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Ideas For Your Patio

Patio is a Spanish word that means backyard or back garden. This is usually a paved area just outside the house where friends and family would gather around to hang out and enjoy some treats. Whether you are in the process of building a new one or decorating an existing patio, here are some great ideas you can take inspiration from.

patio overlooking garden

Small Patio Ideas

Those who have small areas on their backyard would often think that they could not do much about it since the space is limited. But patios would actually look great if they are built on small cozy areas lined with concrete tiles and surrounded with lush green lawns. Here are more ideas to keep you inspired when it comes to decorating your small backyard.

  • Water additions – you can make the space to stand out by installing elegant water additions in the form of a pond or fountain. A vertical fountain that’s surrounded with potted plants and bricks may just do the trick. Use concrete tiles as flooring surface to make it look more natural and install wooden seating beside the fountain. To shield from the sun, place a huge umbrella on the seating area.
  • Garden – you can turn your small backyard space into a beautiful sanctuary by converting it into a charming garden. You can grow different flowers and plants, hanging vines, bushes and some trees. Make sure you leave a space in the middle where you can install outdoor garden furniture that’s made from wrought iron and other natural materials to go with the plants. If there’s still enough space, consider building a fountain to make your small garden look even more beautiful.
  • Wooden deck – consider building a deck in your small backyard where you can entertain guests and host parties. You can build roofing if you want to shield the space from the harmful rays of the sun and possible downpour. Don’t forget to install comfortable benches and tables so you and your friends will be able to relax and enjoy the space even more.

Patio Cover

covered patio

Installing pergolas or other shade structures in your backyard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is not desirable. With these coverings, you can sit and relax outside despite of the scorching heat and you can entertain guests without being bothered by the harmful rays of the sun. Read on to find out the different types of shade structures that you can install in your patio.

  • Pergolas – these are freestanding structures installed within your backyard landscape. They can also extend towards your walking space and pathway, as well as on other entertaining areas outdoors.  Pergolas usually have open sides and a roof that’s either solid or slatted. In some cases, people would grow vine plants on the roof to provide more shade.
  • Patio covers – these covers are similar to pergolas. However, they are usually attached directly into the structure of the house. What’s great about this is that it will use the structure of your house as support, and thus, it will not be too costly to build unlike when you go for the freestanding structures, such as the pergola.
  • Sunrooms – these are built directly into the structure of the house. Since a sunroom can be insulated and built out of a dual pane window, the structure is ideal in all four seasons and can even serve as a great addition to your existing home. The best thing is that they are weatherproof and thus, you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors even in the midst of winter.
  • Gazebos – this structure is eight-sided and has solid roofing attached to it. You will mostly find these in traditional style gardens, such as French gardens. Unfortunately, they have gotten a bad reputation as of late because many of them are being built out of cheap kits and installed poorly in the backyard. They could get damaged easily specially during high winds. Yet, gazebos can make for an attractive addition to your patio especially if it’s made from natural materials that can go well with the surrounding landscapes.
  • Screened porch – this covering is attached into your house directly, usually at the backdoor for easy access. From the name itself, this is made out of a large screen that will keep your space protected against insects and mosquitoes. This is great if you are fond of serving meals outdoors since your guests can enjoy eating without the insects getting into their food.


These days, you will find that there is absolutely a wide range of choices available for you when looking for a suitable design idea for your patio. But there are lots of factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on a design. Aside from the aesthetic value, it should be something that is comfortable for you and your guests to use. To give you an idea, here are some of the different designs that you can incorporate in your patio.

  • Pergolas – the use of pergolas is a great way to build a personal space in your backyard. Since it’s covered, you can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.  Therefore, you can choose to stay there even under the midday sun. You can also hang a few climbers on the pergolas to provide even more shade while also lending more aesthetic value to your patio.
  • Greens – the use of plants in decorating is also a good idea. If you’ve got a green thumb, then this idea should be easy for you to achieve. Sitting amidst your beautiful plants is truly a refreshing experience and there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the sound of the swinging leaves.
  • Water elements – having a water feature will not only make your backyard space look even more charming, but it also makes relaxing in your yard even more comforting. The soothing and gurgling sound of water will surely ease your tensions after a hard day’s work.
  • Getting artsy – if you have creative skills, then you can put this to good use by adding art installations in your patio. You do not really need to spend a lot of money on this. In fact, you can make use of those old items lying around your house as decors. Things like old bicycle wheels, pallets, and carts can be made into garden decoration and even planters.
  • Comfort is the key – we all want to feel comfortable when lounging at our patio. Thus, you should put comfort as the number one priority when designing it. The key is in using comfortable furniture and fixtures, such as an upholstered sofa bed with fluffy pillows. You can also place reclining chairs and sun loungers so you can take a nap or lie around there all day.
  • Outdoor fireplace – having a fireplace in the outdoors is becoming a trend these days. This is a great way to enjoy your backyard even in the midst of the harsh winter weather. You can perhaps share stories and enjoy hot marshmallows while lounging outdoors and enjoying the warmth that the fireplace provides.

