests to use.

A Porch

decorating a porch

Decorating your porch should be all about comfort. After all, this is the place where you relax and spend some quality time with your guests. To start with, invest on chaises, chairs and swings that come with comfortable cushions. Bright and colored furniture and fixtures can help to further enhance the look of your porch.

Built-in lighting for your porch is also a great idea. You can also install decorative lamps, perfect for late evening gathering with guests, family and friends. Don’t forget to place some plants in your porch. You can have them in the corner table or hang them in the front.

Don’t have a porch yet? We will gladly help you if you’re considering having one installed.

A Home Office

Decorating A Home Office

Sense of organization and orderliness is important when it comes to decorating your home office. Since this is the place where you spend the most time with, then you should have enough light in this room. You can have a huge window installed so there is enough sunlight that can get in during the day and if you work at night, then install appropriate lighting that could illuminate the entire space.

Consider placing some furniture in one corner of your home office and go for wooden furniture to give your office a classy and elegant look. The decor must be both beautiful and functional and above all, there should be enough space to accommodate all your important equipment such as computer, scanner, printer, etc.

A Bay Window

Decorating a Bay Window

Curtains can help to enhance the overall look of your bay windows. There are lots of options that you can find for the curtain, but in order to further enhance the look, consider using different styles of curtain rods. Decorative rods that have elegant look can help to enhance the beauty of your windows. If you’re using decorative rods, then you might as well make use of valances.

A Walk in Closet

Decorating A Walk in Closet

There are so many ways to decorate your walk-in closet and make it look organized and neat, despite of the many items you have stored in there. First of all, consider having a center island or perhaps a huge sofa that you can place in the middle of the cabinets. Hang a chic chandelier on your walk-in closet. Aside from providing you enough illumination when changing, it also helps to enhance the overall look of the place.

A hanging storage with double rod system can help to maximize your closet. This can work well for those with tiny spaces in their walk-in closet. Another idea would be to use open shelves with three shelving that can be installed right above a built-in bench.

A Teenage Girl Room

Decorating A Teenage Girl Room

When you’re decorating the room of your teenage girl, it would be a good idea to ask her for the theme or design that she likes. Sober colors with some accents of dark pink and purple would be great. You can also go for a fresh color combination of yellow and dark pink or green and white.

For the themes, you can go for flower designs, butterflies and other abstract and colorful funky designs. The furniture must match with the overall theme of the room. So if you’re going for a flower theme, then look for furniture pieces with flower accents and designs.

A File Cabinet

Decorating A File Cabinet

Perhaps, you have already neglected your filing cabinet and that it’s just lying somewhere in your basement or garage. It’s time to spruce it up with a few tips. If you’ve got a metal cabinet, consider mounting some picture frames at the front of the drawers. You can also convert the cabinet into a makeshift desk and place a computer right above it. This is a great solution for those who would prefer a customized working area. Consider repainting the desk with bright colors and place it in your home office. This is a great way to give color to your office space.

Decorating a Den

decorating a house den

You probably spend a lot of time in your den relaxing and hanging out with family. Thus, comfort and style should go together when it comes to decorating your den. Having a comfortable huge sofa on your den is a great idea. You can also hang family pictures in the wall or perhaps display framed photos at the side tables. If you have a small space in your den, then paint the wall with light colors and do the same thing for the ceiling.

A Medicine Cabinet

Decorating a Medicine Cabinet

With a few easy steps, you can jazz up the look of your medicine cabinet and transform it from dab to fab. You can paint it with bright colors or you can go neutral. If you are artistic enough, add designs, such as stripes and other patterns. You can make use of spray paint to easily paint the cabinet. Finish it up by replacing the old boring knob with a fancier and more stylish knob.

Dorm Room

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Make sure to give importance to the accessories that you put into your dorm room. Lighting is important especially since you may need to spend a lot of time at night in studying. Having a huge rug in the flooring can help to give the room a pleasant and welcoming look. Hanging colorful artwork and some pictures, as well as having a comfortable chair to sit on is also a great idea. To learn more, check out the post by Buzzfeed.

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