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How to Apply Foundation Primer: Things You Need to Know

How to Apply Foundation Primer
When you’re applying makeup, the first thing you will want to make sure is that your face starts out as flawless as it can. It is the exact same principle as when a painter is priming an area and preparing it for painting. A clean face will ensure that your makeup efforts deliver the best results. Using a primer will help filling in the lines as well as smoothing pores, thereby giving the foundation a better basis for being applied evenly, and it’ll mean your makeup has that fresh look all day. Here are some tips to use the primer and get the most out of your efforts to look beautiful.

First of all, figure out what it is you want the primer to do. Do you want it to take care of wrinkles and fine lines? Or maybe your skin is very oily and shines as a consequence. This can also be changed using it. Is it discoloration that is bothering you? You have a lot of different options available on the market and to find the one that will best accomplish what you want it to do, you will need to do some research. Some of them will focus on neutralizing different discolorations you may have, such as dark spots or redness, but this may not be what you want to use.

If you have gotten a sunburn on your face, you may want to consider one with a faint green look that can make the redness less obvious. For a face that is only slightly red, you may want to consider a yellow primer instead.

Depending on the natural state of your face, you will need to find a primer that has the appropriate texture for it. Is your face very oily? A product with salicylic acid will help remove some of this and prepare it for the makeup. If you’ve got a really dry face, a gel-based primer is what you are looking for as it will not dry out your skin unnecessarily like the one with salicylic acid will. At the end of the day, you may need to experiment with different products to find out the one that works best for you. An important tip is to find a product that is based off of the same thing as your foundation. If your foundation is oil-based and your primer is water-based, this would mean that they end up repelling each other, which you are trying to avoid. If you’re buying it at a store, you will usually be able to try out a sample before making up your mind. If possible, try it with your foundation to see if it goes on smoothly, as you don’t want to return to your home to find out that the two products do not work together.

You should always make sure to¬†moisturize your skin¬†before applying the primer, that is after you have already cleaned it. Once you’ve done that, wait for a bit and let it do its magic.

One of the tips for applying your primer is to not overdo it. You are aiming to have a tiny layer of it, not too much, so you will want an amount that resembles a pea. Start in the center of your face and slowly work your way out using circular motions. If you use too much, it may cause the foundation to clump together.

The best way to get it evenly distributed is by using a sponge when applying the primer, and make sure to avoid using it too near the eyes. For the best result, let it sit for a bit so it will dry completely, before you start applying the foundation. Don’t worry, it should only take a couple of minutes. The great thing about using the primer is that it will also mean you end up using less foundation.

The same way you give your skin a makeover, you may also want to consider remodeling it, as it’s not just your skin that needs some attention.