Concrete Patio

patio with outside kitchen

Having a concrete patio can help to enhance the overall landscape of your backyard. The best thing about using concrete is that it is highly durable. Thus, it could withstand the harsh outdoor weather all year round. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining the concrete is not that big of a hassle and you can even find lots of attractive concrete designs that can match with the look of your house. Here are some of the best designs to check out.

  • Stamped concrete – if you want a simple no-frills design, then go for the stamped concrete. For this design, a concrete will be poured into the ground. While it’s still wet, textures and designs are then pressed upon it using a stamp. You can come up with colorful patterns and other interesting designs, depending on your preferences. Some of the most popular designs are natural stones, tiles, flagstones, bricks, etc.
  • Exposed aggregate – for this design, an aggregate or a heavier rock material will be shown off or exposed in the surface. This will give the surface a whole new dimension and a unique concrete finish. You can use pebbles, colored glass and other decorative elements that can be visible on the surface. Simply pour concrete in the middle and then create designs out of it, such as birds, leaf, trees, and other designs.
  • Poured concrete – a poured concrete is not only about having a typical gray slab on the floor. You can make the look even more interesting by adding concrete dye on it. You can choose just a single color or if you want a more vibrant look, you can use multiple colors. If you want to use more than one color, pour the concrete into various areas of your patio. You can even come up with a checkerboard pattern if you want to. Staining is also another way of making the concrete surface look even more beautiful.


There’s nothing more relaxing than hanging out in your patio or deck after a hard day’s work. But if you end up squinting and sweating, and perhaps getting sunburnt while lounging in your patio, then it’s time to install shades! There are lots of options you can choose from. So regardless of the design that you want, you will surely find a shade that matches with your design preferences. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Shade sail – if you want a low cost way of covering up your space, then you can install shade sail. It’s easy to install and can make your outdoor space feel comfier and cooler. There are store-bought sails with basic designs that you can pretty up and hang in your outdoors. Consider wrapping the posts with rope to give it a more coastal look.
  • Curtains – another easy and cost effective way to provide shade to your outdoors is to install curtains. It will not only provide shade to your space, but will also give you your much-needed privacy. You can simply install 2x4s as posts then hang the curtains to these posts. If you want your patio to stand out, hang bright colored curtains, such as neon orange or bold pink. Of course, it should also match with your decors.
  • Vertical garden – you can easily create gorgeous vertical garden outdoors using fabric pocket planters. You can then hang several of them on the sides to provide your space with enough shade. This idea is so easy that you don’t even need to have a green thumb to come up with this vertical garden.
  • Privacy screens – just like the curtains, hanging privacy screen on your outdoor space can help to block the sun out while also giving you privacy from your neighbors and the passersby. You can simply purchase a screen from your local home improvement store then install it into your deck or patio.
  • Pergola – you can choose to purchase readymade pergolas to install in your backyard. But if you are an experienced DIYer, coming up with your own pergola should be easy. It will not even cost you a lot of money.


A beautiful patio can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. By simply adding fresh color and decorative elements on it, you should be able to transform your outdoor space into a charming abode. So if you are tired of the usual look of your existing patio, here are some decorating ideas to apply in order to give it a whole new look.

  • Make use of indoor accessories – just because you are decorating an outdoor space does not mean that you can only use outdoor decors. Consider the use of indoor furniture and accessories for your outdoor decorating. This can help to make the place look even more comfortable and inviting. You can perhaps bring your favorite couch along with matching blankets and pillows into your covered patio.
  • Weather friendly finishes – investing on weather friendly furniture and fixtures for your outdoor space is a good idea. When you shop on bazaars, trade fairs and even garage sales, keep an eye on those attractive furnishings that are made from weather-friendly materials and can work well on your outdoors. A table made of lightweight weathered wood material can be used as a focal point for your patio decoration.
  • Add privacy and shade – you can enjoy your outdoor space without the prying eyes of your neighbors by installing a privacy and shade in the form of bright colored curtains. This also allows you to enjoy your space without being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Create a focal point – the best way to start decorating is to have a focal point. It can be in the form of a table or a piece of funky art placed right in the middle. You can then accessorize the space based on the color and theme of your focal point.

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patio with spot lights

If you want to illuminate your outdoor space, it’s important that you choose your lighting well. There are lots of outdoor lighting options and ideas that you can consider and it’s important that you take time to explore your options. They should not only be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but should be something that will match with your outdoor decors. So here are some of the best options to consider.

  • Lantern lighting – perhaps, the easiest lighting option that you can incorporate for your outdoor is the use of lanterns. Lantern lighting is also ideal for decks and backyards. You can go for either the candle or kerosene lanterns. Candle lanterns can give off a soft and elegant glow to your outdoor space and will not get blown off easily even by the slightest wind. Kerosene operated lanterns can also provide the same lighting as that of the candle lanterns, but they will burn much longer.
  • Asian inspired – if you want to give your outdoors an Asian vibe, then you can go for vellum paper lanterns that can house votive candles. This lighting option can give your patio an elegant touch, perfect for nighttime gathering. Another Asian inspired lighting option is the use of origami lanterns. You can simply create your own DIY origami lanterns and place battery powered lights inside. You can then hang them all throughout the space for a whimsical vibe.
  • Strands of lights – a lot of homeowners will also opt to hang strands of lights to illuminate their outdoors at night. These are similar to the string of lights used as Christmas decors. They can be hanged on your deck or patio. Or better yet, cover them with colorful shades to make them more enchanting.
  • Tiki torches – another simple and elegant lighting option for your outdoor is the use of a flaming Tiki torch. You can scatter the torches all over your backyard to provide enough illumination across the space. Aside from making your outdoors look elegant at night, the torches can also help keep mosquitoes away.

Cheap Ideas

Sure, there are lots of design ideas to consider for your patio. However, fitting everything together with a limited budget can be quite a challenge. The good news is that there are actually plenty of patio design ideas on the cheap that you can incorporate in your own outdoor space. So here are some tips on how you can decorate your space without going beyond your available budget.

  • Use concrete for flooring – you’ll find lots of flooring options for your patio. But since you are on a budget, the best option is to go for concrete. This material is by far, the cheapest option when it comes to surfacing your outdoors. You can purchase concrete tiles for just a dollar each or you can visit a scrap market and get them at a much cheaper rate.
  • Use secondhand outdoor furniture – another thing that could ruin your budget when it comes to your patio decorating is the furniture and fixtures. The solution? Visit your local flea markets and attend garage sales to look for secondhand outdoor furniture that can look great on your outdoors. Wicker furniture sets do not cost a lot of money and can blend well with the natural ambiance in your outdoors.
  • Choose practical accessories – instead of a pergola, you can use awnings as covering for your patio. They are much more affordable and can offer the best protection from the harmful sunrays. You can also go for retractable umbrellas in covering some of the seating areas in your outdoors. Other cheaper but beautiful accessories to consider are Chinese lanterns, colorful rugs, flower baskets, scented candles and many more.


If your idea of beautifying your outdoor space would be to install bricks, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually come up with different designs out of it. Aside from the aesthetic value that it gives to your space, another advantage of using bricks for your surfacing is that it is durable and easy to repair in the event of damages. Here are some brick ideas you can take inspiration from.

  • Common bricks – from the name itself, common bricks are the most commonly used bricks for outdoor surfacing. It is also less expensive to install. It’s usually made from shale or clay, and in some cases, they are fired on a kiln. The kiln-fired bricks are distinguished by their rough texture.
  • Face bricks – these are bricks that are meant to be visible. They are usually applied in an exposed face of a flooring or wall. They are made from materials with better quality unlike the common bricks. The face bricks usually have a sleek surface. It is highly durable and is available in different shades of grey, red, white and brown.
  • Surface bricks on sand – a brick-flooring surface can be perfect for your backyard. It is in fact the easiest outdoor paving project to tackle. Even novice DIYer can install the bricks with ease. However, this can only work well for those areas where the grounds are not known to freeze. If moisture is not an issue, the use of bricks on sand can offer more durability as compared to bricks in mortar.
  • Bricks with planting beds – you can come up with a courtyard patio made entirely of brick surface. But in order for the space not to look boring, incorporate it with border gardens, planting beds, outdoor seating and some potted plants. If you will go for this design, it is best to decide ahead of time on the type of pattern that you want the bricks to be laid on. You can either go for the basket weave design or the running bond.

Patio Garden

patio surrounded by plants and trees

If you are fond of gardening and you have the luxury of time to tend to your plants, then coming up with a garden patio is perfect for you. In fact, having flowers and trees on your outdoor space can provide for a more relaxing ambiance. Refer below for some of the most inspiring ideas for your patio garden.

  • Walled courtyard – you can make the most of your small space at the backyard by coming up with a walled secret garden. You can use the same floor tiles as that of your interiors to create a sense of continuity. Surround your garden with large potted plants to give it a tropical feel and a sense of nature. Finish it up by arranging a set of tables and chairs in the middle where you can relax and perhaps read a book.
  • Contemporary design – the key to achieving a contemporary garden is to decorate it with contemporary garden furniture. You can keep the look light by installing a polished concrete finish for the flooring surface. A glass-topped table paired with finely woven lounge chairs can make the outdoor space look even more elegant. Make sure you grow plenty of tall trees and shrubberies on the side that will also serve as a privacy covering.
  • Colorful patio – if you want lots of colors in your garden, then fill it with flowering plants. You can set up a potting area on one side and fill it with as many potted flowers as you can. You can prettify the space by decorating it with white garden furniture sets and other accessories. Make sure you regularly tend to your flowers so they will keep on blooming and maintain the charming look in your garden.

Door Curtain

Like everyone else, you sure love hanging out at your patio, entertaining friends or simply relaxing after a long day at work. However, if the sun is out, you may not be able to fully enjoy the outdoors. The best solution to this is to hang charming curtains at the door that will not only shield you from the sun, but will also serve as a privacy covering. Here are some of the best ideas to follow for your patio door curtain.

  • Fabric curtains – outdoor fabric curtains are elegant and can look even more charming when blown by the wind since they move in breeze. You can hang it over your pergola or veranda entry to keep you protected from the scorching heat, while still allowing some natural light to get in. Make sure you choose the fabric that’s mold and mildew resistant and something that’s made specifically for use outdoors.
  • Patio shades – you can mount the shades over your patio just like you would with an awning. Depending on the fabric’s weave and thickness, the shades should be able to filter or protect your space from the sun. The breathable fabric will allow for the wind to still pass through so you can still enjoy the outdoor breeze.
  • Outdoor blinds – blinds can make for a perfect covering in your patio door. There are blinds that can be used specifically for the outdoors, such as the bamboo roller blinds, and those that are made from thick fabric, capable of blocking the UV rays. The roller blinds made of bamboo are inexpensive and can hold up well to the changing temperature outdoors.

Patio Privacy

If you live close to your neighbor, it would be a good idea to have some privacy covering in your outdoor space. This way, you can enjoy doing whatever you want without the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors. The good news is that there are actually lots of smart ways on how you can have a privacy covering for your outdoor space, and here are some of them.

  • Black fence – installing tall vertical fences in black, from top to bottom, is one of the most elegant ways to provide a privacy covering for your patio. Each planks should be installed a short distance away from each other in order to create an interesting shutter effect that will provide you with privacy, without totally blocking off the space.
  • Branch screen – the use of branches and twigs as screens is a smart way to provide privacy to your outdoor space. The screen is easy to make. It requires the use of various horizontal wooden sticks such as branches and twigs. They are placed on top of each other to come up with a natural barrier. It’s great for any outdoor space including your garden.
  • Drop cloth – if you want a more laid-back vibe in your backyard, you can hang a drop cloth as privacy covering. The drop cloth curtains can be draped into the wall and can be left open or tied if you want some privacy while hanging out at your outdoors. You can choose any color that you want, but it would be great if you choose something that matches with the color and design of your space.
  • Hedge wall – growing hedge is another great way to provide covering in your outdoor space. You simply have to maintain the plants so it will be able to provide you with complete protection. You can make it look even more beautiful by installing string lights or other lighting to illuminate the space at night.

Fire Pit

outside fireplace

A patio is more than just a well-designed backyard. It is a place where you can relax, hang out with friends and perhaps share a meal with your loved ones. But what happens if it’s the winter? If you still want to enjoy your outdoors despite of the harsh winter weather, the best thing that you can do is to install a fire pit. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate a fire pit to your patio.

  • Portable fire pit – if you have a small space in your yard, then your best bet is to use a portable fire pit or a fire pit table. Since they are portable, you could save some space and even transfer it anywhere you want to. A fire pit table on the other hand, can double up as a table, and is great for those who have a contemporary outdoor space.
  • Fire ring – an inexpensive option would be to create a fire ring out of natural stones. This is a great alternative for small spaces, since the fire pits that have tall structures tend to take up a lot of space. The ceramic fire bowls are fast gaining popularity these days and are definitely worth investing for.
  • Pave blocks – the use of pave blocks for fire pits is ideal for those who are trying to come up with a rustic inspired outdoor space. For this design, the pit can be filled partially with gravel, sand and crushed stones. For those who have enough space on their yard, a metal pit made from either copper or cast iron is highly recommended.


Like everyone else, you probably love to spend most of your time in your patio. Thus, you should equip it with furniture sets that are not only attractive, but comfortable to use as well. Of course, it should also match with the overall ambiance of your outdoors. With the number of choices available, you might find it hard to decide which outdoor furniture to invest in. So here are some suggestions to consider.

  • Wooden furniture – you should invest on comfortable wooden furniture that looks inviting to sit in. They must also be made from durable wood materials such as Cedar and Teak wood. These materials are able to withstand different weather conditions outdoors, thus, you can just leave them in your space all year round. You can perhaps have a wooden coffee table, rocking chair and benches. Don’t forget to add fluffy pillows on the benches and chairs.
  • Wicker furniture – if you want to exude a rustic vibe into your backyard, then decorate it with wicker furniture. These furniture sets can make your outdoor space to look more elegant and sophisticated. You can finish up the look by decorating it with white pillows and cushions to enhance the elegance and exude more comfort in the space.
  • Vibrant pieces – you can exude a playful vibe in your outdoor space by installing colorful furniture sets. Simply paint your old wooden furniture sets with bright colors such as pink, orange, green and yellow. Arrange them up in your patio and decorate the space with matching accessories.
  • Swing – you will love spending more time in your patio if you hang a charming swing on it. You can purchase readymade swing or you can build one your own. In fact, if you have an old wooden bench, you can simply paint this and convert into a swing by hanging it in your patio. Another option is to install a hammock.

DIY Ideas

woman lying in a chair

If you want to give your patio a whole new look but you do not want to hire a professional to do it, then you can do it yourself. You will find that there are actually lots of DIY patio ideas that you can tackle yourself. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert DIYer to do these projects. So here are some of them.

  • Create shade using a pergola – even the most basic concrete slab can become a charming design element if you incorporate the right ideas to it. For instance, you can install an elegant pergola in your small patio to give it an aesthetic boost. You can simply mount rectangular wooden blocks on your patio roof and paint it in white.
  • Enhance the landscaping – your outdoor space can look great if the yard where they are connected to has a beautiful landscaping. There are so many ways on how you can enhance the landscaping of your yard. For instance, you can hang stacked walls to conquer the slope and imitate the color of your home.
  • Add Flagstones – coming up with a natural gathering spot is easy with the use of flagstones. This kind of surfacing will surely boost the look of your outdoor space. Flagstone installation will usually require a few days of work, but it is definitely an easy project to do. You can keep the natural feel by installing irregularly shaped tiles for your flagstone flooring.


Aside from being inexpensive, installing gravel for your outdoor space is pretty easy. What’s more, they are easy to maintain and drains water very quickly. It can also make any outdoor space to stand out with its beautiful rustic charm. If you’re thinking of using gravel for your patio surfacing, here are some ideas to help you with.

  • Old world charm – gravel patios can work well with both Mediterranean and European inspired landscapes. You can arrange a seating area on it and conveniently position it behind a bright colored door. The gravel can provide for a charming space for you and your friends to chill out on. You can finish the look by installing bistro tables and chairs, a perfect place to have evening cocktails.
  • Desert oasis – you will find gravel in the shades of white, gray, gold, brown and rusts. Therefore, you should focus on these colors when decorating your outdoor haven. To achieve a more natural pleasing look, choose pebbles that have lighter hues and can coordinate well with the exterior color palette of your home.
  • Beneath a tree – you can lay gravel beneath the tree to provide your space with shade, perfect for when you need to hang out during mid-day where the sun is scorching hot. You can also install dining furniture so you can enjoy outdoor dinners with friends and loved ones.
  • Asian inspired – you can use multicolor gravel mix to come up with an Asian inspired outdoor space. You can lay concrete stepping stones along with the rocky gravel bed in order to provide a safe walking path. Finish the look by installing cushioned seats in the middle.


Sometimes called the overhang, an awning is like a second covering on the exterior wall of a structure. It is usually made from a canvas material that’s woven of cotton, polyester yarn and acrylic, that’s stretched tightly into a frame. An awning is one of the best options for an outdoor covering. Aside from enhancing the look of your outdoors, it also shields you from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some great ideas when it comes to using awning as your patio covering.

  • Stripes – an awning with bold stripes can help to enhance the overall look of your outdoors. This is perfect if your patio happens to be installed right beside your home. In fact, it can be a perfect alternative to your usual window valance. As for the color of the stripes, choose something that matches with the overall theme of your outdoor decors.
  • Modern look – you can hang an oversized awning in place of a traditional roof or pergola over your backyard. You can make the space to stand out by hanging a huge outdoor art in bright color, set against the light wooden floors as well as neutral colored outdoor furniture.
  • Shady panels – you can create a relaxing retreat in your backyard by installing lounge style furniture and hanging neutral colored awnings that can be draped at the entirety of the space.
  • Open roof – an open roof area can accommodate awnings during summer and can be adjusted to allow light to get in during winter. The center area of the space will remain open to accommodate the fire pit. This is a perfect idea for a small spaced outdoor living room.

Patio Bench

It would be great to hang out in your outdoor space while sitting on a comfortable bench. The good news is that you can actually decorate your backyard space with comfortable outdoor benches without spending a good amount of money. In fact, you can choose to build the benches yourself if you are an avid DIYer. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Lavender bench using bed frame – you can construct a bench out of your old bed frames and paint it with bright colors, such as lavender. If you don’t have an old bed frame, you can build a bench from scratch using recycled wooden pallets.  Make sure you paint it with the color that compliments with the rest of your outdoor furniture and decors.
  • Baby crib bench – if your little one has already outgrown his or her crib, then remove one side of the wall to convert the crib to an outdoor bench. You can paint the crib with whatever color you like or leave it in its natural shade. If the crib is made of wood, then it can blend in with your rustic inspired outdoor living space.
  • Tree bench – if there is a tree at your backyard, surround it with chairs that you can convert into benches. It’s a great way to accommodate plenty of guests. You can perhaps install up to five chairs around the tree, which is spacious enough for your guests to have a comfortable place to sit on.
  • Converted door – you can also convert an old door into an outdoor bench. You can paint it with a rustic blue green shade to complete the look. It is simple, yet it is a unique way of adding a seating area into your outdoor space.
  • Swinging bench – there is nothing more comfortable than sitting on a hanging bench after a long day at work. You can create your own hanging bench by recycling old chairs. Simply attach the two chairs together, tie them with a durable chain and hang in your patio. Sitting on this makeshift swing is definitely a great way to relax while enjoying the outdoors.


A lot of people have now chosen to install above ground pools since the in ground designs are a bit expensive and will take up so much space in the backyard. If you are planning to have an above ground pool in your house, the best place to install it is right beside your patio. If you need some ideas on how to spruce it up, then you better read these tips.

  • Tiled pool platform – above ground pools do not usually come with a concrete base unlike the standard pools. As such, it may be a good idea to ensure that the pool will not sink or will not produce any strange bumps at the surface area. In this case, you should consider placing the pool right above a tiled surface flooring so it will be free from bumps and the risk of getting torn by rocks and roots can be avoided.
  • Pool deck – another unique idea for your backyard pool is to surround it with logs. With this design, the walls of your pool will not only be reinforced, but it will also give a beautiful rustic charm to your backyard space. The use of logs as a pool deck is also a clean way of adding a rustic character to your backyard pool.
  • Special effects – if you want your pool to look very elegant, you can include special effects on it. For instance, you can build a durable concrete wall surrounding the pool and then install waterfalls that will cascade around the pool. The darkened concrete wall will add exotic charm to your overall outdoor space.
  • Mosaic – you can come up with a charming texture and one of a kind design by using tiles to create mosaic-like designs in the surrounding areas of the pool. The varying colors of the tiles can provide your outdoor space a unique glow that your guests will surely enjoy. Aside from being beautiful, these tiles are made from stone materials that are porous in nature, and thus, it reduces the risk of slipping.

Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub outdoors is definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, installing hot tubs on your patio may come with some aesthetic challenges. But there are actually ways on how you can integrate a hot tub into your outdoor living space without affecting the beauty of your landscape. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Strategically install the tub – do not leave any sides of the tub exposed. What you can do instead is make use of any existing railings and walls in order to conceal multiple sides. Whatever remains, you can mask it with wooden enclosure.
  • Anchor it in an outdoor room – you can create a spa like haven in your backyard that’s separate from your house. For instance, you can make use of wooden steps coming from the tub going to your house or the other way around. You can then partially enclose the tub with a fiberglass arbor to make the space look even more luxurious.
  • Use your tub as the focal point – when it comes to decorating your patio, you should begin with a focal point. You can use your tub as a focal point in your decoration. Complement the rest of your outdoor decors with it. For instance, if your tub is rustic inspired, you should embellish your patio with rustic inspired furniture and accessories.

Planter Ideas

If you plan on growing flowering plants and other types of plants in your outdoors, then you should choose the right planters to plant them with. It should also go well with your outdoor decor and can help to enhance the overall look of your space. Here are some great ideas to consider.

  • Railing planter – if you plan on placing potted flower plants at the railing, consider the use of railing planters. These planters have grooves at the bottom that makes hanging them at the railing seem easier.  This is great for those with limited spaces outdoors and those who live on apartment buildings where they can hang the planters at their balcony.
  • Colorful ceramic bowls – if you have old ceramic bowls and dishes that you no longer use, you can actually use them as planters. You can paint them with vibrant hues to make them look even prettier. These colorful planters can work well with petunias, pansies and other colorful blooms.
  • Colorful plastic planters – colorful plastic planters painted in bright hues can make your outdoor space to look even more vibrant. These planters are available in different shapes and sizes and could accommodate different kinds of plants. You can come up with vivacious look in your backyard space using these planters and what’s great is that you can easily move them around when needed.
  • Wicker planters – the use of wicker baskets as planters is a growing trend. These planters are durable and lightweight and are available in a wide range of designs. They are perfect for your rustic inspired space and you can even match it with wicker outdoor furniture sets.
  • Clay pots – another planter that’s perfect for rustic inspired outdoor is the use of clay pots. This is also ideal for those who often end up overwatering their plants. The reason is because these planters are made from porous materials, and thus, they allow excess water to get out easily and maintain the proper circulation of air.


If you love hosting barbecue parties in your backyard, then you definitely should have a grilling area in your patio. As you know, cooking outdoors is so much fun, especially if you share it with friends. Here are some tips on how to setup a wonderful grill outdoors so you can fully enjoy your outdoor barbecue with friends.

  • Natural textures – you can have your outdoor kitchen grill built within a rock countertop along with a concrete counter. Aside from the grill, you can also have stainless steel cabinets and vents, as well as a bar sink built alongside the counter. The unique combination of different textures can add artistic interest to this outdoor kitchen setup. Just like with your indoor kitchen, your guests will surely love hanging out at the concrete counter.
  • Sleek kitchen – you can have slate countertops for your outdoor kitchen instead of the usual concrete. As for the grill, it can be mounted into a brick and stainless steel rack, which is not only durable, but also gives off a sleek modern appeal to your outdoor space. This grilling station can also be used as a food preparation area, or perhaps a buffet space where guests can enjoy your newly cooked barbecues.
  • Barbecue bar – you can come up with a barbecue bar in your outdoors by enclosing your grilling station with a short wall and a countertop. The wall can also help to define your outdoor kitchen. You can have a beautiful clock mounted alongside the grill so you will be able to keep track of your grilling times.